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Neither the President Soon the (mal) advisers of be deceived by the President comrade Tilvin Silva, the establishing a dictatorial
nor the Ministers of the the President came out with or his coterie of liars, nor political bureau members' rule in Sri Lanka. By 1978
Government at the myriad reasons for holding will it allow them to deceive comrades Lal Kantha and the country was at the brink
beginning had the courage to an early Presidential the people of Sri Lanka. The Vijitha Herath attended the of a serious economic,
announce that there would election. The President JVP declared at a packed media conference. political and social crisis.
be a Presidential Election in defeated terrorism. Now he media conference on 17th Answering questions The UNP regime was ready
January 2010. They were not needs a fresh mandate to August 2009 held at its head posed to him, the leader of to introduce the so called
courageous enough to do so perform an economic office at Pelawatte, the JVP said “The people of 'free market capitalist
because they were not in a miracle to achieve national Battaramulla, that it will Sri Lanka in 1978 or after policies' ignoring the strong
position to justify holding an development, bring national oppose any attempt to hold never demanded the opposition of the people. In
early Presidential election unity, and devolve power by another Presidential introduction of the fact the opposition to the
for another six year term in implementing 13 or 13plus, Election and will organize Executive Presidential regime was crushed after
o f f i c e . M r. M a h i n d a in short, to solve all burning mass agitations throughout system in Sri Lanka. It was creation of the monster, the
Rajapakse has promised to problems of the country. A the country. The leader of imposed in 1978 by the then executive presidency.'
abolish the Executive pious and reasonable request the JVP comrade United National Party leader
Presidential system at the if not analysed seriously. Somawansa Amarasinghe, Mr. J.R. Jayawardene who
end of his first term in office. The JVP will neither the General Secretary always had a dream of see pg 7

Photo: (from left to Right) Comrade Vijitha Herath, Comrade Tilvin Silva, Comrade Somawansa Amarasinghe and Comrade K.D. Lal Kantha
our sovereignity. The Indian


government interfered in
internal affairs of Sri Lanka on
the pretext of being the
(Hard Talk by Shakuntala Perera -Daily Mirror 30 July, 2009)
saviours of the Tamil people. If
Leader of the JVP tells Hard Talk that the issues affecting the government is losing the they had the interest of the
Tamil people would be resolved in giving the Tamil people the minority support when it was Tamils then how did the oil
equal opportunities they seek, and maintains that the government
clear that the President tried tanks in Trincomalee creep into
is failing to understand the real issue nor seek realistic solutions. the agreement; or the Ports in
He warns the government and the country against the threat of
to approach them as a first
step when he told Parliament the Sri Lanka creep into it?
separatism that still persists in the guise of peaceful settlement of
the national issue, espoused as strongly as the military struggle that there were no longer any According to this the Sri
of the LTTE, by others who supported the LTTE. minorities in the countries? Lankan government can't take
(RED POWER Reproduces the Daily Mirror's interview) any decision regarding the
A: Yes and this is very bad in ports, harbours or the airports.
trying to achieve national We should understand the
Q: The President recently integration. The Tamils are not concerns in India about their
announced that he would happy; this is what we observe. ports. We are living in a region
present a final political From the day on which where there is only one
solution after seeking the terrorism was defeated the neighbour. Having said that,
mandate of the people government did not tackle it our own policy should be that
through a Presidential poll. properly. When I was informed this country is not used against
Certain minority parties are by the government that I n d i a e i t h e r. P r e s i d e n t
expressing concern that this Prabakaran was defeated, my Jayewardene didn't understand
may lead to an undue delay in only request from the that. I remember the then
meeting minority concerns. government was to see that the Political Secretary of the
Is there a delay at all in your Tamil people were looked Indian High Commission in
opinion? after. It is ok to celebrate Colombo telling me that 'we
victories but our real concern m u s t t e a c h h i m ( M r.
A: He already has a mandate should be to look at the bigger
which he received in 2005. No Jayawardene) a lesson.' But by
picture. doing that it was India that
one wants the Presidential
election to be held next year learnt the biggest lesson. They
before he ends his term. And he Comrade Somawansa Amarasinghe Q : T h e P re s i d e n t h a s lost 1500 of their men; men of
doesn't have a mandate for an however spoken about his the 4th largest army in the
is bankrupt both internally and we are not implementing world. They were humiliated
election before. There is an willingness to pursue the 13th
externally. We don't have anything to achieve national and lost also one of their PMs.
agreement with the JVP which Amendment with greater
enough foreign reserves, which integrity and development. We did warn India that India
specifies that the Presidential powers which would be seen
is why we had to go to the IMF will suffer if they continue to
system will be abolished. That as meeting the demands of
with the begging bowl. That is support separatism in this
is really what we should do. We Q: But in all fairness to the the Tamil political elements.
why the government had to country. They trained the
don't even want to talk about an government wouldn't it be But it is political parties like
increase taxes and is already terrorists, financed them and
election or the mandate he's correct to say that given the yours who are opposed to any
reducing monies spent on gave them the diplomatic and
seeking till 2010. There will be pressures of meeting the form of devolution of power.
education and health. National political recognition they
agitations in the country if he immediate needs of the IDPs
income is low. The people are A: The JVP is the only party needed. They built an army to
moves away from the the government needs some
already fed up of this proposing something far invade this country. It was an
agreement. extra time before it starts
government that is why they beyond the 13th Amendment; invasion. This agreement
are having elections two years working on those aspects of something more than even
the problem? should not be accepted because
Q: As the Party that earlier. Tamil Eelam. We are proposing it was not based on equality.
supported the government in A : C e r t a i n l y, b u t t h e that we first establish The danger is that the
the war against terrorism, government is not even democracy and equal agreement still stands and India
Q: But given the military addressing the issues of the opportunities so that we go
why is the JVP blocking his could interfere in this country
victory over the LTTE, isn't it IDPs. Everyone can see that. towards equality. Equal
p a t h t o d a y, w h e n t h e on the pretext of suppressing
in fact true that the The government mustn't forget opportunities are what the
President has kept his part of terrorism.
government is at its most that it was they who invited the people need far more than
the bargain in ending that
popular today? Wouldn't you Tamil people to come on to its Tamil Eelam or 13+. Those The greater problem is
say that the outcome of the side; it should have been ready Ministers who speak about that India doesn't think about
A: I don't think the country election is already a foregone these solutions speak about what will happen to them if we
to meet their needs. They can't
expects us to support him conclusion given the implement this agreement in
now say that they have 300,000 give and take. But who has the
unconditionally. We supported popularity it enjoys in the full. In 1988 they didn't think
people whose needs are right to give anything when
him to defeat terrorism in this country today? about the 13th Amendment to
difficult to be met. It's too late they don't have anyone's rights
country unreservedly. I don't the Constitution seriously.
A: Yes, but not everything now. There are a lot of concerns in their pockets? Those rights
think anyone will want us to Today it is a bridge towards
depends on popularity. The in the international community are with the people. That is
support this government to separatism. Although India
JVP always analyses the today, they should not have left their power. If we allow that it
continue the corruption it says they don't want to see a
situation, on the situation room for that. This is why we will become a bargain between
practices. We can't support a separate state in Sri Lanka they
prevailing in the country, and recommended initially that the people and the elite. The
government already violating can't stop it because that is
does not let it be dazzled by there be a Committee of all President must address the
the wishes of the people and already starting here. Now we
such victories. This country political parties to attend to the legitimate grievances of the
being inefficient. We can't will have to act very soon to
needs to win over, mobilizing burning issues of the IDPs and people by establishing equality
support a government like that. stop that process which is
the people to obtain other the country. There was no and democracy in the country.
Ours was support to end gathering momentum after the
victories like development. response to it. Yet, again we The 13th Amendment
terrorism, establish democracy defeat of the LTTE.
This is why we expected the came out with another on the other hand was drafted
and exercise good governance.
President to come out with initiative to minimize the by India and imposed on this Although the LTTE
The agreement is very clear on
such a programme on the 17th problems confronted by the country with their national was also fighting for
what our support was based on;
when he addressed Parliament Tamil people. These are very interests at heart. The late PM separatism, those who are
the Mahinda Chintana was
after defeating the LTTE. But simple solutions that could be Indira Gandhi treated the advocating separatism and
based on that.
there was nothing. It was taken without thinking of long national interests of Sri Lanka federalism have become
Certainly, separatist because we knew that victory procedures. This would have legitimate, lawful, peaceful
in terms of interests of India.
terrorism has been defeated. was definitely ours that we had been a good beginning for and democratic. But they really
That was India's foreign policy
But separatist tendencies and a plan for development and national unity to be achieved. are not. And they have not
then. This is why we had to sign
those forces that espouse that hoped to contribute to We are losing the potential and given up the idea of
the Indo Lanka accord in 1987.
thinking is still there and is whatever plan the President wasting time. establishing a separate state in
An agreement is usually among
much stronger. would announce to the country. this country.
equals but this was imposed on
We are concerned Now the victory has already us after President Jayawardene
about the fact that the country become meaningless, because Q: Are you saying that the
knelt before India. It violated see pg. 4
Te n s i o n o n t h e emptive war on North Korea. despite Secretary of State H.
Korean peninsula has (quoted in History Too Long Clinton's dark warning that
increased markedly in recent Denied by Professor Gavan the United States would not
months. The DPRK walked
out of the Six-Party Talks AND McCormack, Global
Research). On May 28th Aso
be "blackmailed by North
Korea." But who is

after the US introduced new had already claimed Japan's blackmailing whom? Is it the
demands for "verification" entitlement to a pre-emptive country with the largest
which would have enabled strike. nuclear capacity or the
US-led teams to probe around These threats and country with the smallest?
North Korea virtually at will. sabre-rattling have been The citizens of the
Since then US diplomacy has accompanied by a DPRK have lived under the
cranked up the propaganda propaganda barrage which shadow of nuclear weapons
barrage, using the UN the world's news media have for almost the entire nuclear
Security Council as its puppet directed against the DPRK. In age. The US considered using
once more. What are the aims fact, it is now virtually them during the Korean War
of US diplomacy as it impossible to read any news (1950-53) when the defeat of
hypocritically tries to turn the coverage which does not their ground forces in Korea
nuclear issue in its own routinely insult the DPRK, its appeared imminent. The US
favour? leader, its socialist economic first introduced nuclear
During 2008 the system, and its people. weapons into the Korean
world saw over 100 different South Korea and peninsula in January 1958,
rockets launched which fired Japan, which are the most and they remained there for at
various objects, primarily fierce of all in their criticism least 35 years. The US claims
communications satellites, of the DPRK nuclear to have removed them all by
into outer space. On February programme, live under the 1993, but the North Koreans
9 2009, the Government of security of what the do not believe it. Even if those
the Democratic People's Americans describe as their weapons are truly gone, the
US Navy Trident D5 sea-launched ballistic missile, capable
Republic of Korea of reaching North Korean targets in less than 15 minutes "nuclear umbrella". That DPRK is still of course
(commonly known as North umbrella consists of 5,400 confronted by the terrifying
Korea) announced its own 1954 Castle Bravo way by referring in June to the warheads loaded on US "nuclear umbrella'
intention to launch a fusion thermonuclear test, DPRK's cycle of "belligerent intercontinental ballistic mentioned above.
communications satellite of which had a yield of no less provocative" behaviour missiles at land and sea; an A l t h o u g h
its own. The launch than 15,000 kT. posing a "grave threat", additional 1,750 nuclear approximately 10,000
successfully place on April 5, The fact that the USA saying that "This is a pattern bombs and cruise missiles American soldiers have been
enabling the DPRK satellite has conducted 1,054 nuclear they've come to expect. We ready to be launched from B-2 transferred to Iraq in recent
to take its place alongside the tests of its own did not prevent are going to break that and B-52 bombers; a further years, the USA still maintains
multitude of US and Japanese them expressing alarm and pattern." He also stated that 1,670 nuclear weapons 27,500 effective troops in
satellites in the skies which outrage at the DPRK's second the DPRK's record "makes it classified as "tactical." Not South Korea. At least once a
are peering down upon the test. Forgetting too about its unacceptable for them to be fully deployed but available year the US military conducts
North Koreans, observing own refusal to ratify the 1996 accepted as a nuclear power." are an additional 10,000 or so joint exercises with South
their every move. According Comprehensive Test Ban The Secretary- nuclear warheads held in Korean forces, practising a
to the Outer Space Treaty of treaty, the USA demanded General of Japan's all- bunkers around the United land invasion of the DPRK.
1967, space "shall be free for that the UN Security Council powerful governing party the States. (Newsweek June 25 These exercises, code-named
exploration and use by all punish the North Koreans, LDP, Mr Hosoda Hiroyuki, 2001). Sea-launched ballistic "R.I.S.O", "Fowl Eagle",
States without discrimination and introduced UN Security called for the overthrow of the missiles onboard strategic "Rimpac-2006" and "Ulji
of any kind". Despite this, the Council Resolution 1874 to DPRK government on June Ohio-class submarines Focus Lens", were staged in
United Nations Security that effect. That Resolution, 7th, and Prime Minister Aso (SSBNs) patrolling in the and around South Korea,
Council immediately passed unanimously, harshly Pacific appear also to have a mobilising strategic bombers,
condemned the launch in condemned the DPRK test as mission against North Korea. a fleet of nuclear-powered
terms which effectively illegal, as though it was in Two to three SSBNs are on aircraft carriers and other
denied North Korean some way worse than any of "hard alert" in the Pacific at large-scale nuclear strike
the 2,053 other nuclear tests If the main equipment. In 2007 it moved
sovereignty. The DPRK any given time. A D5 Trident
protested at being singled out that had gone before it. It contradiction of nuclear missile launched from the mainland to South
for UN interference, but its applied financial and other our time is that from one of these submarines Korea a battalion (15-24) of
demand for an apology was sanctions against the DPRK, between can reach North Korea in 12- F - 11 7 S t e a l t h c o m b a t
ignored. In response to the including one which "calls 13 minutes. The feared B-2 bombers. These are the so-
imperialism and
Security Council's action, on" all its member states to Stealth Bomber could have an called "invisible kings of the
Kim Jong-il's government stop and search North Korean anti- important role against targets sky", one of the most
announced it would no longer ships on the high seas. The imperialism, it is in the DPRK, It carries the sophisticated lethal weapons
"even think about giving up DPRK has already responded on the Korean new B61-11 earth penetrating that have achieved ill-fame in
its nuclear weapons" and to this unprecedented peninsula that nuclear bomb, suitable for use recent years as the main
would enlarge its efforts to sanction by stating that it against the deeply buried equipment of pre-emptive
produce more of them. would regard any attempt to we see that North Korean underground attack in the US wars of
Thereupon the DPRK went stop its shipping in contradiction in facilities. Separate US aggression. In 2006 the US
ahead with its second international waters as an act its purest, nuclear arsenals are committed aerial espionage
underground nuclear test on of war. sharpest form. maintained at Okinawa, against the DPRK on over
May 25. The harsh UN Guam, and Hawaii. 2200 occasions with strategic
The size of the measures overriding the It is to deter the US and tactical reconnaissance
explosion of this fission national sovereignty of a from ever using this planes of various kinds
device has been variously member state were unimaginable destructive deployed in overseas bases
estimated at between 5-15 accompanied by an outburst potential that the North and South Korea, which
kilotons of TNT. It was of great power bullying declared that the country's Koreans have by dint of their means that every day it used
therefore somewhat smaller orchestrated by the US security could not be own efforts built a very small six reconnaissance planes on
than the Fat Man fission bomb government, backed up by guaranteed unless “we have nuclear umbrella of their own. average.
which the USA dropped on sabre-rattling from its the determination to fight But their missiles lack the
Nagasaki on 9th August 1945 dependent satellites Japan when the time to fight capacity to reach US territory,
(21 kT). It was a thousand and South Korea. President comes,” leaving no doubt that and therefore cannot be
times smaller than the USA's Obama unfortunately led the he was thinking of pre- considered a threat to them, see pg. 4
From pg 2 A: This is not a problem of the This is how one recognizes a state. they come? These are not secrets.
aspirations of the Tamil people, but RAW has been working even after the
GOVERNMENT IS ... those of the leaders of the Tamil
Why doesn't the UNP or the UPFA go
killing of PM Rajiv Gandhi in Sri
before the people if they have the
people. Such aspirations of the Tamil support of the people for the 13th Lanka. They continued links with the
Q: Who specifically are you talking leadership will only have its end in LTTE. This is why we want to see
about? Amendment ? They are worried about
getting a separate state in this country. the vote base among the Sinhalese; India change its policy. It achieved
A: Those who were with Prabhakaran That is when it will affect India, that is why they don't want to talk what it aimed in the 1980's for their
earlier and have left later. They have beause, already India is having about equal opportunities. It is the interests. They are making use of the
the right to advocate what they think. trouble in her own states like JVP that started that dialogue, oil tanks and in Trincomalee they're
We are using that same right to Nagaland or Tripura or Orissa. That because this is the only way to start given 679 sq. km surrounding the
analyze what they say to make the form of development will gather national unity. They don't go before harbor, and even members of the
Tamil people aware about what will momentum once a separate state is the people and say they are for Parliament are not allowed to go
happen if a separate state is established in Sri Lanka. It will be too federalism if they are genuine? inside on grounds that this is an
established in this country. Why it is soon to expect but it will happen. No Because, they are racist on that basis. exclusive Indian economic zone. It
important to live in a united country. one expected the youth league of the I'm not saying they are, in every was Sri Lankans that got killed and to
The problem is that those who are TULF to take up arms. No one aspect, but on that, they are. We liberate these lands. Whose
fighting for the 13th Amendment to be expected Sri Lanka to fight this war challenge them to go before the occupying these lands now? Even if
implemented will not stop at that. for 30 years. All we had then was a people if they are so sure of their LTTE were fighting the state, these
They have already come halfway peaceful Vadukoddai resolution. This positions. were still misled Sri Lankans who
towards a separate state, and there will is why we emphasize that separatism died, who have sacrificed for India to
be one if we don't prevent it. Today it is defeated with the same vigour. At make use of the land. India today need
will not too clear and may seem too this moment India is also pressing for Q:The argument is made that given to dominate us and take our resources
early because it can't be understood. the implementation of the 13th the geo- political nature of today's and politically establish their
But what is happening now couldn't Amendment. When that happens conflicts and the support that Sri domination. There are 1500 Indian
be understood earlier in the same way. there will be a separate state. Then the Lanka needed from India during men there. Why are Indians carrying
The problem is that India doesn't take Constitution of this country will be the war, the government may not out demining? Sri Lankans can do
it seriously. We say very clearly that changed. And it won't be a qualitative have a choice but to implement the these jobs. These are not assistance
India's territorial integrity will be change, because now we have unitary 13thAmendment? but dead ropes. These are assistance
threatened by what is happening in Sri state and if implemented completely with strings attached. We need not
A: Then what about the fact that India
Lanka now. The separatist forces have this nature of the state will become a have any enmity with India that is not
trained and financed the LTTE? It was
not stopped their forward march, they federal state instead. That is why what we need to do at all. That is why
only after they realized their mistakes
will fight for it until they achieve it. those advocating for 13th we say India will suffer one day. This
that their approach changed. The
They are talking about aspirations and Amendment are refusing to discuss is a friendly warning that India must
danger is that they are still being
aspirations can't be satisfied. the nature of the state, claiming these take precautions because this problem
fooled by the separatist forces. Don't
are just words. No these are not just of Sri Lanka is going to affect them.
forget that during the height of the war
words there is a meaning. There is a They can't avoid that. The Sri Lankan
Q: Would you say that such there were 50 RAW agents in the
big difference with a clear definition. government must also see that the
political agendas are being using Wanni without the knowledge of the
They make these arguments to territorial integrity of this country is
what they are terming the Sri Lankan government. They only
deceive the people. The nature of state safeguarded. That is the mandate
aspirations of the Tamil people for gave a list and requested Sri Lanka to
is the very basis of a Constitution. given by the people of this country.
this same purpose? look in to their safety later. Why did

From pg 3 bourgeoisie. The capitalist US state in other countries who possess none not easy for us to maintain an
also functions as the standard-bearer of them. Che Guevara visited understanding of the true significance
US DIPLOMACY ... and hegemon of imperialism, which Pyongyang around 1965 and told the of the DPRK.
Faced with these terrible represents the drive for domination press that North Korea was a model to Whether it be accusations of
threats for over 50 years, the North of international finance capital. The which revolutionary Cuba should nuclear weapons, of human rights,
Koreans have decided that they need main political contradiction of the aspire. drug smuggling, or counterfeiting, all
an umbrella of their own to deter a modern world is that between The DPRK is thus living proof of the abuse that US diplomacy has
nuclear superpower which still imperialism and anti-imperialism. that there is a better alternative to hurled at the DPRK in recent years
refuses to make peace with them after The main target of US diplomacy has capitalism. Its example sends out a was only an attempt to blacken its
their merciless attempt to destroy the always been those anti-imperialist powerful message to the exploited name in the eyes of the world's
DPRK failed in 1953. Throughout states that uphold communism, the workers of the entire world. The US proletariat. But these faked-up
their history the North Koreans have only serious alternative to capitalism. capitalist class fears the impact of this allegations are actually
shown that they do not yield to threats One such target is the DPRK, which message. It therefore sends out its smokescreens, designed to obscure
of any kind. after a history of 62 years now ranks political and diplomatic lackeys to what is really at stake for the US
So one might ask why it is that as the oldest and most advanced distort all the facts about the DPRK so ruling class the existence of a genuine
the USA stubbornly pursues their communist country in the world. as confuse the international socialist state in North East Asia.
"belligerent and provocative" policy During all that time the Workers' Party proletariat, and leave them resigned to They still fear the "communist
against the DPRK, a state which only of Korea has waged an unrelenting the belief that there is no possible menace" as much as ever.
wants the peaceful reunification of struggle against individualism and alternative to capitalism. If the main contradiction of
their country, and its freedom from selfishness. This is the first great first aim our time is that between imperialism
foreign control. Why do they persist In the DPRK the means of of US diplomacy: to slander the and anti-imperialism, it is on the
with their absurdly hypocritical production, distribution and exchange DPRK so as to taint the image of its Korean peninsula that we see that
claims that the DPRK presents a are publicly owned, and the economy socialist system. Its propaganda is contradiction in its purest, sharpest
nuclear threat to the world? Even a is centrally planned to meet human aimed not at the North Koreans, who form. Therefore along the 38th Parallel
child, if presented with the relevant needs. Education and health care are know the truth quite well, but at the occurs the most concentrated military
facts, would see through the US's provided free, and all taxes were uninformed workers of the world. The build-up anywhere in the world.
attempt to paint the DPRK as the abolished in 1974. Accommodation is other, capitalist, classes do not need to There the confrontation between the
villain. So why does US diplomacy also provided free, with only a small be told that the DPRK is a dreadful two great economic systems,
continue to deny the reality of the charge for utilities. Unemployment place, because they already have their capitalism and communism, is at the
world, and maintain that white is was abolished over 50 years ago. own selfish reasons for detesting any peak of its tension. The gallant
really black? Public transport costs are extremely socialist state. So all the distortions soldiers of the North, the one million
The fundamental role of US low while the Pyongyang metro is a and lies of US diplomacy are strictly strong Korean People's Army, deserve
diplomacy is to serve the interests of true communist work of art. These for our consumption, the world's a special place in the hearts of the
the US state, which is under the solid social achievements will always proletariat. Faced with such an world's labouring masses.
dictatorship of the American be of potential interest to proletarians unrelenting propaganda barrage, it is
The editorial of the binding" says the editor.
'ISLAND' on the 19th August Tr u e ! W h y d o e s t h e
2009 manifested yet as usual 'ISLAND' not question Mr.
its unprincipled media Rajapakse morality? You are
tradition by unjustifiably unmasked Mr. Editor! You
attacking the JVP. The JVP are not capable of hiding the
respects the right not only of fact that you have become a
the media but also of anyone mouthpiece of Mr. Rajapakse
else to analyse, to criticize and his Government corrupt
and to reject if needed the to the brim.
strategies and tactics the JVP Mr. Editor, you seems
practices to achieve victories to be unaware how Mr.
for the Sinhalese, Tamil, Rajapakse won the recently
Muslim and other citizens held provincial council
and for the country. elections. Mr. Rajapakse has
T h e m e d i a , ignored the 17 amendment
particularly the 'ISLAND', to the constitution which
has no right to mislead the guarantees a free and fair
people of Sri Lanka by election among many other
publishing blatant lies and things. The recently held
half truths. The JVP does not elections were not free and
question the policies of the fair. Mr. Rajapakse cannot be
'ISLAND'. It has the right to ignorant of election laws
support (of course for its own being violated while the
benefit) Mr. Rajapakse and police have become blind
his corrupt Government. system existing in Sri office of the President. The editor of
and inactive. Taxpayer's
When the 'ISLAND' Lanka. If the JVP does not 'ISLAND' is so malicious
money has been spent in
offers its unconditional (or The 'ISLAND' could care about its promises what that he pretends not to aware
millions for the President's
blind) support to not hide its nervousness. that the JVP won 41 seats in
election campaign. Public
M r. R a j a p a k s e a n d t h e “Now it (JVP) is threatening the parliament in 2004. The
servants and public property
Government the paper must to take to the streets unless charlatan that he is, the editor
are also used for the election
be aware that it looses its President Mahinda But political has made a sinister attempt to
campaign of the SLFP.
Rajapakse abolishes the ignore the fact that the JVP
credibility immediately (if promises are not Silence is golden for the
there is any) as an unbiased, executive Presidency donated two seats in the
forthwith" says the editor of legally binding" parliament to the Sri Lanka
impartial and independent says the editor. The 'ISLAND' editor
news paper. 'ISLAND'. No! Mr. Editor, Freedom Party (SLFP). The is not fit for his job if he is
The questions arise Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse has True! Why does the new alliance between the ignorant of the draconian
when the 'ISLAND' is the right to be in office until 'ISLAND' not JVP and SLFP was not only powers of the Executive
making efforts to November 2011, two years question Mr. beneficial for the JVP but President. The President is
masquerade as an unbiased, and three months exactly. He Rajapakse also for the SLFP. It was the not accountable for the
impartial, independent, could perform miracles if he legitimacy of the JVP that
morality? You are parliament or the people; No
national news paper. needs to make Sri Lanka and was decisive for the UPFA to
unmasked Mr. proceedings shall be
The editorial that its people prosperous! win the election. If the SLFP
Editor! You are not instituted or continued
drew JVP's attention was The 'ISLAND' claims was powerful enough to go it
capable of hiding against the President in any
published just after the media that it stands by democracy alone during that time it court or tribunal in respect of
conference the JVP held at its and it genuinely opposes the fact that you would not have formed the anything done or omitted to
head office on the 17th politicians who come to have become a alliance with the JVP. be done by him either in his
Monday 2009. The sole power giving false promises mouthpiece of Mr. The editor further
o f f i c i a l o r P R I VAT E
purpose of holding the media to the people. If that is so the says "But their (JVP's)
Rajapakse and his capacity.
conference was to express 'ISLAND' editorial should rashness overtook them in
Government The 'ISLAND' editor
JVP's vehement opposition have been written to support early 2005 when CBK
corrupt to the brim should be well aware of J.R.
against holding a the campaign to abolish the (Chandrika Bandaranayke Jayewardene's (mis)use of
Presidential Election seeking executive presidential Kumaratunga) offered a joint his powers as the President.
a second term in office for system. Instead of doing that mechanism to share Tsunami
would have been the reaction JRJ once said "The
Mr.Rajapakse. The leader of 'ISLAND' has chosen to relief with the LTTE." (The
of the 'ISLAND'. How many Executive President has the
the JVP said at the media support a system even Mr. editor seems to be
editorials would have been powers and is able to do
conference that the JVP will Rajapakse admitted in 2005 sympathetic to the LTTE)
written to expose the JVP? anything as he wishes and
take to the streets with the to be a threat to democracy The JVP correctly
The 'ISLAND' must manifest there is only one thing that he
people of Sri Lanka to stop and agreed to abolish it at the understood that it was not a
that it has a backbone to lay is not able to do. That is to
another Presidential Election end of his first term in office relief exercise, but an effort
bare anyone including the change a man to a woman
being held and to demand the in the year 2001. ('ISLAND' to offer the North and the
President of Sri Lanka if he and vise versa."
abolition of the Executive UNMASKED!) East to the LTTE on a platter. We u rg e t h e
The 'ISLAND' does not care about his If the JVP did not leave the
Presidential system. The 'ISLAND' editor not to talk
comfortably forgets that Mr. promises. The editor of CBK's Government and
'ISLAND' we believe is through his hat, but to use his
Rajapakse signed an M.O.U. 'ISLAND' seems to be well challenge the so-called
aware that JVP's right to take pen to manifest before the
with the JVP on the 8th aware about the fate some Sri Tsunami Relief Mechanism
to the streets with people is people of Sri Lanka that you
September 2005 while Lankan journalists met with. before the Supreme Court,
not only democratic but also genuinely love a Supreme
millions of people witnessed But the 'ISLAND' jumps to the LTTE would have been
morally acceptable as Mr. Parliament and fully fledged
it. The 'ISLAND' pretends claim that it is the guardian of ruling the North and the East
Rajapakse promised to democracy.
not to be aware of decisive democracy and it is the most today.
abolish without reservation
role played by the JVP to patriotic news paper in Sri "But political
the Executive Presidential
bring Mr. Rajapakse to the Lanka. promises are not legally
GOVERNMENT MOCKS There are reports that a sword and a
'Natarasa' statue that are of immense historical
out of the Museum for various
reasons and there was no
PEOPLE LIVING IN IDP CAMPS value removed from Colombo National
Museum to be exhibite at the 'Deyata Kirula'
possibility of such items
disappearing. He said he
Minister of Power Mahindananda exhibition have disappeared. This was revealed would look into the matter
Aluthgamage has insulted people living in when Comrade Luxman Nipunarachchi, JVP raised by the JVP
IDP camps saying they consume ultra- Parliamentarian for Colombo District raised a Parliamentarian.
luxury food and leading luxury lives in the question in Parliament on the 7th. The sword However, the following week when the
camps. He has said this participating at a and the statue of historical value that belonged answer to the question raised by Comrade
Parliamentary debate called by the JVP on to Mr. E.W. Perera and was donated to the Nipunarachchi was due to be answered the
22nd July on issues of people living in IDP National Museum had been taken to be Minister of Cultural Affairs and National
camps. exhibited at 'Deyata kirula' exhibition but have Heritage was not present in Parliament and
not been returned to the Museum yet said Comrade Anura Dissanayake, Leader of the
Mr. Aluthgamage said 5 CWE shops have been Comrade Nipunarachchi.
established in IDP camps and cheese and coca-cola are the group of Parliamentarians of the JVP informed
In response Minister of Cultural Affairs the assembly that the minister together with the
most demanding commodities in those shops. He said
and National Heritage said there was a sword and the statue have disappeared.
ultra- luxury items such as sprite and biscuits too are sold in
procedure followed when artifacts are taken
plenty in the shops and said the people in IDP camps
consume only ultra-luxury food. He said the days turnover
in these shops is over Rs.500,000 and said it showed that
people in IDP camps spend a lot of money for their food. OF FARM LEASED OUT FOR A PITTANCE
He also said that Rs. 80 million was deposited by the people It is reported that the Thalawa addition to the lands the buildings and
in IDP camps on the first day the banks were established in Malwanegama farm which is 175 acres in extent machinery belonging to the farm too have been
the camps. He said that was good proof to indicate that the and owned by Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority handed over to the company and emphasized
people in IDP camps were not in dire need. has been leased to a private company at Rs.575/- that the farm should be taken over by the
Comrade Anura Dissanayake drawing the attention per acre. This was revealed in a statement made government.
of the Parliament regarding the issues confronted by people by Comrade Anura Dissanayake in Parliament In response the Minister of Agricultural
living in IDP camps said the food, water, health and on the 9th. Development & Agrarian Services
sanitary facilities in IDP camps are deplorable and called Comrade Anura Dissanayake in his Development said the government does not
upon the government to create a programme so that all statement emphasized that leasing very fertile agree to clauses in the agreement signed in
political parties, mass organizations and people in the paddy fields of the farm for such a low price 1992and would take measures to take legal
country could participate in a process to supply basic needs should be reconsidered. He pointed out that in action to acquire the farm.
of the people living in IDP camps and take measures to
He pointed out that the government doesn't allow Foreign media, citing an and they first established a hospital in
Parliamentarians of the opposition to visit to observe the announcement by the Indian Foreign Secretary, Pulmoddai area but now are deployed in the
IDP camps but allow ministers and Parliamentarians that had reported that Indian government had North.
represent the government only such as JHU. However, announced deployment of personnel of the Menon made this announcement
President Rajapakse's son Namal Rajapakse has been IndianArmy to defuse mines buried by the tiger immediately after Indian Minister of Finance
allowed to visit the camps which opportunity has been organization in the northern areas in Sri Lanka. Pranab Mukherjee announced that India would
denied to members of the opposition pointed out Comrade make available US$100 million for the welfare
Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar
Dissanayake and added that the government should give of Tamils and rehabilitation of IDPs. Many
Menon had told media that Indian soldiers
the highest priority to solve the issues of the people in IDP would help Sri Lankan authorities to find and political analysts say the government, greedy
camps. defuse land mines spread throughout the area to this money, has allowed a foreign army to
Comrade Dissanayake said despite the government by tiger terrorists. Menon had said India would enter the island humiliating the heroic Security
using the situation in IDP camps to obtain loan from the send experts and necessary equipment and the Forces of Sri Lanka that convincingly beat tiger
IMF the real attitude of the government towards people teams would definitely include Indian soldiers. terrorism which many had named as the most
living in IDP camps is exposed by the statement of the ruthless terrorist outfit in the world.
Earlier India had sent medical teams to
treat civilians escaping from tiger held areas


- Comrade Sunil Handunneththi
The statement the government makes Slash all subsidies given to people (this is technical MoU mentioned in the
claiming that no conditions have been imposed for already implemented. The allocation for school letter have not been revealed to the
the loan of US$2.6 billion from IMF is a blatant lie uniforms is Rs.304 million less than that was country and called upon the
states Comrade Sunil Handunneththi MP pointing allocated for 2008, the 'Samurdhi' allowance has government to reveal them to the
out that the letter of intent forwarded to IMF with the been slashed by Rs.1087 million.) people immediately.
signatures of Messrs. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya and Reduce the BOI tax relief period for Speaking further Comrade
Ajith Nivard Cabraal indicates that the government entrepreneurs from 15 to 3. Handunneththi said, “The government is bragging
has agreed to outrageous conditions. that they got the biggest loan in the history of the
The Central Bank will have to agree to
Speaking at a media meeting held at work with a team from IMF which would violate country. Even the poorest country in the world
'Mahagedera,' the party head office Comrade sovereignty of the bank and allow 'economic would not be happy about the need to get loans.
Handunneththi pointed out according to the letter the assassins' to mediate in the affairs of the Loans have to be obtained when the economy of the
government has imposed conditions on itself. economy. country deteriorates. Even the unborn in our country
He said the government has agreed: have been made indebted. Even if one rupee is not
Also, the government has to agree to depreciate taken as a loan in the future the debt installments we
To increase taxes by 2% by 2011 (The the rupee. have to pay for the debts our country has taken would
government will have to earn Rs.138 billion more The reason that IMF had decided to make continue until 2047. It would increase now,” said
than the earnings from present tax levies) available US$2.6 billion when only for US$1.9 Comrade Handunneththi.
To complete privatization of all billion was asked for was according to the Comrade Nalinda Jayatissa, Member of
institutions such as Ceylon Electricity Board and momentousness of the conditions that the Western PC and Comrade Wasanthe Samarasinghe,
Ceylon Petroleum Corporation that are government had agreed to said Comrade Sunil Convener of the Inter Company Employees Union
maintained with government subsidies. Handunneththi adding that agreements in the too were present at the media meeting.
From pg 8
Having thus
Unlike in other countries A MONSTER... l e a r n e d t h e
in the world the nurses who serve "STRATEGY AND
in cancer hospitals in Sri Lanka TACTICS” for winning elections, the President and the
are not given a training to treat UPFA Government held Provincial Council elections in
cancer patient. No safety other provinces before they completed their full term. This
measures have been taken to was done on a piecemeal basis, wasting millions of
prevent the nurses being exposed rupees in public funds that could have been usefully
to the dangers of highly spent on much-wanted national development. The
poisonous medicaments they country has been engaged in elections for the last 18
handle while treating the cancer months. The election for the recently dissolved Southern
Province is still to be held in October.
The authorities ignoring
UPFA won the elections by crook. The 17th
the court ruling given in favour
of the nurses and provoking the amendment to the constitution that grants powers for
health workers' unions to take appointing an Independent Constitutional Council, an
drastic actions such as work Independent Election Commission, and an Independent
stoppages jeopardizing the lives Police Commission was not implemented. Public
The nurses of the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama (suburbs servants, public property and public funds were used for
of cancer patients.
of Colombo) held a picket in front of the hospital recently to win their the benefit of the UPFA election campaigns. State
just demands.
media, both print and electronic, were engaged solely
for the promotion of the UPFA and for spreading lies
UNIVERSITY against the opposing political parties. Election laws were
STUDENTS JOIN THE blatantly violated and the voters intimidated. The police
STRUGGLE TO SAVE were prevented from taking any action against the
violators of the election laws. Is this going to be the
FREE EDUCATION pattern for holding elections in Sri Lanka in future?
The struggle to 'save Just after the Provincial Council elections for the
Southern Province, the President is contemplating
free education' is gathering
holding the Presidential Election. He will complete four
momentum. Recently the
years out of his six year-term for which he was elected in
students of the Sabaragamuwa
November 2005. The pretext for holding the Presidential
University joined the ongoing
Election, most probably in January 2010, is that the
struggle against establishment
President seeks a mandate for achieving national
of Private Medical Colleges in development after the defeat of the LTTE. THAT IS AN
Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse has no mandate
From pg 1 granting a free hand to the police to kill the
whatsoever to seek another term of Presidency. He
NO MANDATE ... members of the JVP. That marked the
should only be in power until November 2011. He has a
beginning of turning Sri Lanka to a killing
"The Executive President in Sri Lanka is the very clear mandate to be in power only for another two
years and three months exactly.
Head of the Government, the State, the Explaining the power of the President
Executive and also of the Security Forces." to appoint Ministers comrade Amarasinghe NOVEMBER 2011. HE AND HIS GOVERNMENT MUST
"He could carry out the appointment of the said " At present anyone could see this power BEFORE THAT DAY TAKE ACTION TO ABOLISH THE
Prime Minister and Ministers, the Chief has been (mis) used to appoint 112 ministers EXECUTIVE PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM THAT HAS STOOD AS A
Justice and other Judges of the Supreme and hence to change the entire configuration of THREAT TO DEMOCRACY FOR THE LAST 31 YEARS, THUS
Court." the parliament. The present parliament does FULFILLING ONE OF THE MAIN PROMISES HE PLACED
Referring to the Article 34 of the not represent the results of the General BEFORE THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA. IF MR. MAHINDA
Constitution of Sri Lanka, comrade Elections held in the year 2004." RAJAPAKSE GENUINELY WANTS TO ACHIEVE NATIONAL
Amarasinghe said “The President may in the Comrade Amarasinghe, concluding DEVELOPMENT THERE IS AMPLE TIME FOR HIM TO PERFORM
case of any offender convicted of any offence the media conference, said "The President ECONOMIC MIRACLES.
in any court within the Republic of Sri Lanka seems to have comfortably ignored the M.O.U Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse's ulterior motives are very
grant a pardon…." "It must be recollected that he signed with the JVP on 8th September 2005 clearly understood by the JVP. The present economic,
the President once granted pardon to one of his while millions of citizens of this country were political and social crises will grip the people and the
party supporters who was convicted for many watching on television, and the mandate he country. Mr. Rajapakse's artificial popularity will plunge to
offences including rape and robbery. was given by the people of Sri Lanka at the the bottom and the day he will be rejected is not far
"Answering questions on the Immunity of Presidential Election held in November 2005. away. He is well aware of his plight. That is why he is
President, comrade Amarasinghe said: " contemplating another term in office, ignoring the
Clause number 7 of the M.O.U. says 'Priority
Article 35 of the constitution says that while mandate he received in November 2005.
should be given to the fact that the Executive
any person holds office as President, no The ongoing economic, political and social crises
proceedings shall be instituted or continued Presidential system is detrimental to the
will create the monster that eats into the fundamental
against him in any court or tribunal in respect democratic process of Sri Lanka and therefore
rights of the people. The time has come for the people of
for anything done or omitted to be done by him agrees to abolish the Executive Presidential Sri Lanka to be aware of the danger and mobilize them
either in his OFFICIAL OR PRIVATE system at the end of its term that begins in selves to agitate against holding a presidential election,
CAPACITY." " Where provision is made by November 2005. “Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse's and demand that the President and the government
law limiting the time within which Presidential Election Manifesto also reiterated restore democracy by abolishing the executive
proceedings of any description may be the promise to abolish the Executive presidential system.
brought against any person, the period of time Presidency. The President now has no other
during which such person holds the office of alternative but to fulfill the promises he placed ADDRESS OF THE
President shall not be taken into account in before the people of Sri Lanka. Any attempt to
calculating any period of time prescribed by hold another Presidential Election will be NEW HEAD QUARTERS OF THE JVP
the law." defeated by the people of Sri Lanka led by the 464/20,
Answering questions comrade Tilvin JVP. The JVP has already launched its PANNIPITIYAROAD,
Silva said that the President is not accountable campaign against holding another Presidential PELAWATTE,
to the people or the Parliament. election. The JVP urges the media and the BATTARAMULLA,
Comrade Amarasinghe said “Once Mr. people to join that campaign and contribute SRI LANKA.
Jayawardene at a public meeting said 'KILL, their maximum to stop efforts to take the
KILL, KILL THE JVPERS! I WILL SEE country towards a Marcos-type dictatorship." Tel : (0094) 112 785 612 Fax : (0094) 112 786 050



AUSTRALIA, FAX: 0061 3 94369312
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Sri Lanka has been busily engaged in
Provincial Council elections since February
2008. Just after the defeat of separatist
terrorism in the Eastern Province, the
government decided to hold the Provincial
Council elections in that province. It was the
security forces and the JVP which made that
possible. The security forces militarily
defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam
(LTTE). The JVP submitted a petition to the The Colombo Port just campaign of the workers the in hundreds. Workers demand the
Supreme Court of Sri Lanka to de-merge the Workers' Association organized a authorities locked the main gates authorities to pay them
Eastern province from the Northern Province. protest rally in front of the of the port to prevent the workers immediately the salary arrears
Colombo port on the 28th July joining the protest. Provoked by and other payments they are
The two provinces had been merged in 1987
2009. the authorities the workers broke entitled.
by Mr. J. R. Jayawardene (the then-President Having failed to stop the
of Sri Lanka) using Emergency Laws, under open the gates and joined the rally
tremendous pressure from India and the
separatist terrorists. The President's act was SAVE FREE EDUCATION
clearly a serious violation of the constitution
of Sri Lanka, one that threatened the
territorial integrity of the country.

President Mahinda Rajapakse could at

his discretion have de-merged the two
provinces as soon as he came to power with
the unreserved support offered to him by the
JVP in November 2005. After his election to
the presidency, the JVP repeatedly requested
him to de-merge the two provinces. But he
rejected the JVP's request, fearing opposition
from the so-called International Community The All Ceylon Medical Colleges will mark the end of Free Committee of the Medical
(the imperialist countries), particularly from Officers' Association held a Education and Free Health S t u d e n t s A s a n g a
seminar at the Colombo Public Services in Sri Lanka. Wickremasinghe addressed the
India, the country that imposed the merger of
Library auditorium recently to Professor H. Sriyananda , s e m i n a r. I n t e l l e c t u a l s
the two provinces on Sri Lanka. The express its opposition to Consultant Dr. Deshapriya Dias,
President's betrayal prompted the JVP to go representing various fields
Governments' attempts to The President of the All Ceylon attended the seminar.
before the Supreme Court. establish private Medical Medical Officers Asociation Dr.
Colleges. The speakers blamed Pic: Prof. Sriyananda and
Gishantha Dassanayake and the Dr. Gishantha addressing the
The Supreme Court upheld the JVP's the Government that Convenor of the Action
establishment of Private Medical seminar
position that the merger of the two provinces
was a violation of the constitution of Sri Lanka
constitution, the two provinces were de- SOUTHERN PC ELECTION
merged, and hence it was possible to hold the
Provincial Council election in the Eastern
Comrade Comrade Comrade
The President's United People's Sisira Kumara Sisira Kumara Nalin Hewage
Freedom Alliance (UPFA) victory in the Wahalathanthri
Eastern Province was tarnished by gross
violation of election laws. The UPFA misused `The JVP has finalized Information Secretary Comrade candidate of the JVP as well as
public property, public servants and public lists of candidates for the Vi j i t h e H e r a t h a n d J V P the head of the Matara District
funds for its election campaign. Led by their Southern PC election. The lists Parliamentarian for Matara group. Former PC Member
allies, the UPFA candidates in the Eastern were prepared by a committee District Comrade Jinadasa Comrade Nalin Hewage is the
Province were armed while opposing parties headed by the Member of the Kithulegoda. leader of the group for Galle
Political Bureau of the JVP Comrade Sisira Kumara, District while the Hambantota
were denied their democratic rights. The Member of Parliament Comrade former leader of the group of JVP District list is headed by former
election was not at all a FREE and FAIR one. Chandrasena Wijesinghe. Other Members in Southern PC has PC Member Comrade Sisira
see pg. 7 members of the committee were been named the chief ministerial Kumara Wahalathanthri.