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Beware Of This Canadian Facebook Group It Is A Covert Trolls Phishing Site This thread below I had on this group page 'Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper' at

Here is a post I did long ago that explains a bit about Fake Truther Sites. -the- a!e-truther-sites/ "earn much more about #aceboo! here. aceboo!-stin!s-multiple-posts/ o!ert agencies will lure the unsuspecting truthers b" using an appearance that their site is reall" a truther site for people who care about learning and being part of a group or site that cares about disco!ering the truth of the e!ents happening in our world.. not the place to be for newb" truthers...... It is a !er" interesting tread. If "ou read this thread "ou will see how Facistbook# which is I$# %S$ and now confirmed# also SIS. censors and e!en tried to install a !irus on m" computer. See this comment and m" response# $ac%ues &elley I'( part o )*I*.. &ac'ues felt comfortable in sa"ing that as he thought he would be able to crash m" computer with his !irus.and that I would not ha!e a cop" of his comment. He was not aware that I was cop" this tread and he reall" thought he could screw up m" computer. (ill I am a computer geek and i know how to secure m" computer. It was interesting when all m" browsers crashed and I got pop up notices on m" screen. )ut he"..nah I can*t sa" an" more.. I can not tell m" secrets about m" computer*s securit".... read the tread to see how this happened. For those of "ou who are serious researchers. +ou will en,o" reading this and disco!ering about co!ert trolls.... This is a pro essional co+ert site to entrap real acti+ists... I !new something was wrong when my post "Harpers Report" disappeared o the the groups page. *o below you will see how these pro essional ,call center li!e- trolls wor! as a team using non e.istent aceboo!

pro iles..... DISCLAIMER: I have to mention that is is also possible that some o the administrators o this site my not be a!are o !hat is a"t#ally going on in this gro#p !ith the "overt a"tivities$ -" first note below is the one I posted after the" deleted the tread below it.....

.aniel & Towse"

)" the wa"..I copied the whole thread and I will repost it on m" blog with a warning about this co!ert troll phishing site.. This site is use b" co!ert agencies to monitor response from real interested acti!ists.. &ac'ue does not ha!e a real facebook profile. +ah hes the one that said he is SIS.. I know "ou will be deleting this comment after I post it.. )ut to late..I copied e!er"thing.. This will be the title to warn other facebook users about "our group.. )eware of this Facebook /roup It Is $ o!ert Trolls 0hishing Site.. go here to read will soon be posted... --------I was right The! deletted "e fro" the group

*tart o tread ...

https://www. aceboo!.com/groups//nseat0arper/10111233433213500/6 noti 7t8group7comment 9aniel $ Towsey

*o did you delete my post about :0arpers ;eport6:

(ary <llen 9a+is =o. 9aniel $ Towsey *o where is it6 &en>amin ?endric! It is right herehttps://www. aceboo!.com/groups//nseat0arper/permalin!/10111233413234500/ t he wall goes ast so scroll down@ noone deleted your post )anadians ;allying to /nseat *tephen 0arper

9aniel $ Towsey it does not show up on my screen. &en>amin ?endric! well its on the wall 9aniel $ Towsey I scrolled down or se+eral does not show up..The admins might see it..but acistboo! can hide it rom e+eryone else. &en>amin ?endric! I don't !now what to tell you@ try re reshing your browser ;obin )hat It's at the top o the wall now. $ust re resh your browser. 9aniel $ Towsey weird..I re reshed se+eral times..and it was not that i am writing about reappears.. ;obin )hat A<&)B? 9aniel $ Towsey what does that mean ;obin )hat Aroblem <.ists &etween )hair and ?eyboard. Cld@ old@ old >o!e. 9aniel $ Towsey =Bh..the =*B and )IB run this site.. ;obin )hat Bctually they >ust collect data. B corporation runs it. (ary <llen 9a+is =ow we ha+e ound the missing lin!@ we should remo+e this thread6 It ser+ed it's purpose. Dlad we ound it.

9aniel $ Towsey I am not a troll.. go read this. aceboo!-stin!s.../ Aosts about #aceboo! *tin!s ,(ultiple Aosts- on 9aniel $ Towsey
danieltowse! wordpress co"

Aosts about #aceboo! *tin!s ,(ultiple Aosts- written by 9aniel $ Towsey B Truth *oldier 9aniel $ Towsey 9o any o you who are attac!ing me report@ write@ research and post anything li!e on your own blogs anywhere6 I am a >ournalist and more..what do you do6 (ary <llen 9a+is C?...this isn't a place to ha+e a ight amongst oursle+es. Ee need to get bac! to 0arper and our wor!. I'll delete this thread now. Ee succeeded in inding your lin!. (ary <llen 9a+is I'm a nurse. ;obin )hat Eho is attac!ing you6 Fou couldn't ind your post. Ee ound it or you. Ehat is the problem6

4 minutes ago G "i!e

(ary <llen 9a+is I am also Hueen o #uc!ing <+erything but I don't li!e to brag. &en>amin ?endric! Ismashes head on !eyboardJ 9aniel $ Towsey Ehen I said aceboo! is operated by the )IB and =B*a..I was right..That is a pro+en act..and thye always censor and harass real acti+ists reporter li!e me..I ha+e

had many problems with aceboo!..and I am not the only one.. 3 minutes ago G "i!e

;obin )hat Aerhaps you need a conspiracy site and not a political site. (ary <llen 9a+is 9istracting now. Time to mo+e on I(0C

(ary <llen 9a+is br% aw &en>amin ?endric! dspoer>nsdn 3041r!23tegsd 9aniel $ Towsey $ust type either 'B Truth *oldier: or my name in any search engine..I ha+e been at this on the net or 11 years..I am will !nown..That is why I as!ed what happened to my post..and it was not on the screen.. $ac%ues &elley I'( part o )*I*.. (ary <llen 9a+is 9aniel...let's go ha+e a con+o about the post you thought was missing. I'm deleting this thread now. $esse =utter lol 9aniel $ Towsey hey pretty neat..when the sis post popped up all my browers crashed..and they tried to insert a +irus through my page ile.. )*I* is >ust as bad as )IB..they are co+ert agencies that only ser+e the elite criminals. ;obin )hat o s 9aniel $ Towsey why don't you lea+e this acti+e tread alone and stop censoring ree speech6

*!eena *age Eilliamson I'm amaKed at how much pure entertainment I can miss in the time it ta!es me to step away and wash the dishes.... lol

9aniel $ Towsey 0ey $a%ues you must be..Fou are a co+ert agent aceboo! troll..that is easy to pro+e.. Ehen I mouse o+er you name..nothing but send you a message appears.. =o riends or anything you ha+e one o those shadow pro iles6 That are a!e6 /nable to post comment. aceboo! bloc!ed it..


)losed Droup)losed Droup Eelcome to )anadians ;allying to /nseat *tephen 0arper ,);/*0-LEe belie+e that the 0arper Do+ernment has lost its moral authority to go+ern and that@ as a result@ )anadians should come together and use the democratic le+ers a+ailable to them to unseat the 0arper Do+ernment.Ee are a multipartisan group o indi+iduals who agree on one thing only: the need to unseat the 0arper Do+ernment. (any );/*0 members support one o the opposition parties@ and many support no particular party at all. &ecause we come rom so many di erent perspecti+es@ we ha+e declared a truce here in this group: =o bashing o any parties that are in opposition to the 0arper Do+ernment. In other words@ at );/*0 we put aside our partisan di erences to ocus on our one common goal. #or more in ormation on );/*0 -- our history@ what we do now@ and where weMre headed in the uture N please see:https://www. aceboo!.com/groups//nseat0arper/doc/10111132543344500/I(AC ;TB=T I=#C;(BTIC=:OOO );/*0 is a monitored #aceboo! group. OOO

Inappropriate posts and open fighting are not acceptable and will be re"oved b! ad"inistrators at their discretion ## It is entirel! up to the ad"inistrators to decide what is not acceptable ## $isparaging re"arks regarding opposition parties% opposition part! "e"bers% or fellow C&'S( "e"bers are not appropriate Arguing with group ad"inistrators over ad"in decisions is also not appropriate Please contact one of the ad"ins if !ou have a concern regarding how the group is being "oderated )arnings should be observed not as censorship% but as re"inders to "aintain focus on the ai"s of the group as a whole Failure to co"pl! with ad"inistrators* re+uests "a! result in te"porar! re"oval fro" the group or in per"anent banning

It is strictl! against the rules of the group for an! "e"ber to block an! of the ad"ins $ISC,AI-.&S/ The state"ents% views% and opinions e0pressed in the C&'S( Facebook group are solel! those of the author and do not represent those of C&'S( Individuals posting to online sites 1including but not li"ited to Facebook% Twitter% and online co""ent boards2 and "entioning or including graphical representations referring to 'nseat(arper ca% Canadians $efending $e"ocrac! 1C$$2% or Canadians &all!ing to 'nseat Stephen (arper 1C&'S(2 do not represent the views of 'nseat(arper ca% C$$% or C&'S( )e do not endorse the state"ents of those individuals

FI3A, 3OT./ Please don4t add friends to this group Instead% ask the" to re+uest to 5oin on their own In the past we*ve had co"plaints fro" people who were unaware the! had been added and who ca"e online to find that their "ailbo0es had been flooded with notifications