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KIN 441: School Health Education

Department of Kinesiology & Health Promotion California State Polytechnic University Fall 2013
Instructor Contact Info Dr. Kristine Fish, Associate Professor Email: Office Hours: Tues 9:30-11; Wed 9:30-12 Office Location: 66-209 Office Phone: 869-2785 (email is preferred!)


Before you email your instructor with any questions, first check to see if the answer to your question is found on the Syllabus or in the Announcements section on Blackboard. For ALL technical problems, email or call (909) 869-6776. This is a very large class and your instructor teaches multiple classes. On all email correspondence, always include: 1. Your first and last name 2. The class in which youre enrolled (KIN 441) 3. The original email(s) if there was any previous correspondence on the issue so your instructor has a reference On weekdays (Mon-Fri), allow 24 hours for a response from your instructor. On weekends (Sat & Sun), you may need to wait until the following Monday for a response.

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Course Description

Methods, processes, and content used in the elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools for teaching health and for dealing with health-related problems in the classroom. Satisfies the health education requirement for the California Single and Multiple Subjects Credentials. 3 hours lecture/problem solving. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Upper division standing Self-motivated and self-disciplined Able to learn without personal, face-to-face interaction of the instructor Able to follow written instructions Not easily frustrated when there are technical problems

Course Prerequisites

Instructional Materials Course Objectives

School Health Education by Kristine Fish (CD) must purchase at Bronco Bookstore California Health Framework (available online) Many of the following learning outcomes are based on Standard 10: Preparation for Learning to Create a Supportive, Healthy Environment for Student Learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1) Identify how personal, family, school, community, and environmental factors are related to students academic, physical, emotional, and social well-being. 2) Describe legal responsibilities of teachers related to student health, safety, and the reporting requirements relating to child abuse and neglect. 3) Practice effective strategies and techniques for crisis prevention, conflict management, and resolution in ways that contribute to respectful, effective learning environments.

4) Describe effective strategies for encouraging healthy habits pertaining to nutrition and physical activity of children and youth in order to prevent and/or decrease the prevalence of obesity. 5) Describe the physiological and sociological effects of alcohol, narcotics, drugs and tobacco. 6) Describe ways to identify, refer, and support students and their families who may be at risk of physical, psychological, emotional or social health problems. Course Requirements 1. 2. 3. Lectures: You'll listen to audio/visual recordings of lectures each week. Discussions: You'll engage in online discussions that pertain to the lectures each week. Anchor Assignment: Youll complete a project that consists of multiple assignments pertaining to the learning outcomes. 4. Final Exam: Youll take a cumulative exam at the end of the quarter. The exam will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions. Youll have 30 minutes to take it. Youll be required to pay $5 per an online proctoring service. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Oct 4th Oct 11th Oct 18th Oct 25th Nov 1st Nov 8th @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Exam #2 Nov 15th Nov 22nd Nov 29th Dec 6th Dec 6th @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm @ 11:00pm

Due Dates

Note: (1) Each week consists of Discussions and Anchor Assignment. (2) Assignments are due by 11:00 PM, NOT MIDNIGHT! (3) Write down these dates on your calendar; Do NOT rely on a reminder from your instructor. (3) You may submit your assignments any day during the week in which they are due. So the link on Blackboard becomes available every Monday morning.

Late Policy

You may submit assignments up to 2 days late. The 48 hour grace period is to be used only in the case of a dire emergency. No need to inform your instructor if you will be using the grace period. Absolutely no assignments will be accepted after the grace period FOR ANY REASON. Discussions Anchor Assignment Final Exam TOTAL A = 176 - 200 A- = 170 175.9 B+ = 164 169.9 Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: 40 points 60 points 60 points 200 points B = 146-163.9 B- = 140-145.9 C+ = 134-139.9 C = 116 133.9 C- = 110 115.9 D+ = 104 109.9 Week 6: Week 7: Week 8: Week 9: Week 10: Lecture 6 Lecture 7 Lecture 8 Lecture 9 Lecture 10 D = 86 103.9 D- = 80 85.9 F = 79 and below (4 points each week) (6 points each week) (2 points per question)

Grading System

Grading Scale

Lecture Schedule

Lectures IA& 1B Lectures 2A & 2B Lecture 3 Lecture 4 Lecture 5


How to do the DISCUSSIONS 1. Listen to the assigned lectures on the CD each week (refer to Lecture Schedule above). 2. Refer to the Discussion Questions on the list posted in Course Documents. 3. Respond to whichever questions youd like. It doesnt matter how many questions you select, as long as you provide a response that is a minimum of 200 words total. 4. Click on the Assignment Template (in Course Documents) and download to your computer. Include the requested info in the appropriate boxes (youll use this template for the Anchor Assignment as well). 5. Watch the assigned video each week listed on the Discussion Questions list (in Course Documents) and comment on anything stated in the video. Type a response of at least 50 words in the appropriate box. 6. Include an accurate word count of your responses (highlight your response, click on Tools, and select Word Count). How to do the ANCHOR ASSIGNMENT Week 1: Select ONE of the topics below that interests you and find one research article using the ERIC database. Submit only the citation and abstract. An example of the citation is Brown, K. (1996). Academics and the community: Is there a connection? Journal of Health Education. 11(4), 219-244. The abstract should be only about one paragraph long. No need to go to the library on campus -- You may get a password, if you dont already have one, and access the database using the Internet from home. Contact the library for more info. ACADEMICS & COMMUNITY: Find one research article that documents academic per ormance is a ected !" the communit" in #hich children li$e %e&'& Do children in rural areas per orm !etter or #orse than those in rou'h( inner cit" schools) Or do #est coast children per orm !etter or #orse than east coast children) Or choose other areas*& ACADEMICS & +,YSICA- ,EA-T,: Find one research article that documents academic per ormance is a ected !" health %e&'& Do healthier children ha$e !etter 'rades than unhealth" children) Etc&* ACADEMICS & EMOTIONA- ,EA-T,: Find one research article that documents academic per ormance is a ected !" emotional health %e&'& Do depressed children per orm !etter or #orse than happ" children) Etc&* COMMUNITY & +,YSICA- ,EA-T,: Find one research article that documents ph"sical health is a ected !" the communit" in #hich children li$e %e&'& Are rural children more or less healthier than ur!an children) Are east coast children more or less healthier than #est coast children) Or choose other areas*& COMMUNITY & EMOTIONA- ,EA-T,: Find one research article that documents emotional health is a ected !" the communit" in #hich children li$e %e&'& are rural children more or less depressed than ur!an children) Or are east coast children more or less depressed than #est coast children) Or choose other areas*&

Week 2: Search the Internet or call a local school or school district and ind a case o an unintentional accident that occurred on school 'rounds in the US& The accident must not in$ol$e $iolent or intentional acts and occurred at an elementar"( middle school( or hi'h school& +ro$ide the ollo#in': name o the school o #here the accident too. place( location o the school %cit" and state*( location o the accident on the school 'rounds %e&'& classroom( pla"'round( etc&* !rie l" descri!e #hat happened( #hether or not an" la# suits or le'al char'es occurred as a result o the accident( and the #e!site address %i applica!le* o #here "ou ound the in o& Week 3: Search the Internet to find an incident of child abuse and/or neglect in the US. Provide the following: location (e.g. city and state) of where the abuse took place, age of the child or children, type of abuse, person who reported it, and the outcome. Week 4: Search the Internet to ind a school or school district in the US that ha$e put into practice an" t"pe o an'er mana'ement( con lict mana'ement( or $iolence pre$ention practices&

+ro$ide the ollo#in': name o the school( location o the school( name o the pro'ram %i applica!le*( !rie description o the pro'ram( and a statement and the outcome %i&e& #hether or not it appears that the pro'ram #or.ed*& Week 5: Contact the +u!lic ,ealth Departments or -A or Oran'e or San /ernardino count"& Identi " the FI0E most common chronic or communica!le diseases o children o elementar" school a'e and FI0E o the most chronic or communica!le diseases o adolescents in middle school or hi'h school& Simpl" list these 12 diseases( the count" "ou tar'eted( and the source o the in o& No other in o is re3uired or this assi'nment& Week 6: Call a dietician at a local school district and e4plain that "ou are completin' an assi'nment or a school health education class at Cal +ol" +omona& As. i the" ha$e put into practice an" t"pe o pro'ram or e ort to encoura'e health" eatin'& It could !e a pro'ram that the" created themsel$es or a pro'ram that #as alread" created that the" used& +ro$ide the ollo#in' in o: name o school or school district( name o pro'ram( descri!e the pro'ram in 1 to 5 sentences( descri!e the results in 1 to 6 sentences& Did it #or.) An"thin' else) Week 7: Search the Internet to ind FI0E creati$e ideas or teachin' a!out ph"siolo'ical and7or sociolo'ical e ects o alcohol( narcotics( dru's and to!acco& Or "ou ma" come up #ith "our o#n ideas& One or t#o sentences or each idea are all that is needed& For e4ample( 8In order to illustrate the $isual impairment that occurs #hen into4icated( pass around a pair o 'lasses that ha$e !een ru!!ed #ith 0aseline& To urther illustrate this concept( ha$e a student $olunteer to #al. around the room #hile #earin' the 'lasses&9 Week 8: Search the Internet to ind FI0E creati$e ideas or teachin' a!out 'ood nutrition& Or "ou ma" come up #ith ideas on "our o#n& Ideas mi'ht pertain to pro!lems #ith eatin' too much ast ood( or the importance o eatin' ruits and $e'eta!les( or the importance o' enou'h #ater( or an"thin' ha$in' to do #ith health" dietar" ha!its& As #ith the assi'nment or :ee. ;( one or t#o sentences or each idea are all that is needed& Week 9: Search the Internet to ind FI0E creati$e ideas or teachin' a!out the importance o !ein' acti$e& Onl" one or t#o sentences or each idea are all that is needed& Week 10: Search the Internet to ind FI0E creati$e ideas or teachin' a!out the importance o mana'in' stress& Onl" one or t#o sentences or each idea are all that is needed& How to SUBMIT everything 1. When youve completed both assignments, click on Submissions and then the appropriate week. Click on the appropriate week again. 2. Click Browse my computer; Locate your document, double click on your file, then click on Submit at the bottom. If you see the message Review Submission History, then your assignment was submitted properly. Important Info About Your Assignments!! Grading will be done 24 hours after the end of the grace period. So check your score beginning every Monday night after 11pm. Click on My Grades. Check for instructor feedback by clicking on your score so you dont repeat the same mistake for the remaining assignments. If you have questions about your score, youll have ONE WEEK after grading has been completed to contact your instructor. Do not copy & paste anything onto Blackboard. You must ATTACH your assignment by following the instructions above in order to receive credit.

You may access the submission link only once so double check everything before submitting. If you submit the wrong document, youll need to contact your instructor and request that your submission be reset. As indicated on the grading criteria below, one point will be deducted if you need to re-submit. No assignments are accepted via email. All assignments must be submitted as an attachment on Blackboard. Literally, every sentence from all of your assignments must be YOUR work. Your assignments will be submitted to a program called; This program will compare your work with info from all over the Internet. If you have even ONE sentence that has clearly been taken from another source, it is considered plagiarism and you will be reported to Judicial Affairs and receive a zero on that particular assignment.

How to take the FINAL EXAM 1. Study the study guide thats posted in Course Documents. All questions on the exam come from the study guide! 2. Read Exam Instructions (in Course Documents). Note that youll be required to pay $5 for the online proctoring service if you schedule an appointment to take the exam more than 3 days prior. If you schedule within 3 days, youll be required to pay an additional $5; If you schedule within one hour or less, youll be required to pay an additional $8.75.

Grading Criteria
Discussions (4 pts/week) Failed to write a response of at least 200 words Failed to include only your opinions, thoughts, & ideas Failed to provide an accurate word count Failed to provide a response free from grammatical errors Anchor Assignment (6 pts/week) Failed to provide all requested info Submission Failed to ATTACH your assignment on Blackboard Failed to submit the correct document Failed to submit using the Assignment Template Plagiarized (even one sentence) -1 point for every word below 200 -1 point for each factual statement -1 point -1 point for each error

-6 points

-1 point -1 point -1 point - all points

Note: Cheating in any form (using your notes during the exams, using the same response for the weekly assignment multiple times, using former students responses for the assignments, plagiarizing to any extent, etc.) will result in a zero for that assignment and you will be reported to Judicial Affairs.