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HPGCL NIT No: 37 /2012-13/ RGTPP /BMD-II /02 Vol-III Dated: 01.10.2012

Sealed tenders are invited in two parts in triplicate by the Chief Engineer / RGTPP, HPGCL, Khedar, Hisar for the following works at 2x600 MW RGTPP, HPGCL, Khedar, Hisar on Annual Maintenance Contract basis:1. Description of Work : AMC of Coal Mills (Bowl Mill HP-1103) & Gravimetric Raw Coal feeders (belt type) etc. for Unit-I & Unit-II. Make : M/s Shanghai Electric Corporation, China Earnest Money : Rs. 208000/Cost of Tender Document : Rs. 1132 /- (including Sales Tax) Last date of sale of tender : 25.10.2012 upto 1700 Hrs. Last date of submission/receipt : 26.10.2012 upto 1300 Hrs. Due date of opening of tender : 26.10.2012 upto 1530 Hrs. Pre-Qualifying requirements:The firm has carried out successfully the erection & commissioning or having done the maintenance work on AMC basis of either same type of mills or any other model of Bowl Mills i.e. XRP / HP etc. in any Thermal Power Station having Units of 210 MW capacity or more. The firm shall produce attested copies of work orders executed by them alongwith completion certificate / repeat orders during last 3 years valuing not less than 15 lacs for a single order in support of their claim. The contractor should have Service tax No., EPF Account No. & PAN No.

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B. General Conditions:1. Tender documents along with qualifying requirements can be seen and downloaded from HPGCL‟s website 2. Tender documents can be purchased from the O/o XEN/BMD-II, RGTPP, Khedar, Hisar on any working day from 10 A.M to 05 PM by remitting the cost of tender documents (non-refundable) in cash at counter or in the shape of Crossed Demand Draft favoring Sr. Accounts Officer, RGTPP, HPGCL, Khedar, Hisar and drawn on any scheduled bank at Hisar. In case of any of aforesaid dates happen to be holiday then the next working day shall be the due date for sale / submission / opening of tenders. The telegraphic tenders will not be accepted. Period of contract is one year for Unit-I & Unit-II and extendable for three months same rate and terms and conditions. Negotiations, if required, would be held only with the L-1 bidders. The bidder shall submit a separate demand draft towards cost of tender documents along with Part-I offer in case of use of downloaded tender set. Chief Engineer/RGTPP, HPGCL, Khedar, Hisar reserves the right to accept/cancel any or all tenders without assigning any reason whatsoever.

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Executive Engineer / BMD-II For Chief Engineer / RGTPP, HPGCL, Khedar, Hisar.

Annexure-I GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR TENDERERS All tenderers must carefully observe the following instructions:1. Offers / tenders not strictly in accordance with these instructions shall be liable to rejection. 2. Tenders must be completed in all respects. 3. Telegraphic tenders / offers will not be accepted. 4. Tenders should be submitted in triplicate by Registered post or by hand. All pages of each copy should be duly signed & stamped. All copies should be separately tagged & clearly marked as „ORIGINAL‟, „DUPLICATE‟ and „TRIPLICATE‟. 5. Offers / tenders should positively reach before last date prescribed for their receipt. Those received late will not be considered irrespective of whether the same was sent by registered post or otherwise. 6. Only those firms are eligible to quote who have purchased tender set from RGTPP or have downloaded the same from HPGCL website and are depositing the tender cost along with Part-I offer. 7. Tenders / offers received without earnest money shall be straight way rejected. 8. The offers / tenders should be typed or written in ink. Any thing written in pencil in the offer / tender shall be ignored. All cancellations, overwriting and insertions shall be duly attested by the tenderer. 9. In case, the date of submission / opening of tenders happens to be a holiday or a holiday is subsequently declared on that day, the tenders will be received / opened on the next working day following the holiday at the same time & place. 10. Since the contractor will be handling sophisticated equipments, he must have proper skilled staff that has already worked on similar jobs. 11. The firm should either be registered with the Labour Commissioner, Haryana or should get himself registered immediately after the award of the work. The payment can be withheld for the want of the registration certificate. 12. Depending upon the evaluation of Part-I tenders by Project Committee as constituted by CE/RGTPP, Khedar, Hisar. Part-II (Price Bid) of tenders of successful bidders would be opened accordingly. The decision of the committee shall be final and binding upon the bidders. 13. STUDY OF TENDER DOCUMENTS. Before quoting, the tenderer shall carefully study all the clauses and specifications of the tender documents. If tenderer has any doubt for the meaning of any portion of the tender specifications or find discrepancies or omissions in the drawings or the tender documents issued are incomplete or need clarification in technical aspects, scope of work etc., he shall atonce contact the authority inviting the tender for clarification before submission of the tender. No arguments on this account whatsoever, shall be entertained after the last date & time of submission of tenders. 14. INSPECTION OF SITE OF WORK Before submission of tender, the tenderer is advised to inspect the site of work, the environment & get himself acquainted with the actual work & other prevalent conditions, facilities available. No claim will be entertained later, on the ground of lack of knowledge. 15. EARNEST MONEY. a) The tenderer shall be required to deposit earnest money of Rs. 208000 /- only in one of the following forms: i) Demand draft drawn on the State Bank of Patiala payable at Hisar in favour of Sr. A.O. RGTPP, Khedar, Hisar ii) Cash at counter of RGTPP, Khedar, Hisar in the form of BA-16. iii) Earnest money in the name of any Officer other than mentioned above & in any other form will not be accepted. b) The earnest money of successful tenderer will be treated by the HPGCL as part of the security deposit for faithful execution of the contract. c) The Bank charges, if any, will be to the account of tenderer. d) No claim shall be entertained against the HPGCL in respect of interest on earnest money deposit.

SUBMISSION OF TENDER a) Tenders should be submitted in two parts. RATE QUOTING SHEET (PRICE –BID) The tenderer will quote his rates STRICTLY AS PER THE RATE QUOTING SHEET AT ANNEXURE–II (Part-A & B). d). during the period of the contract if not specified. will be allowed to participate in opening of Price Bid (Part-II). f) EMD shall also be forfeited in case the tenderer withdraws his tender at any stage during the currency of his validity period.e) The failure on the part of tenderer to honour his commitment given in the tender will constitute a default and in that event. Otherwise the tender shall not be opened and re-sealed.e. without assigning any reasons and will not be responsible to pay for any . 21. if any. c) After opening the main cover. Qualifying requirements for the Bidders and Techno Commercial offer shall be opened subsequently.” quoted for. At any time before dead line for submission of tender. _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ due date _ _ _ _ should also be mentioned on the Envelope. b) The tenders will be received in the office of Executive Engineer /BMD-II. _ ___ is enclosed with Part-I tender”. The applicable rate of service tax shall be indicated. 17. along with the earnest money (Annexure-I. duties or any other tax levied by State / Central Govt. which should bear the words “Earnest money amount Rs. 19. addressed to Executive Engineer /BMDII. Part-I shall be opened on due date & time and Part-II shall be opened on subsequent date which shall be intimated to those tenderers whose Part-I is accepted. If there is any variation i. The envelope should be properly sealed & signed by the tenderer. i) ii) RATES / PRICE QUOTIING METHOD The tenderer shall quote the prices in English Language and international numerals. Hisar up to 1300 hours on the date of submission and will be opened on the same date at 1530 hours in the presence of the tenderer or his / their representatives who may like to be present. The due date and time for opening of Price Bid (Part-II) shall be informed later on. increases / decrease in these taxes. Both these covers be enclosed in another envelope duly sealed & super-scribed with “Tender Enquiry No. RGTPP. g) The earnest money should be submitted in a separate envelope along with Part-I. RGTPP. All the taxes considered while submitting the offer must be defined. Khedar._ _ _ enclosed”. Khedar. the same will be to the account of HPGCL. with reference to sections and clause numbers in the tender specification. 20. during the contract period. Part-I shall comprise of technical bid containing the scope of work. General / Technical terms & conditions & deviations. The authority inviting tenders reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders. 16. iii) 18. The rates quoted by the firm should be firm and inclusive of all levies. failing which. each super-scribed with “Tender Enquiry No. Annexure-III . Both Part-I & Part-II are required to be submitted in separate sealed covers. it shall be presumed that all the terms & conditions as laid down in tender documents are acceptable to the contractors.” and the fact that “Earnest money amount of Rs. The Price Bid (Part-II of the tender) shall be opened after Part-I of the tenders have been scrutinized and evaluated. HPGCL may modify the tender document by issuing an addendum and extend the date of receipt and opening of tender. Any deviation in the terms & conditions of tender document should specially be brought out in tender under the head “Schedule of deviations”Annexure-V. Part-II shall comprise of price bid only (Annexure-II). The tenderer whose Part I have been approved. the envelopes containing the cost of tender set (applicable for downloaded tender set) and EMD shall be opened first. ACCEPTANCE / DEVIATION The Tenderers should record acceptance of all instructions and terms & conditions. his earnest money will stand forfeited by HPGCL. Annexure-IV and Annexure-V of tender document). Hisar-125122. if cost of tender & EMD of requisite amount and in proper mode have been submitted by the tenderer. Tender Enquiry No.

VALIDITY The validity of tenders should atleast be for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of Part-II of tender. Hisar. 22. 23.expenses or losses that may be incurred by the tenderers in preparation of the tenders. The contract shall be awarded to the tenderer whose total overall rates (Fixed rates for Part-A & Unit rates for Part-B combined) are lowest. Khedar. . HPGCL. Executive Engineer / BMD-II For Chief Engineer / RGTPP.

Annexure-II SCOPE OF WORK FOR PART-A AMC for General / Routine / preventive Maintenance of Coal Mills (Bowl Type HP 1103) Gravimetric RC Feeders (Belt Type). Toping up of oil in gear box of coal mill. Cleaning of lube oil filter. Cleaning / Filtration / Replacement of oil by appropriate method as & when required. Replacement of flexible hoses of Seal Air installed at coal mills. ducting and actuators etc. Oiling and greasing of various rotating / moving components / gates / damper mechanism of mill and feeder etc. Khedar. 12. Removing of all cobwebs & beehives. HPGCL. on regular basis. Above works related to routine / preventive maintenance are of indicative nature and may be carried out periodically.P. 8. 17. Out of the above jobs. some activities will be required to be undertaken as per site requirement on daily need basis. 18. boulders etc. from coal mills. 9. 16. and helping in the operation of the same. Attending of the coal leakage from coal pipes / coal mill body applying sodium silicate / asbestos rope / any other adhesive or minor welding works. 2. Proper stacking of the spare parts at site for emergency requirement. The jobs detailed below shall be carried out by the firm round the clock as per requirement to ensure smooth and trouble free operation. Checking & Replacement of Spider of lube oil pump coupling. 13. Any of the works relating to above scope not indicated but required to be carried out as per site requirement is deemed to be included and contractor shall accomplish the same at no extra cost. Clearing of the jamming of coal / air dampers / gate / valve etc. Hisar. Regular cleaning of glass inspection window of RC Feeder and oil / water flow indicator etc. Executive Engineer / BMD-II For Chief Engineer / RGTPP. grinding rolls and gear box of RC feeders including actuators. 3. RC Feeder body.e. coal piping. 11. . Preventive maintenance / up keeping of hoist of coal mill including cleaning. 1.M. steel / iron rods. 6. Attending of minor air / water & oil leakages by applying adhesive /Teflon tape or minor welding works. The scope of cleaning excludes ground floor of mill area. Opening and closing of doors for inspections. Rate per Month for the above Scope of Work Unit I & II Period 12 months for Unit-I&Unit-II Rate / Unit / Month Amount Monthly rates in words per Unit For Unit-I&II Rs. lube oil cooler (water side) including opening and re-fixing. PF Pipings for 2x600 MW Unit-I&II at RGTPP. 2. Removal of the foreign material i. Removing of scrap and other unwanted material from the site to the specified area. 14. 15. 10. Hisar. /. railing. Belt tracking of RC Feeder while in service to ensure smooth operation. 4. Priming of all lube oil pumps as and when required. 5. 7. NOTE:1. if any. Khedar. wooden plank debris. Cleaning of coal dust from coal mill body. platform.

Emptying of mill choking including central feed pipe. vane wheel segments. 8 Hrs.) Work same as above. Replacement of worn out bull ring segments & hard facing the cover plate and normalization. if required. Replacement/repair of air restriction ring. if any without roller replacement. for one Bowl extension ring segments. but for one roller assembly. replacement / servicing of 03 Nos. (b) Amount (axb) Rs. Work same as above. including journal head liners. hard facing. Each 24 Hrs. Setting the desired spring compression and normalization. journal assy. Replacement of deflector liners supports one side of mills. 14 7 8 9 10 11 Each Each Each Each Each Mill Set 16 Hrs. 50 150 4 4 20 Replacement of all deflector liners consisting of lower deflector liners & intermediate liners with weld plug arrangement. No . Replacement of mills grinding roll and refixing (3 Nos. for one no. 36 . 4 80 30 4 6 12 36 Hrs. (a) Rate Rs. Description of Work Tentati -ve freq. PF Pipings for 600 MW Unit-1 & 2 at RGTPP. 12 Hrs. 8 Hrs. for 1 no. Work same as above. Dynamic Roller gap setting and spring gap adjustment of one coal mill and normalization including opening and closing man-holes. 1 2 3 Coal Mill (HP-1103) Make :Shanghai Electric Corporation. 9 Hrs. 30 Hrs. Reclamation of journal lower housing / journal shaft by metal building. China Repair. roller assy. Hisar. 12 Hrs. Removal of journal assembly from mill. roller assy. UNIT RATES Unit completion Time Sr. Replacement / repair of bowl extension ring segment's (Set of Eight pieces) & hard facing including air restriction plate. 10 Hrs. 18 Hrs. 20 100 4 5 Each Each 10 Hrs. Work same as above. Replacement of trunion bush for 1 no. Replacement / repair and servicing of spring assembly opening and re-fixing of all components. 16 14 15 Each Set 10 Hrs. and again installation and normalization including hard facing. Rotation of trunion from one position to another for all three roller assembly of mill. Khedar. Set 5 days 8 Each Each 36 Hrs. 32 14 16 17 18 19 Each Each Set Each 10 Hrs. Replacement / Repair of complete worn out vane wheel assembly consisting of Eight segments. 4 4 6 Set 48 Hrs.SCOPE OF WORK FOR PART-B AMC for Coal Mills (Bowl Type HP 1103) Gravimetric RC Feeders (Belt Type). Adjustment of spring compression by making all studs jamming free. roller assy. 16 13 Set 24 Hrs. 4 Hrs. 8 Hrs. trunion bushes & all its components including alignment of bearings for all three nos. Replacement of deflector liners support on all three sides of mills.

. 8 Hrs. if required.Sr. . 32 30 Each 36 Hrs. Repair / Replacement of I No. refixing after assembly and normalization. 12 Hrs. No . Servicing / Replacement of all the classifier vanes of coal mill. 24 Hrs. Replacement / Repair of mill motor coupling. assy. Gap Setting of Clearance Air Seal Assy. Plate Each 6 Hrs. if required. Repair of bowl/bowl hub or both. (b) Amount (axb) Rs. 2 6 24 16 37 Each 16 days 4 38 39 Each Each 3 days 5 days 8 2 40 Set 36 Hrs. MPO after removing of all 4 nos. Dismantling. 20 Hrs. mill motor alignment & normalization. 4 31 Each 5 days 4 32 Each 3 days 10 33 34 35 36 Set Set Each Each 18 Hrs. 20 Hrs. as per requirement of mill. (a) 60 Rate Rs. Repair/Replacement of upper & lower skirt assy. Refixing and normalizing. 12 Hrs. Repair / Replacement of all 4 Nos. Replacement / repair of vantury vanes set of 4 PCs. re-fitment / alignment of PC pipes & necessary locking of pipes. 150 60 6 4 28 Each 12 Hrs. if any. 8 Hrs. 12 23 Each 2 Hrs. Guard/RLD/bottom liner/opening frame liner with weld plug arrangement. 22 Each 18 Hrs. including opening & refixing of air seal guard. hard facing if required including locking of coal pipes. Replacement of Lube Oil after cleaning / flushing of oil tank and gear box. Replacement / servicing / repairing of Pulverized Coal Gate valve at any location. discharge gates. Repair/Replacement of Shroud plate Adjusting the Gap of Shroud including hard facing. Complete overhauling of mill including all the works mentioned above. and normalization including cleaning of seal air ports. Tentati ve freq. Gap setting of lower skirt assembly and normalization including cleaning of seal air ports. 30 24 25 26 27 Each Each Each Each 8 Hrs. complete servicing of planetary gear box of coal mill including replacement of required components / Oil. 180 10 30 16 Fabrication and replacement of shroud plate. Same work as above and replacement / repair / hard facing of vantury and vantury collar. & hard facing. Replacement of mill side liners & Wear Plate including providing the insulation. Repair of Scrapper assembly including its hard facing. 8 Hrs. Work same as above and replacement/ repair / rotations of inner cone and hard facing. 2 41 42 43 44 Each Each Each Each 8 Hrs. 16 29 Each 24 Hrs. if required. Replacement of scrapper assembly. Replacement of damaged bolts of mill base of mill after opening of bowl cover and related components including tilt out of roller assy. 10 Hrs. Decoupling and Coupling of Mill including replacement of components. Diesel for flushing shall be arranged by the firm. MPO After removing of discharge gate valve including hard facing. if required. 21 Description of Work Unit completion Time Replacement of any type of the deflector liner/jr.

up to 250X300 mm and 12mm thick. Each 3 Hrs. 10 8 2 16 57 58 Each Each 4 Hrs. 5 Hrs. 6 Hrs. Replacement/servicing of head pulley including replacement of bearings. Repair / servicing of cleanout conveyor chain by changing chain pin / link etc.Sr. Replacement / servicing of take up screw block housing and belt tracking. 400 65 Per mtr. 4 4 16 62 Each 6 Hrs.feeder outlet gate due to choking at discharge end & cleaning of all internals. 30 67 Each 20 Hrs. 16 60 52 Each 10 Hrs. Replacement of PC bends/elbow or transition piece / Spool piece with coupling or after fitting of 1meter straight pipe at both ends. Repair / servicing / replacement cleanout conveyor gear box including. 12 Hrs. 12 Hrs. 45 46 47 Description of Work Unit completion Time Replacement of diaphragm of Hot Air Duct. PIPING/CENTER FEED PIPING of Each Each Set 24 Hrs.C. GRAVIMETRIC RAW COAL FEEDERS Servicing of raw coal gate (feeder inlet/outlet/Bunker outlet). (b) Amount (axb) Rs. 8 150 59 60 61 Each Each Each 4 Hrs. Emptying & cleaning of feeder and discharge pipe upto R.feeder outlet gate due to choking at discharge end & cleaning of all internals including belt repair in situ position. 24 Hrs. No . Each 2 Hrs. 40 20 50 51 Each Each 6 Hrs. Tentati -ve freq.F. Opening & refixing of all skirt plates including repairs if any. The size of patch is Approx. Replacement / opening and refixing of victaulic coupling / Sleeve coupling including replacement of rubber gasket. Replacement of oil of journal assembly. Sqr. 48 49 Each Each 6 Hrs. Sqr. 4 . 200 66 3 Hrs. Erection and removal of scaffolding to facilitate maintenance work at coal mill/PC piping/Raw & pulverized coal gates at any location above 3 mtr.)of inner cones of coal mills. Repair/Replacement of bolts of inner cones / support pipes (03 Nos. (a) 40 70 16 Rate Rs. 5 Hrs. 12 53 54 55 56 Each Each Each Each 6 Hrs. Dismantle and mountings of motor. if required. Emptying & cleaning of feeder and discharge pipe upto R. 8 Hrs. Replacement of oil seal of gear box of Cleanout Conveyor / Main drive gear box. 8 Hrs. Replacement/opening & refixing of belt including cleaning / servicing of head pulley/take up pulley /span rollers all the relevant components (full work). Repair / Replacement of Down Spout/Cone of centre feed pipe of RC Feeder. if any. 6 Hrs. Decoupling/coupling of belt drive motor & its alignment with gear box. Removal of any foreign material struck up at inlet of feeder including removal of coal if required Replacement / opening & refixing of dresser coupling of RC feeder. 24 Hrs. and normalization of relevant components. Opening & refixing belt scrapper including replacement. 4 64 Attending leakage by MS/SS welding in coal discharge feed pipe or any location for attending leakage by patch. P.C. Servicing /replacement of belt drive reducer gear box including replacement of components. 40 63 Each 6 Hrs.

MISCELLANEOUS Supply of Skilled Labour. 16 20 76 Each 10 Hrs. 4 40 72 73 Each Each 8 Hrs. (a) 4 Rate Rs. 30 . 69 per Mtr length Each Each 10 Hrs. 10 78 79 80 Each Each Each 8 Hrs. Servicing of mechanical portion of actuator / replacement of actuator.) Servicing of cold air damper Servicing of cold air gate/ hot air gate including replacement of SS seals of hot shut off gates. Each 3 Hrs. 68 Description of Work Unit completion Time Opening and refixing of expansion below assembly of pulverized coal pipe including repair of protection plate at inside. 1Hrs. GATES AND DAMPERS Servicing of I no. Replacement of water line valve/ air line valve/ flow-Sight (including servicing) up to I00mm NB. R/ Mtr. Servicing of hot air regulating dampers including replacement of bearings of shaft/links if any (06 Nos. Per inch dia/ Mtr. 16 Hrs. orifice replacement / preventive maintenance including replacement of spider rubber and alignment Each 6 Hrs. Servicing of any seal air valve in mill/ RC feeder. Supply of Unskilled Labour. Seal of lube oil pump. 12 Hrs. 8 77 Each 10 Hrs. 30 88 Each 6 Hrs. Per Mtr. Clearing of choking of mill at duct inlet/scrapper body. Gas cutting of MS Plate.(16 Ton capacity single girder under slung beam motorized LT drive). Replacement of straight pieces of coal discharge pipe of diameter 27“. Mtr. Replacement / repair of eroded MS sheet of duct.Total hoists installed 28 Nos. 48 Hrs. 6 Hrs. power cylinder & reinstalling In its position. Each 12 Hrs. 2 16 74 75 Each Each 12 Hrs. Welding of air duct / Structure. No .5 Hrs. 20 Each 4 Hrs. Tentati -ve freq. 0. Repair / Servicing of wearable adjustable shrink hole (adjustable orifice) in pulverized coal piping. Replacements of MS water/air line per inch dia per Mtr. Replacement / servicing of mech. 3 Hrs. Dismantling & refixing of the motor of hoist.Sr. 8 60 60 84 85 86 1 Hrs. Mechanical servicing of seal air damper/feeder outlet or inlet gate. 2 89 90 Lube oil pump replacement/repair including opening and refixing of spider rubber / coupling and alignment. (b) Amount (axb) Rs. 3 Hrs. if any Replacement of Actuator installed at hot / cold / mix air damper and Feeder gates at any elevation. 20 40 60 87 Repairing/servicing of hoist in coal mill areas. 4 Hrs. 20 20 8 81 82 83 Each Each Per Sq. 8 Hrs. 20 Hrs. 40 70 71 Clearing of choking of pulverized fuel pipe outlet from mill out let to furnace.

If any work / job has to be carried out in addition to the above mentioned work for completion of the activity. Per Sq. if applicable can be used for carrying out similar jobs in other area of plant specified by Engineer. 2. 92 50 Total ( even some item may not be operated. (b) Amount (axb) Rs. Hisar. 91 Description of Work Unit completion Time Tentati -ve freq. . Mtr. Painting after thorough cleaning of surface (Two coats). The frequency of items is just indicative and provided for calculation of rates. Paint to be provided by HPGCL. These frequencies may vary. Per Ton 02 Hrs. Khedar. (a) 80 Rate Rs. depending upon the actual running / wear and tear of equipment‟s and occurrence of faults. the same shall deemed to be included. No . 3.Sr.) NOTE:1. These item rates. Fabrication and erection of Steel (Time as per indent). HPGCL. Executive Engineer / BMD-II For Chief Engineer / RGTPP.

petrol. if EOT hoist is not available due to any reason. portable grinding machine. shall have to be arranged by the contractor. The entire work shall be completed by the contractor within the time given by Engineer-in-Charge and to achieve this. grease. 6. contractor has to work round the clock. Any temporary Platform/scaffolding etc. installed at site. wires and holders for temporary lighting etc. the contractor shall make his own arrangement for completion of the work. bulbs. diesel. if required for any job will be issued free of charge by HPGCL. emery paper. in case of any delay in the supply of spare parts in time or any job involving machining etc. 4. cleaning and all small items including oxygen. holdite. the time extension shall be given accordingly by the HPGCL. grinding wheel required for handling & maintenance jobs will be arranged / provided by the firm. Kerosene oil. personal protective equipments for the safety of workers. The electricity for carrying out the welding / cutting / other site works & for site . 9. will be available to the contractor free of charge and contractor will be responsible for upkeep of the electric hoist. lubricants and gaskets. In case contractor fails to bring sufficient consumables to site without which HPGCL work is suffering. „0‟ rings .Annexure-III TECHNICAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. welding torch. seals. water and air etc. 2. 7.Anabond 666. Any minor repair required for electric panels. hex blades. at work place. hoisting arrangement. It will be obligatory on the part of the contractor to carry out left over jobs relating to the system. wire brush. acetylene gas. the rate shall be decided by HPGCL on the representation of the contractor. in case of any new job. The work shall be started immediately after getting written/verbal instructions from the authorized representative of the Engineer-in-Charge. rustoline. Consumables for cutting. required to execute any work shall be in the scope of contractor. Contractor has to make his own arrangement for welding set and welding leads. However. However.. chain pulley block. The description of works has been given in the scope of work in Part-A & B of Annexure-II of the tender document. scaffolding material etc. gloves. hydraulic jack. 3.5 times the purchase price of the item. All tools and tackles like spanners. All spares. electricity supply for welding set / lighting. cloth. pendent Switch and replacement of wire rope if required shall be in scope of the firm. HPGCL shall be procuring the same from the market and recover the cost from the contractor's bill @1. bolts. cotton waste. 8. However available T&P like EOT Cranes and special fixtures for mill mtc. nuts. hand operated bending machine and drilling machine. 5. However. safety belt. All the welding electrodes to be used will be provided by HPGCL free of cost.

The removal of insulation. 18. If the grating of coal mill platform / stairs. 23. 21. gets damaged while carrying out the repair work. Additional manpower will be required to be mobilized during overhauling of any unit and the contractor will ensure adequacy of manpower so that overhauling works are completed in time. the contractor is bound to do same without any extra cost. The Supervisor / Foreman deputed by the contractor should be technically sound and should have full know-how of the mill . vernier calipers. the area will have to be got cleaned / cleared and scrap etc. The dismantled spares. mills / feeders etc. structures and mill platform will be done daily. G. Coal piping. The transportation of spares & other material from O&M store to site store or place of work & transportation of scrap to store yard will be in the scope of contractor. 15. 17. new spares. The contractor will be responsible to use the same judiciously. All equipments shall be maintained adequately cleaned & dust free. hoists. Feeders and its glasses. kept at site for emergency use should be properly stacked. the contractor will keep ready atleast one spare roller assembly per unit and same will be charged to the down coal mill. To reduce down time. HPGCL has the right to get the above work done from other agency at the risk and cost of the contractor. 11. kept cleaned and covered properly in safe at nearest point will be provided free of cost. ducting. The chemicals for carrying out DP test wherever required will also be arranged by the contractor. dial gauge. In case spares are not available at site or in store and same are required to be removed from other equipments i.C. sheet / AL Sheet up to one meter square or so to carry out any job & re-fixing the same after completing the job will be in the scope of contractor. scales. The contractor shall make an arrangement so that his authorized representative is available round the clock at specified location to take maintenance job on all days including Sundays / Holidays. to be removed from site. 19.e. the space for office and store can be provided if available by HPGCL. In case Engineer-in-Charge feels that the area has not been cleaned / cleared properly. 12. hydraulic testing pumps for coolers etc. same shall be rectified / repaired by the contractor. The site office should be well painted and constructed in such a way that it should give a good look. 20. 14. The contractor will assist the loading / unloading of spares. Contractor will arrange all measuring instruments like micrometers. preferably between 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM.e. 16. 22. If required. The transportation of material from site to workshop & vice versa will be in the scope of contractor. After attending the job. 13. if the same are to be got repaired from any private workshop. railings. etc.. Cleaning of dust from equipment i. 10. coal mill and R. I. Khedar. 24. HPGCL. The contractor will ensure the presence of their representative i. Executive Engineer / BMD-II For Chief Engineer / RGTPP.e. Supervisor / contractor himself at the time of cancellation of PTW / running of equipment after completion of work. .

The period of contract for unit-1& unit-II will be for one year. a. a. c.Annexure-IV GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. HPGCL is unable to supply the spares in time to the contractor after opening of any equipment and the contractor is unable to complete the job in absence of these spares. if necessity arises. ii) The contractor will provide sufficient labour i. but the contractor should be able to mobilize his resources within 24 hours. The contractor will also provide 01 Supervisor per shift per Unit during day time and 01supervisor for both units during night hours for the above said work. In case. subject to max. PERIOD OF CONTRACT The period of contract shall be for one year from the date of commencement of work. b. If the contractor fails to provide the manpower detailed above then a penalty of Rs.per unit per day will be deducted from monthly lumpsum charges under Part-A. then the contractor will be allowed the extension in scheduled time for completion of that delayed activity for .10% of total rate of that particular item.1crane/hoist operator & 2 Helpers per shift per unit for carrying out the activities of part A of scope of work. PENALTY / DEDUCTIONS a) i) If the quality of work is not upto the satisfaction of Engineer-in-Charge or there is delay in attending of jobs of Part-A. 500/. penalty @2% per day per unit shall be levied on the total charges to be paid to the contractor for the activities scheduled to be carried out during shutdown period. iii) If cleaning of equipment is not maintained properly then a penalty of Rs. a penalty @ 2% of the monthly lumpsum charges shall be levied on the contractor for each default.e.e. a penalty @2% per hour (if completion time is in hours) or @ 2% per day (if completion period is in days) shall be levied. If any unit is put under shut down for overhauling. d. then the period of overhauling i. For the works covered under Part-B.1 welder cum gas cutter. 500/. The period of contract may be extended up to three months at the same rates & terms and conditions at the discretion of HPGCL. If the time taken for the completion of any or all items of works exceeds the shutdown period of the unit.per person per shift shall be levied. 3. The completion time as per work order will be indicated in the indent. 2. 1 Technician/fitter. A notice of seven days shall be given for starting the job. PRICES The rates shall be firm inclusive of taxes & statutory duties (except service tax at the applicable rate) during the period of contract. date of box up of boiler to date of light up of boiler will be treated as total time for completion of any or all items of works.

FORCE MAJEURE Contractor shall not be liable for any delay for reasons arising out of compliance with regulations. However. NEGLIGENCE If the contractor neglects to execute the work with due diligence and expedition or refuses to do the work. Khedar. acts of civil and Military authorities. Khedar. orders or instructions of Central / State Govt. In no case. In case any spares of the equipment under outage are to be repaired & machined in the HPGCL / Private workshop and the job gets delayed. if dues of the contract are not sufficient to cover the amount thus recoverable from the contractor and to recover the whole of the balance of the amount from the contractor by action at law or otherwise. 6. However. HPGCL. If the contractor wants to extend the completion period under this clause. 5. the earnest money deposited by the contractor shall be adjusted into the security deposit. Security Deposit & EMD shall be returned to the contractor after the faithful execution and satisfactory completion of contract including guarantee / warranty period and completion of all pending documentary . in case the request is received after the due date of completion. strikes. acts of the God. floods.. in writing to the contractor to make good the failure within the stipulated time otherwise HPGCL shall be at liberty to take the work wholly or partially at the risk and cost of the contractor at a reasonable price. nothing extra will be paid for idling time etc. It shall be lawful for the HPGCL to retain any balance which may otherwise be due to the contractor on any account. before the expiry of the schedule date of completion. riots. RGTPP. RGTPP. 7. freight embargoes.the period for which contractor has not been provided the spares. 4. fires. he will request for such extension of the completion period alongwith all necessary evidence. Hisar. The remedy under this clause will be in addition to and without prejudice to rights available to the HPGCL under other clauses of the terms and conditions. HPGCL. SECURITY DEPOSIT AND EMD 10% of the monthly running bill will be retained as security deposit from each running / monthly bill of the contractor. civil commotion. the extension in completion time will also be considered accordingly with the approval of SE/In-charge. Extension in the completion period may be granted only for the period for which the completion of the work is proved by the contractor to have been delayed for circumstances mentioned in the clause. war-risk. epidemics and accidental. This extension will be granted with the approval of SE/In-charge. the completion period shall be extended under this clause. SUBLETTING NOT ALLOWED Contractor shall neither sublet the contract nor suspend the work at any time during the period of contract without any lawful excuse and without the earlier permission of the project authorities. Hisar. then HPGCL may serve 15 days notice. lockout.

under payments or over payments made to the contractor under this contract or any other contract. 10.formalities. 9. ENGAGEMENT OF ADEQUATE LABOUR The contractor would station adequate working persons of the category like FM/ supervisor / mill wright fitter. one welder cum gas cutter and two helpers and one crane/Hoist operator per shift per If the contractor fails or neglects to observe or perform any of his obligations under the contract. welder cum gas cutter. if any defect is observed in the equipment.e. the same shall be attended by the contractor at his own cost. technician / fitter. The bill for works covered under category „A‟ i. the same shall be arranged by the contractor without any extra payment to complete the work. PERIOD OF LIABILITY The contractor shall give guarantee for the work done for a period of 45 days or 500 running hours whichever is earlier from the date of successful commissioning of equipment repaired. For works covered under category "B" i. It is also made . and would deploy them in such a way that the maintenance work is carried out effectively and without any delay round the clock. No claim for interest on security amount shall be acceptable. works for General / Routine / preventive maintenance will be raised in two parts. it shall be lawful for the HPGCL to forfeit either in whole or in part at its absolute discretion. The contractor shall also make his arrangement to deploy one supervisor per unit per shift during day time and one supervisor for both units during night hrs. The work shall have to be started immediately as per the instructions of Engineer-in-Charge or his representative. coal mills / RC feeders depending upon the site requirements. No extra payment on this account will be made. During the liability period. the bill will be raised separately for Unit-I&II as per the actual works carried out for each unit. All the works completed will be measured by the representative of the Engineer-in-Charge. as job is of continuous nature. riggers skilled / unskilled. However. half for each Unit-I&II respectively. The contractor will submit the bill in triplicate on approved Performa to the Engineer-in-Charge. The contractor should be able to mobilize the working force as per the quantum of work and should be capable of executing maintenance work simultaneously at all the fronts. electrician etc. 8. the works for which unit rates are applicable. If more persons are required for completion of work in the time schedule as per emergency defined by Engineer. the security deposit furnished by the contractor. which is attributed to poor workmanship or poor quality of material used by the contractor. DOCUMENTATION / BILLING All measurements shall be in metric system. The forfeiture of security deposit shall be without prejudice to the right of the HPGCL to recover any further amount of any liquidated or other damages. contractor shall make his arrangement to deploy minimum one fitter / technician.

The contractor shall abide by the rules. TERMS OF PAYMENT Subject to any deduction which the HPGCL may be authorized to make under this contract. The good conduct of all the workmen at work site. HPGCL would be held responsible to the labour of the contractor.e. g. The employees would not be deemed to be in the employment of HPGCL for any purpose whatsoever. The contractor shall also indemnify HPGCL against any liability towards its labour for non-compliance of laws etc. as he may think fit to ensure the execution of the work to the entire satisfaction of Engineer-in-Charge. the contractor would furnish an undertaking on non judicial stamp paper of appropriate value by each and every worker employed by of the works. Any expenditure incurred by HPGCL arising out of the negligence of the contractor would be recovered from his bills / pending dues. HPGCL shall have the right to pass on the responsibility on the contractor for any expense incurred by HPGCL as a result of certain dues on the part of employees of the contractor. d. laws and regulations that may be enforced from time to time regarding the employment conditions of service of his employees. f. The contractor would be responsible for the following:a. all liabilities arising out of any provision of Labour Act / Workman's Compensation Act shall be the responsibility of the contractor. The loss / damage caused to the property of HPGCL or any other agency of the contractor or any of his workman / employee. Any mishappening / accident to any workmen at site of work & compensation payable to workmen on this account. that the worker will not claim any lien as a worker of HPGCL for the services. c. HPGCL shall be entitled to recover / claim dues / compensation from the contractor in that event. he is rendering to the contractor. Further. The labour / employees engaged by the contractor shall not be below the age of 18 years and above 60 years. b. h.clear that the deployment of the workers of contractors will be subject to approval of Engineer. or not . No interest shall be pa id by HPGCL on the security amount. The contractor may employ such employees. In case any unit i. e. i. 11. Unit I or II remains under shutdown for more than 30 days due to capital / annual overhauling or due to any other reason. Under no circumstances whatsoever. All the labour / workmen deployed during the execution of the contract shall be adequately got insured by the contractor at his own cost. the payment shall be made as follows “90% payment shall be made against the running bill or monthly bills for the work done & balance 10% shall be kept as security which shall be released after the satisfactory completion of the contract including the period of guarantee / warranty”.

SERVICE TAX No service tax will be paid extra until and unless it is liable on the services provided by the contractor and specifically demanded for the same in his offer. RGTPP. Khedar. of India and should possess valid EPF Registration number. HPGCL. Contractor shall ensure the deposit of monthly EPF contribution of his workers engaged on said works with EPF Department in the accounts of the workers. 16. the contractor would immediately remove any person employed on the work. 14. MODE OF PAYMENT The payment shall be made through account payee cheque in favour of contracting firm by the Sr. 12. In case the same is to be paid by the HPGCL. An advance notice of 3 days in this regard will be given to the contractor. Accounts Officer. 15. Annual EPF inspection from the respective inspector is also required to be submitted by the contractor before closing of the contract. However. Hisar. who misbehaves or causes any nuisance or otherwise in the opinion of the Engineer-in-Charge is not fit to be deployed on the work. for the days during the months in which the unit was running. In case. the service tax is to be paid by the HPGCL. an undertaking is to be submitted by the firm in this regard stating that the taxes or duties as claimed from the HPGCL have been deposited with the relevant authority 17. of any kind shall be paid by HPGCL. non-claiming of service tax from the HPGCL by the contractor cannot help the contractor in escaping from his liability to the Govt. the payment under lumpsum fixed charges will not be made for that particular unit. Govt. the contractor will have to submit the proof of submission of service tax claimed from HPGCL to the relevant authority. . payment will be made on prorata basis. CONTRACTOR TO REMOVE UNSUITABLE LABOUR On instruction of the Engineer-in-Charge. against the taxable service.commissioned. INCOME AND OTHER TAXES DEDUCTIONS The income tax plus surcharges and any other statutory levies required to be deducted by the HPGCL will be deducted at source at the rate applicable from time to time. Documentary evidence in respect of the amount deposited for the previous month must be submitted before submitting the bill for the following month by the contractor. such person shall not be re-employed or allowed on the work without the prior written permission of the Engineer-inCharge. EPF REGISTRATION The contractor / firm should be registered with the Regional Employees Provident Fund Commissioner. However. 13. TAXES AND DUTIES No taxes or duties will be paid extra until and unless the same has been demanded by the firm in its offer specifically. No Bank charges etc.

I. However. of Haryana for checking / inspection as and when required. II. He should also obtain a valid Labour License as applicable under Section 12 of Act for the work awarded to him immediately after the allotment of work and a copy of the same must be submitted alongwith the contract Agreement. Workmen Compensation Act 1923. VII. Overtime Register and other necessary records etc. The contractor shall submit an undertaking stating that all risks & responsibilities towards labour will be owned by him.18. Payment of Wages Act 1936 & Minimum Wages Act 1948 and other rules & regulations framed by Central / Haryana Govt. LABOUR LAWS The contractor must get himself registered with the Labour Department. Employment card / Gate Pass. The HPGCL shall have no relation with workers engaged by the contractor. Register of wages. The contractor shall be fully and wholly responsible for any mishappening. Industrial Dispute Act 1947. injury. VIII. The documentary proof of the same shall have to be furnished with the first running bill. The contractor will engage labour after getting the character antecedents verified from the Police department. Haryana under Section-7 of Labour Contract Act 1970. The contractor shall maintain necessary records viz. 19. An affidavit from the labour / workmen shall be submitted by the contractor that they will not claim themselves as employees of HPGCL. Muster roll / Attendance register.from each . as required under aforesaid Acts and the same shall be made available to the Engineer-in-Charge / Project Authorities / Govt. INSURANCE Immediately before the commencement of the work. a group insurance policy of appropriate value valid for the term of the contract in respect of all the workers deployed on work under Workman Compensation Act 1923 shall be obtained by the contractor to cover up the risk of injury / death /fatal / non-fatal accident. 1948. Employees State Insurance Act 1948. V. EPF Act 1952. fatal / non-fatal accident sustained by him / his employees / workers at site during performance of the work under the contract and HPGCL shall not entertain any claim of this account. the amount so paid shall be recovered from the contractor from his pending dues against this contract or any other contract with the HPGCL. The workmen engaged by the contractor shall not be treated as employees of HPGCL. IX. The contractor shall indemnify the HPGCL against all the obligations of the Labour Rules and Regulations under any Statutory Act as mentioned above. 5/. The contractor shall abide by all labour-laws required to be followed under Factories Act. The contractor shall deduct labour welfare fund @Rs. if HPGCL is forced to pay any compensation to any workman employed / engaged by the contractor. from time to time in this regard. III. IV. VI.

500/. goggles. shoes.100/-per day per head if the workers of contractor are found to be working carelessly or in violation of use of proper protective equipments i. A penalty of Rs. the higher penalty may be imposed including suspension / termination of the contract.e. SAFETY RULES Contractor shall have to comply with all the provisions of safety rules. safety helmets. III. In case of any fatal / non fatal accident or any other violation of Factory Act 1948. the HPGCL will be entitled at its option either:- . LOSS OF PLANT / HPGCL PROPERTY DURING EXECUTION OF THE WORK The contractor shall ensure that no damage or loss is done to HPGCL / Plant property or any other agency in the jurisdiction of work site. 21.per violation (minimum) shall be levied in case of repeated violation. and against violation of any other clause. it is found that there is any loss to the plant equipment. the same shall be made good to HPGCL by the contractor at his own cost. Pb Hr Factory Rules 1952 or under other Industrial or Labour Act are made by / with the workers of the contractor and if prosecution is launched by Chief Inspector of Factories. In case of default. Further. Chandigarh and present its documentary proof alongwith the bill. 22.worker with employers share @ Rs. if the violation made by the contractor / labour which may cause any serious accident or direct loss to the corporation or threatens to cause severe consequences. The Engineer-in-Charge or The Chief Safety Officer shall impose penalty of Rs. irrespective of the location at which the accident has occurred. if any”. safety belts. the amount will be recovered from the outstanding dues / liabilities of the contractor against this contract or any other contract at RGTPP besides other action as the HPGCL may deem fit like black listing of the firm etc. total Rs. BREACH OF CONTRACT If the contractor fails to adhere to the time schedule or if his services are found to be unsatisfactory. I. the HPGCL is free to take action as deemed fit. The liability of the injured person shall be borne by the contractor. IV. 11. HPGCL property or human being due to negligence of the labour / worker of the contractor. 20. In case. ear plugs etc.for each worker or any other further amendment by the competent authority) deposit the same with the Welfare Commissioner. the contractor shall be liable to deposit the amount of fine / penalty decided by the Court. on the same day. Following undertaking is also required to be submitted by the contractor:"I / We have gone through all the terms & conditions on safety regulations and undertake to strictly enforce the same during the execution of this contract including mobilization period. 10/. Chandigarh against occupier / Factory Manager or any other authority of HPGCL. 15/.per worker (i. Haryana. In case of violation of these terms & conditions.e.

ACCOMMODATION The contractor will be responsible for the accommodation of his employees / workers deployed for execution of work. The electricity for site store / office will be provided by HPGCL free of cost. 25. The contractor will use electricity / air / water judiciously. OR c) 23. HPGCL & the dispute will be dealt in accordance with provision of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act. successors and assigns. the HPGCL without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to it. a) TRANSPORTATION OF MATERIAL The contractor shall make his own arrangement for transportation of the material from O&M stores to site of work.a) To recover damages as per penalty clause mentioned as above. HPGCL may provide suitable space for site store / temporary workshop free of charges to the contractor. may cancel the contract and get the work done from any other agency at risk and cost of the contractor. If it is discovered at any time that the person so signing has no authority to do so. 28. if the accommodation is available with HPGCL the same may be allotted on chargeable basis as per HPGCL rules. The contractor shall also assist in loading / unloading of material being sent for repairs or . if the said delay is not covered under the Force Majeure reasons. ELECTRICITY / AIR / WATER Electricity/ Air / Water will be provided free of cost at one point per unit as per requirement of job. ARBITRATION In all cases of disputes or disagreements between the parties arising out for the settlement of the differences. JURISDICTION All legal proceedings in connection with contract shall be subject to the territorial jurisdiction of local court at Hisar (Haryana). 27. RGTPP. b) To get the work done from any other agency after serving a notice of three days to the contractor at his risk and cost and without prejudice to the other provisions of the work order. 24. if required and return of scrap back to stores. 26. The person who has signed the tender papers should have got authority to sign on behalf of the contractor. Cost of the stamp paper will be borne by the contractor. To cancel the contract by giving 15 days notice & forfeit the security. The contractor shall mean the contractor's legal representatives.O. the matter shall be finally settled by the Arbitrator appointed by the Chief Engineer. However. from site of work to O&M workshop. 1996. CONTRACT AGREEMENT The contractor shall execute a contract agreement on specific Performa on Non judicial Stamp Paper of appropriate value within 7 days of date of issue of LOI / W.

details of work and scheduled time of completion of work as per contract. 29. on holiday or after office hours. d) The execution of work may entail working at all the sites and weather conditions and no extra claim will be considered on this account. The Engineer-in-Charge may reduce the total cumulative time of various activities. . PRESERVATION & STORAGE OF MATERIAL All the material issued to the contractor by the HPGCL or brought by the contractor for its bonafide use shall be stored and preserved against any loss. Engineer-inCharge will have the option to get the work done through any other agency at the risk & cost of the contractor. e) In case the contractor fails to do the extra / substituted work. The total time allowed by the Engineer-inCharge will be final & binding on the contractor. No claim whatsoever on this account will be entertained. as per the requirement to be decided by Engineer-in-Charge. The work shall be subjected to the inspection by Engineer-in-Charge all the time b) The decision of Engineer-in-Charge shall be final with regards to all matters relating to his contract. 30. The rates charged for the purpose of recovery shall be final and binding on the contractor. The work shall have to be started by the contractor as per the instruction of Engineer-in-Charge or his authorized representative at any time on working day. He has the authority to stop the work whenever such stoppage is necessary to ensure the proper execution of the contract. The time allowed for a work maintained in the indent will be addition of time of all the jobs / activities as per contract. No extra claim / over time will be paid on this account.received after repair to / from outside of RGTPP. a) SUPERVISION OF WORK The Engineer-in-Charge shall have the general supervision of the work. keeping in view of emergency to bring back the equipment in time. and shall be confirmed by post dated indent. b) The contractor shall make his own arrangement for removal of old as well as unused material from the site to the place as specified by the Engineerin-Charge after completion of work. c) The decision of Engineer-in-Charge for determining the category of the work with reference to the items not mentioned in scope of work shall be final. He shall also have authority to reject all works or part thereof and give necessary direction to carry out work again to his satisfaction. shrinkages or deterioration in any form. The contractor may have to carry out jobs and work round the clock. Any damage / loss suffered on this account shall be considered as loss due to willful negligence on part of the contractor and shall be liable to compensate HPGCL for these losses suffered at penal rates to be determined by the HPGCL. The indent will indicate the date / time of start of work. damage.

31. Executive Engineer / BMD-II For Chief Engineer / RGTPP. 32. 35. AUTHORIZED REPERSENTATIVE The firm will intimate (in writing) the name of authorized representative at site to whom necessary instructions regarding the works can be imparted and who will make correspondence regarding contract related issues. . Hisar. 33. TELEPHONE The successful contractor shall provide the phone facility to his supervisor to facilitate HPGCL for easy communication with the contactor. The signatures of the aforesaid authorized representative shall be got attested from First Class Magistrate or Notary Public. the contractor may represent in writing to the Engineer-in-Charge.f) In case of any dispute. The frequency of works covered under Part-B can vary depending upon site condition. The phone Number shall be intimated by the contractor immediately after the award of the contract. Khedar. No extra payment on this account will be made. Any other work relating to preventive maintenance of the equipments not mentioned in Part-A of scope of work but otherwise felt necessary will also be in the scope of contractor. HPGCL. OWNERSHIP DEED The firm will give ownership deed / partnership deed / proprietorship deed (as applicable) duly attested by Notary Public for record and reference of his office. 34. But the total value of the work order shall remain fixed for the period mentioned in the order.

No. Hisar.Annexure-V SCHEDULE OF DEVIATION Sr. HPGCL. Khedar. 2 Description of deviation 3 Justification 4 Executive Engineer / BMD-II For Chief Engineer / RGTPP. 1 Clause No. .