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Call for Papers

International Studies of Management & Organization

Issue about

“The evolution of the Italian Textile and Fashion Industry: From Tradition to Innovation”
Guest Editors: Salvatore Esposito De Falco & Francesco Schiavone

Aims and Scope of the Special Issue We invite scholars who participated in the TA-CAMP Research Project to submit their papers’ proposals for an issue of International Studies of Management & Organization ( !M"#$ The main %oals of this issue are& '# To develop the findin%s of the TA-CAMP Research Project into a scientific and theoretical debate( )# To %ive readers an in-depth understandin% of the fast-chan%in% and pol*h*dric industr* of te+tile and fashion( ,# To present the main results of the TA-CAMP Research Project to the international academic communit*$ The proposal structure should strictl* follow the structure outlined below (see also the attached power point presentation and the !M" authors’ %uidelines#& Title "bjective(s# Relevant Theories Methods Main -indin%s Main Theoretical Conclusions

Proposals and papers can cover various theoretical framewor.s and subjects$ /owever0 the* have to be related to and present the results of the TA-CAMP project$ Papers on the followin% subjects are welcome& nnovation nternationali1ation !trate%ies

') .th :une ).th Au%ust ). for papers 2eadline for deliver* of final papers Cop*-editin% of the accepted papers -irst !ubmission of the complete issue to Prof$ ?anai ! Deadline '=th "ctober )..'' >th @ovember ).') 'st !eptember ). Step ' 2eadline for submittin% a up to )-pa%e structured abstract (with ) .') .''$ !ubmissions of both individual scholars and teams of researchers are welcome$ Please note that proposals and<or full papers cannot be accepted from teams of scholars in which there is more than one author not belon%in% to cate%ories ('# or ()#$ Please note also that an author cannot submit more than one proposal (or full paper#$ The Process of Peer-Reviewing After an initial screenin%0 authors of the best = proposals will be invited to submit their full papers$ At the end of the process of peer-reviewin%0 the best > papers will be sent to Prof$ Moshe ?anai (3ditor in Chief of !M"# for further review$ The issue will be published as soon as the review process is completed$ The entire process of peer-reviewin% is structured as follows& N..'' .th :anuar* ). A > B 9 references# 2eadline for editorial decisions on the proposals 2eadline for deliver* of full papers 2eadline for editorial feedbac.- Re%ional 2evelopment 3ntrepreneurship Competitive !trate%ies 4o%istics This list is indicative of the t*pes of contributions0 which ma* be appropriate$ /owever this list is not intended to be e+haustive but rather illustrative$ 5et0 the papers submitted to this issue must provide robust theoretical foundations to e+plain empirical studies$ Authors !ubmissions of proposals are accepted b*& '$ Authors who contributed to the 6!iner%ie7 Research Report about TA-CAMP$ )$ Authors who presented their contributions at the final conference in 8illa 2oria on 9th :ul* ).') .th Ma* )...') .

Su mission of Proposals and Papers Proposals and full papers should be submitted as attached W"R2 files to the followin% email address& tacamp$ismoC%mail$com An* informal enDuiries relatin% to this issue can be directed to the Euest 3ditors& !alvatore 3sposito 2e -alco& salvatore$espositodefalcoCuniroma'$it -rancesco !chiavone& francesco$schiavoneCuniparthenope$it " .