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Tahmazian 1 Kristy Tahmazian Professor Collin Ludlow-Mattson ENG 114 (02) 29 November 2013 A Creative Journey: Search for

the Future 1. What I Knew: Creative Writing is a form of writing in English that uses a lot of

creativity and imagination. Luckily, there are some colleges that offer creative writing as a possible major for those who want to become professional in this creative art and possibly make a living out of it. However, in the job world it is pretty difficult to land a job as a writer. Especially, with the current economy being not as stable as before the search for a career might take a longer period of time. There are a lot of career choices for creative writing including: author, freelance writer, teacher, etc. But the most difficult part is finding the career that is right for an individual who is interested and educated in creative writing. I wanted to learn more about the subject of creative writing besides the general information. Therefore, I would like to find out the history and background about creative writing. In addition, I would like to find out the different careers a creative writer can have as well. 2. Why Im Writing This Paper: The subject that I always enjoyed and was good at was

English, especially the writing portion. When it comes to being creative and coming up with something to say, my mind does the job pretty well. However, I am a very shy person so I dont talk that much when out in the public. That is why, writing seems to be a way to express my feelings and words easier without having to face social anxiety. In

Tahmazian 2 addition, during my senior year of high school I took a journalism class, so for me that sparked more of an interest in writing. When I was applying to SF State I already knew that I wanted to pursue a major in English, but I was debating between majoring either in writing or literature. However, after finding out that SF State has a creative writing program I immediately decided that was the major I wanted to explore and pursue. Now that I am a freshman at SF State it is a good time to go more in-depth and find out more information about this particular major, before I enter my sophomore year at SF State, where I will be taking more courses that meet more of the requirements in order to get a bachelors degree in creative writing. 3. The Search: My search for information began by looking through the San Francisco

State University website, this is the most obvious place to start since the site has a lot of information on the different majors one can pursue at the university. In addition, the website has roadmaps as well that indicate the course requirements for a specific major. I was able to easily find the roadmap for Creative Writing and the description of the major as well. I also did a general search through Google and a search through the Google Scholar search engine. By searching on the Google Scholar search engine, I found an interesting scholarly article that relates to creative writing. The creative writing article is a journal article that is about the history of creative writing, it talks about how creative writing developed into a specific focus in the subject of English. During my search for the possible career paths a creative writer can take I found a useful website that has information on possible careers for someone with a creative writing major. After looking through that website I went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website where I got in-depth info on the pay for a career that requires a bachelors degree and utilizes the skills of

Tahmazian 3 creative writing. On the other hand, I stopped by the creative writing department on campus and the lady at the desk gave me some information regarding the major which was pretty useful. Some of the information that I received included the roadmap for creative writing and an overview of the program. Overall, the search for information about the creative writing major was successful and beneficial for my college career as a whole. 4. What I Learned: Through the whole search I was able to uncover some facts about

creative writing that were unknown to me. Also, I got more information to aspects of creative writing that I already know or heard about. First of all, through Google Scholar I was able to find a journal article titled The Rise of Creative Writing, which gives background in how the subject of creative writing was developed into a focus in English. According to The Rise of Creative Writing by D.G. Myers By the last quarter of the nineteenth century literary study and literary practice were no longer united with each other. Behind the breakup was a corrupt view of literature. Under the influence of philology, the conception of literature as a knowledge that was divorced from any conception of it as a knowledge how (to borrow Gilbert Ryles distinction). Literature was approached as an order of hard dry facts (or, by later teachers, who shared the philological assumption often without being aware of it, literature was approached as a banquet of rich meanings) abstracted from any recognition or mastery of the skills by which meanings are formulated and facts given value (282). I never knew that literature had a significant role in starting creative writing. With this knowledge in mind, it makes me glad that I chose this major, since I enjoy both the literary and writing aspects of English. On the other hand, I got to obtain more specific information on the different

Tahmazian 4 kinds of creative writing. According to the San Francisco State University information handout, In the writing courses offered by the Creative Writing Department, students learn how to communicate in the special language of fiction, drama, and poetry. In the creative process courses, topics such as Plays: Reading and Viewing, Personal Narrative, Contemporary World Poetry, and the Short-Short Story teach students to look at literature from the point of view of the writer through a study of technique, structure, and style. The craft courses introduce the basic elements of writing fiction, poetry, or plays (1). This one information handout gave me tons of information on the different courses and focuses that the creative writing has to offer at San Francisco State University. Out of the topics that I learned from reading this information sheet, I think the Personal Narrative seemed to be the most interesting. When I start pursuing creative writing I was thinking of maybe writing about my own life as an idea for when I write my own written works in the future. Another source that I found helpful was the SFSU creative writing course requirements list that I got from the creative writing department as well. According to the SFSU creative writing course requirements list The undergraduate major combines the academic specifications of the traditional English major with the experiential needs of the writing student (1). When I read this one part I felt like I chose the right major since I want to major in English and at the same time enhance my skills as a writer. On the other hand, a website I found called, gave me information about careers for a creative writer. According to the general creative writing page on Although its not necessary, an associates or a bachelors degree program in general creative writing can provide you with the skills to create an interesting piece of fiction or nonfiction. This can lead to publication and a salaried or

Tahmazian 5 freelance position writing for magazines, newspapers, or online publications. It can also lead to a career as an author. Personally, the careers the website mentioned were careers that I have thought about when I was thinking about the future after I complete college and had my bachelors degree in creative writing. I knew that by being a freelance writer it might be difficult to land a successful publication but I think with good writing skills I can pull through and be successful with that tentative career. After looking through, I went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to look at the pay for authors and writers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Outlook Handbook 2012-2013 Edition Freelance writers earn income from their articles, books, and less commonly, television and movie scripts. Although most freelance writers work on an individual project basis for multiple publishers, many support themselves with income derived from other sources. Freelancers generally have to provide for their own health insurance and pension, unless they receive coverage from another job (7). This information further proves that being a freelance writer is no easy walk in the park, but I am confident I can manage with a career like this. For this reason, I work better by myself and also I was thinking of having another job in addition to being a freelance writer so that job should cover for me. With my thirst for knowledge, I went to the Creative Writing Department webpage on the SFSU website, to look at their program scope section on creative writing. According to the SFSU creative writing Program Scope Career Outlook section The skills developed in creative writing translate well into corporate editing, publishing, teaching, and working for arts organizations (2). So by reading this information, I had the idea that my other job will probably be related to writing or publishing for some corporation. Therefore, I can support myself with this type

Tahmazian 6 of job while being a freelance writer and producing my own written works. Overall, this I-Search paper search really gave me a lot of information that is useful and will be good to know later in my college education. But for now, I will continue to focus on improving my writing skills and try to complete my GE courses and required classes in order to fully focus on my dream of becoming a great writer that aims in inspiring and communicating with the world through writing.

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