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Fortigate )ips an' )ric*s

January 27th, 2012 admin

MetaFlows - PF_Ring
Multithreaded IPS Systems And Purpose Built PF_Ring Appliances

Fortigate )ips an' )ric*s ('-tric*s/) This article presents some useful commands/tricks that you can do to your Fortigate.

+ebug A''resses: any times it happens that !e ha"e a lot of fire!all policies for one address defined in our address #ool. $et%s take an e&ample' (e ha"e )(((,!er&er* defined !ith the +# of -.2.-/.-.-0. To see !hat policies are using this ,ddress !e can use the follo!ing' #diag sys checkused firewall.address:name 'WWW_Server'
( ery/fortiguar'/chec*use'.1pg)

From the output you clearly see that the policy that is using this address is policy "14" n case our address is in an address group! we can find out where that address group is used "y e#ecuting the following commands: #diag sys checkused firewall.addgrp:name 'Server_Groups'

The fire!all from Fortinet has also sniffing capa-ilities.take that (ireshark /' #diag de"ug packet test nterface_$ame 'host %_&ost' '

+f !e !ould like to sniff all the interfaces on port 07 or 01 23# !e can try the follo!ing. #diag sniff packet any 'udp port () or udp port (*' ( To stop the sniffing issue C)%"2C. 3o not use t!ice or your putty session !ill die

Fortigate C34 or 5emory at -006 From time to time !e disco"er -ugs, or the 4#2/ emory goes to 1005 usage. Then !e are left !ith a re-oot and if that does not fi& it !e need to check !hat process is using all the memory. To do this !e can use the follo!ing' #diag de"ug en #get sys status #get sys perf status #diag sys top + +,, 67 let it run for 10618 seconds and then stop it -y pressing )9*. #diag hard sys mem
( ery/fortigate-anti&irus/systop.1pg)

$et%s say !e found out that the process )auth'* is using 1005 of the process. To re-oot it !e can use the follo!ing' :diag sys kill 11 proccess;id +n our case !e !ill perform the follo!ing command' :diag sys kill 11 81 This command !ill re6spa!n the auth' process. <ome other <ignal;+3s' 7 ca !8G98"" -: ca !8G);%5

3rob ems with Authentication< To test the authentication !e can use the follo!ing commands' ='iag test auth >type? >ser&er,name? >chap @ pap @ mschap @ mschap2? >username? >pw'? $ets say !e !ant to test an users= $3,# username and #,<<(>?3 !e !ill test !ith the follo!ing' ='iag test authser&er 'ap ser&er >ser&er,name? >username? >pw'?
f the authentication is succesful then that means that we are good to go- .he pro"lem is somewhere else.

AA!8C CB55A$+! To sho! the ,?# ta-le' #diag ip arp list To sho! the routing ta-le' #diag ip route list To check the @+4 status on the Fortigate' #diag hard dev nic port ###oA' #diag de"ug en #diag de"ug app ppp '

Bope this helpsC

Bappy fire!alling and please comment if you ha"e any Duestions. ThanksC

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