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Practical Log

Day 1 12/11/2013
Today I was investigating the effect of temperature on the rate of reaction. I was doing the prelim investigation, and so I did the initial experiment at 10oC to ensure this worked. Unfortunately I did not get to test it at 70oC as the 10oC attempt took the whole hour. The reaction itself went pretty well. I did not experience any problems when carrying it out. One thing I do need to amend is the time taken to do the experiment, I need to work faster. I hope to get at least two repetitions done in an hour. Tomorrow I will carry on with my prelim investigations. This time I will do the 70oC attempt in order to verify how well this works. If it works well, I will carry on with my experiment as normal, however on the other hand, if the reaction does not work as well as planned, I will decrease the range of temperatures at which I am testing the reaction.

Day 2 13/11/2013
I continued with my investigation on the effect of temperature on the rate of reaction. It was incredibly arduous. I was attempting to finish off my prelim investigation. It took me longer to set up then it had the day before. It took me nearly an hour to set up the reactants. Afterwards, for the prelim, I had to heat up the chemicals to 70oC. I placed the reactants in an electric water bath in order to heat them up. However, the water bath was not going above approximately 50oC. I had to boil water in the kettle and add it to the water bath in order to raise the temperature. I also had to keep a constant eye on the temperature of the water itself and of the reactants. The Hydrogen Peroxide had reached 70oC, but the reactant solution was approximately at 63oC, and it wasnt getting any higher. I kept adding more hot water in an attempt to increase the temperature, but it didnt seem to be working, or it was taking longer than it should have. Eventually, I realised it was because I was using a plastic beaker to hold the solution. Plastic is an insulator and thats why the solution wasnt heating up quickly. Eventually, the reactants got up to 70oC, and I let them react. The reactants were so hot that the final solution was beginning to evaporate soon after it had reacted. So I took the solution to a fume cupboard, as there was purple vapour being given off. The reaction took place too quickly to measure. I decided against using 70oC as a temperature, and I have decided to alter

the range from 10oC-70oC to 0oC-60oC. I plan to do the actual investigation for the aim tomorrow.

Day 3 14/11/2013
Today I managed to work at a much faster rate. I set up all the required beakers and filled them with the required chemicals. I created the reactant solution. I also prepared the conical flask with the Hydrogen Peroxide quickly. I measured the temperature of each, and saw they were at the same temperature, and thus I proceeded to react them. I managed to carry out the same reaction three times today. Before I entered the lab, I looked at my methods and saw what I had to do, and I knew which chemicals I required and also the equipment and the number of pieces of each equipment that were required. As soon as I walked into the lab I was able to gather the required equipment, and create labels for each chemical. I gathered the chemicals I required and I managed to prepare the solutions all within 10 minutes. I managed to do three reactions within an hour. I plan on continuing this aim tomorrow.

Day 4 15/11/2013
I continued with the investigation of the effect of temperature on the rate of the reaction. I managed to do another 6 reactions today. I had done the first repetition of all temperatures. I then managed to do repetition number 2 of the first 2 temperatures. I need to do the 2nd set of repetitions and the 3rd set of repetitions.