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Connecting the disconnected pieces of our Self

These uploads which will be coming as they are given to me by my Higher wisdom, are meant for those people who are seeking the way to their Higher wisdom or have already found it within them. The articles on my blog have a different mission and role to play. They mostly concern the many matrices that we create and various viewpoints of our reality, which help us shift our perception and not get too comfortable in our ego-identity. Yet these uploads, which cannot be open to all, except those who are ready for them, have a different role to accomplish. Sometimes, that role is not even uite clear to me. ! "ust follow my !nner guidance as to what ! need to do, and free my mind from assumption, from drawing conclusions and from needing to know that which is still being created. #reference of outcome is an ego trait, which ! try to free myself from. Today$s sub"ect is about connecting those parts of ourselves that we have re"ected or alienated from our totality. ! never %plan& the insights nor do ! control anything. 's they are given to me, ! trust that it is what ! need to focus on and do, which will lead me to my next step. The process, in which they are given, is always uni ue and ama(ing. This morning, ! remember fragments of a dream, which gradually connected with my current life$s occurrences and naturally revealed the insights that ! am about to share with you. )nce more, ! am shown that everything makes sense, everything is connected with everything and each insignificant incident fits perfectly in the grand puzzle of synthesizing the self. !t might have been a more intelligent marketing strategy to state that some other %being& is speaking through me* like an archangel, a wise extra-terrestrial being from a future civili(ation, or +hrist himself. ,ut ! know that it wouldn$t be true and ! have never been into marketing or public relations anyway. -ore so, ! know that that belief .which creates illusions and more matrices/ is another %tactic& that alienates us from our own wisdom0 the connection with our Self and the responsibility to exist 1!TH!2 our higher knowledge and not distancing our self from who we really are.

+losing this introduction, these uploads will speak to those who are ready for them and so will %find them& in the sea of information on the internet. To the others, they will remain invisible and unreachable, until their own energy connects to what they need to ac uire in their path. 'll is perfectly created, beyond our conscious knowledge of it .through our senses and linear mind/. 3333333..

We cannot become whole unless we connect with and gather all the aspects of our self. ragments of you are scattered here and there. !ou don"t find these alienated piece in searching past lives. #verything you need is always right here. !ou can see those pieces that you need to connect with, in those people that you don"t like, that you accuse$ where you need to go but don"t go, what comes up again and again for you to do but don"t do$
1e need to learn to become keen observers of our self in order to understand and make use of these insights. )utside of observation, nothing makes sense and all information given remains theory* inexperienced, inapplicable and therefore alien. Thus, the first accomplishment is observation, which cannot be stressed enough. The %secrets& about yourself, are revealed through the details of your everyday existence, which you gather in faith and humility, without needing to categori(e or "udge. .4or those who need help or guidance in learning to observe, personal sessions are offered, either via landline or Skype, from wherever you might be living in the world. You can contact me at0 or

So, it would be safe to say that where your ego %your ideas, beliefs and habits& doesn"t want to go, is e'actly where you should be going. 6et me give you an example in an attempt to make this clearer3 6et us say that there is someone in your life, who is very irritable to you in his7her attitude. You find that they are constantly seeking approval, not seeming to care about other people but instead are using them to receive self-approval and self-recognition. You have already observed that this person is constantly inviting you to some event that they are taking part in, so that you would applaud them. !t is evident that they hunger for recognition. The more they do that, the more you deny giving it to them, irritated by their hidden pride and selfabsorption. There are times when you feel compelled to go, "ust to get them off your back, but then, at the same time, something is stopping you from submitting to their re uest, as if you know that that gesture will only bring on more, and will not be enough. That$s it8 You have found the person who irritates you and you have recogni(ed the attitude. 2ow it$s time to %return to you&3 and this is the hard part3 where the ego doesn$t want to go. !n your observations of yourself, you need to be totally honest about your thoughts* those hidden thoughts behind the surface ones, the secret emotions that arise, which you habitually %brush away& and don$t want to admit. That is the only way that anything can make sense and you can begin connecting the pieces of your pu((le. 1hen we say, %where you don"t want to go is e'actly where you should be going, we are not referring to a specific person, a bodyidentity* someone else beside yourself. 1e are referring to those characteristics precisely, which you are accusing or don$t like in others. 1hether this knowledge will lead you to connect with a person in life or not, is something that has yet to be discovered, once you can see the larger picture of the pu((le. Your ego yearns for answers to the uestion, %what shall ! 9)&, yet the answer remains hidden until you discover %who you ':;&. So, what is it that you don$t like about this irritable person in your life< You don$t like the arrogance and insecurity, always seeking approval and recognition, not really interested in others. He seems uncompassionate, not interested in others, self-focused. Yet3 you can see this pattern playing behind your own thoughts, words and actions. The same part of him that you re"ect, lies within you8 .Here is where you can pinpoint specific occurrences of your daily life, which

you have previously observed that can give you the facts of your reality* the truth/. 2ow that you have observed the pattern and have seen yourself in the other, you tend to try to %change&. You don$t like what you are seeing in yourself. This practice has been widely preached and attempted. !t doesn$t work8 !t$s a dead end path8 You are not connecting but further alienating yourself, in re"ecting parts of yourself that you don$t like. !nstead, you continue the observation3. There is more to see3 Through your own life$s incidents, you recogni(e .and admit/ that, no matter how much recognition you receive, it is never enough. You are always striving for more. The lack always rises to haunt you again.

See it, accept it, don"t play on it. We go in the opposite direction$ the cure lies in caring for and recognizing others. We continue our work in confidence and humility, in full faith of what we are doing and at the same time recognize the contribution and the work of others. (now that recognition always e'ists %as re)ection does& in ways that we cannot always know through the senses and linear mind. *nformation does not always reach back to us in the form of words and gestures+ something the non,trusting ego needs. -aving faith in what the senses can"t pick up will always be the challenge of either contracting or e'panding our consciousness.

'nd then = again through self-observation = you remember little things3 a message you received from a stranger thanking you for your work, a message you received %by coincidence& from someone about the changes a former ac uaintance has made in their lives because of you, an %automatic thought& you get from your Self, totally %out of the blue& that someone you know is admiring you or your work .but does not admit it/ and using it in their own life3 and so on3

.he more we lack confidence and seek recognition, the more these little gestures and proof of recognition will remain in secret / because they do e'ist / while we remain in lack. 0emember, lack does not really e'ist. *t is the pro)ection of its opposite+ abundance. .he universe is abundant. .hat is 1aw. What you focus on multiplies.
)ur work lies in '++;#T!2> the parts of our self that we %don$t like& .for that is the inner critic "udging, accusing and re"ecting/ while we accept them in others. ?now that we +'2 be that, but choose not to play on it. 6ack is an illusion that we need for as long as we need to create these lacking realities, which help us synthesi(e our self through experience. Then we can create from our highest perspective and express our true Self* synthesi(ed and whole. 9ecide to embrace your %needy& recognition comes from Y)@. self, knowing that

9on$t talk about your accomplishments with others, seeking approval.

1ork uietly and in confidence. 1hatever you are doing is enough* it is exactly what you should be doing, no matter what it seems like through your ego$s fragmented perspective. The way to %persuade& or show others is to ,; that which you applaud, respect and admire. ,e that which you know you +'2 be, while you are being compassionate, understanding, accepting, while you are being true to yourself, confident and trust your decisions.

'nd of course, continue to observe yourself, which weakness the inner critic and leads to the surrendering of the ego$s power over you. 333333 4urther suggestions0 Take time to read slowly, connecting your own experiences with what you are reading. Have a notebook handy to write down any thoughts, emotions or past incidents, which come to your mind. ;ven if your ego-mind thinks, they are irrelevant or insignificant3 most probably the opposite is true3 Your creative mind thinks in images and emotions. ,e especially observant of those. Aerbal thinking and rationali(ing is your ego$s .linear mind/ way of keeping your perception distorted and fragmented. 'llow yourself short breaks to connect to your own reality and life$s examples. 'fter reading it, trust to continue with whatever is was you doing before. The insights and the information Y)@ need, are working within you, in ways that your linear mind cannot grasp or understand. 't the right moment, in the right place, these will surface again and you will remember what you need to be in your conscious awareness. 333333 4or those of you who want to take these insights and others further, ! have created the Self Synthesis +ircle, which is only open to its subscribed members, for obvious, ! assume, reasons. The +ircle was created based on a calling0

We create although what understood.

together and not alone, this means, is still not

We share that which we know and receive from our individuated higher awareness. 2nless we realize that we are all connected and inter,related, we are keeping the collective consciousness contracted to lower densities. (eeping the information we receive, to ourselves, fearing that what we have will be abused and3or taken away from us only proves that we believe in separation, lack and alienation. We are each individuated parts of a whole that serve the collective 4neness, which depends on each of us alone.
There is much to be discussed on these truths too3 4eel free to visit the blog and leave your comments on the articles that interest you. Thank you for answering to your heart$s calling and purchasing this lesson that we each need to learn.

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