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version 2.25b 2.25b PGM Added Knights of Valour Super Heroes.

Thanks to KOFBOBO and the rest of peole in BOBO KOV WORLD ( for the donatio n of a PGM motherboard and game Cart for kovsh to extract the protection p rogram. Added Martial Masters Added The Killing Blade (only Rev 109 works) Added internal protection program for Photoy2k, removed simulation. NEOGEO Fixed kof2002 and Matrimelee drivers CPS1 Fixed CPSQ & CPS_Extra dat files GENERAL Added some cheats, transparency tables and tracklists. 2.25 NEOGEO Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people in boards Unlocked games up to New Power Instinct Matrimelee Fixed garou raster effect missing in pre-battle talk Added proper neopcm2 decryption NEOGEO-CD Some code has been rewritten to improve compatibility. Now more games should work (although there are still some problems). Added an option in the Emulation menu for direct load of neocd ISO or CD. PGM Added Knights of Valour 2 and Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons. Thanks to HappyASR for the help getting the dump of the internal cartridge cpu program. Due to the extra processor required to emulate, the game will require a more powerful PC to run. Also savestates won't work. (Internet ranking mode for kof2nd has been intentionally disabled). Music speed in kov2/kov2nd is a bit off. Fixed wrong sprite zoom and shrinking (required for kov2nd) Fixed sprite priorities handling (required for kov2 & kof2nd) Added protection for PhotoY2k. CPS2 Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people in boards 2.24 NEOGEO Fixed all the neogeo roms to match MAME romsets (Thanks to Wesker from Speksnk for the work). Fixed kof98 protection (delete old kof98.srm files from your config folder)

GENERAL Added HQ2x plugin (includes src in plugins\ 2.23d NEOGEO CD Fixed broken neogeo CD in the previous version Fixed some protection issues in Soccer Brawl, I hope it also fixes the Disc I/O errors. PGM Fixed broken pgm support in previous version GENERAL Hopefully fixed the .dat files 2.23c CPS2 Added new cps2shock xor tables Added 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003' game. NEOGEO Fixed some problems with multislot emulation when there were empty slots between 2 used slots. Synced game drivers and bios names with latest MAME. 2.23b CPS2 Added Mighty! Pang (Japan 001011) Added Super Street Fighter 2 (ETC 930911) NEOGEO Added Jockey Grand Prix. The sound program rom is encrypted, so I've used vliner as parent and took its m1 rom while we get a decrypted dump. GENERAL Added a new frameskip code, it should perform better on slower machines 2.23a GENERAL Fixed the NOREPEAT flag not working in winamp jukebox lists. 2.23 CPS2 Added 1944: The loop master (US 000620) GENERAL Improved the winamp jukebox feature, check the sample.trk file in TRACKLST for an explanation. 2.22a Seems that the 2.22 version was leaked before release with some bugs in the main core and the d3d plugin so I've named this version as "a" to avoid confusion. GENERAL Added a Winamp jukebox option. Be careful as it's a bit different than how Kawaks works. You'll need to create a music mapping table (check the sample kof98.TRK file in

TRACKLST directory) and nebula will replace the sound codes you indicate by the mp3/cd track/ogg/wav/... you specify in that file. You must have winamp running before loading a game that you created track lists for. The option to enable/disable it is in the Sound menu. It only works with Winamp 2.x. Improved the video plugin interface to support rendering plugins. Added a preliminary graphics renderer based in Direct3D. I highly recommend using it if you want to run in 32 bit desktop or play rotated games (19xx,dimahoo) as it is a lot faster than the Hardware Blit one in these cases. Also it has some projection features and any bright scanlines. Scanlines doesn't work well with rotated games. You'll need a video card with the following features: - non square textures - non power of 2 textures - textures bigger than 256x256 pixels (sorry, no voodoo) NEOGEO - Fixed "Step Frame" button in the shots factory - Added King of Fighers 2001 driver CPS1 - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed "Step Frame" button in the shots factory Mega Twins music speed. missing sprites in Forgotten Worlds games crashing on 32 bit desktop

CPS2 - Added Marx Matrix drivers. - Fixed wrong flash frames in MvsC. - Fixed some Dimahoo cheats not working (from the latest Mike_Haggar cheat collection file) - Fixed games crashing on 32 bit desktop 2.21b GENERAL Fixed a severe bug in the startup code that caused nebula to allocate huge amounts of RAM for absolutely no use on startup. This was causing crashes in WinXP/2k and wrong graphics decryption in big neogeo games. 2.21a CPS2 Added new XOR tables for - Dimahoo (US 000121) - Great Mahou Daisakusen (Japan 000121) - Battle Circuit (Euro 970319) Changed Battle circuit parent set to Euro version. NEOGEO Fixed Neogeo CD support broken in last version. 2.21 CPS1 Fixed crashing in Punisher in the 2nd stage boss.

CPS2 Improved VBlank timing. Fixes some problems with SFA3. NEOGEO Added support for the Universe BIOS. Go to Game->Neogeo Options and enable "Use Universe BIOS" to load it. The bios must be in a zip named (in the ROMS folder) and the rom MUST be named uni-bios.rom. When using universe bios, all neogeo options and cheats in nebula will be disabled, use the bios built-in region, machine type and cheats options. When using universe bios you'll see garbage during initial tests, don't worry, that's normal and doesn't cause any other problem. Fixed slowdowns in s1945p. GENERAL Fixed crashings if you have more than 4 joysticks connected. 2.20 CPS2 Fixed some sprite/BG desyncs in Gigawing. Fixed SFA3 crashing with latest Mike Haggar's cheats. CPS1 Added a bunch of SF2 hacks (not all fully working though). GENERAL Added highscore saving for CPS2 games. Not all games are added yet. Almost all CPS2 games are supported, and some CPS1 too. It will use an external database to store the highscore data. You can convert a MAME Hiscore.dat file to nebula's internal DB with the command "nebula -hiconv" having the hiscore.dat file in the nebula dir, it will build HISCORES.DB in the HISCORES dir. You should delete all the .HI files to avoid problems when you change the HISCORE D B. To turn off hiscore saving, just delete HISCORES.DB from the HISCORES di r. 1.19c CPS1 Fixed all CPS1+QSound games crashing after load. CPS2 Added new decryption tables - Giga Wing (US 990222) - Giga Wing (Japan 990223) 1.19b NEOGEO Fixed Fatal Fury 2 protection not working Fixed VLiner not working Fixed Alpha Mission 2 missing sounds Added 6 slot support for Multi slot MVS emulation. Added Bangbead encrypted romset. CPS2 New xors - Megaman 2: Power Fighters (US 960708) - Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Asia 960826) - X-Men: Children of the Atom (Asia 941217)

CPS1 Fixed wrong tiles on 1st floor of Magic Sword 2.19a PGM Fixed gfx glitches in Dragon World 2 Fixed zooming (very noticeable in dragwld2 intro) Fixed missing parts of some sprites (KOV flashes) CPS1 Fixed some remaining music speeds... NEOGEO Fixed Garou missing animations (esp. some Grant moves). Select button should be working in all games now (not only garou). Added the game slot switch button to switch games forwards (key 9=switch backwards, key 0=switch forwards) GENERAL Fixed (hopefully) Romcenter Dat generation. 2.19 PGM Added Dragon World 2 (it has some gfx glitches due to some missing parts in the protection emulation) Text layer should now be correctly aligned (it was 1 line too high) CPS2 Fixed ssf2xj timing that was still wrong. NEOGEO Fixed small autoanimation problems Added neogeo multislot MVS emulation. Usage: in the rom loading screen, you'll see a dropbox to select in which neogeo slot you want to load the game. Just select the slot and hit load, then after loading a game, you can go and load another in a different (or the same, overriding it) slot. Note that you'll need a lot of RAM to hold all games in memory at the same time. To switch from game to game, use the button mapped as Button 5 in the input options (default key 0) The current bios supports 4 game slots. The default bios config only allows to switch games after inserting a coin. To change it, press F2, go to "set the soft dips", then "setting the cabinet", and change "Game selection" to "Free". Using savestates with multislot games may have unpredictable results. ALWAYS LOAD IN THE 1ST SLOT FIRST. 2.18b NEOGEO Fixed some sound timming issues with long samples (Dandy J stage in waku wak 7) Switched the memory card format to MAME one (old memcards still work).

CPS1 Fixed slow music in pang3 and megaman. 2.18a NEOGEO Fixed mslug3nd driver crashing nebula. Fixed kof99d driver. now it loads the decrypted C roms instead of the prototype roms. 2.18 PGM Improved sound volume (checked with Z80 volume tables). Improved music speed (checked with real sound samples. Thanks to BillyJr ). Fixed some wrong objects in KOV. CPS1 Fixed incorrect music speed in some games (still some remaining) Dipswitches in all CPS1 games were wrong. They are (should) be correct now. (remember that CPS1 dips are changed in the Cheats menu) Fixed some sprite clipping problems. CPS2 Added Vampire Hunter 2 and the rest of the latest CPS2Shock releases NEOGEO Fixed garou select button Fixed garou 3rd Terry stage background animation (requires rasters enabl ed) Fixed garou random character selection. Fixed sound problems in ssidekicks4 and neobomberman Improved raster emulation with the info from the real HW. Now nebula should not complaing about wrong ng-lo.rom files. Fixed sound problems ninja combat, ninja commando and others. Big thanks to Acho A. Tang. Fixed KOF94 Japan stage intro. Recent neogeo games have been locked. You should go to an arcade if you want to play them. Fixed kof2knd C7 rom (seems that only I had that rom) Added an additional sengoku3 romset for the new P1 (it's not clear what's the correct one). ND romsets no longer use the encrypted P roms, they are fully decrypted. GENERAL Added an option to auto switch to Fullscreen after loading a ROM (Misc m enu) Corrected Nebulaconfig looping in the options screen. 2.17 PGM Improved sound emulation: Volume should be correct (or almost) now. Note pitch improved. Fixed missing background in a KOV stage. Added an option to capture the current music to a file to load it in jukebox (PZM files).

Calendar is disabled when netplay or recording movies. This will (should :)) avoid desyncs. CPS2 Fixed some finish specials being wrong in the bottom of Manhattan stage in mshvsf. CPS1 Fixed missing helicopters and buildings in cawing. NEOGEO Fixed (again) sengoku3 decrypted driver. Fixed Irritating Maze controls. You can use the mouse to move the rod (this game cabinet has a trackball). Fixed missing 2 lines at the bottom of the screen of games using rasters (most noticeable in mslug2, galaxyf, mosyougi) GENERAL Added some language translations (Italian, Korean, Chinese, Dutch) Fixed 50% scanlines at 640x480 Added a "Step Frame" button to the shot factories (window mode) Added some Force Feedback tables by Iron Man. Added a small skin option to the windowed GUI. Any PNG file in the SKINS folder will be randomly chosen and displayed in the nebula window on startup when no game is loaded. IMPORTANT!! I've received a lot of mails asking about neo-geo.rom, ng-lo.rom and ng-sfix.rom. Those are the neogeo bios and MUST be ZIPPED in a file named NEOGEO.ZIP in the ROMS folder (or any roms folder you have configured).

2.16 PGM Z80 is fully emulated, that means, correct sounds and music in games. The sound chip emulation is not 100% accurate so some notes in music are wrong. I've added an option to disable the music in the Options menu. Fixed savestates in KOV games. (old savestates will still not work, only new ones will be correct). Fixed text layer position being wrong by 1 line. Added shot factory (F8) CPS2 Fixed a palette sync problem that caused part of the charlie stage in sfa2 flash out of sync. Scanlines in 640x480 are now correct (again). Use No stretch go get them correctly. NEOGEO Fixed sengoku3 decrypted driver. GENERAL Added language switch for the menus (check the english.lng file in the skins dir for a template for translation) 2.15a PGM

Fixed Knights of valour missing platform and bridges in some stages. Some rom renamings. To match mame names sango1 -> kov sango1_5 -> kov115 sango1_9 -> kovplus orlegend -> orlegend (the same) orleg112 -> orlegnde orleg12e -> orlegndc Fixed china and taiwan regions swapped in KOV NEOGEO Fixed savage reign V2 rom CRC Added Sengoku3 and Zupapa neogeo drivers. GENERAL PGM resolution is very wide, so if it's cut in the screen, play a bit with stretch options till you can get it fitting. 2.15 PGM Added Knights of Valour and Knights of Valour Plus (see KOVROMS.TXT for the correct roms CRC and sizes). Special thanks to BillyJr for his help to get this game running. Added Sound emulation. Well, it's not complete emulation, but it's enough go get sounds working. Only SFX works and some sounds may be wrong. Added region switch to orlegend and kov Fixed orlegend crashes. NOTE: PGM games have a very wide resolution so double size modes (scanlines and most image enhancement modes) require resolutions higher than 800x600 to work properly with no stretch. GENERAL Fixed netplay crashing with Konami and PGM games. 2.14b CPS1 Fixed wrong layer offsets in sf2yyc and kouryu (=blackbelt? ) that appeared due to the new timing. Fixed Quiz and Dragons USA gfx problems Fixed sound problems in ADPCM audio (oops, my fault, I left some test code inside). GENERAL Fixed Nebula hanging in a window when exiting a game in the classic GUI. Fixed the Video menu crash if there are no transparency tables in the CONFIG folder. 2.14a CPS1 Fixed loops in some drivers (cworld2j, qad and qtono2) that were causing the rom scanning crash 2.14

CPS1 Fixed high music speed in sf2 and captcomm Added the missing CPS1 drivers (thanks to mike_haggar PGM Fixed the memory corruption bug in orlegend (aka infinite lives bug) Fixed zooming (it was reversed, making zoom effect backwards :) ) Fixed screen cut with some blitters. CPS2 Re-adjusted timing again, now some games are smoother (especially ssf2t) GENERAL Added Force feedback support, using tables. I've included 2 sampe tables (xmvsf.ht2 and mvsc.ht2). Read the comments in them to know how to make your own tables. To make .FFe files you'll need MS force editor that comes with directx sdk. It hasn't been too much tested so there might be bugs, let me know if you found any and/or if you make a force table. Remember to enable and map your devices to the correct player in the options window. Added a control layout load/save feature to save your favourite layouts (as the save/load default layout never worked corectly). I've included some layouts for keyboard, 6 button pads and hotrod (thanks Crashtest). Fixed errors when changing DSP plugins while the game was running. Fixed a small bug in the winamp wrapper plugin. Now more winamp DSP plugins work (like DFX 6.0, RTEQ, Pacemaker) Added an HyperBass DSP plugin (just in case you want to break your subwoffer). Fixed Keep aspect video option. To get a clean scanlines Image (no stretch distortion), I recommend using 800x600 with no stretch. Added 3 new gfx blitters. Bilinear interpolators, that override the older Full and light interpolation ones. The effect is the same (bilinear light=light interp. Bilinear=full interp) but they are twice faster. 2.13a NEOGEO Fixed Spinmasters gfx errors on the bottom lines (raster bug) CPS1 Added SF2 KouRyu driver CPS2 Improved CPU timing. That makes SSF2T/SSF2X smoother. Fixed SSF2X driver (no more gfx or sound problems) PGM Fixed crashing after a few minutes playing. GENERAL Added SuperScale blitter (similar to a *Scale blitter of other CPS2 emu :) ). It looks great and it's very

fast (if not the fastest) image enhancement mode. Full source included. The best blitter in nebula without any doubt. It only works in 16-bit desktop modes. Added auto-transparencies. It will make flickering objects and meshes become transparent without blur. The 50% frame blend blitter is no longer needed. Unlike sprite transparencies, this will cause a performance hit, so better don't enable it if you have a slow computer. Fixed full interpolation mode. 2.13 NEOGEO Improved raster effects emulation. Most games are correct now, and others have been greatly improved: mosyougi title ssidekicks pitch (still not 100% correct but heh, at least you can see it) samsho3 "3D" floor effects wheroes floors karnovr floors mslug3 last boss red sky distortion galaxyfight better alignment CPS2 Added latest CPS2Shock releases Fixed wrong layer prios on nwarr character selection screen. KONAMI & CPS1 Fixed music speed that was wrong in some games. PGM Optimized sprite drawing (more than twice faster now in some critical parts) Fixed sprite shrinking Added sprite zooming Added linescroll (orlegend stage 4 and 6) Fixed some missing sprites (clipping problems) Main CPU is running at the correct speed now GENERAL Added DSP plugins support (including a DSP wrapper for winamp plugins. It's still beta so be careful, and don't change the plugin while a game is running) The plugin.h file has been update with the DSP plugin interface. Force feedback support is disabled as I'm improving it (and it's still not finished :( )

2.12 CPS1 Fixed dynasty wars romset names Fixed sprites disappearing. NEOGEO

Fixed mslug3nd romset. GENERAL Fixed Scanlines when using 640x480. 2.11 KONAMI Added Bucky O'Hare Fixed Zooming. Fixed some sprite gfx problems (2nd level boss in moo) CPS2 If you are only seeing 2 buttons in CPS2 games delete the .dat file for that game in the CONFIG folder. CPS1 Added SF2 YYC hack NEOGEO In the ROMDATA folder you'll find a file called Delete the Neogeo.dat and rename the .new to .dat to use the new MAME rom names. It's a good moment to remember that if you have nebula reporting missing neo-geo.rom ng-sfix.rom or ng-lo.rom, you'll need to put the file (BIOS) in a roms directory (folder). GENERAL Fixed Vertical games not displaying anything. 2.1 KONAMI Mooooo!! Added Wild West COW Boys of Moo Mesa. CPS1 Added Dynasty Wars (World), it's now the parent set. CPS2 Fixed SFA3 crashing with Mike Haggar's cheats. NEOGEO Added NeoPong Fixed Neogeo CD Metal Slug crashes GENERAL Added an option to auto-Switch to 16 bit desktop color depth (Misc Menu) Fixed Menu bar flickering in fullscreen. Changed the ROMdata files format, to a more compact format. Also now all romsets are external (Except Konami), so you can rename/edit the romsets to match yours. I strongly recommend that you delete the old

.DAT files from the ROMDATA folder.

2.0a BUG FIXES Fixed old GUI crashing on start Fixed title bar corruption Fixed Aspect ratio with Keep aspect option Fixed vertical games on 32 bits desktop. Fixed ingame menu letters when using 32 bit color depth Fixed xmvsf crash on start bug. Added shot display on Rom List when moving with arrow keys Added a Switch to Fullscreen option in the Video Menu, as some people didn't know how to switch to fullscreen (ALT-Enter) Added many transparency tables. Thanks to Darksoul, Bad_crc, Razoola, kyo_99 and Ken_Masters. Some things I forgot to mention in the readme: - To use the old gui, you can also launch: Nebula.exe -classic (-window if you want to run it in a window)) - You can click on the column names in the rom list to sort the list using that column. 2.0 GENERAL Lots of changes in this version, but the most noticeable one is the new Window mode GUI (You can still use the old GUI). Note that the window mode will workin systems with 32 bpp desktop color depth but only Hardware blit will work. If Nebula runs very very slow, try disabling stretch and Switching to system memory allocation. Due to the big amount of changes I'd recommend that you read all the docs. Some keys behave differently in window mode GUI check the GENERAL doc. Major rewrite of the main core. All systems emulation have experienced a speedup and the memory requirements have been lowered a lot. New shots factories, that allows changing almost every parameter/sprite. Please, read the doc about this. New macro code, that allows macros to work without knowing the character addresses and also adds

"global" macros that can be used with any character (read macros documentation). NEOGEO Added 4-point interpolation for Delta-T samples. Added a decryption progress indication for latest (encrypted GFX) games. Sengoku3 and Zupapa are disabled. The Find Roms trick will no longer work. Small fix to rasters that were wrong by 1 line (still few raster games work ok) CPS1 Added knightsh, dinoh and wofh hacks. Take note that there are some glitches in those games due to some roms that aren't dumped yet. CPS2 Rewritten GFX code. It's the fastest and most accurate code in all nebula versions. It fixes all known glitches (esp. Rowscroll ones: avsp, ryu stage of sf2/ssf2). Very accurate raster emulation. A lot faster than the old one, and now accurate at line-level. This new raster code emulates the missing background distortion in Shuma Gorath's Chaos Dimension on msh and mshvsf. Fixed mvsc sprite misalignment in ending sequence. Added a pre amplification option to QSound renderer. I don't recommend using it because can cause distortion with higher volume samples. Use it only if the sound output is too low in your system. 1.97 NEOGEO - Fixed SS3 protection. You must delete the Samsho3.dat file in the CONFIG folder. CPS1 - Fixed some sprite wraparound bugs that still remained. GENERAL - Added sprite transparency support, using external tables. Read the Transparency.txt file to know more about them, and how to make your own tables. There are some tables included, but more will come, also if you want to share your tables, send them to me and I'll include them in the release. - Added 50% Frame Blend (and +scanlines) gfx renderer that removes flickering sprites making them transparent. - Fixed movie recording. - Rewritten graphics core to use DirectDraw 3, that is faster in older video cards and will probably

fix some hang bugs. - Added a configuration screen for nebula.ini options. Launch Nebulaconfig.exe or Nebula.exe -config. - Added autofire option for all buttons in all games. - Separated hotkey configuration for Neogeo and CPS. 1.96 NEOGEO - AT LAST!!! Fixed the nasty bug that caused nebula hang with a plain color screen (red/blue/black), hanging the computer. As result of this fix, the drawing operations are slightly faster. CPS1 (heh, here we go...) - Added starfield planes emulation in strider and forgotten worlds backgrounds - Fixed forgotten worlds shop bug. - Fixed sprite flickering/disappearing in many games (dino, strider, kod,...) - Fixed bad tiles scattered in some games (3wonders, unsquad, area88) - Fixed sprite palette desyncs (3wonders golem tree) - Fixed Daimakaimura black screen. - Fixed dinoj and punishj crash. - Fixed sound hanging in most games. - Improved ADPCM decoding, now there is no sound distortion. - New GFX drawing engine, slightly faster than before. - With all those fixes, CPS1 emulation is almost 100% complete. Please, report the bugs you find. CPS2 - New GFX drawing engine, slightly faster than before. - Added Rockman region and cheats (sorry, I forgot to include it in the previous release). GENERAL - Added movie recording for all systems. Use the in-game menus or the keys: SHIFT-F10 Record Movie SHIFT-F11 Play Movie Press any of the above keys while recording or playing to Stop. - Fixed sound configuration lost when going to the game GUI. 1.95d NEOGEO

- Fixed garou romsets: (set 1) (Main set, needs the new 253-sma.bin) (set 2) (Old set, uses the old 253-smao.bin, parent: (Decrypted C set, parent: - Added MSlug3 (Encrypted set) (needs 256-sma.bin) - Fixed kof99p P1 rom CRC. - Fixed sound samples loading for games with gaps in the sound roms (kof95 missing tracks) GENERAL - Changed some rom names in sync with kawaks and MAME. There are still some small differences, mainly in CPS1 romsets. - Fixed romcenter dat generation. Now it includes merge info. - Fixed cheat engine parser to allow longer lines to fix problems with the great cheat collection released by Mike Haggar ( - Added more language packs 1.95c NEOGEO - Added Garou (set 1), note that romset names have changed to match current mame names: Garou (Set 1) -> Garou (Set 2) (old -> That renaming should not cause problems with older naming because nebula will scan both files for the required roms. - Fixed sound problems with very short samples. Mostly noticeable in kof2k K' team ending. Thanks to all the people that sent me their save states. GENERAL - More languages added. - External font added, with some special chars now available (,,,, etc...) a font editor is in the work. 1.95b NEOGEO - Fixed kof2000 (Not encrypted) that was being decrypted, sorry for the problems. - Fixed alpha mission 2 romset to match the latest redump GENERAL - Added Chinsese (Simplified, GUI only) ,Italian Russian (gui only) and French languages. Please, if you make a language file, send it to me to add

it to the official release. (You can put your name in the file, as comments starting with ';'). 1.95 NEOGEO - Fixed at last (I hope) kof99. - Added MSlug3 (Not encrypted). - Added Garou: Mark of the wolves (Encrypted) - Added Kof2000 (Original set) version, thanks to Nicola Salmoria for the new tables. - Fixed GFX decrypting tables - Added the new S rom banking needed for Garou and Mslug 3 - Fixed rasters in some games (Parallax scroll in Zedblade) - Fixed sound state restoring when loading an state. NEOGEO CD - NOTES: - If you are having frameskip problems in the BIOS intro, just insert a CD in your currently selected CD drive. - If the in-game GUI hangs when going to the cd options menu, configure the cd manually in the GENERAL.DAT file in the CONFIG folder (NeoCDMode= 0-CD 1-ISO) CPS1 - Fixed sound state restoring when loading an state. GENERAL - Fixed crashing when changing the sound options while playing. - Added 48000 Hz sampling rate. - Added Language support. You will be able to translate almost all Nebula text strings using .lng files in the SKINS directory. Use the original (English.lng) file as a template. Remember that the graphics font for in-game menus has only standard 7-bit ASCII chars, so chinese, japanese or special language letters will not be possible in that menus. 1.94b NEOGEO - Changed kof2000 romset names to and - Fixed console mode for nitd and kof2000 - Added support for romsets with decrypted C roms - Fixed kof99 and kof99d graphics CPS2 - Fixed a Directsound 3D bug that was causing strange problems (I forgot to add an EMMS opcode at the end of the MMX code) GENERAL - Slowdowns while connected to internet or using other audio programs in background *should* be mostly fixed now.

- Added an option in Nebula.ini to show the sound codes stack, useful to find codes for Force Feedback. 1.94 NEOGEO CD: - Fixed NeoGeo CD game always reported as missing (Red) - Fixed some loading screens that caused emulation crash (mslug,windjammers, and many more.) - Fixed ISO+MP3 crashes - Fixed kof99 crashing (Nebula was messing with the NeoGeo romset and was trying to decrypt the code :) ) - Modified the NeoGeo CD docs, I hope they are clearer now. NEOGEO: - Added King of Fighters 2000 (decrypted set). You'll need the Neo-0 dump (kof2k ) and the decrypted dump ( - Removed Metal Slug 3 from the gamelist since it was causing some confusion. - Added 512 Kb S rom support (Huge thanks to Mr K for his help :) ) - I forgot to thank Nicola in the previous version. Many thanks to him for makin g possible playing new NeoGeo Games. - Sengoku 3 is NOT SUPPORTED. This game is only 4-5 months old and it's still in the arcades. - Changed the gfx decryption method, it should be faster and will require less m emory as now it's performed before loading any other roms (program or sound). - If there is not enough memory to perform the decryption, games will run with e ncrypted graphics. This behaviour was also in the previous release, but I forgot to wri te it here. CPS2: - Fixed 4 point interpolation equation that was causing some sound artifacts in high pitched sounds. - Added the new QSound code to the Directsound 3D renderer (I forgot to add it i n the previous version). - Slightly faster Z80+QSound emulation by removing some unneeded FP operations. - Fixed Directsound 2d Narrow mode always being Mono, now it's Stereo. CPS1: - Fixed Nemo (Japan) always appearing in the gamelist. GENERAL - Added Hotkeys documentation that was missing in latest releases. 1.93 NEOGEO CD: - Added support for NeoGeo CD games. You'll need a game CD or a ISO+MP3 image. - You'll need the NEOCD.BIN file in a file called NEOCD.ZIP, (512Kb, CRC : df9de490) and the NG-LO.ROM in the NEOGEO.ZIP file.

- To play a NeoGeo CD game, launch the "Neogeo CD" game that appears in the gamelist. this will start the neogeo cd, press A button to go to the player or s tart to start the game. to configure CD emulation (CD or ISO image), press ESC and go to "CD o ptions". No savestates or cheats are available for NeoGeo CD. NeoGeo CD emulation has still some bugs. If you get a "Disc I/O Error" , exit to the GUI and run the "NeoGeo CD" game again. NEOGEO: - Fixed rasters for some games (ridhero, galaxy fight, neo turf masters, top hun ter, ddragon) - Added Vliner emulation. Check the special button configuration for this game in the controls menu. - Added Kof99, Prehistoric Isle 2, Ganryu, Strikers 1945 Plus and Nightmare in t he Dark graphics decryption, using MAME's decryption algorithm (that means that some g fx may be wrong as the algorithm may be incomplete) CPS2: - Fixed mshvsf VS screen top lines being drawn upside down. - Fixed Cheats and region for mshvsf. - Added VSAV2 rom data file - Rewritten Qsound emulation engine. Written in MMX optimised ASM it's n ow 3-4 times faster and more accurate. It also has a new interpolation mode that us es 4 points instead of 2. It requires more CPU power, but sounds better. GENERAL: - Fixed the usage of parent cheats if a clone has no specific cheat data . Now Region is never taken from the parent cheat, and cheat configuration is stored i n the clone dat file. - Removed some games from the internal database that caused problems wit h the new dump names. - Fixed some Force Feedback problems - Fixed surface memory allocation. Now nebula requires much less VRAM to work. - Added separate audio configuration for each system (Qsound, Neogeo and CPS1) 1.92 NEOGEO: - Preliminary Neogeo Raster effects Added. Please note that Rasters are disabled by default in NEBULA.INI because they are SLOW, set the EnableNGRasters option to 1 to enable them. The Super Sidekicks games and some other games have still some raster problems. - Adjusted (again) the Z80 sound timing. - Added fatfury2 protection (many thanks to Mr K). CPS2:

- Fixed BlackHeart's stage of MSH missing rowscroll in the background (t here are now too many hacks in the raster code, it needs an urgent rewrite :) ) - Better sprite timming and sprite buffering that solves some backgrond/ sprite desync (ssf2 portraits, ecofght, sfa3,...) - Fixed the CPS2 eeprom problems that caused problems with some games (c sclub, ssf2t,...) - Fixed Super Hyper turbo :) mode for ssf2t, I accidentally left the CPS 2 CPU clock running at 20 Mhz. CPS1: - Fixed Mercs graphics. GENERAL: - Improved the cheat engine with conditional cheats, indirect addressing (for neogeo), etc. Check the CHEATS.TXT file for info. - If there is no specific cheats for a clone, nebula will take the cheat s form the parent set. That removes the need of a cheat file for every clone. - Added force feedback support. Some fighting games allow detecting the hits, so nebula will use force feedback to make you "feel" the hits. In the CON FIG directory there are two .ffe files with the force data that can be edited with M icrosoft FEdit to make your own force macros. Force info is still only available for xmvsf. I'll post info for more games soon if this feature is showed useful. Note that player 1 force is sent to joy 1 and player 2 to joy 2, so yo u may have to rearrange your joysticks ports to make it correct.


- Fixed kof99 (and some other games) sound "clicks". - Due to a stupid bug, the new delta-t interpolator was no enabled in previous versions (they were using the old one). - Now Ninja Commando and Ninja Combat music sometimes work (and sometime doesn't :( ) - 640x480 scanline modes are now centered on the screen.

1.91a Fixed macro support that was broken in previous version. Fixed a stupid bug in default control, hotkeys and macros that prevented it from working. Fixed the size and crc for the NG-LO.ROM file, it should be 64k (65536 bytes) and CRC: E09E253C. It's the same than the old dump but with only the first 64k (last 64k are a copy of the first 64k) Nebula will still recognize the old 128k rom. I forgot to mention an experimental option in nebula, it's the -blade15 option, it will generate 15Khz output signals (for arcade monitors) if

you have a Trident Blade3D card. You'll need the BLADEIO.VXD file from the Blade15khz package in (mirror because the original page is about to disappear). 1.91 Added a "Smart" romset name recognition, you must enable it setting StrictRomsets=0 in NEBULA.INI and then use the "Find Neogeo" button in the OTHERS menu. It will recognize the romsets with different names than the MAME ones but the files (size, CRC) must be MAME compilant. If nebula is unable to find a match with its internal database it will try to build a new romset (similar to Neoragex import feature) with the files in the zip. Nebula can recognize MVS and MGD dumps, so your old romsets will work now. Note that that feature may cause gfx or game problems because the neogeo dumps aren't homogeneus, so don't mail me about gfx or game problems if you aren't using strict name matches. Remember to hit Scan Roms after looking for neogeo roms. Corrected X Zoom tables with values checked in the original board. Corrected Y Zoom tables (You'll need to have the ng-lo.rom file inside your NEOGEO.ZIP file). Balanced AY and YM volumes. New interpolation mode for Frecuency control type (Delta-t) ADPCM sound samples, this one is better (and faster) for high pitched samples (for example arina or dandy j's stages in Wakuwak7). Delta-t samples were always interpolated in previous versions, now interpolation for these samples is only used if it's enabled in the menu. (Having interpolation disabled is faster, but sounds much worse (many audible resampling artifacts) I recommend having interpolation always enabled (it's not much slower)) Added the new Kof99 decrypted set (kof99d), you'll need files from the 3 kof99 romsets, read the MINIFAQ. Fixed double dragon (and probably many more) FMV intro sound problems. Added Hotkeys. Configure the button mapping for each hotkey in the HOTKEYS.DAT file (there are separated configs for CPS and neogeo games) and then assign keys in the Control menu to the 6 Hotkeys available (scr oll down the control menu to see the keys). Added a new stretch mode called "Keep aspect" that keeps the original aspect while using the bigger possible screen area (good for vertical ga mes). Added FreePlay switch to the Machine Settings menu. Added a Control configuration menu for GUI keys, you can map there the keys you want to use to move the cursor in the GUI/Game menus. This menu is shown when you select the CONTROL menu and there is no game selected. To deselect the currently selected game, press the right mouse button or the button assigned to "Back" in the GUI keys menu. Rewritten the rom checking code. Now it's faster and has a progress bar. Anyways, I recommend not to have AutoAnalyze enabled in NEbula.ini due to the big amount of romsets supported, better use the Scan Roms button when you add new roms. 1.9 Added a MINIFAQ file, please read it. Fixed Neo Turf Masters driver that crashed nebula in the loading screen. Fixed puzzle bobble romset name to match the latest MAME name. Fixed w2k crashes when pressing the TAB key. Fixed misc crashes on startup in video cards with little VRAM Fixed DDTOD and DDSOM F2 key. Fixed the savestate time being always GMT.

Fixed crashes when using ALT-TAB to switch task. Fixed Irritating Maze controls, now it works. Neogeo s1 and m1 roms with wrong sizes are now accepted and loaded. Added triple buffer option to video options. ALT-ENTER key now also works in the GUI. Removed 400x300 resolution from neogeo and added 320x240 as it's closer to the real res (304x224). Rewritten default controls code, now it works with all games, but you'll need to re-map the keys again. Added an option to disable debug dipswitches because they were causing problems in some games. NOTE: Mixing debug switches with Developer mode may cause strange results. If the game has a strange behaviour (fights ending without fighting in rbffs) you must clear the SRAM (by either deleting the game .srm file in the EEPROM dir or going to Test menu, Hardware test press Start till you see the Clear backup RAM screen and then Press the buttons A,C and C simultaneously (default Z,X,C). Added an overclocking option for neogeo games in the machine settings me nu. The overclock setting is stored for each game. Overclock only the games that actually need it (mslug2,mslugx for example) Fixed a major bug in savestate saving/loading code that caused nebula cr ash when loading states. Sound will not be restored when loading previous version savestates to avoid crashes. I forgot to state in the previous version that the neogeo bios MUST be in a file called ( for the debug BIOS) in any roms folder. 1.8 n. hould run better than before in slower computers. Please note that the working of UseMask in NEBULA.INI was changed in the previous version, read the updated comments in NEBULA.INI. Added options in NEBULA.INI to disable the joystick and sounds of the GU I. New menu system (press ESC during gameplay) to access the different wind ows available for each system (savestate, loadstate, cheats...) All game windows have been enhaced with new fonts and colors, they are more readable (and look a lot better :) ) Re-added (again) the scanlines modes for 640x480, please, note that not all of the other modes work correctly in this resolution in CPS (1 and 2) ga mes, so be careful. Neogeo games will work ok with any mode in this resolutio n. Video options can be customized for each emulated system (CPS Horizontal , CPS Vertical and Neogeo). Added the (experimental) -window option, that lauches nebula in a window . Use this option only if your desktop color depth is set to 16 bits. Also you can switch between window and fullscreen while playing using ALT-ENTER. Added the -romcenter option that creates a Romcenter Datafile (Nebularom center.dat) New system emulated: NeoGeo. Read the NEOGEO.TXT file for more informatio New autoframeskip code. It's much better than the older one. Now games s


Switched to Mike Coates' A68K core, it's faster and more accurate. Due to this change, some of the old savestates may not work (I've tested all my savestates and all worked). Rewritten critical parts of the main emulation core, graphic tile drawer and sound emulation. This should cause a major speedup. Fixed the wrong pitch and tempo of the sound. Added a new sound mode (Dsound2d Narrow), it's faster but has less surround effect. Sound is now saved in CPS1 games. Fixed sound saving problems in CPS2 games. Added a powerful macro and hint system. Read the file MACROS.TXT. Hints are only visible if you are using 800x600 and no stretch. Macros and hints can be disabled in the OTHER options panel. To show the macro config keys, use the new arrows in the CONTROLS menu 3wonders black squares fixed. Fixed game list slider, now it works better.


Fixes hanging after loading some games in fast computers. Most CPS1 sound problems fixed Vertical scanlines mode and Hardware blit no MMX are now accesible Ghouls'n Ghosts black square problems fixed. Most CPS1 QSound game clones are working now. Added Street Fighter 2 World Warrior and clones (not all clones tested) I forgot to mention in the last version that I've fixed the sound pitch and playing speed. The sound is now closer to the arcade. Wow, lots of changes... ADDED PRELIMINARY NETPLAY SUPPORT USING KAILLERA :). Use the -knet optio or the NebulaNet.exe file. Fixed CPS1 background color selection. Added most CPS1 games (there are still some missing) Added more dipswitches Sound state in CPS1 games is not saved/loaded now, I'm trying to fix some problems with it. Fixed some CPS1 gfx glitches (3wonders black squares are still there) Faster rotated games. Now they are almost as fast as horizontal ones (Thanks Mr K :) ) Much faster scanline modes. Faster 2xZoom. Added new image enhacement modes: Super2xSaI, 2xSaISuperEagle, 2xSai 75% scanlined (Thanks again to Mr K for this last one :) ) Added Vertical Scanlines mode. Fixed Eagle support that was broken some versions ago. Removed scanline modes in 640x480. You must use higher resolutions to enable them. Added 384x224 and 768x448 resolutions. You can only use them if you video card supports them. (there are some patches out there that can enable these resolutions in some cards). Added an AutoAnalyze option in the NEBULA.INI file to avoid nebula analyzing romsets on startup. Added the Default option in Cheat files. Sounds in the GUI. SFZ3 characters and backgrounds animations fixed. PrioEngine option removed from NEBULA.INI, it's no longer needed. And lots changes that I can't remember...

1.6 n

NOTE: to get ssf2tb working, hit F2 when the "Terminal check" words appear and in the game option set the game to Single Mode 1.5a Fixed Alien vs Predator backgrounds. Fixed ssf2xj gfx problems. Note that now ssf2xj is a child of ssf2t, so you don't need the gfx roms in the Some notes: -PLEASE, READ THE COMMENTS IN NEBULA.INI FILE as they have impor tant information on how to setup the nebula gfx engine to be more accurate. -Zip file support in skins is only for skin developers. They can pack the gui image files in zip files instead of using the -packgui to produce the .d at file. 1.5 Added CPS1 support. Not all games have been added yet. Note that you CAN 'T add CPS1 games via dat files. Written a new sprite graphics code that correctly handles the sprite pri orities and sprite masking (this code is disabled by default as it's slower, enable it in NEBULA.INI). Added some tricks to emulate the sprite masking with the old (and faster ) gfx code, note that this code is disabled by default (see NEBULA.INI) due to probl ems in some games (morrigan in vsav). Added a NEBULA.INI file with special configurations (read this file to k now the things you can configure). Added skin selector in the OTHER menu (skins must be in the SKINS\ direc tory). The name displayed is the name of the .zip or .dat file containing the skin. You can use long filenames (but not very long, 20 char max). Support for up to 10 different ROM directories. Support for skins in zip files. Fixed the bug that truncated skins files to 512KB. Added a pink background option in the Shots factory. Too many internal changes that I can't remember. 1.4a Fixed Slammasters black backgrounds. Fixed sound interpolation not working and added a filter (now 44100 Hz s ounds better) Added volume change emulation with the '-' and '=' keys (next to the Bac kspace). The volume level is saved per game. Fixed hangups when changing pantalla.raw 1.4 Some rom files has been renamed to match the latest CPS2MAME rom names. Ability to filter the game list. You can select if you want to seel all games, or only the available ones. Roms now aren't analyzed everytime Nebula starts. They are checked when romsets are changed or when you press the Rescan button in the OTHER config screen. Changed main 68000 core to Bart Trzynadlowski's Genital 68k, which is a bit faster than

starscream, and has less bugs (perhaps none). Rewritten the layer 2 drawing code. Rowscrolling problems are almost fix ed (only missing avsp intro). It has caused a small slowdown, but with the little speedup of the main core the speed should be the same as before. 19xx gfx problems fixed at last. If you use old savegames, then the prob lems will not be fixed until a stage change in the game. As some people has reported that the new gfx code (v1.3 and later) is sl ower than the older one (1.2 and before), then I've added the ability to use the old gfx cod e using the -oldgfx command line option. Sprite priority code has back to the original code that causes less gfx problems. Implemented sprite bankswitching (one of the still unemulated features o f the cps2 hardware) Added PNG unfiltering modes (Sub,Up,Avg,Paeth). PNG files created with o ther tools should look right now. Fixed most Raster problems. Things look a lot better. Only remaining som e sprite problems. Changed the Savegame format. Now the sound is correctly restored when lo ading a savegame. The old format is still recognized and loaded. Data files (configuration and savegames) are not encrypted anymore. If y ou want info about the format of these files, send me an E-mail. Fixed the "controller setting forgetting" bug. It's fixed now, but it re quieres that you delete the old config files. Added the ability to save the controller data as the default mapping for games using the same button layout. GUI graphics can be changed (see -packgui option and the section below). 1.3 Fixed some rowscrolling problems (there are still many errors yet, but I know the cause) New sprite priority code. Now all seems ok. Added Auto Save/Load, that saves/load the game state on exit/entry. Screenshot format switched to PNG. (older shots are automatically conver ted) Frameskip value is stored. In the GUI you can draw the slider to move the list. Added wheel mouse support. Pause button mutes the sound. Changed the graphic modes for 19xx, now it's more "pixel perfect". A final comment, due to many questions I've received. The best sounding mode is Interpolated 22050 Hz (not 44100 Hz), this is due to the fact that the c ode is optimized for that mode and using higher frequencies result in a loss of sound quality. 1.2a (this version was a quick fix to play Powered Gear, but wasn't released. I prefer wait and release a version with more fixes) Emulated the math part of the graphics chip (used by Powered Gear)

Increased the number of cheats per game (100 cheats, with 100 states per cheat and 32 values per state) 1.2 Rewritten the drawing routines. It should be faster now. Thanks Raz. Another try to solve the s3 graphics problem. Added again the Light Interpolation and Full Interpolation modes (use 64 0x480 res) Added some enhacement modes to 640x480 (scanlines and scanlines 50%) Added the ability to use the audio jukebox in games without decryption t ables. Changed the naming of some romsets to be compatible with MAME ones. Added vsync option. Added 1280x960 resolution. 1.1 Raster effects!!. Preliminary. Some games have graphic glitches. Ssf2 y ssf2t work perfectly. Added the 400x300 and 640x400 resolutions. Fixed the crashes when using ALT-TAB to switch task. Added manual frameskip (keys + and -) Added command line options. Fixed problems with video cards that create non-linear surfaces (S3 Sava ge) (not fully fixed) Fixed the 3 punch in player 2 bug. Modified keypress detection. Now it's easy to make half circle moves. Added 2xSAI y Eagle. Removed the old interpolation modes. 1.0a 1.0 Fixed win95 crashes First version.