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Making Materials Flow EMME Cle ORCC Me) UROL production-control, and engineering professionals Ae OS UL G Se MOLL ae ee Ae ao es Questions for Making Materials Flow Sea Giada} PRICE Meco Re alse 2. How will you maintain the integrity of the PFEP? DEVELOPING A PURCHASED-PARTS MARKET MR e Meu Er er ee Oa RU Cac eC RU EM Mme CORMIER Cun Cte MUR Me reac Ce rust cts Dyes eM eae Lae eeu NEW Ces . How do you convey parts from the purchased-parts market Pret amir . How do your production areas signal the purchased-parts market what to deliver and when? ON MRC acl Cd SUSTAINING AND IMPROVING CROW UR cn UC MUU CU) material-handling system? 10. How can you identify and remove additional waste? Making Materials Flow A lean material-handling guide for operations, production-control, and engineering professionals By Rick Harris, Chris Harris, and Earl Wilson Foreword by Jim Womack, Dan Jones, John Shook, and Jose Ferro A Lean Toolkit Method and Workbook The Lean Enterprise Institute Brookline, MA, USA Version 1.0 September 2003