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Name: Carmen Chee Cha Yi Student ID: 0313893 Class: 1.

30pm Monday Class (FNBE January Intake 2013) Taylor's University Lakeside Campus Social Psychology Journal (ASSIGNMENT 1) Entry #1 It's weird that sometimes you choose your friends unconsciously without knowing why. Like when it happens to me, I tend to approach or talk more to the friends i feel comfortable talking to. I guess this is what they mean about people desire cognitive consistency. Similiarly, relating to Fritz Heider's Balance Theory, I feel uncomfortable when it comes to sitting next to this girl during a orientaion speech who I have nothing common with. Throughout the whole speech, I was struggling on finding topics to talk to her. From what course you're studying to what high school have you gone to. Boring topics mostly that I paid more attention to the speaker than trying to strike a conversation. I guess not everyone is comfortable with each other's company which this is defined as unbalanced state just because we don't share our attitudes. On the other hand, I have met these two girls whom we became best friends soon on that same week after I met the girl. Surprisingly, it turns out we like the same boy band which is kind of rare but nonetheless, I feel comfortable with them. Of course, we have other similarities and that made me call it my balanced state especially when they share my attitudes.

Entry #2 Earlier August, Pn Yati approached our class and started to advertise about her proposition regarding the Spain Trip in October. I was easily persuaded by the idea of the trip through both central and peripheral route. Through central route, I began to search trip advisor up about Spain and the reviews online are certainly glowing. Not only that, the price is also seemingly affordable compared to the price you would get in any typical travel agencies. The weather during the month that the trip will be going would be mid-autumn which to say it's the most beautiful weather to go to. On the other hand, through peripheral route of persuasion, I have always been attracted to the Spanish culture and not to mention, a few of my close friends has paid to go for this trip. Especially when I checked out the places that is stated in the itinarary, it looked really irresistible and the architecture there are amazing. In the end, I have been persuaded by the offer and began to make my payment.

Entry #3 When it comes to the concept of self-monitoring, i think that me, myself is probably a high self-monitoring person. I most likely like to remain quiet in the room with people I am not really close to. Call me self-conscious, I feel that everything i do needs approval from the people around me. There's one time a girl walked to me and told me I look good in a red skirt, I began buying more things in red for god knows what reason. It puzzles me that I couldn't be as carefree as my friends where they would do things outrageously in clubs and dance wildly, not caring what others thought of them. If it's my case, I'd always be found around the bar sipping quietly to my drinks and maybe dance a little too conservatively.

Entry #4 I'm a big sucker for Scarcity. I can't remember a day i would buy nothing when i went out with my mother or my friends. It's not helping my case when there's posters around stating there's limited time offer for a certain branded jeans or a pair of heels. There's this once, I've bought quite a great deal in La Senza since the promotion is until the end of August. Until I shop again in La Senze during September, I've found out the promotion is still there even if it's stated till the end of August the last time i went in. I feel as if I got scam, but i bought the deal again anyway since a girl can't resist offers and promotions.

Entry #5 I don't know if this occur to you, but it certainly did to me. Have you ever seen someone who holds a stack of papers pestering the people in front of you about buying their products and not leaving you alone until you take a look on the products? Well in my case, I'd either turn the direction I'm heading to or walk rapidly till i passed that certain booth or outlet. Call it a phobia or a forewarning, it made me steel my defences against the promoters, especially the ones that holds a stack of papers. I remembered once where I wasn't able to find my way out to reject the promoters who wouldn't leave me alone till i at least fill a survey form which they had successfully pester me to buy their products. I ended up spent quite a handy amount of money on something i really don't need and i swore I would stay away from promoters.

Entry #6 Reciprocation plays quite a part in the things i do. I'd always feel like I'm in debt to a person who has done me a favor where i feel I have to repay that person in any way possible just to get the guilt away. This apparently create a barrier between my ex-boyfriend and me. I refused to let him buy me expensive gifts because i somewhat doesn't feel right when he does that, especially when i feel the need to give him back something. I ended up spending my money to buy something for him anyway even if there is no special occasion since I receive a gift from him.