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2012-2013 Annual Report


Our classes bring together a diverse community of students from every ward in the District of Columbia as well as Maryland and Virginia. Though most were born in the United States, our foreign-born students come from 42 different countries and territories. Many of our students are struggling when they arrive at Byte Back. Almost half of our student population lives in unstable housing and most of our students (80%) are receiving government benefits. Eighty-three percent (83%) lack a college degree and half are unemployed and actively seeking work. We match each student with the course that fits their needs and abilities. Some of our students are looking for basic computer skills that will allow them to use online health resources, stay in touch with loved ones, or apply for jobs online. Students in our Enterprise DC program enroll in courses that will help them create new businesses, and our certification students want to qualify for higher-paying jobs. Many of our students choose to stay and take more classes, volunteer their time, or even become Byte Back staff members.





40% Men

60% Women




A community of learning







10% 1%

8% 4%

20% 23%

IN FY2013, WE HAD:





26% Some College/ AA/AS 22%

37% HS Diploma/ GED/EDP

24% Unavailable for Work

28% Employed

86% African American

12% No HS BA or Diploma Higher

48% 1% Other 2%Vocational Training Unemployed 8% Latino 3% Other 3%Caucasian








We believe that organizations must work together to overcome the digital divide. Our partnerships allow us to provide our classes and workshops at 22 locations that are safe and convenient for our students while helping our sister organizations meet their educational needs. We also frequently collaborate with other organizations on our programs, such as Enterprise DC or our IC3 Youth classes. We were lucky to be the recipient of generous in-kind donations last year, especially through donations of time and talent; 158 dedicated volunteers gave 25,111 hours to our organization last year. We are grateful for the talented, highly-qualified instructors, tutors, and other workers who helped make last year fruitful and effective. At Byte Back, we pride ourselves in our dedication to supporting our partners however we can. Whether its spreading the word about an important initiative or setting up a computer lab at another nonprofit, we know that by strengthening our partners, we strengthen our community.

"Our partnership with Byte Back led to our first real computer lab and when Southeast Ministry started to cross the digital divide it meant that we could take our learners with us. Digital literacy is not a luxury, it is a necessity." Valarie Ashley, Executive Director of Southeast Ministry


186 courses at 22 locations

(mostly in Wards 5, 7, and 8 )


Completion rate for our students

Fostering safe, accessible classrooms

Anacostia Library Bellevue Library Benning Library Byte Back headquarters Capitol View Library Covenant House Faircliff Plaza West Apartments The Family Place First Time Technology Francis Gregory Library Hill Center International Rescue Committee Jubilee Housing Language ETC Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Mount Pleasant Library The Perry School Community Services Center Inc. Southeast Ministry Strive DC Washington Literacy Center Washington Middle School for Girls Woodridge Library

Most Recent Year Taught

FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 Byte Back HQ

Number of Years at Site

Yellow Blue Red Black 1 2 3 4

97% Satisfaction rate from our students

99% course to others

Would recommend their

For many of our beginner students, computers are a source of frustration, confusion, or embarrassment. In our most basic class, we start students off with simple tasks that most people take for granted, such as how to turn on a computer, use a keyboard, and move a mouse. Last year, we separated our most popular course into two sections: PC for Beginners 1 and PC for Beginners 2. This change allowed us to better match each students skill level with the appropriate course. During the two-part course, students are guided through practical skills of navigating the website, researching a health condition online, emailing an elected official, and searching and applying for employment. Above all, we want our students to feel comfortable using computers, and to possess the tools they need to continue to learn and adapt to new technology. In FY13, Byte Back had 882 enrollments in 103 PC for Beginners classes, with a completion rate of 81% . Ninety-four percent (94%) of these students passed the course, ready to move on to the next level. Students increased their use of computers by 384%, from 4 to 15 hours per week. Many of the classes were customized for certain groups , including Spanish-speakers, senior citizens and literacy learners. By the end of our PC for Beginners course, many express a desire to pursue other learning opportunities, such as obtaining their GED or enrolling in college. Within six months of completing this course, 26% of students have already acted on that desire.

I'm overwhelmed that you guys are able to offer free classes. You guys open the door for us to catch up with the world. - Byte Back Graduate


enrollments in PC for Beginners


feel more confident with their computer skills

Bridging the digital divide

Byte Back changed the way that I look at things. I dont approach any subject with the thought that it cant be done. With the Internet, I feel like I can find information on anything or how to do anything. - Byte Back Graduate

Below is a list of ways you might use the computer. Please mark any which apply to you. Because of the classes I took at Byt e Back, I have used the computer
To search for jobs To update my resume or cover letter To apply for a job online To stay in touch with family and friends To communicate with my child's school or teachers To help my family members with homework To research colleges and/or financial aid To manage my health or my family's health To manage m y money To stay on top of the news To get involved with my community To pay attention to my government To get services from government To participate in government None of the above 8.1% 26.7% 36.3% 30.4% 25.2% 19.3% 17.0% 34.8% 46.7% 48.1% 60.7% 78.5% 77.8% 71.9% 67.4%

97% the classroom

of our beginner students feel like they can apply what theyve learned outside of


Office Track is a comprehensive course which includes instruction in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as job readiness training. Last year, we offered this course in both English and Spanish. This course is a critical step for students who want to qualify for entry level administrative positions as well as those who simply want to feel more comfortable on a computer. Each Office Track graduate receives a free refurbished computer so that they may continue to practice their new computer skills at home. Many Byte Back students have had negative experiences with education in the past, and their classes here may be the first time they feel comfortable in a classroom. We work hard to instill in our students a love of learning that they can take with them long after they finish their Byte Back courses. We are proud that our students leave here feeling confident and ready for their next challenge.

39% of Office Track Graduates Enrolled in Additional Education

(Within Six Months of Attending a Byte Back Class)

70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%






Community Four-year Trade School College/AA college/BA+


enrollments in Office Track


Increase in computer use after Byte Back

Building skills and careers

Employment Changes for Office Track Graduates
I got a job interview I got a job I was able to hold onto my job I got a differe nt, better job than I had before I started a new career I got a raise I got a promotion I was given more responsibility at work I was given more hours at work I got additional job benefits None of the above 8.9% 4.4% 28.9% 11.1% 13.3% 6.7% 2.2% 15.6% 31.1% 28.9% 40.0%


A returning citizen with a steep learning curve

After being incarcerated for 18 years, Lashonia Etheridge-Bey returned to a workplace dominated by unfamiliar technology. People take for granted that everyone understands technology, she said. Byte Back gave me the opportunity to confront that. We were able to immediately apply what [Byte Back] was teaching us. Ms. Etheridge-Bey is now pursuing her bachelors degree at Trinity University and working as a staff assistant for the Office on Returning Citizens Affairs where she helps other returning citizens gain critical skills.
Photo credit: Gabriela Bulisova

$10.84 $11.85 $13.73 $13.26

Average wage for pre-Byte Back jobs Average wage for "better" Byte Back jobs (students who were employed before Byte Back and then got a new, better job) Average wage for new Byte Back jobs (students who were unemployed before Byte Back) Average for all new jobs

I am very grateful for the classes and volunteers that teach the classes. Byte Back gave me the confidence I need to apply for and start a new job. - Byte Back Graduate


feel more confident using new technology


feel more confident overall


For students who are ready for more advanced training, we offer a variety of classes geared towards specialized topics and skills. Last year, we offered PC Hardware and Networking, a prerequisite to our A+ program, as well as IC3 and HTML 1&2. We partnered with Sasha Bruce YouthBuild to offer our Technology Sampler to their participants, introducing young adults to the skills needed for IT careers such as database management, computer repair, graphic design and web design. We also offered Money Management 101 in partnership with Capital Area Asset Builders. Another program we offered last year within Community Academy was Enterprise DC, an innovative pilot program created and implemented by Byte Back, the Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF), and the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC) to help local residents develop new businesses. The yearlong entrepreneurship training program provided free computer training, financial advice, business plan support, business mentoring, and loan assistance to support participants efforts to turn a hobby or skill into a profitable business. Through Byte Back, students received business technology training in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Graphic Design, Website Design, Microsoft Access, social media marketing, and e-commerce. By the end of each course, students had a completed project that contributed to their business: a logo, a brochure, a business card, a website, a Facebook page, an Etsy account, a QuickBooks


enrollments in Community Academy

17 students enrolled in four or more courses

Building resumes and small businesses

chart of accounts, or an Access database to organize customer and product information. Students chose which classes best suited their needs and those who completed all their Byte Back courses received refurbished computers and QuickBooks software they can use to support their growing businesses. Enterprise DC students worked hard and developed skills that are bringing many successful, much-needed businesses to the Washington D.C. area.

The Web Site Design course enabled me to promote my business at a low cost price. The Graphic Design course was useful with the promotional aspects of ones business. The Online Tools course encouraged me to explore all possibilities of communicating effectively with ones clients. The QuickBooks course was an excellent "record keeping" courseOffice Track was the key stone to the other computer skills. Thanks everyone at Byte Back for the wisdom and support. - Enterprise DC student

Turning a passion into a business
Ugenia Johnson can look at a skein of yarn and see a potential work of art. "Every time I pick up a needle or yarn I never know what what's going to come out," she said. Ugenia was unemployed when she first heard about Enterprise DC and she decided to turn her passion for knitting into a living. Enterprise DC opened her eyes to how to properly manage a successful business. She took Office Track, Access, QuickBooks, and Web Design at Byte Back, developed a business plan with WACIF, and met regularly with a business mentor through the GWHCC. While completing the program, Ugenia found work as a paralegal, which allows her to practice her computer skills. Shes also working hard on her first fashion show for her new hand-knitted garment business, I-Ninth. In addition to selling her fall line, she plans to expand her business in other ways such as training people how to use a commercial knitting machine.

Enterprise DC student businesses include affordable wedding planning; disc jockey services; hand-knit fashion; client-driven research on international issues; modeling coaching; and hand-sewn baby items.

Lack of education is a serious limiting factor in competing for jobs. Seventy-two percent (72%) of our certification students do not have a bachelors degree. They need specialized qualifications in order to compete within the highly-educated Washington D.C. workforce, where only 30% of jobs are held by D.C. residents. IT certifications allow job seekers without a college degree to transition directly into high-paying professional fields. Weve selected certifications that show industry employers that our students are knowledgeable and up to date on relevant, in-demand IT skills. Our classes are designed to be building blocks for a lifelong IT career. Our largest programs prepare students for the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC) and A+ Certification Training. In addition to what these students gain in the classroom, both classes feature hands-on internships and practical career preparation.

Getting back to work
Four years ago, Clark Scott lost his job in a reduction in force just three months before he was due to retire. Despite 24 years of experience and an outstanding employee record, Mr. Scott found himself back on the job market in a tough economy. After years of searching, he decided to add new credentials to his resume. Mr. Scott took Byte Backs A+ Certification Training Program last summer and successfully passed both A+ exams. A few months later, he was hired as the IT Specialist for the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Service Department. He was chosen out of hundreds of applicants for the position, and he is now making $75,000 a year.

Career Goals
I had taken other computer certification classes but none of them motivated or prepared me enough to take the A+ exam. What I got at Byte Back was a small classroom setting where everyone is like a family and where I was able to get direct attention. - A+ Certified Byte Back Graduate
No Career Goals Start a Business Change Careers Get a Raise Get a Promotion Hold onto My Current Job Get a Job 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%

83 enrollments in certification courses


Is the employment rate for our 2012 certification students

Preparing students for high-paying careers

This past year, Byte Back offered five different computer certification courses, each of which is designed to lead to a high-growth, well-paying occupation:

24 students 41

took A+ Certification training target-

ing employment as a computer repair technician, computer support specialist, or help desk operator

students took IC3 Certification Training target-

ing employment as an administrative assistant

students took MOS certification in Word target-

ing employment as an administrative assistant

6 students

took MOS Certification Training in Ac-

cess targeting employment as a database administrator

7 students took MCITP Certification Training targeting employment as a computer support specialist or help desk operator

These students passed a total of 112 industryrecognized certification exams and have already received 37 full certifications.

Change in Employment After Byte Back

Got More Benefits Got more Responsibility on the job Got a Better Job Got a Raise Got a Promotion Held onto Job Got a Job 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%

Byte Back has really been a blessing to me it has raised my confidence in the technology world, and I am able to help others because of Byte Back. -Byte Back Graduate


Is the minimum hourly wage of most of certification students

$75K our certification students

Is the new salary of one of


Last April, we opened a new program called First Time Technology to help combat electronic waste (e-waste) by repurposing used technology as valuable resources for our students. Byte Back refurbishes approximately 20 computers per week, or 1,000 per year. Much of this work is done by student interns from our A+ Certification Training Program. These interns rotate through a series of work stations, learning new skills at each stage including computer troubleshooting and repair. After their internships are completed, they can apply these skills in well-paying IT careers. Each fully refurbished computer includes a flat-screen monitor, mouse, and keyboard as well as a range of programs designed to meet the needs of a beginner user: Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Auslogics, CCleaner, and Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus. Most of these computers are given free of charge to low-income graduates of our courses. The rest are made available to low-income families and to the nonprofit organizations that serve them. If an organization wishes to have a computer lab, Byte Back staff and interns can deliver, set up, and network these computers for them.

In less than three months!


computers donated to First Time Technology


computers refurbished by staff and student interns

Building a cleaner, better connected community

Its hard when you work and go to school. I didn't have the time to go to the library or the money to pay for a computer. The computer I got from Byte Back has been a huge asset." - Byte Back graduate and computer recipient


Finding the right program

Rahel Yacob knew she wanted to take computer classes, but she couldnt find a school that worked for her. Everything she found was too expensive, crowded, or chaotic. She wanted a classroom setting that allowed her to focus on the material. A friend suggested that she try Byte Back. A year later, Ms. Yacob has passed five more classes and is on track to complete our A+ Certification training course. As soon as Ms. Yacob started her first Byte Back class, she knew shed finally found the right school. The classes were focused and she loves the hands-on training shes getting at First Time Technology. When I go to apply for jobs I know what is expected and I know what I need to do. I feel very confident now.

Byte Back staff and student interns refurbish approximately 20 donated computers per week, or 1,000 per year.


computers distributed to Byte Back graduates


hours spent by student interns learning to refurbish computers


Meeting our students needs

Students are most successful when they are given the resources they need to work towards their personal goals. If a student needs extra help outside of class, they can attend one of our weekly tutoring sessions. In these sessions, students get one-on-one assistance on everything from classwork to job applications. Community members from companies like Deloitte, Accenture, and Discovery Communications volunteer their time for these tutoring sessions. During each business day, we also provide a free computer lab that is open to anyone in the community. Some students come for additional practice time while others come to submit job applications or check their email. Computer labs are a critical resource to those who lack a personal computer or access to the Internet. For students who are also job seekers, we provide a wide range of resources. This past year, we held monthly Job Clubs with networking, mock interviews, and guest speakers including Ben Seigel from the Department of Labor. We also sent out a monthly Job Connections newsletter with job readiness tips and curated job postings. Our full-time Employment Specialist met one-on-one with 69 students to provide them with personalized support on their job search. We also created and implemented a 16-hour job readiness curriculum for the students in our A+ Certification Training Program. At Byte Back, we are continually working and innovating to provide our students with effective, holistic support to get them where they want to go.


Getting the right advice

Lawrence Williams worked as a mail clerk in a law firm for years, but he lost his job when he was briefly incarcerated. When he found himself back on the job market, he realized he lacked the skills or experience to compete for an office job. Lawrence enrolled in Byte Backs beginner courses and sought extra support in our special tutoring sessions. After listening to the advice of his teachers and tutors, he revamped his resume and learned how to talk about his incarceration during interviews. This approach paid off this spring when he found a contractual job working for a property manager. He calls the new position a match made in heaven and believes it may turn into something long-term. But hes not slowing down his studies; he recently enrolled in a money management course at Byte Back and hes still going to tutoring. My experiences have all been very positive here at Byte Back, Mr. Williams said. I appreciate the fact that they meet people exactly where you are and work with you. Everyones in different places in life and Byte Back understands that.


Jessica Bates, Communications Associate Dometria Coleman, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Kelley Ellsworth, Executive Director Eleanor Grewal, Director of Volunteer Services/Director of Programs H.Y. Griffin, Employment Specialist Robert Harrell, First Time Technology Office Manager Felicia Hawkins, Office Manager Terry Johnson, Logistics Coordinator Fred Joiner, Database Administrator Jonathan Ladson, Refurbisher Ashley Luttmer, Director of Volunteer Services Tasiyiwa Mapondera, Director of Programs Terry Molyneaux, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Cristina Moscoso, Development Associate Isel Perez Castellanos, Director of Finance and Administration Carine Umuzayire, Director of Certifications Ronald Wade, Director of Refurbishing and Repair/Onsite System Administrator Francisco Vasquez, Registrar

Chair, Mario Burney, Edge Advisory Group, LLC Vice-Chair, Keith Clark, Intelsat Treasurer, Charles Colbert, Department of Defense Treasurer, Ron Hulen, Fannie Mae Secretary, Jewel T. Scott, Dean & Company Finance Committee Chair, Adnan Bokhari, Corporation for Enterprise Development Strategic Planning Committee Chair, Linda Esah, Corporation for National Ex Officio, Kelley Ellsworth, Byte Back Carolyn Hyde, Government Acquisitions, Inc. Jd Walter, Eidolon Data LLC.

Celia Burke David Foster Lisvette Garcia Cherise Graves Erica Heller Lorena Holguin Andrea Mack Faith Nwaoha Andrew Quilpa Neil Rickard Scott Ryan Lydia Vanderbilt Alaide Vilchis Ibarra


AARP Foundation Corina Higginson Trust Clark-Winchcole Foundation Comcast Foundation Community Foundation for the National Capital Dimick Foundation Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation Jerry & Nancy Taylor Bryant Foundation Joseph E. & Marjorie B. Jones Foundation Jovid Foundation MARPAT Foundation Mars Foundation Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Replogle Foundation Richard and Nancy Marriott Foundation Spring Creek Foundation The Washington Post United Way of The National Capital Area Willard and Alice Marriott Foundation

Covenant House DC D.C. Department of Employment Services (DOES) D.C. Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) D.C. Office on Latino Affairs (OLA) D.C. Public Library (DCPL) Sasha Bruce Youth Works, Inc. Serve DC U.S. Department of Labor

D.C. Office of the State Superintendent for Education (OSSE) U.S. Department of Commerce

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$2,068,374 $1,788,700 $279,674



Byte Back, Inc. 815 Monroe Street N.E. Washington, DC 20017 (202) 529-3395 Fax (202) 529-4684 CFC 73542/United Way 8073 FEIN 52-2061398