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Douglas High Alumni News Letter


Publisher Ed Grensky Volume No. I Issue No. 10 Date 8/29/09

Good News
We have located three more classmates, and
have two email address changes for you; so
get out your reunion booklets and keep up
with the changes.
First, two email changes:
1. Change the name of Estelle Abel to
Estella Hazen Woody, and change
her email address to: .

2. Margaret Day Hammer, change to: 3. Kathy Story Wagner . .

Classmates Found:
Newsletter Information
I know I’ve asked for the past two weeks if
anyone would like to write a column for this
newsletter, or submit a periodic post, to
contact Ed at:

I’ll try not to mention it again, but keep it in

mind; I have had only two willing soles so

1. Linda or Lynn Mann Morris . Terry Woodall Sept. 2nd
Happy Birthday Terry from all of your classmates.
If I’m missing anybody’s Birthday, it’s due
2. Connie Smith White
to you not filling in your birth date on your .
web page.

Web Site Information Picnic's + Reunion in 5 years w/ Big 50th. (11)
Something new that’s been added to the web
site is the convenience of reading current,
and past newsletters anytime you want. To Total Votes: 20 The actual vote count
find it go to the main page of the web site, on picnics each year with a reunion in 5
and scroll down looking on the right side years and a BIG 50th is 14 instead of 11;
until you see “Featured Links” and click on there were two that couldn’t vote on the
the newsletter you want to read. computer and one that made a mistake in
When you’re on the web site don’t forget to
look at the message board for information I received an email from Marilyn Grass’
from classmates, also check the “family she made a great observation; I put
news summary”, recipes, and more. picnics will be held each summer on
On the main page of the web site, there are Aug. 1st, NOT! They will be held on the
three areas you can go to, to check your first Saturday in August every year
classmates; I find the best place to go is accept for what is planed for the 45th and
“View Class Directory” under the world 50th.
glob. Why? It’s easy to find, and with just a
glance it shows those that are missing,
diseased, and for those found it shows the
city they live in right off the bat; from there
you can go to their biography.

I’m still looking for photos from some of

you that took photos at the reunion, you can A POST
send me via email, if of course they were By: Jeanette Gardner (Harty)
digital. The most
important photo I’m looking for is a close up
of the group in the gym. I liked this, it reminds me that no
matter how old we are, we still have that
Reunion Poll Stats opportunity to sing the song we came to
Two weeks ago I posted a poll on our sing, If we just will. Tagore did not really
web site asking you to vote on what you begin to share is poetry until in his 50’s. I
wanted to do for our future reunions; the believe as long as we are willing to put forth
response was okay. and try something new, we will stay young.
And I for one do not want to grow old , I do
What do you want for the next ten years? not want to spend my days rocking in my
Picnic every year w/ 50th reunion. (9)
rocking chair, I want to sing my songs, even
45% if they are out of key..

Oliver Wendell Homes said: Many Joan’s husband Bob sent this email
people die with their music still in them , for her classmates.
Why is this so? To often it is because they Thanks, Ed, and others, for your postings
are always getting ready to live, before they remembering Joan.
know it, time runs out. Tagore expressed a
similar thought in these words. “ I have Over the past year there has been a
spent my days stringing and unstringing my tremendous outpouring of love from our
instrument, while the song I came to sing own community and beyond. Choral and
remains unsung .” Bible theater performances, donation of
Bible books to our local library, and
Just For Laughs memorial funds have all been dedicated in
A little girl, dressed in her Sunday her memory. I share, and invite you to
share, Joan's strong faith and belief in
best, was running as fast as she could, eternal life.
trying not to be late for Bible class. As
she ran she prayed, 'Dear Lord, please Joan loved our home and family, including
daughters Amy and Kim. She loved our
don't let me be late! Dear Lord, please community, serving for many years as a lay
don't let me be late!' While she was representative to the Shepherdstown
running and praying, she tripped on a Ministerial Association. Joan treasured our
community's Vacation Bible School, which
curb and fell, getting her clothes dirty she taught and helped direct for many years.
and tearing her dress. She got up, She loved teaching adults and especially
children about the Bible. And she
brushed herself off, and started
documented her methods in a book, a
running again! As she ran she once wonderful labor of love entitled "That Ye
again began to pray, 'Dear Lord, May Teach the Children" I still have copies
of her book for sale if anyone is interested.
please don't let me be late...but please Joan termed the last few years, when we
don't shove me either!' toured the country for her Bible talks, "the
peak of her career." It was a wonderful
I felt I should run this time.
Memorial for Joan one
Joan had fond memories of Oregon,
more time. including Winston, and Douglas High
School in particular. We had the privilege
of making a couple of quick visits over the
years and she was in touch with a few of
your classmates. Joan really enjoyed her
high school years and I know she was
blessed by all of you who knew her. If you
have any special stories or comments about
Joan, I'd be glad to receive them via email

Wishing you and your classmates all the


Bob Snipes "Behold the Lamb of God, which takes
Shepherdstown, West Virginia away the sin of the world"

If anyone has Judy Swift Mendenhall’s John’s announcement that Jesus was the
contact information, would you prophetic Lamb of God formally set into
please email it to me? motion the progression of events that would
culminate in the fulfillment of all the prophecies concerning the Passover Lamb
and the redemption of humanity.

Jesus was going to come, and yet He

suffered rejection by his own people.

The Old Testament people had Moses and

The following massage is so very the prophets told them all along their King
important; I hope each one of you will was coming.
take the time to read it.
Now what are we being told, as to the
I want to explain to you the direct knowledge of His coming?
comparison between the Old Testament
people and the New Testament people, yes The Revelation of Jesus Christ, this is
us, as to the knowledge we have been given found in the first three verses of the book
about Jesus coming and on our choice. of Revelation.
I know there are those reading this that The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which
already understands this important truth. For God gave Him to (B)show to His bond-
those of you that need more information, servants, (C)the things which must soon take
convincing information if you will, in place; and He sent and communicated it
making a choice, I want you to discover by His angel to His bond-servant (E)John,
what the Old Testament people were told who testified to (F)the word of God and to
and what we are being told. the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all
that he saw.
Old Testament people being told, their Blessed is he who reads and those
King was coming. who hear the words of the prophecy, and
God, through the prophet Zechariah wrote in heed the things which are written in it;
9:9 Rejoice, O daughter of Zion! Shout in for the time is near.
triumph, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold In case you read over it without pondering
your King is coming to you; He is just and its meaning, (Revelation), disclosure: the
endowed with salvation, Humble, and revealing of something previously
mounted on a donkey. Even on a colt, the hidden or secret.
foal of a donkey.
Now under the New Covenant which is the
Old Testament people being told, this is (New Testament), we have been told Jesus is
Jesus. coming; we all understand He is coming.
John the Baptist in Jn.1:29. As John the God turned his face from His people in the
Baptist was preaching the coming of the Old Testament and still does today, because
Messiah and baptizing those who were His people rejected Him, but soon that will
repentant, he saw Jesus coming and said, change.

Lukewarm: Now remember, I told you
You know He is coming, so why do you above there are three cinereous, one of
wait to make the commitment to follow which you do fall under, no ifs ands or buts.
The list below is a compilation I have
come to understand as the way to "And to the angel of the church of the
salvation, through my study of God’s Laodiceans write: These things says the
inspired Word. Amen, the faithful and true witness, the
1. Believe in Him. Jn. 3: 16-18 beginning of the creation of God; I know
2. Repent of your sins. Lk.13:3 your works, that you are neither cold nor
3. Ask God for forgiveness. Acts 2:38 hot: I would that you were cold or hot.
4. Be Baptized in the name of the, So then because you are lukewarm, and
Father, the son, and the Holly Spirit. neither cold nor hot, I will [am about to]
Mk. 16:16 spue you out of my mouth. Because you say
5. Keep His commandments. you are rich, and increased in goods, and
Matt.19:16-17 have need of nothing; and know you not
And the greatest of these is “Love thy that you are wretched, and miserable, and
neighbor as thy self. poor, and blind and naked: I counsel you to
Put on the Whole Armour of God, (study buy of me gold tried in the fire, that you
His Word). may be rich; and white raiment, that you
The verses below are a short list of may be clothed, and that the shame of your
additional verses that coincide. nakedness does not appear; and anoint your
See Acts 4:10-12; 17:30; Rom.10:13-15. eyes with eye-salve, that you may see. As
many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be
"For the Son of man is come to save that zealous therefore, and repent" (Rev.3:14-19
which was lost [humanity]" (Matt.18:11 KJV).
There are many lessons a Christian can learn
After this message above, I want you to from this warning to the Laodiceans, and
know there are three cinereous, one of one of the most important is that God does
which you do fall under, no ifs ands or not tolerate minimum performance. Those
buts. who have been called to be a Son of God
must endeavor to be zealous in their
Hot, Cold, and Luke warm. commitment to God. Jesus Christ says if
Hot: These are the people filled with the one is doing the minimum that is required,
Holy Spirit that believe in Jesus as their he is unprofitable, and if one is lukewarm
Lord and Savior, they have repented of their in his commitment to God, he is in grave
sins, asked God for forgiveness, and doing danger of being cast out of the body of
there best to follow Gods commandments. Christ

Cold: Those that have not heard the Good I have covered a lot of information here, in
News, and or do not believe in God even an abbreviated topical study.
after hearing the Good News. My endeavor here was to give an important
message; you know as did the people in the
Old Testament Jesus was coming, now you
also know He is coming, the message here is
choice. All our lives we make choices, right

or wrong we make them. Why wouldn’t you NOTE: Do you have a question
want to seek the information needed to make
an informed choice, which will affect your about anything the Bible teaches
eternal destiny? that you would like further
understanding on? I will do my
You can’t just sit back and hope that God
will accept you because you have been a best to answer your question
good person, but we are all sinners and fall directly via email, or I can add it
short of the Glory of God. The only way to to our newsletter; there may be
the Father is through Jesus, which is by His
Grace. Time is short, don’t waist it. others that wonder about the
same question.
NOTE: There is a book coming out on Oct.
31st by the name “If Christians Were Really
Christian” by John Killinger.
Web site address below.
About the book:
Description: In the world today, churches
and church members are often diverted from hs/1969/
their central mission of loving others and
interpreting life through the vision of Jesus Ed’s email below.
Christ. If Christians Were Really Christian
shows that with the message we have been
given and the spirit of God to lead us we
should have led everyone to the kingdom of
About this edition:
ISBN13: 9780827216259
ISBN: 0827216254