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New Type of Extended Stay Hotel Tagline Briefing


INTRODUCTION Please carefully read our briefing. From previous experience we learnt that many entries we received for projects are not usable because creatives haven’t fully read our briefing. We'd like to use your time as well as our time as valuable as possible. We will review all entries that meet our requirements as described in this briefing.

THE CONCEPT We have developed a new concept for the hospitality industry: a social habitat . In es sence, it is a cross between a long stay hotel, an office, an apartment and a social environment. It is built upon the desires of a new type of traveller in this connected world: a forward - thinking mobile professional.

In a world where the boundaries between work and leisure are fading, these mobile professionals don’t work in conventional ways. They are members of networks with like - minded p eople from different businesses, cultures and backgrounds. They travel light , see fast - wifi as their lifeblood, spend one week here, two months there, work at odd hours and are passionate about progressive ideas .

The desires of this globetrotting target group are twofold. On the one hand they wish to have the comfort of hotel style services, but generally don’t li ke the stifling and non - creative environment. On the other hand they wish to have the feeling of being in their own place, but at the same time don’t want to feel socially secluded in a rented apartment.

In short, they wish to feel at home in a social ha bitat that represents a feeling of togetherness between independent minds. We give the mobile professional time and space to customize their own living - and work area, meet peers, enhance their business network and generally have a good time.

TARGET GROU P The people we see as our main target audience:

International and mobile professionals : E ntrepreneurs, incubators , self - employed professionals, project managers /teams, people attending/ giving business courses .

L ife style/mentality: Entrepreneurial, passion - before - paycheck, tech - savvy, curious, energetic, positive, conscious, open - minded to other cultures, desire for relevance, embracing smart solutions, sharing, mixing business with leisure .

Length of stay: between 5 days and 3 months; average stay 1 0 days .

Age between 25 - 45 : Predominantly individual traveller s . They can also be described as "global nomads/urban nomads".


We currently have selected three possible names for this concept . Without giving you the exact names (due to confidentiality ) , we give you the description of the names:

1. O ne name reflects a shelter , a home: a physical place 2. O ne name reflects together : a state of being

3. O ne name reflects a tribe or clan: a like - minded mentality


The concept currently has several brand values: 1 core aim, and three supporting aims which we find crucial for you to keep in mind when creating a tagline. These brand values are:

1. Together (Core aim) – Our core aim is to give the mobile pr ofessional a true sense of togetherness and belonging. We give them the opportunity to meet, socialize and make contact with their peers and locals.

2. Pioneering (Supporting aim) – It is an entirely new long - stay concept, breaking many conventions in both t he hotel as well as the serviced apartment industry.

3. Freedom of choice (Supporting aim) – “You decide” is good description of our services. The concept is highly customizable to the needs of an individual. The target group should feel that their own sense of freedom is translated into the concept.

4. Comfort (Supporting aim) – It must on the one hand feel comfortable because of its great services. On the other hand it should feel comforting because you feel at home. These two functions combined give a sense of well - being and can be summarized in the word comfort .


In the list below you'll find some examples of creative taglines we like. We especially like taglines with a paradox (e.g. "affordable luxury" and "private working collective" below). Taglines can refer to lifestyle of our target audience, its mentality, the products, one or more brand values etc.

“Push button publishing” - blogger

“When there is no tomorrow” - FedEx

“Live in your world. Play in ours” - Playstation

“For the man in charge of change” - Fortune

“Expand your mind, change your world” - New Statesmen

“Imagination at work” - General Electric

“Time is the new currency” - JWT

“Brutal simplicity of thought” - Saatchi

“Affordable luxury for the people” – citizenM

“P rivate working collective” – Neuehouse


Overpromising : ‘d ream ’ , ‘ heaven ’ , ‘ palace ’ , ‘ castle ’ , ‘ the best ever ’ etc. T he obvious : ‘H ome away from home ’ , taglines that would fit a traditional hotel concept (e.g. including words like ‘excellent service’, ‘hotel’, ‘plaza’ or ‘inn’).

FURTHER PRODUCT DESCRIPTION We offer our residents inspiring and beautifully designed places in the most important creative cities in the world , supported by personal assistants who are rooted in the local scene.

The private habitat of the traveller becomes a hub from which they operate. Through clever multifunctional space usage and intelligent design, the affordable smart lofts can be used as living - and workspaces. This allow s them to easily get in touch with other residents.

The public areas such as the bar, the living room and the co - working area are stuffed with things like tools, art, books, magazines and even retail stocked with our favourite items from local heroes. Al l of it is focused to create a business and living environment that feels homely and inspiring through its eclectic design. In addition we serve healthy, fresh and honest food from our living kitchen.

We also offer the best possible services for explorin g the area, giving further incentive to create connections to the local business and social life . This includes such things as car/bike rental support, music & art services and even extensions into the direct working environment of the travellers with lect ures, start - up support and online community development.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Next to our interest in finding a suitable paradox for our tagline, w e are also looking for something original, witty and something that will stick and has an emotional charge to it rather than coming across as too functional (we really do offer more than just “a good night’s rest”) .

We wish you a lot of inspirations and challenge you to come up with an original and catching t agline that embodies our c oncept to the fullest. Good luck !

CONTACT INFORMATION If you have any questions or require some extra information, we’d be happy to help. Just send an e - mail to