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Programs from the same developer , sold bundled together , that provide better integration and share common
features , toolbars and menus are known as ....
(A) software suites
(B) integrated software packages
(C) software processing packages
() personal information managers
(!) none of these
A"# (A)
$. A data warehouse is which of the following %
(A) Can be updated b& the end users
(B) Contains numerous naming conventions and formats
(C) 'rgani(ed around important sub)ect areas
() Contains onl& current data
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
*. ++++++++++++++ servers store and manages files for network users.
(A) Authentication
(B) ,ain
(C) -eb
() .ile
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
/. All of the following are e0amples of real securit& and privac& risks !0cept +++++
(A) hackers
(B) spam
(C) viruses
() identif& theft
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
1. +++++++++++ terminals (formerl& known as cash registers) are often
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connected to comple0 inventor& and sales computer s&stems .
(A) ata
(B) #ales
(C) 2uer&
() (Point3of3sale (P'#)
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
4. 5he '#6 model is divided into +++++++ processes called la&ers.
(A) five
(B) si0
(C) seven
() eight
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
7. #&stem software is the set of programs that enables &our computer8s hardware devices and ++++++ software to work
(A) management
(B) processing
(C) utilit&
() application
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
9. ++++++++ are speciall& designed computer chips reside inside other devices, such as &our car or &our electronic
(A) #ervers
(B) !mbedded computers
(C) :obotic computers
() ,ainframes
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
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;. 5he following are all computing devices , e0cept.........
(A) notebook computers
(B) cellular telephones
(C) digital scanners
() personal digital assistants
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
1<. in a ring topolog& , the the computer in possession of the ++++++ can trasmit data
(A) packet
(B) data
(C) access method
() token
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
11. 5his part of operating s&stem manages the essential peripherals,
such as the ke&board, screen , disk drives, and parallel and serial
ports ++++
(A) basic input=output s&stem
(B) secondar& input=output s&stem
(C) peripheral input=output s&stem
() marginal input=output s&stem
(!) "one of these
A"# (A)
1$. ++++++++ >iruses are often transmitted b& a flopp& disk left in the flopp& drive
(A) 5ro)an horse
(B) Boot sector
(C) #cript
() ?ogic bomb
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
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1*. ++++++++ controls the wa& in which the computer s&stem functions and
provides a means b& which users can interact with the computer
(A) 5he platform
(B) Application software
(C) 'perating s&stem
() 5he motherboard
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
1/. #ervers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a +++++++++++
(A) mainframe
(B) network
(C) supercomputer
() client
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
11. A goal of data mining includes which of the following%
(A) 5o e0plain some observed event or condition
(B) 5o confirm that data e0ists
(C) 5o anal&(e data for e0pected relationships
() 5o create a new data warehouse
(!) "one of these
A"# (A)
14. @:? stands for ........
(A) @niversal :esearch ?ist
(B) @niversal :esource ?ist
(C) @niform :esource ?ocator
() @niform :esearch ?ocator
(!) "one of these
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A"# (C)
17. A database management s&stem (B,#) is a ............
(A) hardware s&stem used to create , maintain and provide controlled access to a database
(B) hardware s&stem used to create, maintain, and provide uncontrolled access to a database.
(C) software s&stem used to create, maintain, and provide uncontrolled access to a database.
() software s&stem used to create, maintain, and provide controlled access to a database.
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
19. -hich of the following is "'5 a goal of transaction processing s&stem %
(A) Capture , process and store transactions
(B) Produce a variet& of documents related to routine business activities
(C) :educe manual effort associated with processing business transactions
() Produce standard reports used for management decision making
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
1;. A Pro0& server is used for which of the following%
(A) 5o provide securit& against unauthori(ed users
(B) 5o process client reAuests for web pages
(C) 5o process client reAuests for database access
() 5o provide 5CP=6P
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
$<. -hen data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causesB
(A) data redundanc&
(B) information overload
(C) duplicate data
() data inconsistenc&
(!) "one of these
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A"# ()
$1. +++++++++++++ are words that a programming language has set aside for its own use.
(A) Control worlds
(B) :eserved words
(C) Control structures
() :eserved ke&s
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
$$. -hat is the primar& difference between a virus and a worm%
(A) A worm has the abilit& to self3propagate from an infected user8s computer to other computers
(B) A worm is usuall& written b& a crackerB #cript bunnies do not have the skills to develop a worm program
(C) A virus is ver& harmful to the computers it infects B a worm is not a serious a problem
() Anti3virus software is effective in fighting viruses but not worms
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
$*. ++++++ describe what is database fields.
(A) #tructures
(B) .ield markers
(C) .ield definition
() .ield names
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
$/. Cou must install a (n) ++++++++++++ on a network if &ou want to share a broadband 6nternet connection.
(A) router
(B) modem
(C) node
() cable
(!) "one of these
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A"# (A)
$1. A goal of normali(ation is to ++++++++++
(A) minimi(e the number of relationships
(B) minimi(e the number of entities
(C) minimi(e the number of tables
() minimi(e the number of redundanc&
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
$4. Dranting an outside organi(ation access to internet web pages is often implemented using a (n) ++++
(A) e0tranet
(B) intranet
(C) internet
() hacker
(!) "one of these
A"# (A)
$7. -hich term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site
(A) @:?
(B) -eb site address
(C) E&perlink
() omain name
(!) "one of these
A"# (A)
$9. 5he code that relational database management s&stems use to perform their database task is referred to as .....
(A) 2B!
(B) #2?
(C) '?AP
() #eAuel #erver
(!) "one of these
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A"# (B)
$;. Chip is a common nickname for a (n)B
(A) transistor
(B) resistor
(C) integrated circuit
() semiconductor
(!) "one of these
A"# (c)
*<. 5he purpose of the primar& ke& in a database is toB
(A) unlock the database
(B) provide a map of the data
(C) uniAuel& identif& a record
() establish constraints on database operations.
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
*1. A +++++++++ contains specific rules and words that e0press the logical steps of an algorithm.
(A) programming language
(B) s&nta0
(C) programming structure
() logic chart
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
*$. 5he design of the network is called the networkB
(A) architecture
(B) server
(C) transmission
() t&pe
(!) "one of these
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A"# (A)
**. 5he most freAuentl& used instructions of a computer program are likel& to be fetched fromB
(A) the hard disk
(B) cache memor&
(C) :A,
() registers
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
*/. 5he ++++++++++++ contains data descriptions and defines the name, data t&pe, and length of each field in the
(A) data dictionar&
(B) data table
(C) data record
() data field
(!) "one of these
A"# (A)
*1. Personal logs or )ournal entries posted on the -eb are known asB
(A) listservs
(B) -ebcasts
(C) blogs
() sub)ect directories
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
*4. A(n) +++++++ uses pictures (called icons) and menus displa&ed on the screen to send commands to the computer
(A) command 3 based user interface
(B) D@6
(C) s&stem utilit&
() AP6
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(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
*7. 5he +++++ manual tells &ou how to use a software program.
(A) documentation
(B) programming
(C) technical
() user
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
*9. -hich of the following is "'5 a t&pe of broadband 6nternet connection%
(A) Cable
(B) #?
(C) ial3up
() #atellite
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
*;. #oftware, such as viruses, worms and 5ro)an horses, that has a malicious intent, is known asB
(A) sp&ware
(B) adware
(C) spam
() malware
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
/<. ,aking a field ++++++ means that it cannot be left blank.
(A) numeric
(B) reAuired
(C) calculated
() validated
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(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
/1. +++++++++ is the process of finding errors in software code.
(A) ebugging
(B) Compiling
(C) 5esting
() :unning
(!) "one pf these
A"# ()
/$. ++++++++++++ are viruses that are triggered b& the passage of time or on a certain date.
(A) Boot3sector viruses
(B) ,acro viruses
(C) 5ime bombs
() -orms
(!) "one of these
Ans (C)
/*. ?inu0 is a (n) ++++++++++++ operating s&stem.
(A) open3source
(B) ,icrosoft
(C) -indows
() ,ac
(!) "one of these
A"# (A)
//. -hat is a backup%
(A) :estoring the information backup
(B) An e0act cop& of a s&stem8s information
(C) 5he abilit& to get a s&stem up and running in the event of a s&stem crash or failure
() All of these
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(!) "one of these
A"# ()
/1. -hich of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest
(A) character, file, record, field, database
(B) character, record, field, database, file
(C) character, field, record, file, database
() Bit, b&te, character, record, field, file, database,
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
/4. 5he internet is ......
(A) a large network of networks
(B) an internal communication s&stem for a business
(C) a communication s&stem for the 6ndian government
() All of these
(!) "one of these
A"# ()
/7. ++++++++++++ are lists of commands that appear on the screen.
(A) D@6s
(B) 6cons
(C) ,enus
() -indows
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
/9. -hich of the following statements is .A?#! concerning file names%
(A) .iles ma& share the same name or the same e0tension but not both
(B) !ver& file in the same folder must have a uniAue name
(C) .ile e0tension is another name for file t&pe
() 5he file e0tension comes before the dot (.) followed b& the file name
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(!) "one of these
A"# ()
/;. >erification of a login name and password is known asB
(A) configuration
(B) accessibilit&
(C) authentication
() logging in
(!) "one of these
A"# (C)
1<. -hich of the following would most likel& "'5 be a s&mptom of a virus%
(A) !0isting program files and icons disappear.
(B) 5he C3:', stops functioning.
(C) 5he -eb browser opens to an unusual home page.
() 'dd messages or images are displa&ed on the screen.
(!) "one of these
A"# (B)
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