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Gospels at a Glance

This chart shows some of the unique characteristics and key differences between the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Writing Audience Author

Matthew Jews Tax collector and apostle. Also known as "Levi."

Mark Romans Missionary with Barnabus and Paul. Called a son by Peter.

Luke Greeks Greek doctor who travelled with Paul. Wrote Acts as sequel.


Date Written

37-68 A.D. 40-65 A.D. Probably written after Probably the 1st Mark. gospel written.

Gentile Christians Fisherman, apostle, and elder. Wrote 5 NT books. Died at an old age. 59-61 A.D. 80-98 A.D. Probably written after The last gospel Mark and Matthew. written. (Luke 1:1-3) Luke John Son of God Believe, Life, World, Father, Son John 3:16 The gospel of belief.




Depiction of Jesus King of the Jews Key Words Key Verse Characteristics

Powerful Servant of Perfect Savior of God Man Kingdom, Fulfill Immediately, Son of Man Authority Matthew 27:37 Mark 10:45 Luke 19:10 Evidence to prove Jesus Fast paced and visual. Careful and was the promised historical. Messiah. Matthew 29 31 10 45 Handbook of teachings about the Kingdom. Matthew Mark 23 13 5 23 All but 4 chapters present at least 1 miracle. Mark Luke 23 37 13 23

Fast Facts Miracles Parables Sermons Times the OT is Quoted Notes

John 10 3 8 14

Has more parables Teachings are than any other gospel. presented as conversations. Luke John

Size Chapters Verses Words Size Notes

28 16 24 21 1,071 678 1,151 879 Over 23,000 Almost 15,000 Over 25,000 Over 18,000 3rd largest NT book 5th largest NT book 1st largest NT book. Acts 4th largest NT book. is 2nd with over 24,000 words.

Luke Matthew 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Meek and Humble King Continuity of OT & NT Jesus is the Son of David King of the Jews King of Israel The Kingdom of Heaven (of God) God is generous and compassionate God hates hypocrisy, pride, selfishness, greed 9. Future rewards based on mans treatment of Jesus disciples 10. Sermon on the Mount = Gospel of the Kingdom 11. The disciples as learners as opposed to the crowds. Distinction is for discipleship theme. Think obedience. 12. Messiahs church is his people, his family (lots of familial language) 13. The Father and his family 14. Brothers in the family (church) 15. Themes: Mission of Church (making disciples), Resurrection, Eschatology (all of this is summarized in the Great Commission) Mark 1. Jesus, man of suffering 2. Jesus, miracle-working, son of God 3. Written to believers during the Neronic persecution 4. Astonishment of Jesus and fear, also unbelief 5. Jesus, the fulfillment of the temple 6. Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath 7. Driving force: who is this Jesus? 8. Jesus true family is those who obey 9. The Kingdom of God is here! 10. Jesus withdrew often with his disciples to minister to them. He did not seek the crowds. 11. Even the disciples misunderstand 12. The demands of discipleship 13. Disciples must be servants, emulating the Great Servant 14. The call of Jesus is the reversal of mans perspective the least is the greatest 15. Jews and Romans condemned Jesus as Messiah 1. Gods salvation: major theme 2. Jesus: Saving Lord 3. Holy Spirit is prominent early in Luke: God is working 4. Prayers of Jesus: major theme 5. Salvation is universal (all peoples) 6. Salvation for outcasts, women, poor 7. Year of Jubilee Jesus fulfills 8. Gospel is advancing and cannot be stopped or hindered 9. Forgiveness of sin 10. Purpose: to bring joy and peace John 1. The Word is a major theme 2. Jesus replaces the temple (the presence of God) 3. Believing is a major theme 4. The nature and worship of the new Messianic order 5. Faith and Life in the new Messianic order 6. The Son is lovingly dependent on the Father 7. God is the Father, his child is Jesus the Son 8. The root of unbelief is a moral problem 9. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Torah (the Word). Jesus is the Logos. 10. Jesus is the Bread of Life 11. The Holy Spirit is advocate, comforter, protector. He brings life. 12. Jesus calls his sheep to form the New Israel, they are now family 13. The Shepherd is identified with the Suffering Servant (the Lamb) 14. The gospel is for the world, for all peoples, not just for Israelites 15. The crucifixion is ordained by God. Jesus is in control.