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The Borax Conspiracy How the Arthritis Cure has been Stopped Walter Last You may not

be able to imagine that borax, this humble insecticide and laundry detergent, has the potential o singlehandedly bringing down our entire economic system! But you do not need to worry, the danger has been recognised and the necessary steps are already being ta"en to de use the situation! # will start with the basics and you will understand what # mean as the story un olds! Borax is a naturally occurring mineral commonly mined rom dried salt la"es, and is the source o other manu actured boron compounds! The main deposits are in Cali ornia and Tur"ey! Chemical names are sodium tetraborate decahydrate, disodium tetraborate decahydrate, or simply sodium borate! This means it contains our atoms o boron as its central eature combined with two sodium atoms and ten molecules $or sometimes less% o crystallisation water! All borax is naturally mined, there is no synthetic borax, the di erence is only how much crystallisation water it contains & decahydrate means '( water molecules, pentahydrate means ), and anhydrite means ( water* chemically it is all the same! Borax is commonly sold as technical or agricultural grade with ++ to ++!), minimum purity! -otential impurities consist o sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate and phosphate but not toxic or hea.y metals! This grade includes the borax commonly used as household cleaner! -harmaceutical grade is not noticeably purer or better! Borax is the sodium salt o the wea" boric acid! Because sodium is more strongly al"aline, this ma"es a solution o borax strongly al"aline with a pH between + and '( $pH / is neutral%! When ingested, it reacts with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to orm boric acid and sodium chloride! The boron content o Borax is ''!0, while or boric acid it is '/!), or about )(, higher! #ngested boron compounds are rapidly and nearly completely excreted with the urine! 1ormerly boric acid was widely used as a preser.ati.e in oods but is now banned or this purpose in most countries, and is also banned rom public sale in Australia! According to con.entional medicine it is not "nown i boron is essential or humans but research shows that we do need it! The reason why it was di icult to answer this 2uestion is the presence o boron in all plants and unprocessed oods! 3iets with a air amount o ruit and .egetables pro.ide about 4 to ) mg o boron per day, but this also depends on the region where the ood was grown and how it was grown!

#n reality the a.erage inta"e in de.eloped countries is '&4 mg o boron per day! #nstitutionali5ed patients may recei.e only (!4) mg o daily boron! Chemical ertili5ers inhibit the upta"e o boron rom the soil6 an organic apple grown in good soil may ha.e 4( mg boron, but i grown with ertili5er it may ha.e only ' mg o boron! 1ertili5ers combined with poor ood choices ha.e greatly reduced our boron inta"e compared to )( or '(( years ago! 1urther, unhealthy coo"ing methods greatly reduce the a.ailability o boron rom ood! The coo"ing water o .egetables containing most o the minerals may be discarded during home coo"ing or commercial processing* phytic acid in ba"ed goods, cereals and coo"ed legumes may greatly reduce a.ailability, while gluten sensiti.ity and Candida o.ergrowth inhibit the absorption o minerals! All this ma"es health problems due to boron de iciency now .ery common! Health 7 ects o Boron 3ue to their content o boron, borax and boric acid ha.e basically the same health e ects, with good antiseptic, anti ungal, and anti.iral properties but only mild antibacterial action! #n plants as well as animals boron is essential or the integrity and unction o cell walls, and the way signals are transmitted across membranes! Boron is distributed throughout the body with the highest concentration in the parathyroid glands, ollowed by bones and dental enamel! #t is essential or healthy bone and 8oint unction, regulating the absorption and metabolism o calcium, magnesium and phosphorus through its in luence on the parathyroid glands! With this boron is or the parathyroids what iodine is or the thyroid! Boron de iciency causes the parathyroids to become o.eracti.e, releasing too much parathyroid hormone which raises the blood le.el o calcium by releasing calcium rom bones and teeth! This then leads to osteoarthritis and other orms o arthritis, osteoporosis and tooth decay! With ad.ancing age high blood le.els o calcium lead to calci ication o so t tissues causing muscle contractions and sti ness* calci ication o endocrine glands, especially the pineal gland and the o.aries* arteriosclerosis, "idney stones, and calci ication o the "idneys ultimately leading to "idney ailure! Boron de iciency combined with magnesium de iciency is especially damaging to the bones and teeth! Boron a ects the metabolism o steroid hormones, and especially o sex hormones! #t increases low testosterone le.els in men and oestrogen le.els in menopausal women! #t also has a role in con.erting .itamin 3 to its acti.e orm, thus increasing calcium upta"e and deposition into bone and teeth rather than causing so t tissue to calci y! Also other bene icial e ects ha.e

been reported such as impro.ement o heart problems, .ision, psoriasis, balance, memory and cognition! The 9erman cancer researcher 3r -aul&9erhard Seeger has shown that cancer commonly starts with the deterioration o cell membranes! As boron is essential or cell membranes and boron de iciency widespread, this may be an important cause or the initiation o tumour growth! Boron compounds ha.e anti&tumour properties and are :potent anti&osteoporotic, anti& in lammatory, hypolipemic, anti&coagulant and anti&neoplastic agents: $'%! This shows the wide&ranging in luence o boron on our health! #n the ollowing # want to describe some o these health e ects in greater detail! The Arthritis Cure o ;ex <ewnham #n the '+=(>s ;ex <ewnham, -h!3!, 3!?!, <!3, de.eloped arthritis! At that time he was a soil and plant scientist in -erth, Western Australia! Con.entional drugs did not help, so he loo"ed or the cause into the chemistry o plants! He reali5ed that plants in that area were rather mineral de icient! @nowing that boron aids calcium metabolism in plants he decided to try it! He started ta"ing 0( mg o borax a day, and in three wee"s all pain, swelling and sti ness had disappeared! He told public health and medical school authorities about his disco.ery but they were not interested!, some people with arthritis were delighted as they impro.ed! ?thers were scared to ta"e something with a poison label on the container and meant to "ill coc"roaches and ants! 7.entually he had tablets made with a sa e and e ecti.e 2uantity o borax! Within i.e years and only by word o mouth he sold '(,((( bottles a month! He could no longer cope and as"ed a drug company to mar"et it! That was a ma8or mista"e! They indicated that this would replace more expensi.e drugs and reduce their pro its! #t so happened that they had on go.ernment health committees and arranged that in '+A' Australia instituted a regulation that declared boron and its compounds to be poisons in any concentration! He was ined B'((( or selling a poison, and this success ully stopped his arthritis cure rom spreading in Australia! $4% Subse2uently he published se.eral scienti ic papers on borax and arthritis! ?ne was a double&blind trial in the mid '+A(>s at the ;oyal Celbourne Hospital which showed that /(, o those who completed the trial were greatly impro.ed! ?nly '4, impro.ed when on placebo! There were no negati.e side&e ects, but some reported that their heart ailment had also impro.ed, and there was better general health and less tiredness! $0% Cost o his later research was de.oted to the relationship between soil boron

le.els and arthritis! He ound, or instance that the traditional sugarcane islands, due to long&term hea.y use o ertili5ers, ha.e .ery low soil&boron le.els! Damaica has the lowest le.el and arthritis rates are about /(,! He noted that e.en most dogs were limping! <ext comes Cauritius with .ery low boron le.els and )(, arthritis! The daily boron inta"e in these countries is less than ' mgEday! An interesting comparison is between #ndian and nati.e 1i8ians! The #ndians are estimated to ha.e an arthritis rate o about F(, and eat much rice grown with ertili5er while the nati.e 1i8ians with an estimated arthritis rate o '(, eat mainly starchy root .egetables grown pri.ately without ertili5er! The GS, 7ngland, Australia and <ew Healand generally ha.e a.erage soil& boron le.els with an estimated inta"e o ' to 4 mg o boron and arthritis rates o about 4(,! But Carnar.on in Western Australia has high boron le.els in soil and water, and the arthritis rate is only ',! #t is similar in a place called <gawha Springs in <ew Healand with .ery high boron le.els in the spa water which is curati.e or arthritis! Actually all spas reputedly curing arthritis ha.e .ery high boron le.els! These are also high in #srael with an estimated daily boron inta"e o ) to A mg and only (!) & ', arthritis! Bone analysis showed that arthritic 8oints and nearby bones had only hal the boron content o healthy 8oints! 72ually, syno.ial luid that lubricates 8oints and pro.ides nutrients to the cartilage is boron de icient in arthritic 8oints! A ter boron supplementation bones were much harder than normal and surgeons ound them more di icult to saw through! With additional boron bone ractures heal in about hal the normal time in both man and animal! Horses and dogs with bro"en legs, or e.en a bro"en, ha.e ully reco.ered! Borax is also e ecti.e with other orms o arthritis, such as ;heumatoid Arthritis, Du.enile Arthritis, and Lupus $Systemic Lupus 7rythematosus%! 1or instance 3r <ewnham saw a young girl aged + months with 8u.enile arthritis! He was able to cure her in 4 wee"s! He wrote that commonly people can get rid o their pain, swelling and sti ness in about ' to 0 months! Then they can reduce treatment rom 0 to ' boron tablet $each 0 mg% per day as a maintenance dose so that they can a.oid any uture arthritis! He also stated that patients with rheumatoid arthritis commonly experienced a Herxheimer reaction and that this is always a good prognostic sign! They must perse.ere and in another 4 or 0 wee"s the pain, swelling and sti ness will be gone! $F,)% # ound this statement not only interesting but also surprising! The Herxheimer reaction is an early aggra.ation o symptoms with increased pain! #t is commonly due to toxins released by "illed Candida and

mycoplasma! This is .ery common with antimicrobial therapy, and borax de initely is an exceptionally good and strong ungicide! What surprises me,, is that this ungicidal e ect is already present at this rather low dose o /) to +( mg o borax! 72ually surprising is the inding that also up to 0(, o those with osteoarthritis experienced a Herxheimer reaction, suggesting that the border between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis is rather luid! # belie.e that in long&standing and especially resistant cases it will be ad.isable to use other antimicrobials in addition! 1or co& actors in arthritis treatment also see my article Arthritis and ;heumatism or the boo"let ?I7;C?C#<9 A;TH;#T#S! ?steoporosis and Sex Hormones Boron de iciency causes greatly increased amounts o calcium and magnesium to be lost with the urine! A borax supplement will reduce the daily loss o calcium by nearly )(,! As this calcium comes mainly rom resorbed bone and teeth, boron de iciency may be the most important actor in causing osteoporosis and tooth decay! #t has been estimated that )), o Americans )( ha.e osteoporosis and o these about A(, are women! Worldwide ' in 0 women and ' in '4 men the age o )( may ha.e osteoporosis, and this is responsible or millions o ractures each year! ;ats with osteoporosis were gi.en a boron supplement or 0( days with the result that their bone 2uality was now comparable with that o the healthy control group and o a group supplemented with oestradiol $=%! The bene icial e ect o borax on bones seems to be due to two interrelated e ects6 a higher boron content o the bones which ma"es them harder, and a normalisation o sex hormones which stimulates the growth o new bone! Low oestrogen le.els a ter menopause are thought to be the main reason why so many older women de.elop osteoporosis! #n men testosterone le.els decline more gradually which seems to be re lected in their later onset o osteoporosis as a group! ;esearch has now shown that boron supplementation in postmenopausal women doubles the blood le.el o the most acti.e orm o oestrogen, '/&beta oestradiol, to the le.el ound in women on oestrogen replacement therapy! 72ually, the blood le.els o testosterone more than doubled $/%! With H;T there is a higher ris" o breast or endometrial cancer which is not "nown to happen with hormones produced by the body as with borax supplementation! Some women get premenstrual problems because oestrogen le.els are too high and progesterone too low, and there ore may be a raid o using boron!, # ound no e.idence that boron raises oestrogen abo.e normal healthy le.els! Boron may balance le.els o sex hormones similar to the

action o maca root powder! Caca acts on the pituitary gland not only to increase but also to balance our sex hormones and seems to stimulate our own progesterone production as needed! A recent study in younger men $4+ & )(% showed that the le.el o ree testosterone $the orm that matters most% had risen by one third a ter a daily supplementation o about '(( mg o borax or one wee" $A%! This is o special interest or bodybuilders! Contrary to the medical pre erence o chemically castrating men with prostate cancer, research with boron has shown that ele.ated testosterone le.els are bene icial by shrin"ing prostate tumours and -SA le.els, -SA being a mar"er or tumours and in lammation in the prostate! Also signi icantly impro.ed memory and cognition in elderly indi.iduals may be partly due to increased le.els o sex hormones and partly to impro.ed membrane unctions o brain cells $+%! # ha.e been as"ed about boron supplementation or women with oestrogen& sensiti.e breast cancer! Breast cancer is related to calci ications in the breast! #n my opinion it is more important to normali5e the calcium&magnesium metabolism and cellular membrane unctions rather than eel restricted by a possibly aulty medical concept, especially as # belie.e that cancer can usually be controlled with long&term antimicrobial therapy! There ore # would use boron as well as maca in this case! 1ungi and 1luoride Being such an excellent ungicide it is not surprising that borax is being success ully used to treat Candida! There is much interesting in ormation on an 7arth Clinic orum called Borax Cures $'(%! With low to medium&weight people use 'EA teaspoon o borax powder and with hea.ier weight 'EF teaspoon per litre o water! ?ne drin"s the water spaced out during the day, and does this or F or ) days a wee" as long as re2uired! Cany contributors wrote that it cured or greatly helped them! So or instance this post6 :# also ha.e psoriasis, so maybe the soreness in my 8oints is the psoriatic arthritis creeping in! # thought, a ter reading about borax here on this orum, # would gi.e it a try! ?C9J #n one day, the soreness in my "nees has .anishedJ !!!! Also, my psoriasis seems a lot better a ter 4 days drin"ing 'EF tsp borax in ' litre o water per day!: Another one about toe ungus6 :He wet his eet and then too" a hand ul $o borax% and rubbed it all his eet! He said it stopped itching immediatelyJ He was stunned! A ew wee"s later # as"ed him how his athletes oot was and he said6 oh wowJ it hasn>t come bac"J that stu totally cured it JJJ:

?ther enthusiastic posts were about .aginal thrush! Borax appeared to be more e ecti.e than other remedies! Commonly one large gelatine capsule illed with borax or boric acid was inserted at bedtime or se.eral nights or up to 4 wee"s! Alternati.ely the powder can be mixed with cool solidi ied coconut oil as a bolus or suppository! A recent scienti ic study $''% con irms these positi.e obser.ations with .aginal thrush! Boric acid at the dose o a illed capsule wor"ed e.en in cases o drug&resistant Candida and against all the tested pathogenic bacteria! Because o the greater dilution, a douche may not be strong enough or bacteria and drug&resistant Candida but it should wor" or normal Candida! Borax, due to its al"alinity, was more e ecti.e than boric acid! #n normal healthy conditions Candida exists as harmless yeast cells! When challenged, chains o elongated cells called pseudohyphae de.elop, and inally strongly in.asi.e long, narrow and tube&li"e ilaments called hyphae! These damage the intestinal wall, and cause in lammation and Lea"y 9ut Syndrome! -seudohyphae and hyphae can be seen in the blood o indi.iduals with cancer and autoimmune diseases! Candida can also orm tough layers o bio ilm! This same study shows that boric acidEborax inhibits the ormation o bio ilms and also the trans ormation o harmless yeast cells into in.asi.e hyphal orm! #n other articles # ha.e shown that this process, commonly initiated by antibiotics, is a basic cause o most o our modern diseases, and this ma"es borax and boric acid primary health remedies! But this article shows that there are many more reasons to gi.e them a top rating! A scienti ic re.iew in 4('' concluded6 :!!! boric acid is a sa e, alternati.e, economic option or women with recurrent and chronic symptoms o .aginitis when con.entional treatment ails!!!: $'4%! But as it is so much better than drugs why not use it as a irst option, or use the e.en more e ecti.e boraxK Another study rom Tur"ey $'0% shows the protecti.e e ect o boric acid on ood contaminated with mycotoxins, especially ungal a latoxins! Among these, A latoxin B' $A1B'% causes extensi.e 3<A damage and is the most potent carcinogen tested, especially a ecting and lungs, also causing birth de ects, immunotoxicity and e.en death in arm animals and humans! Boric acid treatment was protecti.e and led to increased resistance o 3<A to oxidati.e damage induced by A1B'! The strong anti ungal action o boric acid is, o course, the reason why it has traditionally been used as a ood preser.ati.e! Borax, similar to the e2ually endangered Lugol>s iodine solution, can also be used to remo.e accumulated luoride and hea.y metals rom the body $'F%! 1luoride not only causes bones to deteriorate, but also the pineal gland to

calci y and the thyroid to become underacti.e! Borax reacts with luoride ions to orm boron luorides which are then excreted in the urine! #n a Chinese study borax was used to treat 0' patients with s"eletal luorosis! The amount was gradually increased rom 0(( to ''(( mgEday during a three month period, with one wee" o each month! The treatment was e ecti.e with )( to A(, impro.ement! ?ne orum contributor su ered with 1ibromyalgiaE;osacea, chronic atigue and TCD or '( years which she belie.ed were caused by luoride! She used 'EA tsp o borax and 'EA tsp o sea salt in a litre o de&chlorinated water, and dran" this or ) days each wee"! Within two wee"s her ace cleared, the redness aded, body temperature normali5ed, energy le.el increased, and she steadily lost excess weight! The only side&e ect was an initial aggra.ation o her ;osacea symptoms! Another post6 :/ years ago thyroid cancer, the next year adrenal atigue, then early menopause, the ollowing year uterine prolapse ollowed by hysterectomy & the ollowing year ibromyalgia and neuropathy! 7arly Childhood was luorinated water along with luoride tablets! 1all o 4((A # was loo"ing at total disability! # could barely wal" and couldn>t sleep because o the pain and was throwing up daily rom the pain in my bac"! !!! A ter reading about luoride # came to understand where all o my problems originated! !!! # began the borax detox o 'EA tsp in a litre o water and within 0 days my symptoms were almost gone!: Calcium&Cagnesium Cetabolism There is antagonism as well as cooperation between calcium and magnesium! About hal o the total body magnesium is ound in bones and the other hal inside the cells o tissues and organs! ?nly ', is in the blood, and the "idneys try to "eep this le.els constant by excreting more or less with the urine! #n contrast, ++, o calcium is in bones, and the rest in the luid outside o cells! Cuscles contract when calcium into the cells, and they relax when calcium is again pumped out and magnesium in! This cellular pump re2uires much energy to pump calcium out, and i cells are low in energy, then calcium may accumulate inside cells! Low cellular energy may be due to Candida, aulty sugar or at metabolism, de iciencies, or accumulating metabolic wastes and toxins! This then leads to only partial relaxation o the muscles with sti ness, a tendency to cramps, and poor blood and lymph circulation! The problem gets worse the more calcium rom bones into so t tissue! <er.e cells can also accumulate calcium, leading to aulty ner.e transmission, in the lens it

causes cataracts, hormonal output "eeps reducing as endocrine glands increasingly calci y, and all other cells become handicapped in their normal unctions! #n addition it causes intracellular magnesium de iciency! Cagnesium is needed to acti.ate countless en5ymes, and a de iciency leads to ine icient and bloc"ed energy production! A urther problem is that excess calcium damages the cell membrane and ma"es it di icult or nutrients to mo.e in and wastes to mo.e out! When the intracellular calcium le.el gets too high the cell will die! Here we can see the importance o boron as a regulator o cell membrane unctions, especially in regard to mo.ements o calcium and magnesium! With boron de iciency too much calcium into the cell while magnesium cannot mo.e inside to displace it! This is the condition o old age and o the boron&de iciency diseases leading up to it! While in good health and especially in younger years a calcium & magnesium ratio o 4 6 ' is normal and bene icial and supplied with a good diet! But with increasing age, boron de iciency and resulting disease conditions we need progressi.ely less calcium and more magnesium! 1or boron to be ully e ecti.e in re.ersing tissue calci ication ample magnesium is re2uired! 1or elderly indi.iduals # recommend F(( to =(( mg o magnesium together with the daily borax supplementation spaced out during the day, and with protracted 8oint problems additional trans&dermal magnesium!, oral magnesium may need to be ad8usted according to its laxati.e e ect! # am doubt ul whether calcium supplements are needed and bene icial, e.en in case o osteoporosis! #n my .iew these indi.iduals ha.e plenty o calcium stored in so t tissues where it does not belong, and supplementing boron and magnesium is expected to redeposit this misplaced calcium into bones! # regard the medical ocus on a high calcium inta"e as a prescription or accelerated aging! What and How Cuch to Gse #n some countries $e!g! Australia, <H, GSA% borax can still be ound in the laundry and cleaning sections o supermar"ets! There is no : ood&grade: borax a.ailable or necessary! All borax is the same and :natural:, and usually mined in Cali ornia or Tur"ey, whether it has been pac"ed in China or any other country! The label usually states that it is ++, pure $or ++(gE"g borax% which is sa e to use, and is the legal standard or agricultural grade borax! Gp to ', mining and re ining residues are permitted! Boric acid, i a.ailable, may be used at about L the dose o borax, it is not or public sale in Australia! 1irstly dissol.e a lightly rounded teaspoon ul $)&= grams% o borax in ' litre o good 2uality water! This is your concentrated solution, "eep it out o reach o

small children! Standard dose M ' teaspoon $) ml% o concentrate! This has 4) to 0( mg o borax and pro.ides about 0 mg o boron! Ta"e ' dose per day mixed with drin" or ood! # that eels right then ta"e a second dose with another meal! # there is no speci ic health problem or or maintenance you may continue inde initely with ' or 4 doses daily! # you do ha.e a problem, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and related conditions, cramps or spasms, sti ness due to ad.ancing years, menopause, and also to impro.e low sex hormone production, increase inta"e to 0 or more spaced&out standard doses or se.eral months or longer until you eel that your problem has su iciently impro.ed! Then drop bac" to ' or 4 doses per day! 1or treating Candida, other ungi and mycoplasmas, or or luoride rom the body & using your bottle o concentrated solution6 Lower dose or low to normal weight & '(( ml $M 'EA teaspoon o borax powder or )(( mg%* drin" spaced out during the day! Higher dose or hea.ier indi.iduals & 4(( ml $M 'EF teaspoon o borax powder or '((( mg%* drin" spaced out during the day! Always start with a lower dose and increase gradually to the intended maximum! Ta"e the maximum amounts or F or ) days a wee" as long as re2uired, or alternati.ely periodically alternate between a low dose and your maximum dose! 1or .aginal thrush ill a large si5e gelatine capsule with borax and insert it at bedtime or one to two wee"s! With toe ungus or athlete>s oot wet the eet and rub them with borax powder! You may ta"e borax mixed with ood or in drin"s! #t is rather al"aline and in higher concentrations has a soapy taste! You may disguise this with lemon 8uice, .inegar or ascorbic acid! #n 7urope borax and boric acid ha.e been classi ied as reproducti.e poisons, and since 3ecember 4('( are no longer a.ailable to the public within the 7G! -resently borax is still a.ailable in Swit5erland $')%, but shipment to 9ermany is not permitted! #n 9ermany a small amount $4( & )( grams% may be ordered through a pharmacy as ant poison, it will be registered! Boron tablets can be bought rom health shops or the #nternet, commonly with 0 mg o boron! #n some 7uropean countries, such as The <etherlands, these may still contain borax, but not in others, such as 9ermany, where boron is not allowed in ionic orm as with borax or boric acid! While suitable

as a general boron supplement, # do not expect them to wor" against Candida and mycoplasmas! Cost scienti ic studies and indi.idual experiences in regard to arthritis, osteoporosis, or sexual hormones and menopause were with borax or boric acid! #t is not yet "nown i non&ionic boron is as e ecti.e as borax! To impro.e e ecti.eness # recommend 0 or more spaced&out boron tablets daily or an extended period combined with su icient magnesium and a suitable antimicrobial program $'=%! -ossible Side&7 ects While side&e ects rom pharmaceutical drugs tend to be negati.e and o ten dangerous, with natural medicine such as borax therapy these are usually healing reactions with bene icial long&term e ects! Cost common is the Herxheimer reaction rom eliminating Candida! #n some o the abo.e orum posts rapid impro.ement was experienced within days! This is always a unctional response! High cellular calcium le.els cause muscle contraction with cramps or spasms as a common cause o pain! Boron, especially together with magnesium, can rapidly relax these muscles and ta"e away the pain!, with long&standing se.ere calci ications a large amount o calcium cannot be redistributed in a short time! This leads to increased calcium le.els in the a ected area, especially the hips and shoulders, and can cause problems or a considerable time, such as a tendency to se.ere cramping and pain, or problems with the blood circulation, or ner.e transmission! <er.e& related e ects in hands and eet may be numbness, or reduced sensiti.ity or eeling in the s"in! Higher amounts o calcium and luoride passing through the "idneys may cause temporary "idney pain! Such healing reactions cannot be a.oided when aiming or a higher le.el o health! you experience an unpleasant e ect reduce or temporarily stop borax inta"e until the problem subsides! Then gradually start increasing again! Help ul additional measures are a greatly increased luid inta"e, using more organic acids such as lemon 8uice, ascorbic acid or .inegar, and lymph low as with rebounding, wal"ing or in.erted positions! Toxicity #ssues 9o.ernment health agencies are concerned about boron toxicity! You might be concerned as well i you read the ollowing, pertaining to sodium chloride or table salt $'/%6 >Acute oral toxicity $L3)( & the dose at which hal o the tested animals die%6 0,((( mgE"g N;atO! Chronic 7 ects on Humans6 Cutagenic or mammalian somatic cells! Slightly ha5ardous in case o s"in contact, ingestion or inhalation! Lowest -ublished Lethal ?ral 3ose in Can6 '((( mgE"g! Causes ad.erse reproducti.e e ects in humans $ etotoxicity,

abortion% by intraplacental route, may increase ris" o Toxemia o -regnancy in susceptible women! Cay cause ad.erse reproducti.e e ects and birth de ects in animals, particularly rats and mice & etotoxicity, abortion, musculos"eletal abnormalities, and maternal e ects $on o.aries, allopian tubes%! Cay a ect genetic material $mutagenic%! #ngestion o large 2uantities can irritate the stomach with nausea and .omiting! Cay a ect beha.ior $muscle spasicityEcontraction, somnolence%, sense organs, metabolism, and cardio.ascular system! Continued exposure may produce dehydration, internal organ congestion, and coma!> <ow compare the sodium chloride toxicity with the Caterial Sa ety 3ata Sheet or CS3S or borax $'A%6 >Low acute oral toxicity* L3)( in rats F,)(( to =,((( mgE"g o body weight! ;eproducti.eEde.elopmental toxicity6 Animal eeding studies in rat, mouse and dog, at high doses, ha.e demonstrated e ects on ertility and testes! Studies with boric acid in the rat, mouse and rabbit, at high doses, demonstrate de.elopmental e ects on the etus, including etal weight loss and minor s"eletal .ariations! The doses administered were many times in excess o those to which humans would normally be exposed! <o e.idence o carcinogenicity in mice! <o mutagenic acti.ity was obser.ed in a battery o short&term mutagenicity assays! Human epidemiological studies show no increase in pulmonary disease in occupational populations with chronic exposures to borate dust and no e ect on ertility!> Here you see that table salt is )( to '((, more toxic than borax, it changes the genetic material and is mutagenic, while borax is harmless in this regard! #n ants are most at ris" rom high borax ingestion! #t has been estimated that ) to '( grams can cause se.ere .omiting, diarrhoea, shoc" and e.en death, but it also says that lethal doses are not well documented in the literature! The ollowing toxicity data are rom documents o the GS 7n.ironmental -rotection Agency and the Centers or 3isease Control$'+, 4(%! A re.iew o /AF accidental human poisonings rom '( & AA grams o boric acid reported no atalities, with AA, o cases being asymptomatic, meaning they did not notice anything!, gastrointestinal, cardio.ascular, hepatic, renal, and central ner.ous system e ects, dermatitis, erythema, and death ha.e been obser.ed in some children and adults exposed to more than AF mg boronE"g, corresponding to more than F( grams o borax or =( "g o body weight! Animal studies ha.e identi ied reproducti.e toxicity as the most sensiti.e e ects o boron ingestion! 7xposure o rats, mice, and dogs or se.eral wee"s showed some damage to the testes and sperm at doses o more than 4= mg boronE"g which corresponds to ') grams o boraxEday or =( "g body weight!

Cost at ris" is the de.eloping oetus, and in the studied animals rats were most a ected! #n one study slight reductions in the oetal body weight were already ound at '0!/ mg boronE"gEday used during pregnancy! The no e ect dose was set at less than '0!/ mgE"gEday corresponding to about / grams o borax per day or =( "g body weight! With an added sa ety actor a no e ect .alue o +!= mg boronE"gEday was calculated corresponding to ) grams o borax or =( "g!, a rat study lasting or 0 generations ound no reproducti.e toxicity or e ect on the parents or o spring at 0( mg boronE"gEday! This dose corresponds to '/ grams o borax or =( "g ingested or 0 generationsJ #n another 0&generation study no problem was ound at '/!) mg boronE"gEday, corresponding to + grams o boraxE=( "g, while the next higher tested dose o )A!) mgE"gEday, corresponding to 0( grams o boraxE=( "g, resulted in in ertility! There ore we can assume that the sa e reproducti.e dose is up to about 4( gramsE=( "gEday! Human studies o the possible association between impaired ertility and high boron le.els in water, soil and dust in a Tur"ish populations, and boron mining and processing wor"ers, ound no e ect! ?ne study e.en reported ele.ated ertility rates in borax production wor"ers as compared to the G!S! national a.erage! All this is important because possible reproducti.e toxicity is the o icial reason or the present assault on borax! The sodium chloride CS3S mentioned abo.e also states6 :While sodium chloride has been used as a negati.e control in some reproducti.e studies, it has also been used as an example that almost any chemical can cause birth de ects in experimental animals i studied under the right conditions!: @eep this in mind when you read the ollowing! The Assault on Borax Arthritis in its .arious orms and its close relati.e osteoporosis a ect about 0(, o the population in de.eloped countries! ?steoporosis is responsible or more long term hospital care than any other indi.idual disease! This is due to the .ery high incidence o ractures, and especially the protracted nature o hip ractures! This is a main source o income or the medical&pharmaceutical system! # the boron&magnesium cure or these diseases should become widely "nown, this .ital income stream would dry up and the system collapse! As this is the biggest and most pro itable industry in the world, this cannot be allowed to happen! When 3r <ewnham disco.ered the boron&arthritis cure it was not a big problem or the pharmaceuticals because news tra.elled slowly and was easily suppressed! This is .ery di erent now with #nternet communication!

Cost research unding comes rom the pharmaceutical industry, and nothing has come orward to duplicate 3r <ewnham>s indings and other positi.e osteoporosis studies! #nstead, unding goes into the de.elopment o patentable boron drugs or limited application as in chemotherapy, or e.en to discredit boron! A test&tube experiment ound that a relati.ely low dose o about F grams o borax can damage lymphocytes, 8ust li"e an earlier test& tube study showed that .itamin C supplements are toxic! Cost positi.e borax studies now come rom China, Dapan and Tur"ey! 1urthermore, -ubCed is a publicly unded search acility or bio&medical research publications! While other articles or <ewnham ;!7! and Hhou L!Y ! are still listed, the two important borax publications mentioned earlier & about the arthritis trial at the ;oyal Celbourne Hospital and the treatment o s"eletal luorosis in China & are no longer listed, but they belong there and ob.iously had been there originally! # suspect that they ha.e been deliberately remo.ed to pre.ent them rom being 2uoted in other research! #n addition, increasing e ort goes into publicly demoni5ing borax or its alleged reproducti.e and in ant toxicity! As an example # recently read an article by a >senior scientist> o the supposedly >green> 7n.ironmental Wor"ing 9roup! #n it the percei.ed dangers o borax were so exaggerated that most comments in e ect said6 :Than" you or opening my eyes! # did not "now how poisonous and dangerous borax is, # certainly will not use it anymore in my laundry, or or cleaning my toilet and "itchen: ! This is ob.iously a deliberate campaign to ma"e people grate ul or banning borax rom public sale! 1or laundry and cleaning purposes Borax Substitute now replaces the product pre.iously sold as Borax! The 7G has spearheaded this campaign! #n Dune 4('( borax and boric acid were reclassi ied as P;eprotoxic Category 4P, suggesting that they may be harm ul to the reproducti.e unctions o humans in high doses, and the product pac"age must display the s"ull and crossbones symbol! 1rom 3ecember 4('( these products were no longer a.ailable or public sale within the 7G! While this classi ication now applies or all o 7urope, non&7G countries still ha.e some leeway in regard to public sales! This initiati.e is part o a 9lobally Harmoni5ed System o Classi ication and Labelling o Chemicals $9HS% which is to be implemented as soon as possible! Australia is well&ad.anced on preparing regulations to implement the 9HS or industrial chemicals, with new regulations expected in 4('4 $4'%! The 7uropean Chemicals Agency ga.e as reason or their reclassi ication o boron products $paraphrased%6 >The a.ailable data do not indicate ma8or di erences between laboratory animals and humans, there ore it must be assumed that the e ects seen in

animals could occur in humans as epidemiological studies in humans are insu icient to demonstrate the absence o an ad.erse e ect o inorganic borates on ertility! '/!) mg boronE"gEday was deri.ed as a <?A7L $no e.ent le.el% or male and emale ertility! 1or the rat decreased oetal weight occurred at '0!/ mg boronE"gEday, and a sa e limit o +!= mgE"gEday has been deri.ed!> $44% What they are really saying is this6 >While we ha.e no human data, animal studies suggest that or adult reproducti.e unctions a daily ingestion o about 4 teaspoons o borax is sa e! But to be absolutely sure that no&one is harmed, we will ban it totally!> #mportantly, this ruling is not related to borax in oods or supplements where it is already banned, but only or general use as in laundry or cleaning products or as insecticides! Because borax is not readily inhaled or absorbed through intact s"in, it is di icult to see how e.en a ew milligrams daily could get into the body with the con.entional use! # the same standard would apply to other chemicals there would be none le t! The "ey study in this assessment was published in '+/4! Why is this being dug up now to 8usti y banning borax when it was o no concern or the past F( yearsK #t does not ma"e any scienti ic sense, especially i you consider that the main chemical in the new borax substitute, sodium percarbonate, is about three times more toxic than borax! Acute oral L3)( .alues or animals are rom '(0F to 44(( mgE"gEday $40%! 7.en the commonly used sodium bicarbonate, with an animal L3)( o 00=( mgE"g, is nearly twice as toxic as borax $4F%! Both o these chemicals ha.e not been tested or long&term reproducti.e toxicity at the high doses that caused ertility problems in rats and mice! The same applies to washing powders, it has been stated that no toxicity is expected i used in the appro.ed way, or that reproducti.e tests ha.e not been done! #ngredients in these products are more toxic than borax, why can they be used in the appro.ed way but not boraxK And how about really toxic items such as caustic soda and hydrochloric acidK Why do they remain a.ailable to the public when one o the sa est household chemicals is banned despite the act that it is absolutely impossible to cause any reproducti.e harm with the appro.ed useK ;egardless o the lac" o any scienti ic credibility, the stage has been set or borax and boric acid to be globally remo.ed rom public sale at short or no notice! 7.en low&le.el and less e ecti.e boron tablets are now tightly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, and may be restricted at any time through Codex Alimentarius regulations! With this the medical& pharmaceutical system has sa ely de used any potential danger that borax may ha.e posed to its pro itability and!

<ote6 This article is not about curing arthritis! Boron is essential or healthy bones and 8oints, and supplements may be able to help with arthritis, but chronic conditions o ten are associated with additional other de iciencies, allergies, microbial in estations and in lammation! All o these actors may need to be addressed! 1or urther in ormation see Arthritis and ;heumatism or the more detailed ?.ercoming Arthritis! ;717;7<C7S $'% http6EEwww!ncbi!nlm!nih!go.EpubmedE+=0A=(= $4% http6EEwww!whale!toEwEboron!html $0% http6EEwww!ncbi!nlm!nih!go.EpmcEarticlesE-CC')===4/Epd Een.hper((F(0& ((AF!pd $F% http6EEnah!sagepub!comEcontentE/E4EA+! ull!pd $)% http6EEwww!arthritistrust!orgEArticlesEBoron and Arthritis!pd $=% http6EEwww!ncbi!nlm!nih!go.EpubmedE'/4)+'4(+ $/% http6EEwww!ithyroid!comEboron!htm $A% http6EEwww!ncbi!nlm!nih!go.EpubmedE4''4++F' $+% http6EEwww!le !orgEmaga5ineEmag4((=Eaug4((=QaasQ('!htm $'(% http6EEwww!earthclinic!comE;emediesEborax!html $''% http6EE8ac!ox ord8ournals!orgEcontentE=0E4E04)!long $'4% http6EEwww!ncbi!nlm!nih!go.EpubmedE4'//F=/' $'0% http6EEwww!ncbi!nlm!nih!go.EpmcEarticlesE-CC4A/0+A/E $'F% http6EEwww!earthclinic!comECG;7SE luoride!html $')% http6EEwww!supergenial!chEpi'Epd4!html $'=% http6EEwww!health&science&spirit!comEultimatecleanse!html $'/% http6Ewww!sciencelab!comEmsds!phpKmsds#dM++4/)+0 $'A% http6EEwww!hillbrothers!comEmsdsEpd EnEborax&decahydrate!pd $'+% http6EEwww!atsdr!cdc!go.Etoxpro ilesEtp4=&c4!pd $4(% http6EEwww!regulations!go.ERJdocument3etail*3M7-A&HS&?--&4(()&

((=4&(((F $4'% http6EEen!wi"ipedia!orgEwi"iE9loballyQHarmoni5edQSystemQo QClassi icationQan dQLabellingQo QChemicals $44% http6EEecha!europa!euEdocumentsE'('=4E'/40(EsupdocQboricQacidQ4('((=(+ Qen!pd $40% http6EEwww!inchem!orgEdocumentsEsidsEsidsE')=0(A+F!pd $4F% http6EEwww!sciencelab!comEmsds!phpKmsds#dM++4/4)A