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I never did "back off" the Hope Steffey or Valentina Dyshko during my campaign or at any time
since. As a veteran police leader but a novice politician I listened to those around me as to
which issue to focus on and I campaigned as best I could. In retrospect, I do know that I could
have done better and spent my campaign funds more wisely, if only I knew then what I know

I gained wide support among Stark County law enforcement because they know, more than
most, of the sad situation at the Stark County Sheriff's Office and they know of my reputation.
My personal and professional integrity is something that I maintain judiciously. If I run for the
office of Stark County Sheriff again, it will be to effect the necessary changes that your reader
speaks of. The Stark County Sheriff's Office has been poorly lead since Tim Swanson took
office and allowed Rick Perez to run the organization as he sees fit.

Employees are miserable, the treatment of prisoners is still unacceptable, policies and procedures
are archaic, training is nearly non-existent, overtime is excessive and manpower is dwindling. In
my opinion, Stark County citizens are being terribly under-served by the current sheriff. Anyone
who would run for this office, after the mess that Swanson has created, has to have significant
confidence in his or her abilities. I have proven capabilities and desire and I have rebounded
from the disappointment of losing my bid for sheriff.

Sir, I don't perceive that you are "pushing" me and as you know, I am currently serving the
community of Hartville as a police lieutenant. It is somewhat humorous and somewhat telling
that a Stark County Deputy recently said to me, "you lost the election and you went back to
work, Swanson won the election and has barely been seen since."

At this time I am running for Alliance City Council and I am effecting some very positive
changes in Hartville law enforcement and would be content to help improve both communities.
Even though I have many, many people encouraging me to run for Stark County Sheriff again in
2012, I am focused on where I am right now. Should I choose to run in 2012, your support and
that of your readers would be sought after and much appreciated.

The most important question for the future of safety in Stark County is basically, is there
anybody out there who is willing and capable that the voters can embrace or will there be more
of the same. Stark County only gets more dangerous and drug infested while we wait to build a
cooperative policing environment.

Lawrence A. Dordea
Lieutenant Hartville Police Department
Candidate for Alliance City Council