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Complete list of Attractions

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Please refer to the map of Tokyo Disney Land

ワールドバザール ファンタジーランド
Penny Arcade Peter Pan’s Flight
The Disney Gallery Snow White’s Adventure
Omnibus The Mickey Mouse Revue
Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
ADVENTURELAND Dumbo The Flying Elephant
Adventureland Castle Carrousel
Pirates of the Caribbean Haunted Mansion
Jungle Cruise It’s A Small World
Western River Railroad Alice’s Tea Party
Swiss Family Treehouse Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
The Enchanted Tiki Room,
Now Playing ‘Get the Fever!’ TOONTOWN
WESTERNLAND Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
Westernland Minnie’s House
Westernland Shootin’ Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey
Gallery Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse
Country Bear Theater Gadget’s Go Coaster
The Diamond Horseshoe Donald’s Boat
Mark Twain Riverboat Goofy’s Bounce House
Big Thunder Mountain Toon Park
Tom Sawyer Island Rafts Jolly Trolley


Critter Country トゥモローランド
Splash Mountain Star Tours
Beaver Brothers Explorer Space Mountain
Canoes Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
Grand Circuit Raceway

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Westernland Shootin’ Gallery
Relive the days of the Old West as you try your skill as a sharpshootin’
marksman. Formerly a drinking establishment, this saloon has been
turned into a shootin’ gallery so all the greenhorns, cowpokes, dudes
and outlaws who visit Westernland can have a shot at becoming the
“Best in the West.

Western River Railroad

At this remote trading outpost in the jungle, climb abroad a real
steam train for an extraordinary historical excursion around the wil- Special Event
derness and through the fantastic Primeval World. "Lilo & Stitch's Big Panic - Find Stitch!"
April 10 through July 19, 2007
This special event starring the rambunctious Stitch is coming back!
The alien from the Disney film Lilo & Stitch has decided to decorate
the Park and welcome the Guests Hawaiian-style, but he only ends
up making a big mess instead and runs away! Join Lilo, Stitch's alien
cousins and the rest of the Disney characters as everyone tries to
"Find Stitch!"

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

March 17, 2007
This spring the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights will
be lighting up evenings in the Park with a new line-up. Meet new
characters from films such as Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo as
well as all your old Disney favorites.

For these special shows please refer to a guide that is available

for pick up at the information centre in front of the park.

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Pilot your own open-topped rocket and feel the refreshing breeze on
your face as you soar through the skies high above Tomorrowland.

Star Tours
Experience space travel firsthand when you board this flight to a dis-
tant moon, piloted by a comical robot captain! Star Tours is the ulti-
mate thrill adventure from the creative forces of Disney and George

‘Super-Duper Jumpin’ Time’

Young children will have a jumpin’ good time with Mickey and the
gang! They can laugh along with the puppet show and other fun
activities, and dance and jump along to the rhythm of the Disney

Swiss Family Treehouse

Image what life would be on a remote island after being shipwrecked...
If you are fascinated by the treetop home from an all-time-favorite
Disney movie, “Swiss Family Robinson (1960),” be sure to explore this
wonderful recreation.

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights
This spring the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights is
lighting up evenings in the Park with a new line-up. Meet new char-
acters from films such as Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo as well as
all your old Disney favorites.

Tom Sawyer Island Rafts

These log rafts are the only means of transportation over to Tom Saw-
yer Island. On the Island, children of all ages will find a fun and safe
environment where they can let their imaginations run wild.

Toon Park
Near the entrance to Toontown is this pleasant little park designed
with little ones in mind. Youngsters can enjoy playing on the soft sur-
face and climbing on the soft sculptures. Everyone can enjoy a relax-
ing break here as well.

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Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
Steer and spin a cartoon-like cab for a wild and wacky chase through
the back alleys of Toontown. The villainous weasels with their dreaded
“dip” are out to get Roger... and you! So watch out!

Alice’s Tea Party
‘Slue Foot Sue’s Dinin’ & Fun’ Like a scene straight out of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, this tea
Slue Foot Sue, the proprietor of the Diamond Horseshoe, puts on a party will have you in a whirl. You can turn the wheel at the center
lively lunchtime show with the Disney characters. of your colorful cup to change the speed and direction of spinning.
There’s singing, dancing and lots of frontier fun. Mickey and his pals Peeking out of the big teapot from time to time is the Dormouse.
also take time to greet the Guests and pose for keepsake photos.

Snow White’s Adventures

Board a mine car and enter the world of Disney’s Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs. You’ll follow Snow White through a menacing forest as
she is befriended by the Seven Dwarfs and meets a scary witch offer- Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes
ing her a poisoned apple. Paddle around the Rivers of America with the help of your explorer-
guides. Out on the water, you’ll find beautiful views of Tom Sawyer
Space Mountain Island and Critter Country.
The popular Space Mountain has been revamped for the first time at
Tokyo Disneyland. You’ll see mysterious lights illuminating the dome, Big Thunder Mountain
and inside, you’ll find a sleek spaceship docked and being re-charged For years now, there have been stories about supernatural forces at
with an explosive ball of energy. Strap yourself into one of the new work in Big Thunder Mountain. When one mining company didn’t
rockets and blast off for a thrilling ride into outer space! heed the rumors and blasted out all sorts of mine shafts and tunnels,
unexplained and dangerous events started occurring. Some of the
Splash Mountain old hands even say they can hear tommy knockers, the spirits of long
Formerly called Chick-A-Pin Hill, Splash Mountain was renamed after dead miners, tapping from somewhere inside the mines...
an accident caused the Beaver Brothers’ dam to explode and flood
the whole mountain.Now Guests have a chance to ride in one of the For the wildest ride in the west, no daredevil or thrill-seeker should
Beaver Brothers’ hollowed-out boats and follow the cartoon antics of miss a ride aboard one of the company’s mine trains that roar down
Brer Rabbit on a hair-raising flume adventure with the steepest, high- the tracks without an engineer!
est and wettest drop in the Park!
Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
Starcade By joining Buzz and the Space Rangers on a perilous mission to defeat
the evil Emperor Zurg, you will be able to pilot a space cruiser and use
A futuristic arcade with both contemporary and state-of-the-art, cut-
its Astro Blaster armaments to shoot at various robots, secret weapons
ting edge games.
and other targets.

Find out if you have what it takes to be a Space Ranger and protect
the peace of outer space from the forces of the evil Emperor Zurg!

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Castle Carrousel ‘Pecos Goofy’s Frontier Revue’
Everyone loves to ride a white horse and the Castle Carrousel has 90 Pecos Goofy is the star of this dinner-show, rustling up Frontier-era
of them with different poses and colorful trappings. Just beneath the fun for the Guests by showing-off his roping talents.
carrousel canopy are 18 hand-painted vignettes detailing scenes from A dance troupe also performs the up-tempo French dance “Can-Can”
Disney’s animated classic Cinderella. and Mickey Mouse appears on stage as the saloon cook with a special
Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse
These chipmunk pals have built their home in a big oak tree, which Penny Arcade
guarantees them a constant supply of acorns. You are welcome to Slip back in time and try your skill on classic mechanical arcade games
climb up and explore their “nutty” home. from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s. Authentic, coin-operated
sports-related games, kinetoscopes, tests of strength, pinball ma-
Country Bear Theater chines, and other games can all be enjoyed here.
The Country Bear Theater showcases the zaniest group of foot-
stompin’ bears ever assembled on one stage. Guests are invited to Peter Pan’s Flight
set for a spell and listen as these “real” down-home bears put on a With a little bit of pixie dust, your pirate ship will fly you through the
un-Bear-ably hilarious musical revue. night skies over London, past the second star to the right and on to
Never Land. You’ll see Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and other char-
Three different shows, “Country Bear Jamboree,” “Vacation Jamboree” acters in scenes from this popular tale.
and “Jingle Bell Jamboree,” are presented throughout the year accord-
ing to the season. Come join the fun with the rockin’-est, hillbilly-est Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
band of Country Bears you ever did hear at the Country Bear Theater.
Travel on a mine car as you follow Pinocchio on his long, treacherous
journey from wooden puppet to real boy. Favorite scenes from the
Disney classic film, Pinocchio, are recreated here.
D Pirates of the Caribbean
During the Golden Age of Piracy, a band of merry buccaneers, known
Diamond Horseshoe as the Pirates of the Caribbean, ruled the seas and ports... If you dare,
A rowdy, Western-style “table-service saloon,” owned and run by Slue embark on pirate boat and take a thrilling voyage back to the Old
Foot Sue. At lunchtime, Woody and Jessie from the Disney/Pixar film World of adventure and romance.
Toy Story2 star in a lively lunch show filled with singing, dancing, ac-
tion and laughter.
Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
In the afternoon and evening, Pecos Goofy rustles up some Frontier- Featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre
era fun by showing off his roping talents for the dinner crowd in “Pe- Wood, the attraction is alive with unpredictable excitement. Aboard
cos Goofy’s Frontier Revue.” The show also features a dance troupe the largest hunny pot you’ve ever seen, enjoy the encounters that
performing the “Can-Can,” direct from Paris, and a stage appearance follow when you set off with Pooh to find his favorite food.
by Mickey Mouse!

Disney Gallery
Located upstairs in World Bazaar, The Disney Gallery is home to
changing exhibitions - currently showing is “Disney Unleashed ‘The
Cats and Dogs of Disney Animation.’” The newly opened “Disney
Drawing Class” is also available.

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Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey ‘Disney Magic in the Sky’
Explore the house of Toontown’s most famous resident and tour Set to an orchestral accompaniment consisting of classic Disney
Mickey’s backyard Movie Barn. Visit with Mickey in person on the set songs such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “When You Wish Upon a
of one of his films and take your photo with the world’s most famous Star,” this nighttime entertainment uses hundreds of fireworks to
mouse. brighten the skies above the Parks and set the mood for a perfectly
magical evening. Enter a timeless world of music, color and fantasy
A cameraman is on hand to take special photos that are available for with “Disney Magic in the Sky.”
purchase if desired.
Disney’s Dreams on Parade ‘Moving On’
MicroAdventure! Join Mickey Mouse and the other Disney characters along with ap-
When Professor Wayne Szalinski from the Disney movies Honey, I proximately 200 performers and entertainers in “Disney’s Dreams on
Shrunk the Kids and Honey, I Blew Up the Kid arrives to receive the Parade ‘Moving On.’” You’ll find out what the “Kingdom of Dreams and
“Inventor of the Year” award from the Imagination Institute, the audi- Magic” is all about in this dream-themed parade that captures the fun
ence gets caught up in a “little” adventure... and charm of each of the seven themed lands!

‘Minnie Oh! Minnie’ Donald’s Boat

This bright, energetic stage show features Minnie Mouse and the Floating on Toon Lake is the Miss Daisy, a boat that not only belongs
other Disney characters dancing to the beat of spicy Latin rhythms. to Donald Duck, but it looks like him too! Come aboard and try out
After Chip ‘n Dale, Goofy and Donald Duck have warmed up the the whistles and bells. You can even watch an old-time Donald Duck
Guests, the star of the show makes her appearance with Mickey cartoon.
Mouse then joining her on stage.
Dumbo The Flying Elephant
Minnie’s House Fly round the sky with Dumbo, the amazing circus elephant with
Enjoy the sweet charm of Minnie’s dream house. Photos and other re- the jumbo ears. With a push of a button you can fly higher or lower.
minders of Mickey adorn the various rooms. You can peek in Minnie’s Dumbo’s best friend, Timothy Mouse, can be seen atop the ball at the
refrigerator and watch a cake “bake” in her oven. center of the attraction.

Omnibus Enchanted Tiki Room, Now Playing ‘Get the
Early 20th-century New York saw this vehicle in popular use, and it Fever!’,
remains that way at the Park. Get on board either level and sit back The Polynesian tiki gods have fallen asleep! Clap you hands and help
for a carefree spin around the Plaza. The Cast Member who drives will a quartet of hip birds from Las Vegas to wake up the tikis, as the fine-
happily field any questions about the scenery. feathered company presents a powerful vocal performance of tropi-
cal beats with the glamour of the Las Vegas nightclub scene.
‘One Man’s Dream II The Magic Lives On ‘
This live stage show recreates the memorable moments of the Dis-
ney animated films and cartoons. Opening with the jump from black
and white to color, the show also features such scenes as Peter Pan G
soaring above the stage and the circus from A Bug’s Life.
Gadget’s Go Coaster
Created out of “found” objects, this Toon-size roller coaster is Gadget’s
clever invention. It may be small, but it offers plenty of fun and thrills
as the cars careen around and splash through Toon Lake.

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Goofy’s Bounce House Jungle Cruise
In this wacky-looking house that could only belong to Goofy, kids can Are you ready for the excitement of wild animals, hostile tribes and
literally bounce off the walls and furniture for a jumping good time. unpredictable river perils? Entrust yourself to our experienced Jungle
Only kids are allowed to enjoy this very special Bounce House. Cruise skippers and venture deep into mysterious, danger-filled jun-
gles on a tramp steamer.
Grand Circuit Raceway
Here’s your chance to get behind the wheel of a racecar and test your
skills against a challenging course of twists and turns.
‘Lilo’s Luau & Fun’
H Aloha! Lilo and her pal Stitch from the Disney film Lilo & Stitch have
invited the Disney characters and the Guests to a cheerful luau at the
Haunted Mansion Polynesian Terrace Restaurant. Dressed in Hawaiian shirts and muu-
Take a ride on a “doom buggy” through an eerie Gothic mansion muus, Mickey, Minnie and the other characters go from table to table
where 999 ghosts, goblins and ghouls are just “dying” to meet you to greet all the Guests, and Lilo teaches all the kids a cute Hula dance.
and make their number an even 1,000. Be sure to watch out for hitch- For a fun and energetic lunchtime, don’t miss Lilo’s Luau & Fun!
hiking ghosts as well.

‘Horseshoe Roundup’ M
Get ready for a rip-roaring good time when Woody and Jessie from
the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story2 star in their very own lunch show at
the popular Westernland restaurant Slue Foot Sue’s Diamond Horse- Mark Twain Riverboat
shoe. Also, Woody’s lovable horse Bullseye will be making his first ap- Enjoy a leisurely trip down the Rivers of America on a romantic stern-
pearance on stage performing a terrific dance number! wheeler. Named after the popular 19th Century American author
whose stories about life on the Mississippi River are now regarded as
classics, the Mark Twain Riverboat’s ornate decoration and authentic
design captures the look, period ambiance, refinement and dignity of
I a stately paddlewheel steamboat.

It’s A Small World ‘Mickey & Minnie’s Polynesian Paradise’

Take part in the “happiest cruise that ever sailed.” Here you can enjoy In this dinner show, real Polynesian dancers, together with Mickey,
the colorful scenes and the merry figures of children from around the Minnie, and Chip ‘n Dale, bring you the spirit of the tropics with live
world singing and dancing to the cheerful anthem “it’s a small world.” music and dances of the South Pacific islands. The show is full of ex-
citement, from the opening fiery rhythm of Tahitian drums to the
passionate Tahitian dance and the enchanting songs of the female
vocalist. And don’t miss Minnie’s dancing! The show wraps up with a
J festive finale where the audience is invited to participate.

Jolly Trolley Mickey Mouse Revue

Take a one-way ride on this bobbing, pitching trolley that looks like a After a brief film presentation, you’ll be treated to a concert of best-
big wind-up toy. The Jolly Trolley runs between the residential area of loved melodies from classic Disney animated films. The conductor is
Mickey Avenue and the commercial district, Downtown Toontown. none other than Mickey himself!

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