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New York City boroughs real estate scenario

The New York Citys real estate is concentrated among its five boroughs consisting of Bronx, Manhattan, ueens, Brooklyn and !taten "sland# $ach of these boroughs has huge demand for their real estate %ro%erties among both international real estate buyers as well as domestic real estate buyers# &f the five boroughs of New York City, the '( s)uare miles Manhattan is one of the most densely %o%ulated counties in the *nited !tates# Bounded by the +udson and $ast ,iver, Manhattan is made u% of '- neighborhoods with an estimated %o%ulation .'/-'0 of -,1-2,/2/# Manhattan is home to some of the nations as well as worlds most valuable real estate with a wide array of housing o%tions that are scattered across do3ens of neighborhoods each with its own uni)ue features# The real estate buyers can choose from among myriad choices of available Manhattan condominiums for sale or Manhattan apartments for sale in locations such as *%%er $ast !ide, *%%er 4est !ide, and Tribeca or for townhouses in 5reenwich 6illage# Manhattan is also the nations retail e%icenter for its robust sho%%ing corridors with the rising demand and com%etition for s%ace in this boroughs most %restigious corridors that cata%ulted the average asking rents to %eak levels# 7s %er the ,eal $state Board of New Yorks .,$BNY!0 8all '/-9 ,etail ,e%ort, the asking rents saw the biggest :um%s in the sho%%ing corridors of Madison 7venue .;-,9(/ %er s)uare foot0, 4estside Broadway Corridor .average rents rose 9(< to ;=9= %er s)uare foot0, 8ifth 7venue Corridor .;9,->/ %er s)uare foot0# 8latiron Corridor .rose by =>< to ;=// %er s)uare foot0 from fall '/-', !o+o Broadway Corridor .rose to =-< to ;>1' %er s)uare foot0 and 8inancial ?istrict Corridor .average rents rose by 12< to ;'@> %er s)uare foot0# The Bronx is the New York Citys northernmost borough that is made u% of distinct neighborhoods that includes ,iverdale, City "sland, Aelham Manor and Morris Aark# The estimated %o%ulation .'/-'0 is around -,=/(,=>9# Bronx also offers a wide variety of housing o%tions for real estate buyers to choose in the areas such as ,iverdale and Aelham Manor# International real estate buyers have the choice of buying u%scale homes and a%artment com%lexes some of which have enchanting +udson ,iver 6iews# The ueens is located in the easternmost of the five boroughs of New York City and ranks

as the second most %o%ulous of the five boroughs# The %o%ulation of the boroughs is one of the most ethnically diverse counties with an estimated %o%ulation .'/-'0 of ','>',>>-# The residents of ueens closely identify with their uni)ue neighborhoods rather than the city

each having its own distinct identity# 7storia is the hottest and most %o%ular areas in ueens where there are numerous available New York apartments for sale. ,ecently, an 7storia based real estate firm has sold two a%artment buildings for ;1/ million in the booming ueens enclave of 7storia# The average %rice %er s)uare foot in 7storia is ;921 and .is less gentrified than 7storia0 in Bong "sland City is nearly twice that amount at ;>(@ %er s)uare foot# Brooklyn is also one of the New York Citys five boroughs with a %o%ulation .'/-'0 of ',@1@,19@ and is the second largest in area# Brooklyn %ro%erties retain a co3y, )uite )uality atmos%here with attractive brownstone houses and a%artments that have rustic style# Brooklyn contains do3ens of distinct neighborhoods such as BedfordC!tuyvesant, Brownsville $ast New York, and Coney "sland# &ff late, Brooklyns rents are in overdrive mood showing no signs of cooling down with &ctobers medial rental %rice hitting ;',122 which is 1#(< :um% com%ared with last year according to the re%ort from ?ouglas $lliman# The last but not the least of the five boroughs of New York City is the !taten "sland that is located in the southwest %art of the city# !taten "sland is the third largest borough with an area of @2 s)uare meters and is least %o%ulated of the boroughs with a %o%ulation .'/-'0 of =1(,>9/# The real estate of this borough is of finite amount with rentals not staying on the market for long# There are varieties of housing o%tions with some international real estate buyers flocking to $merson +ill that has a measure of natural beauty and wilderness# The other areas include ,ose bank that has a real small town feel and s%ectacular views of Manhattan skyline# Tottenville is where one can find grand 6ictorian homes sharing s%ace with com%act condos and town houses# The Condo and CoCo% %rices are catching u% with the other boroughs of New York City but are still com%aratively affordable#