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aspenONE Supply & Distribution for Refining & Marketing

aspenONE Supply and Distribution for Refining & Marketing provides an integrated enterprise solution for petroleum supply chain management, enabling many simultaneous users to visualize market demand, pinpoint inventory trouble spots, and proactively schedule supply chain movements to discover the most profitable distribution, exchange, and inventory plan. AspenTech is the market leader in delivering innovative solutions to solve petroleum supply chain challenges.

The Challenge: Accurate Planning in a Complex, Dynamic Market

Maximize profitability and increase speed of decision making by increasing operational visibility and improving asset utilization for petroleum companies

Petroleum companies operate most profitably when inventory and distribution aligns with market demand. The crux of the challenge is in the complex petroleum supply chain, characterized by a proliferation of grades, multiple divisional silos, global operations, and opportunities to buy, make, sell, exchange, or trade crude and products with short notice. Successful companies are those who focus on: Maximizing asset utilization while minimizing costs and improving customer service Integrating the complete supply chain including integration of refinery operations with the distribution network Mitigating the risk associated with lack of demand visibility and supply volatility Improving efficiency with standardized business processes with local language support

The AspenTech implementation produced large cost reductions and generated a high confidence level in the transportation plans.
Xingyou He, Sinopec

aspenONE Supply & Distribution for Refining & Marketing

The aspenONE S&D Solution
aspenONE Supply & Distribution for Refining & Marketing provides a comprehensive, enterprise solution for optimizing the petroleum supply chain, including managing terminal demand, scheduling crude and product movements, monitoring inventories at thousands of worldwide locations, and scheduling distribution to retail and commercial customers. It includes pre-built integration with SAP R/3 and other ERP systems and supports data visualization, enterprise-level reporting, and alert messaging. Built exclusively for the petroleum industry, the complete S&D solution leverages AspenTechs integrated, world-class optimization technology to identify the most profitable distribution, exchange, and inventory plan. Core components include: Aspen Collaborative Demand Management, a web-based solution for organization-wide collaborative forecasting involving statistical analysis, trending, and seasonal adjustments to address demand events. Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner, a powerful economic planning tool that solves multi-commodity, multi-period transport optimization problems related to allocating resources (including transportation, raw materials, sales demands, or processing facilities) and balances them to maximize profitability. Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner includes enhanced case comparisons to leverage exchange agreements and reporting capabilities to better manage the primary distribution of petroleum products. Aspen Inventory Management & Operations Scheduling (IMOS) enables operations personnel to accurately and effectively manage the hour-to-hour, day-to-day operational activities while conducting thorough analysis. For crude and finished products, Aspen IMOS manages supply and demand balancing, inventory, nominations, confirmations and exchanges management, movement scheduling for all transportation methods, including rail, and contract monitoring, while providing decision-support tools to further manage the petroleum supply chain. Aspen Fleet Optimizer, fulfillment software for motor fuels, composed of automated stock replenishment and transportation scheduling optimization for automated management of demand forecasts, replenishment plans, and delivery execution. It is available with options to leverage voice and web-based tools for increased collaboration, decreasing risk of supply shocks and distribution costs.

Inventory Management and Visibility View current and future inventory levels Analyze planned, scheduled, and committed

Provides a comprehensive enterprise-wide view into current
and future inventory and movements

Reduces inventory safety stock levels and working capital

with improved demand and supply information

Conduct physical and operational inventory

reconciliations from automated inventory feeds

Operations Scheduling and Movements Management Plan, schedule, and monitor movements of crude and
finished products via multiple transportation modes for both primary and secondary distribution

Keeps operations synchronized with the distribution plan Reduces costs and improves operations associated with
integration between planning and scheduling

Anticipates and takes advantage of supply and demand


Contract Monitoring and Deal Balance Tracking Track and match inventory movements to current and
future buy-sell deals and exchanges

Takes advantage of favorable inventory trading opportunities Manages contractual commitments

Monitor the current and future balances of spot, term,

and exchange deals; create and execute book-outs

Supply and Demand Balancing Balance demand with refinery production and supply
chain constraints by product, region, and location

Optimizes decisions to make, trade, or exchange crude or

finished product

Develop scenarios and perform whatif analysis

Optimizes crude and product margin while maximizing

refinery throughput

Demand Forecast and Management Create and maintain demand projections utilizing
statistical techniques

Provides accurate projections of market demand with

collaboration from demand sources

Facilitate forecast collaboration with external parties

via remote web-based access

Supports best-practice demand management business


Petroleum Supply Chain Integration Integrate between refinery planning/scheduling and

distribution planning/scheduling

Ensures more accurate and timely plans/schedules and

reduces the impact of unanticipated supply disruptions

Gain visibility into all demand sources, inventory

levels, and production for enterprise wide planning

Reduces IT integration and maintenance costs Supports enterprise-wide optimized plans vs. local or
regional optimization

Integrated Petroleum Supply Chain Optimization with aspenONE for Refining & Marketing

The aspenONE S&D for R&M solution workflow highlights the integration required between the refinery and the distribution system to optimize margins.

Empower Your Company to Succeed

aspenONE Refining and Marketing Supply Chain solutions provide the tools that enable refiners to improve supply chain visibility and operational efficiency. AspenTechs Professional Services team helps customers maximize benefits by effectively deploying solutions and best practices in demand management, refinery planning and scheduling, and distribution. Unparalleled industry knowledge combined with comprehensive solution expertise has allowed AspenTech to deliver thousands of successful implementations, driving increased margins for our customers. Combined with our worldclass 24/7 technical support service, flexible training options, and local language product availability, AspenTech provides the resources to enable your company to meet and exceed its business objectives. To learn more, visit

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AspenTech is a leading supplier of software that optimizes process manufacturingfor energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, engineering and construction, and other industries that manufacture and produce products from a chemical process. With integrated aspenONE solutions, process manufacturers can implement best practices for optimizing their engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain operations. As a result, AspenTech customers are better able to increase capacity, improve margins, reduce costs, and become more energy efficient. To see how the worlds leading process manufacturers rely on AspenTech to achieve their operational excellence goals, visit

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