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Every document is uniquely identified by the following fields : Document Number Company Code Fiscal Year.

ine items have between ! and """ # and """. Control $ey for Document %eader is Document &ype 'osting $ey. Control $ey for ine items is Document &ype 'osting (ey. Document no. can have internal and e)ternal assignment. &rue False. * business transaction can not create one or more documents. &rue False. Document types are define at client level and are therefore valid for all company codes. &rue False. Document types define the following : Number ranges for document numbers. *ccount types permitted for posting. &he field status of the +Document %eader &e)t+ and +,eference Number+ fields in the document header. -hether invoices are posted with the net procedure. &he document type is the (ey which differentiates the business transactions to be posted. &rue False. +,eference Number+ field in the ..... ine /tem %eader of the system document. You can not create you own document type. &rue False. 0atch properly : D, D1 D2 3* $, $2 $1. Document &ype ...... allows postings to all account types. *4 D1 3*. .... Document &ype limit the types of accounts you can post to. *4 $2. 5nce the number ranges created they have to assigned to a ........... 6 ......... Company Code Company Code 3egment Document &ype 'osting $ey. Number ranges can not over lap. &rue False. Number ,anges are variant principle. &rue False. &he same number range can be carried forward to ne)t fiscal year if need arises. &rue False. 5nly e)ternal number can be alphanumeric and /nternal numbers are always numeric. &rue False. &he document number range defines the range of numbers that must be assigned as document numbers. &rue False. &he 'osting $ey is ..... numeric $ey. ! 7 8. 'osting $ey defines : postings to different *ccount types9 i(e 39 D9 $9 * and 0. Debit or credit posting ayout of the entry screens Field 3tatus. 'osting $ey defined at ... Client level Chart of *ccount 3egment level Company Code level. 5ne number range can not assigned to several document types. &rue False. &he posting (ey control function of whether the line item is connected to a payment transaction. &rue False. &he following default values are provided in Customi:ing for the 3*' E,' system : 1 account posting : +Debit+ is posting (ey 7;9 +credit+ is posting (ey <; Customer invoices : +Debit+ is posting (ey ;#9 +credit+ is posting (ey <; =endor /nvoices : +Debit+ is posting (ey >#9 +credit+ is posting (ey <; 1 account posting : +Debit+ is posting (ey <;9 +Credit+ is posting $ey 7;. &he control of document field status is controlled by : 'osting $ey Field status of account type. &he %ide field status cannot be combined with the........... field status. &his combination causes an error. ,equired Entry 5ptional Entry Display Entry. Field status variant assigned to company code. &rue False. Field status variant created at Client level. &rue False. Field status group assing to 1? account master records. &rue False. /f a document is posted to a subledger account9 the field status group of the reconciliation account is used. &rue False. 3ubledger *?c have field status groups. &rue False. 'osting $ey can be define. &rue False. &here are numerious posting (eys for subledger accounts. &rue False. Name two elements that influence the field status of document fields. 'osting $ey Field status group Document &ype.