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General User documentation

Welcome to the IPGs Learning Portal General User documentation. The information found here is applicable to both instructors and students. Also see the the Instructor Documentation for details of other tools that might be used to author content while in a group environment.


A user ma login to the s stem with the !IPG" I#. $o. or %mail address& and the Password entered during registration. Logging in gives users access to Protected courses& lets them enroll& and lets them participate in courses.

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General User documentation

In order for a user to login to the ATutor s stem& a uni'ue s stem account needs to be created. Use the Register lin( in the main navigation to access the registration form. If email) confirmation has been enabled b the s stem administrator& a message will be sent to the email address entered& containing a lin( that must be followed to confirm the new account. *nce this has been done& the login name or email address& and the password entered during registration can now be used on the Login screen. $ote that s stem administrator has specified users to be chec(ed against a "aster List of allowed Identit +ard $o. as both ,tudent I#s and PI$s & and this information must be entered during registration.

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General User documentation

Browse Courses

The -rowse +ourses page lists all courses presentl available on the ATutor s stem. If a course is Public& it ma be accessed without logging in first. Protected and Private courses re'uire that ou be logged in. Private courses are available onl to those who have been approved and enrolled in the course.

Forgot Your Password

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General User documentation If ou have forgotten our password& use the Forgot your password? lin( on the Login screen. The form will email the login name to ou& along with a lin( ou must follow to change our password.

My Start Page

My Start Page is a personal area displa ed after logging in. The " +ourses section lists the courses that the user either teaches& or is enrolled in. .rom here one can also create a new course& or browse through courses. There is also a Profile section for editing personal details /including changing a password or an email address0& and a Preferences section for editing some s stem preferences such as the wa information is displa ed and the preferred theme.

My Courses
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General User documentation

+ourses that the user is in enrolled in& or courses that are pending enrollment& are listed on the My Courses page. To enroll into a public or protected course& follow the Browse Courses lin( and locate it& then enter the course and use the Enroll Me lin( located beside the course title. If the course is private& enrollment must be re'uested first. Admission into the course will be allowed once the instructor has approved the re'uest.

Create Course
*nl Instructors ma create courses& though if enabled& students can re'uest instructor accounts b selecting the +reate +ourse lin(. 1iew the Instructor Documentation on creating courses.


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General User documentation

This section allows a user to change elements of his2her personal profile. Although the login name cannot be altered& password& email address& and other personal information ma be edited. There is also an option to (eep the email address hidden.

Preferences Wizard
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General User documentation

At an time /e3cept while viewing the Preferences screen0 the Preferences Wi4ard can be opened b clic(ing the wand icon ne3t to our login name to the upper right /location ma var across themes0. An of the settings ou can set through the Preferences panels described below& can also be set using the wi4ard.

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General User documentation

The following preferences allow a user to control how some features function& and how information is displa ed.

!utor Settings
Theme Themes are used for changing the loo( and feel. Time 5one *ffset Add or subtract hours from the times and dates displa ed in ATutor& so the match our local time. 1alid values range from )!6 to !6. The positive sign is not re'uired when adding hours. The minus sign is re'uired when subtracting hours. Inbo3 $otification If enabled& an email notification message will be sent each time an Inbo3 message is received. Topic $umbering If enabled& content topics will be numbered. #irect 7ump If enabled& using the 7ump feature will redirect to the selected course and load the same section that was being viewed in the previous course /instead of the usual course 8ome page0. Auto)Login
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General User documentation If enabled& users are automaticall logged in when the open ATutor. 9ou should onl enable this if ou are accessing ATutor from a private computer& otherwise others will be able to login with our account information. .orm .ocus *n Page Load If enabled& the cursor will be placed at the first field of the form when a page loads. ,how +onte3t ,ensitive 8andboo( Pages *nce ou are familiar with ATutor ou ma wish to hide the lin(s included with various tools to their associated handboo( page. 9ou can alwa s access the handboo( using the lin( in the ATutor footer area. +ontent %ditor This preference controls how content is entered. +hoose between Plain Text for entering content te3t that will escape an 8T"L mar(up and will be formatted as entered: HTML for entering 8T"L content manuall : and HTML - Visual Editor for entering 8T"L content using the visual /also (nown as a W9,IW9G0 editor which represents the content as it will be displa ed. It is also possible to change the editor manuall for each item.

!e"t Settings
These settings are used to control the overall colours and fonts displa ed. Te3t ,elect from the various te3t formatting options to control how te3t and colours are displa ed in ATutor.

Content Settings
These settings are used to control which versions of content are displa ed& if for e3ample the primar version is not accessible to ou& or ou prefer an alternate format. These settings will be ignored if the alternative versions ou prefer are not available with the content ou are viewing. Instructors and content authors should review lternate Content for information on including alternate formats with ATutor content. Alternatives to Te3t If ou are a person with a print related disabilit & or ou prefer content in mutli)modal forms& select from these options to have alternate forms either replace te3t versions of the content& or have the alternate forms appended to the content. Alternatives to Audio If ou are a person with an auditor disabilit & or if ou prefer to read along with audio& or view visual alternatives to audio& select from these options to have alternatives replace or append where ever there is audio content. Alternatives to 1isual If ou are a person with a visual disabilit & of ou prefer content without the usuall larger& slow to load& visual information in content& select from these options to have alternatives to visual information either replace& or append to& visual information in the primar version of the content.

Learner Su##orts
These settings are used to control which learning tools are available to ou in a side menu bloc(. Learner ,upports
9 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation ,elect from the various tools& the ones ou would li(e available to ou when in our ATutor courses.

These settings are used to enable or disabled various ATutor navigation tools. $avigation +hoose to show a !a&le of Contents at the top of each content page that can be used to navigate to sub sections within the page. $ote that a Table of +ontents is generated based on the headings /i.e. 8T"L 8! to 8;0& so it is important for content authors to structure their content properl with appropriate headings and sub)headings. +hoose to show $e"t'Pre%ious $a%igation lin(s to aid navigation through content in the order pages are intended to be viewed& or to provide 'uic( access bac( to the content page ou left off on& when ou return to viewing content in a current or future session. +hoose to displa Breadcrum& $a%igation at the top of ever page to provide up and down navigation through hierarchies of topics and sub)topics& or to (eep a displa of our current location within ATutor in view at all times.


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General User documentation

The Inbo3 is used for privatel messaging other users in our courses. Inbo3 messages appear in a table& with new messages flagged. ,electing a message will displa its contents at the top of the screen. In the sub)navigation there is a lin( to send a message. +hoose the recipient& enter a sub<ect and a message& and use the Send button. $ote= use the n!ox "oti#i$ation #reference to receive emails when a new Inbo3 message is received.

Course Features

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General User documentation

After a student has entered into a course& he2she is presented with the course 8ome page. The 8ome page ma contain a course banner& lin(s to ,tudent Tool& and course announcements. A few of the course features are e3plained here& as the ma be a little tric( for new users. *ther features are fairl straight forward and should be intuitive to use. Loo( for the handboo( lin( while using a tool& to open its help page directl .

("#ort Content
12 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

The %3port +ontent feature creates a >+ontent Pac(age> that can be downloaded and viewed offline in the viewer included with each pac(age. If this feature is turned on for a course& it ma be accessed through a ,tudent Tool icon on the home page& and2or a lin( in the main navigation. +hoose which section ou wish to download as a content pac(age the use the Export button.
13 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation Export Content is also lin(ed from top level content pages or all content pages /depending on what the instructor has set0 in the ,hortcuts bo3. Using this lin( will pac(age the current page and all of its sub pages into a single >4ip> file& and prompt the user to download the file. The downloaded file can be unpac(ed with a common archiving application /e.g. Win5ip& P?5ip& Un4ip0. Un4ip the file into an empt director then open the index.html file into a Web browser.

If instructors have included ,+*@" compliant ,harable +ontent *b<ects /,+*s0& the will be avilable for viewing using the Pa$%ages tool. $ote that the ,+*@" @un Time %nvironment /@T%0 re'uires the 7ava 7@% !.A to function properl & as well as Live+onnect& which is enabled b default in the 7@% !.A. #ownload an install with latest *a%a *R( B<ava.sun.com2<avase2downloads2inde3.<spC from the ,U$ site& if ou need to upgrade our browserDs <ava support.

!IL( Re#ository Searc+

%3ternal content pac(ages can be downloaded from the TIL% repositor b entering a search term and using the Search button. Use the Pre&iew lin( ne3t to a search result to open the TIL% content browser& or use 'ownload to retrieve the content pac(age from the TIL% repositor . *nce downloaded& the file can be unpac(ed with a common archiving application /e.g. Win5ip& P?5ip& Un4ip0. Un4ip the file into an empt director and browse the pac(ageDs content. 1isit the !IL( we& site Bwww.inclusivelearning.ca2C for more information about using the repositor .

File Storage

14 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

,tudents& assistants& and instructors can access a personal file management tool using the File Storage area& if enabled for a course. Wor(spaces can be selected for storing files& their presence depending on oneDs access rights=

Course Files ) The default wor(space. "anaged b the instructor& or assistants with file storage privileges& course resource files are made available for download b course members. My Files ) Private files onl the user can access and manage.
15 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

(roups ) ,hared files managed b group members& and accessible to instructors and assistants with group privileges. )ssign*ents ) ,tudents can submit assignments from these wor(spaces& and instructors or assistants with assignment privileges can manage submissions from the .ile ,torage utiilt . To submit an assignment& upload a file to MyFiles& or to a group wor(space& then select the file ou wish to hand in and press the Handin button to view a list is assignments. +hoose the assignment for which ou are hinding in the file& then press Su!*it

To move between wor(spaces& select them from the dropdown menu and use the Go! button. To view a file in the .ile ,torage area& download and open it locall on our own computer.

Create Folders and dding Files

To organi4e files& folders can be created using the Create Folder feature at the top right of the file area. To upload a new file& with an optional description of its contents& use the "ew File feature at the top left. The file will be uploaded to the currentl opened director .

Managing Files
It is also possible to Download files to our hard drive& Hand In a file for an assignment& Edit file details and rename folders& Move files around within a wor(space& as well as Delete files and folders. #epending on the t pe of wor(space& the buttons that appear will var .

File Re%isions
If enabled& file revisions can be (ept& so a histor of the document or file is available. Uploading a file of the same name as one that e3ists& will create a second version of the file& and so on. With each revision comments can be added& to summari4e the changes from authors& and to perhaps collect feedbac( from reviewers.

My $etwor)

16 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

ATutor ,ocial is a social networ(ing environment that allows ATutor users to develop a networ( of contacts& create and participate in social groups& and develop a social profile. It is based on the Google *pen ,ocial ,tandard. "an *pen ,ocial applications& or gadgets as the are called& are available around the Internet and can be lin(ed into our social networ(ing environment to customi4e it to our li(ing.

Basic Social $etwor)ing Features

$etwor( Activit This is an ongoing report of what others in our networ( are doing. When one of our contacts posts a message& <oins a group& adds a gadget& or updates their profile for instance& ou will (now about it /if the have not turn this off in privac settings0. " +ontacts This is a list of people in our social networ(. 9ou can find others on the networ( b using the Searc+ Peo#le tool& and ou can re'uest that ou and the become contacts. When ou find a person& clic( on the green plus sign / 0 to ma(e our re'uest. To remove a person in our +ontacts& clic( on the red E / 0. 1iew a contactDs profile from

" +ontacts b clic(ing on their thumbnail photo or their name.

17 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation *nce people have been added to our contacts& other suggested contacts will be listed under People ou "ight ?now&F those being people in our +ontactsD $etwor(s. " $etwor( Groups These are social groups in ATutor ,ocial that ou belong to. 9ou can create new groups& search for and <oin groups that interest ou& and send re'uests to others to <oin a group.

My Contacts

" +ontacts This is a list of people in our social networ(. 9ou can find others on the networ( b using the Searc+ Peo#le tool& and ou can re'uest that ou and the become contacts. When ou find a person& clic( on the green plus sign / 0 to ma(e our re'uest. To remove a person in our +ontacts& clic( on the red E / 0. 1iew a contactDs profile from

" +ontacts b clic(ing on their thumbnail photo or their name.

18 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

$etwor) ,rou#s

$etwor( Groups can be created b an one& for an purpose. The are a place to post information and discuss common interests. 9ou ma search for groups and <oin them. *nce ou have created or <oined a group& ou can In%ite others to <oin& and view a list of people in the group. If ou created the group& ou also have the option to disband it.

$etwor) Profile
19 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

9our $etwor( Profile contains information about ou that others might li(e to (now& such as our wor( e3perience& education& perhaps our personal interests& or ma be our personal Web site. +lic( on the edit icon / 0 while viewing our $etwor) Profile to add and ma(e changes to our personal information. Also see Settings for details about controlling what parts of our profile others can see. Also view cti%ities for a list of things ou have recentl done in our social networ(. 1iew our Contacts- profiles while viewing our own.

20 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

Gadgets are applications ou can add to our ,ocial $etwor(ing environment that provide a whole range of potential networ(ing functionalit . The are much li(e Apps on an IPhone. 9ou can find man gadgets b searching around the Internet& The can be added &y co#ying t+e .RL to t+e ,adget-s /ML file into the >Add gadget b U@L> field on the Add Gadgets screen of ATutor ,ocial. 9ou can use a search engine to search for variations of the terms >open social gadgets> to find man more. *nce a gadget has been added to ATutor& it becomes available for ever one on that ATutor server to add to their own networ(ing environement b following S+ow %aila&le ,adgets Use Find ,adgets to search through the Google gadget repositor . When ou find a gaadget ou want to add& clic( on >Add to our webpage> then >Get the +ode.> In the code that gets generated& loo( for the U@L of an E"L file& then cop that U@L into the >Add gadget b U@L> field& then clic( the >Add Gadget> button.

Sam#le ,adgets
To install a gadget& cop the path to the gadgetDs E"L file into the >Add gadget b U@L> field=

*pen,ocial#ev App= ) http=22osda.appspot.com2gadget2osda)igoogle.3ml

21 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

-ab lon #ictionar = ) http=22www.labpi3ies.com2campaigns2bab lon2bab lon.3ml Todo List= ) http=22www.labpi3ies.com2campaigns2todo2todo.3ml

Social Settings
Pri%acy Setting

Privac settings are used to control who can see which parts of our profile= Profile 0isa&ility -asic Profile 9our basic ATutor Profile information. If hidden& it becomes unavailable to view through our networ( profile& but is still available for classmates in a course to view. #etailed Profile All other information in our social profile that is not part of our -asic Profile Activities
22 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation +hoose these settings to hide ou networ( activit from others. This is the information that appears in the $etwor( Activit area of our networ(ing tools. " +ontacts +hoose from these settings to limit who can see people in our +ontacts list. %ducation 8ide the education information ou add to our detailed profile. 9ou ma turn on our #etailed Profile& then hide this section from it. Position 8ide the position information ou add to our detailed profile. 9ou ma turn on our #etailed Profile& then hide this section from it. W+o sees your #rofile1 World $etwor( Allow an one& using an ATutor ,ocial s stem& to view /coming soon0. " +ontacts An an one in our contact list to view. +ontacts of 9our +ontacts Allow contacts of an one in our contacts list to view. Local $etwor( Allow an one on our local ATutor ,ocial s stem to view. Groups Allow an one who is a member of groups ou belong to& to view.

P+oto ,allery
A photo galler is designed with accessibilit in mind& allowing members to share course related photos and personal photos.

23 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation

Basic P+oto l&um Features

Photo Galler This is where our personal albums can be found. -oth Private Albums and ,hared Albums will be listed here. Profile Album This is an album where ou (eep our profile pictures. Photos collected here can be lin(ed into our ATutpr profile page& or into our ATutor ,ocial profile. +ourse Albums This is where ou (eep all the course albums. An one enrolled in the course is allowed to upload photos to a course album: students are allowed to edit and delete the photos the
24 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation have uploaded. Instructors have the privilege to edit and delete an photos within their course albums. ,hared Albums 8ere all albums will be listed that have the >,hared> permission set. All users have permission to browse and comment on photos in shared albums& but are not allowed to upload or edit photos. +reate Album To create an album& specif the album name and its permissions. Location /geographicall 0& and description are optional. If ou are an instructor& ou will have an e3tra option of >Album T pe>& which allows ou to create >" Album> or >+ourse Album>. Under >Album Permission>& >Private> means this album is not accessible b an other users e3cept ourself& >,hared> means this album will be displa ed under the >,hared Albums> tab& and will be accessible b ALL users.

An Album is a collection of photos. +lic(ing on an album thumbnail image will displa the photos in that album.

.#loading a #+oto
To upload a photo& clic( on the >*pen Upload "anager> button. A new section will appear below where ou clic( >-rowse> to upload an photos in the format of gif2<pg2png from our local hard drive. After selecting a photo from the .ile Upload& ATutor will automaticall resi4e the image and append its details at the top of the pending list that appears after selecting an image. #etails include file name& file si4e& a thumbnail of the image& and a delete button. The delete button allows ou to remove the pending photos an time during the upload process. At the right bottom of this section& ou will see a >"emor Usage= 3.332 G "-> message& which tells ou how much memor ou have used. *nce the memor limit is reached& an error message will displa in the pending list. .inall & clic( >Upload> to finish the upload process. The photos should now be listed in the album.

The search tab is displa ed at the top left of the Photo Galler home page. T pe in an te3t to search for relevant albums and photos. The search will return matches found in the photo albumDs description or location: and photoDs description or alternative te3t. -e sure when adding photos to our albums& to fill in this information so people can find ou photos.

(dit P+otos
%ach photo can have a description and alternative te3t. #escription /a.(.a. caption on some other sites0 will be shown at the bottom of the photo& describing what this photo is. Alternative te3t acts as a replacement for the image& whenever the image does not load& or can not be seen for an reason. This information should summeri4e the essence of the image rather than describing ever detail. Alternative te3t should be used to compl the accessibilit rules. -elow each of the photo thumbnails& their is an option to select that photo as the album cover& or to remove it b chec(ing the >delete> button. When ou are done editing& clic( >,ave>.

2rganize P+otos
25 Learning Portal Handbook

General User documentation Photos can be rearranged within each album b simpl dragging the photo with our mouse& or using B+trlC H BUp2#own2Left2@ightC arrow (e s on our (e board. The rearranged order is saved automaticall . +lic( on >*rgani4e Photos> to rearrange them. Also view Comments for details on posting comments.

This page displa a photo and its description. 9ou can clic( the >Previous> and >$e3t> arrows to move through the photos in the album ou are viewing. *wners of a photo can also edit the description b simpl clic(ing on the description itself& or via the >%dit Photo> lin(. Also view Comments for details on posting comments.

Users can post comments to an album or a photo. The author of a comment can edit it b clic(ing on the comment itself& the comment will turn into an editable field. When done editing& press %nter to save the changes. $ote= The owner of the album can edit and delete an comments within the album.

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