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SIKA INDONESIA, PT Company Description

:: VACANCY :: PT Sika Indonesia, a worldwide leader in construction chemical, in construction industries such as transportation and infrastructure, power industry, water industry, manufacturing industry, commercial and residential buildings, ready mixed concrete and precast concrete production. currently seeking an exceptional individual to fill the following position based at our head office in Jakarta. The position below offers excellent long term career prospects and a competitive performance based package SALES ENGINEER FOR CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL (Code: SCM)


Post Date: 05 Ja !0

Male/female, maximum ! years old "#$ %egree in civil engineering from reputable university Minimum & years working experience in cement, concrete, and construction industry 'luent in (nglish, both speaking and writing )omputer literate *illing to travel

+f you meet the above re,uirements to please post or email your resume including a current photograph together with your current and expected salary within & weeks to the address below. -eferences should be submitted along with the application to . /uman -esources %epartment PT Sika Indonesia Jl. -aya )ibinong#0ekasi 1m. &2,

3imusnunggal )ileungsi, 0ogor $45&2 or by email to Pu# #$e "ode %SCM% on #$e en&e o' o( e)ai su*+e"#, 7r you can using -Qui"k A'' ./ button below 8for Member 9 :isitor;

Career Leve &r's( )*p

!i"" e

#$a ification De%ree 2 year's( B$i "in% + Constr$ction, )n%ineerin% - Civi + .tr$ct$ra , .a es Job Cate%ory /ec0nica .a es + .a es )n%ineer Job Location D1I Ja2arta - Ja2arta .a ary Job /ype 3e%otiab e 4$ /ime, 5ermanent #$ic2 6pp y C ipboar" .en" /o 4rien" 5rint C ose

.I16 I3D73).I6, 5/ Company Description :: 86C63C&:: 5/ .i2a In"onesia, pemimpin "$nia "a am 2imia 2onstr$2si, "a am in"$stri 2onstr$2si seperti transportasi "an infrastr$2t$r, in"$stri istri2, air in"$stri, in"$stri man$fa2t$r, ban%$nan 2omersia "an resi"ensia , siap camp$r beton "an beton praceta2 pro"$2si. se"an% mencari in"ivi"$ yan% $ar biasa $nt$2 men%isi posisi seba%ai beri2$t berbasis "i 2antor p$sat 2ami "i Ja2arta. 5osisi san%at bai2 "i ba9a0 ini mena9ar2an pan:an% :an%2a prospe2 2arir "an pa2et berbasis 2iner:a 2ompetitif .6L). )3;I3))R <3/<1 B6=63 173./R<1.I 'Co"e: .C!( .6L). )3;I3))R <3/<1 B6=63 173./R<1.I 'Co"e: .C!( 5ost Date: 0> Jan$ari ?0 1$a ifi2asi: @ 5ria + 9anita, ma2sima 3> ta0$n @ .-? De%ree "a am bi"an% te2ni2 sipi "ari $niversitas ter2em$2a @ !inim$m 2 ta0$n pen%a aman 2er:a "i semen, beton, "an in"$stri 2onstr$2si @ 4asi0 "a am ba0asa In%%ris, bai2 berbicara "an men$ is @ Comp$ter iterate @ Ai in% to trave

Ji2a 6n"a memen$0i persyaratan "i atas $nt$2 menyenan%2an pos ata$ emai res$me 6n"a termas$2 foto saat bersama-sama "en%an 6n"a saat ini "an %a:i yan% "i0arap2an "a am 9a2t$ 2 min%%$ 2e a amat "i ba9a0. Referensi 0ar$s "ia:$2an bersama "en%an ap i2asi $nt$2: Departemen .$mber Daya !an$sia

5/ .i2a In"onesia J . Raya Cibinon%-Be2asi 1m. 20 Lim$sn$n%%a Ci e$n%si, Bo%or ?6.820 ata$ me a $i emai 2e 0rBi" !as$22an 2o"e C.C!C pa"a menyamp$ ata$ s$b:e2 emai . 6ta$ 6n"a "apat men%%$na2an C#$ic2 6pp yC "i ba9a0 '$nt$2 !ember D 5en%$n:$n% Career Leve 1$a ifi2asi &r 's( Job Cate%ory /en%a0 ;e ar )*p 2 year 's( B$i "in% + Constr$ction, )n%ineerin% - Civi + .tr$ct$ra , .a es - /ec0nica .a es + .a es )n%ineer D1I Ja2arta - Ja2arta

Job Location 3e%osiasi ;a:i Job /ype 4$ /ime, 5ermanent #$ic2 6pp y C ipboar" .en" /o 4rien" 5rint C ose