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World History Pre-AP **DO NOT WRITE ON THIS QUIZ**

Pre Quiz Chapter 1 MR. DUEZ

Matching: Match each item with the correct statement below. Number your paper from 1-20 and
place the letter that matches next to the number on your separate answer sheet.

A. prehistory
B. Homo erectus
C. Olduvai Gorge
D. “southern apes”
E. archaeology
F. Donald Johanson
G. radiocarbon dating
H. Neolithic Revolution
I. systematic agriculture
J. Homo sapiens
K. Jericho
L. At home
M. anthropology
N. thermoluminescence dating
O. Homo sapiens sapiens
P. Çatal Hüyük
Q. artifacts
R. characteristics of civilizations

the study of human life and culture
the subspecies to which all human beings today belong
the period before writing was developed
first human beings to learn to deliberately make fires
determines an object’s age by measuring the amount of C-14
the study of past societies through an analysis of what people have left behind
items left behind by early peoples
discovered australopithecines in Africa
9. cities, governments, religion, social structure, writing, and art
10. Where you should leave your World History book.
11. keeping animals and growing food on a regular basis
12. determines an object’s age by measuring the light given off by electrons trapped in the surrounding soil
13. site where Louis B. and Mary Leakey discovered the bones of earliest known human
14. “wise human being”
15. Neolithic farming village near the Dead Sea

Completion: Write your answer on your answer sheet.

16. The most important of Mr. Duez’s three rules is ____.
17. Mr. Duez uses ____ Sheets to help students understand what we will be learning for each chapter.
18. Correctly list all 3 rules in Mr. Duez’s class.
19. To reassess a homework assignment, quiz or test you would have to do what?
20. Where can you find assignments for Mr. Duez’s class when you are absent?

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