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Arrange the words below to form sentences

a. four languages, Andrew, now, fluently, speaks

b. a new car, are, next, they, year, buying

c. has, never, he, enough, worked, for his exams

d. very, last, in Aberdeen, it, heavily, rained, Friday

e. for a while, often, walk, in the park, we

f. start, school, most, in the morning, children, in Romania, at 8 oclock

g. a holiday, had, in taly, they, last, year

h. very, en!oyed, the play, much, , this evening


Complete the sentences by using the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous form of the verbs in brac ets.

#upils $$$$$$ %learn& a lot of 'nglish since the end of the year. (y mother $$$$$$$$ %water& the flowers. )he has !ust finished her work. )he $$$$$ %behave& well since met her. )he is still behaving well. Fred $$$$$$$$ %play& football all the afternoon. *ell him to come home now. $$$$$ she $$$$ %see& him already+ ,es, she $$$$%meet& him this afternoon. )he $$$$$$$%live& in the same house since -.8.. )he still lives there. ,ou $$$$$$$ %try& to solve this problem for two hours now. /ive it up0


Put the verbs in brac ets into the Present Perfect Tense"

a& ,ou ever %ride& a 1onda motorbike+ b& 1ow long you %know& your best friend+ c& *he show !ust %begin&. d& 2e %miss& the last train. 2hat shall we do+ e& (ary %phone& yet+ f& t %not rain& here for three years. g& 2hy you %not bring& your sister with you+ h& (y dog never %eat& mice.


Complete the sentences with the appropriate words. The first letter from each word is given.

34444 a4444. can occur suddenly due to an in!ury, or slowly due to bad posture, obesity or lack of exercise. 2hen you get s4444 t4444., it can be difficult to swallow hard food such as toast. carus made himself a pair of wings, using w4444...... f you are snee5ing, have temperature and you are shivering, then you may have a f44444444 ,our i444444.. s44444444 protects the body from outside attackers such as viruses and bacteria. f you have t444444, you shold go to a dentist. ,ou can have an a444444444.. reaction to almost anything6 pollen, eggs, fish, nuts, cereals, some medicines. $. Answer the following %uestions"

1ave you ever been to the theatre+ 1ave you ever travelled with an airplane+ 1ave you ever had a flu+ 1ave you ever had an allergy+

&ey" 'xercise -. Andrew speaks fluently four languages now.

". *hey are buying a new car next year. 7. 1e has never worked enough for his exams. 8. :. 8. t rained very heavily in Aberdeen last Friday. n Romania most children start school at 8 oclock in the morning. en!oyed very much the play this evening. 9. 2e often walk in the park for a while. ;. *hey had a holiday in taly last year.

'xercise " -. 1ave been learning ". 1as been watering 7. 1as behaved 8. 1as been playing 9. 1as she seen, has met :. 1as been living ;. 1ave been trying 'xercise 7 -. 1ave you ever ridden ". 1ave you known 7. 1as !ust begun 8. 1ave missed 9. 1as (ary phoned yet :. 1as not rained ;. 1avent you brought 8. 1as never eaten 'xercise 8 -. 3ack ache ". )ore throat 7. 2ax 8. Flu 9. mmune system

:. *oothache ;. Allergic 'xercise 9 n this exercise, the answers can vary from student to student. A correct answer must include the use of the present perfect simple.

'ar ing scale" 'xercise - < -,9 p 'xercise " < -p 'xercise 7 < -,9 p 'xercise 8 < -p 'xercise 9 < "p %-p if they answer only with yes or no and they use present perfect simple= "p if they answer with more details& *otal6 ;p > 7p given by the teacher