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Band-in-a-Box System Requirements Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Note: OS 10.4 users please contact us to request a compatible installer) !

Intel Processor ! 512 MB RAM ! At least 1 GB free hard disk space is recommended to install the main Band-in-a-Box program, MIDI SuperTracks, and MIDI styles. ! Additional hard disk space is required depending on your Band-in-a-Box package, which components you install, and which additional RealTracks are included.... ! Pro RealCombos: ~ 2GB ! Mega RealCombos: ~ 6 GB ! RealTracks Sets 170-187 (new RealTracks): ~ 6 GB ! Full UltraPlusPAK install with all RealTracks: ~ 70 GB ! Individual RealTracks sets: ~ 300 MB per set on average. ! 1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended ! DVD-ROM drive (if installing from disc) ! Available USB port (if using Band-in-a-Box on external hard drive) ___________________________________________________ Installation Instructions 1. If you downloaded the software using electronic delivery, mount the downloaded .dmg (disk image) by double-clicking on it. If you are installing from disc, insert the CD or DVD and navigate to the root level of the disc. Double-click on the Band-in-a-Box package (pkg) and follow the installer instructions. Band-in-a-Box will be installed to the '/Applications/Band-in-a-Box' folder on the Macintosh HD. You may have received other les/discs with additional RealTracks and RealDrums. Follow the same steps to install each of them. You may choose to install the audio les to a different volume, such as an external USB hard drive, if you want to save space on your system HD. See the tips below for more information. You can unmount the disk image when the installation is complete, either by dragging it to the 'trash' (eject icon), or by clicking on it and pressing command-E. Note that this will not delete the les from your computer, the dmg le will still be there. !





Tips for installing RealTracks and RealDrums ! By default, the RealTracks and RealDrums audio les are installed into the '/Applications/Band-in-a-Box' folder in the RealTracks and Drums subfolders. If you would like these installed in a different location, press the [Customize] button on the Installation Type screen, and select the destination volume and folder name. One reason you may want to install to a different volume, is because these folders are much larger than the rest of the Band-in-a-Box les, so having them on a different hard drive saves space on your system drive. Alternatively, you could move the RealTracks and Drums folders manually at a later time. Note that there are some les that are always installed to the Band-in-a-Box folder even if you chose a custom location for your RealTracks and Drums folders. These include Band-in-aBox styles (.STY les), Demo songs (.MGU and .SGU), and other data les that are required for the styles to work.

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If you decide to use a 'custom location' for the RealTracks and Drums folders, remember to specify this location in the Preferences dialogs within the program. Also, you will want to make sure that you have ALL RealTracks in the same location and ALL RealDrums in the same location. ___________________________________________________ Tips for Band-in-a-Box Version 12 and earlier users ! ! The current version of Band-in-a-Box is backward compatible with all of the styles and songs from your earlier versions. The current version of Band-in-a-Box is installed to the '/ Applications/Band-in-a-Box' folder. Version 12 and earlier were installed to the root level of the hard drive (or Home folder), into a folder called 'Band-in-a-Box Folder'.

If you previously had the MegaPAK or UltraPAK, and opted for a regular upgrade to the current version, you may want to copy some les from your earlier version to the /Applications/Bandin-a-Box folder. In particular, you could copy the contents of the Styles folder and Soloists folder to the same folders in the new version. You could also copy the Style Demos, Sol Demos, and Mel Demos folders, into the Style Demos, Soloist Demos, and Melodist Demos folders in the new version. ___________________________________________________ Installing Band-in-a-Box for a non-administrator user.

Installation requires an administrator password and Band-in-aBox is installed to the /Applications/Band-in-a-Box folder, but Band-in-a-Box can still be used under Standard / Limited accounts. If you are having trouble using Band-in-a-Box as a Standard User (such as error messages when you start the program) set the privileges of the Band-in-a-Box folder to Read&Write for all users and Apply this change to all subfolders and les. You can do this in the Get Info window for the Band-in-a-Box folder, in the Sharing and Permissions section.

If you are still having trouble, you can get further advice by contacting us, or by going to: ___________________________________________________ Latest news and updates ! We recommend checking our website periodically for Band-ina-Box updates. Patches for the current version can be downloaded for free. Band-in-a-Box program updates: RealTracks and Drums updates: ! PG Music's web site contains up-to date information and pricing on all of our products, as well as forums, frequently asked questions (FAQs), tutorials, video documentation, and much more. Explore our internet website at:

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