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Specifications may change without notice

C400 D5 Printed in Singapore 12-06

Diesel Powered
Generating Sets C400 D5

Standard Genset Features

Cummins water cooled Diesel engine !il and fuel filter fitted water separator *u+e-oil drain #al#e fitted .lectric starter / Charge alternator 24 # D%C% .lectronic go#ernor 0ormal duty air filter Single +earing alternator class 151 Standard #oltage 4005270 #olts 50 18 .2citer5:oltage reg - (or;ue "atch as standard PCC2100 with 4argraph as standard Steel +ase frame with ,5: mounting .ngine ,lternator Chassis / Control 4o2 "unsell =ade >reen 6adiator Pac)ing under shrun) plastic film !peration / "aintenance manual Standard set of la+els

Generator Set Performance

Voltage Regulation "aintains #oltage output to within $1%0&% ,t any power factor +etween 0%- and 1%0 ,t any #ariations from 0o load to 'ull load ,t any #ariations from Cold to 1ot% ,t speed droop #ariations up to 4%5&% Frequency Regulation 3sochronous under #arying loads from no load to 100& full load when electronic go#ernor is fitted Random Frequency Variation <ill not e2ceed $0%25& of its mean #alue for constant loads ? no load to full load% Wa eform (otal harmonic distortion open circuit #oltage wa#eform in the order of 1%-&% (hree-phase +alanced load in the order of 5%0&% !elephone "nfluence Factor #!"F$ (3' +etter than 50% (1' to 4S 4AAA Part 40 +etter than 2&% %lternator !emperature Rise Class 1 insulation% Radio "nterference 3n compliance with 4S -00 and :D. le#els > and 0%

Generator Set Options

Fuel options 'uel (an) Exhaust Options .2haust Silencer - 3ndustrial 3n-*ine .2haust 4ellows .2haust Silencer - 6esidential 3n-*ine 3nstallation 9it - 3ndustrial Silencer 3nstallation 9it - 6esidential Silencer Voltage Connections 2405416: 2705400: 22057-0: 12@5220: 1155200: 11051A0: "iscellaneous !ptions 7 pole or 4 pole Circuit 4rea)er !ptional Set mounted starting +atteries Coolant 1eater 240: 4attery Charger 240: 5, ,utomatic (ransfer Switches Pac)ing - .2port 4o2

Engine Specification
&!%'((G) 3n-line direct inBection 6-cylinder diesel engine% !ype <ater cooled four cycle tur+ocharged Construction (wo #al#es per cylinder forged stee cran)shaft and connecting rods cast iron +loc)% Starting 24 #olt negati#e earth% 4attery charging alternator 75 amp on engine% Cran)ing current 640 amps at 0DC% Fuel System 24 #olt fail safe actuator% Spin-on paper element fuel filters with fuel pump inBection system with integral electronic go#ernor% Dual fle2i+le fuel lines and connectors% Standard fuel water separator% Filters ,ir cleaner with dry element% Spin-on full flow lu+e oil filter Cooling 40DC am+ient temperature standard Stone guard% !il cooler% Drain (ap *odel name

%lternator Specification
!ype 4rushless single +earing re#ol#ing field pole drip proof screen protected% Class 1 3nsulation 3P27 Protection 'ully interconnected damper winding% ,C e2citer and rotating rectifier unit% .po2y coated stator winding% 6otor and e2citer impregnated with tropical grade insulating oil and acid resisting polyester resin% Dynamically +alanced roto 4S 5625 grade 2%5% Sealed for life +earings *ayer wound mechanically wedged rotor Exciter (riple dipped in moisture oil and acid resisting polyester #arnish and coated with anti-trac)ing #arnish% !utput windings with 257 pitch for impro#ed harmonics and paralleling a+ility% Close coupled engine5alternator for perfect alignment%

Compliance Standards
(o 4S4AAA55000 pt AA :D. 0570 C(.5100 0.", ">1-22 C.", 3.C 74 CS, ,22%2 ,S175A 4SS 5514 3S! 7046 and 3S! -52-

Stand,y C)-- .( / 0

+ V

Prime / (

Stand,y / 1

+ W

Pri me 2 '

Specifications may change without notice

C400 D5 Printed in Singapore 12-06

!echnical .ata
*odel Set output Prime Rating Stand,y Rating Engine *a+e Engine *odel Cylinders Engine ,uild Standard Go ernor6Class %spiration and cooling 4ore and stro+e Compression Ratio Cu,ic capacity Starting6*in 9C 4attery capacity Gross Engine output 5 Prime Gross Engine output 5 Stand,y
P63". P!<.6
Prime Power is a#aila+le continuously during the period of power outage in a #aria+le load application% :aria+le load should not e2ceed a @0& a#erage of the prime power rating during any 24 hour period% , 10& o#erload capa+ility is a#aila+le for a period of 1 hour within a 12 hour period of operation%

C400 D5 7-0-440 : 50 18 2-0 )<e 750 ):, 712 )<e 7A0 ):, Cummins 0(,-55>4 Si2 3n-line .lectronic (ur+ocharged and ,ftercooled 140 mm 2 152 mm 14%0E1 14 *itres 10DC 100 ,5hr 71@ )<m 751 )<m

Speed %lternator oltage regulation %lternator insulation class Fuel consumption #Prime$ Fuel consumption #Stand,y$ 3u,rication system oil capacity 4ase fuel tan+ capacity 5 open set Coolant capacity Exhaust temp 5 prime Exhaust gas flo7 5 prime Exhaust gas ,ac+ pressure max %ir flo7 8 radiator %ir inta+e 5 engine #Prime$ *inimum air opening to room *inimum discharge opening Pusher fan head #duct allo7ance$ :eat radiated ,y eng #Prime$

1500 rpm $1%0& 1 @6 l5hr -4 l5hr 7-%6 *itres -00 *itres 65%- *itres 524DC 112- l5s @6 mm 1g 5%AA mF5s 40- *itres5s 2%10 mG 1%7A mG 17 mm <g 46 )<m

S(,0D4H P!<.6
(he Stand+y Power is applica+le for supplying emergency power for the duration of a utility power interruption% 0o o#erload utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capa+ility is a#aila+le at this rating% 3n installations ser#ed +y unrelia+le utility sources Iwhere outages last longer or occur more fre;uentlyJ where operation is li)ely to e2ceed 200 hours per year the prime power rating should +e applied% (he Stand+y Power rating is only applica+le for emergency and stand+y applications where the generator set ser#es as the +ac) up to the normal utility source% ,ll ratings are +ased on the following reference conditionsE - ,m+ient temperature E 2@DC - ,ltitude a+o#e sea le#el E 150 metres - 6elati#e humidity E 60&

.imensions and Weights

Open Version *odel C)-- .( Enclosed Version *odel C)-- .( Engine &!%'((G) 3ength #mm$ )( -Width #mm$ 1< -:eight #mm$ 22 (.ry 7eight 7ith () (Wet 7eight 7ith <2 /Engine &!%'((G) 3ength #mm$ /1 (< Width #mm$ 1-:eight #mm$ 10 1) .ry 7eight 7ithout tan+ #;g$ //2 Wet 7eight 7ithout tan+ #;g$ /1 )/

Specifications may change without notice

C400 D5 Printed in Singapore 12-06

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