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OBIEE Developer
SUMMARY: About 7+ years of experience in Software Engineering and Infor ation !ec"nology involving #e$uire ent analysis% design% develop ent and i ple entation of Data ware"ouse% Business Intelligence applications% #DB&S and 'lient Server applications% under various Arc"itectures(&odules(Environ ents. About )ive years of wor* experience in Siebel Analytics +OBIEE, reporting Application% w"ic" also co prised of E!-(Infor atica Experience. Extensively experienced in wor*ing on t"e co plete life cycle .ro/ects +SD-', t"at involved #e$uire ent 0at"ering% Design% Develop ent% !esting and 'ode &igration. Extensively experienced and co pre"ensively s*illful in using various features(tools of Siebel Analytics(OBIEE Application involving bot" #epository and 1eb +Bac*end% )ront end, 2ands on experience in configuring and developing t"e Analytics(OBIEE #epository +.rpd,% w"ic" involves Sc"e a I port% I ple enting t"e Business -ogic by custo i3ation% Di ensional 2ierarc"ies% Aggregate 4avigation% -evel Based &easures% Security &anage ent +Data level(Ob/ect level security,% 5ariables% Initiali3ation bloc*s% 'ac"e &anage ent% 6tilities% Sub/ect Areas .roficient in building analytical repository% business odels% generating reports% and creating dyna ic Das"boards using OBIEE. Extensive experience in building and ad inistering t"e etadata repository and front end reports in answers(das"boards for bot" standalone and integrated Siebel Analytics applications. 1idely experienced and s*illful in wor*ing wit" various features of Siebel +OBIEE, Answers suc" as creating and custo i3ing t"e #eports% #eport navigation +drill down,% )ilters% Das"board pro pts% '"arts and !ables etc. Experienced in 'onfiguring in Business &odel and &apping -ayer. Experienced in 'onfiguring and publis"ing t"e iBots to deliver analytics content based on sc"edule% auto ated iBots $ueries to obtain daily 7 wee*ly transactions to all t"e depart ents in t"e organi3ation by E ails 1or*ed on following functions pertaining to various activities li*e converting% igrating% fine tuning% developing% and i ple enting8 'onverting and aintaining Oracle pre9built rpd:s +Financial% HR% Sales% Supply Chain and Order Manage en!, according to business re$uire ents. I ple enting Oracle "I Securi!y Se!up +groups% data access ( $uery privileges,% &etadata Ob/ects and 1eb 'atalog Ob/ects +Das"board% .ages% )olders% #eports,.


)ine tuning reports by using #ie$ selec!%r% c%lu n selec!%r% is pr% p!ed% drill d%$n & drill !hr%ugh analysis' Creating as!er ( de!ail rep%r!s% using nu eric% date and ti e functions. &igrating !he We) ca!al%g de#el%p en!s )y using !he Ca!al%g anager and Rep%si!%ry de#el%p en!s !% Pr%duc!i%n *r% !he Tes! en#ir%n en!. 5ery good in +e)ugging, Op!i i-ing and Per*%r ance Tuning of Oracle BI Das"boards ( #eports. Extensive experience in gat"ering re$uire ents% gap analysis% design% develop ent% testing and i ple entation of t"e OBIEE ( E!- ( Data ware"ouse pro/ects. 2ands on data ware"ousing experience using In*%r a!ica p%$er ar!, In*%r a!ica P%$er cen!re .S%urce Analy-er, +a!a Wareh%using +esigner, Mapping +esigner & da!a !rans*%r a!i%n and apping issues, Mapple!, Trans*%r a!i%ns/. Extensive exposure in using In*%r a!ica +esigner, Rep%si!%ry Manager, W%r0*l%$ Manager and W%r0*l%$ M%ni!%r

T1CH2ICAL S3ILLS: "I T%%ls: 1RP Pac0ages: 1TL T%%ls: +a!a)ases: Languages: Opera!ing Sys!e s: Pac0ages: Applica!i%ns: U!ili!ies: OBIEE ;<.;.=% Siebel Analytics 7.>(7.7 Oracle Applications(Oracle E9Business Suite8 #;;i% #;; + A.%A#%0-%O&%.O, Infor atica .ower 'enter >.?.<(>.;.;(7.?(7.;(?.@ Oracle ;<g(Ai(>i% &S SB- Server @<<C(@<<<% &S Access SB-% .-(SB1indows D.(4!% -inux #ed 2at% Solaris SB- E.-6S% .eopleSoft% Oracle EBS% '#& &S Office @<<7% Data &odeling% &S 5isio @<<7 !oad A.<(>.C.;% SB- E-oader% .utty% SB- 4avigator C.C.

PROF1SSIO2AL 14P1RI12C1: Cu ins, IA +ece )er, 5676 8 Till +a!e Sr' O"I11 C%nsul!an! .ro/ect consists of @< Das"boards for different -ine of Business activities +A.% .O% Expenses, and ore t"an ;<< reports including ad9"oc reports. Analytics Das"board reporting provides 'lient in decision9 a*ing% aintaining relations"ips wit" existing 5endors and wor*ing on reducing operating cost and i proving return on invest ent.


Resp%nsi)ili!ies: 1or*ed closely wit" t"e business users and developers to a*e sure t"at business re$uire ents are correctly translated into database sc"e as and ulti ately into t"e application. Interacted wit" end users and developers to validate t"e data odel. #e$uire ent validation of t"e reports and drill downs wit" business users. Analysis of existing OLTP sys!e and Identification of re$uired di ensi%ns and *ac!s fro t"e Database. 'reation and 'usto i3ation of t"e O"I11 Rep%si!%ry +."ysical% Business and .resentation layer,. 1or*ed on Oracle BI Answers to build Interactive Das"boards wit" drill9 down capabilities. Ti e Series O)9ec!s, In!erac!i#e +ash)%ards wit" drill9down capabilities using page and das"board pro pts% O"I11 Securi!y Se!up +groups% ob/ect and data level,% 1:!ernal Ta)les, c%n*igured Analy!ics Me!ada!a %)9ec!s +Sub/ect Area% !able% 'olu n,% We) Ca!al%g O)9ec!s +Das"board% .ages% )olders% #eports,. #esponsible for creating users and aintaining visibility privileges using Analytics ad inistration on t"e repository side. Expert in cache anage en!, Rep%si!%ry igra!i%n, da!a le#el and %)9ec! le#el securi!y in O"I11 Analy!ics. Built test cases and tested t"e Rep%r!s ( +ash)%ards )y c% paring !he S;L Ou!pu! %n !he +a!a $areh%use !% !he #alues in !he Rep%r!s(+ash)%ards% docu ented t"e test results. 'reated connection pools% i ported p"ysical tables and defined /oins in t"e p"ysical layer of t"e repository. Assisted in creation of pivot table re$uest allowing anager to analy3e t"e business fro different perspectives% and provided opti i3ed Analytics re$uests using colu n selector. Involved in #econciliation .rocess w"ile testing loaded data wit" user reports. Developed different *inds of #eports +pivots% c"arts% tabular, using global and local )ilters. #esponsible for overall Business odels and #eporting needs. Build all user and group level securities including data level. 'reated 6A! +user acceptance test, cases Assisted in production support. Specified t"e aggregate levels for eac" source and created di ension sources for eac" level of aggregated fact data in t"e B&& layer. Assisted in creating a das"board user guide for new users. Added extension colu ns in fact and di ension tables.


1n#ir%n en!: OBIEE ;<.;.=.=% OBI9A..S A.=.C% Oracle A. Analytics% Oracle EBS #;;i +;;.C.A,% Infor atica >.?.<% .utty% 1eb logic ;<.D% O-A.% SB-% .-(SB-% !OAD% 64ID% Solaris. Med!r%nics, M2 2%#e )er, 5676 Sr' O"I11 C%nsul!an! <anuary, 5676 8

!"is pro/ect e p"asi3es on analy3ing various trends of 'usto ers at .roduct and #egion level. !"e pro/ect facilitates &ar*eting and Sales divisions in creating t"eir future #oad &ap for t"eir strategy to ac"ieve Organi3ational 0oal of reac"ing t"eir yearly target. 1e wor*ed on odifying ( creating ore t"an C< co plex reports in different sub/ect areas +A#% O&% and 0-,. Resp%nsi)ili!ies: Involved in custo i3ing% unit testing and data validation of Budget 5s Actual% .rofitability% and #eceivables das"boards and Answers. !ranslated business 7 functional re$uire ents into reporting re$uire ents 'usto i3ed predefined #epositories +#.D, using t"e Oracle Business Intelligence Ad inistration !ool. Designed staging areas for ultiple sources of data fro Oracle Applications ;;i% Agile )lat )iles and external 'usto er enterprise syste s. &odified .resentation -ayer to add presentation tables and colu ns to eet t"e business user needs. 1or*ed on repository and session variables. 'reated a!eriali-ed #ie$s and aggregates to i prove perfor ance. Installed and configured Oracle Business Intelligence +OBIEE ;<.;.=.F, software. Developed Supply '"ain% BO&% Inventory and .rocure ent das"boards and Answers. Developed Sales% )orecast and Inventory das"boards and Answers. 'reated user level security for intelligence das"boards based on Business #e$uire ent. Extensively used SB- !uning to i prove perfor ance. Uni!, in!egra!i%n and sys!e !es!ing for all co ponents in O"I11. !est cases "ave been prepared and docu ented t"e results. +%cu en!ed t"e design for intuitive understanding and future reference. .erfor ed pr%duc!i%n support for t"e pro/ect. Setup 6sage trac*ing option to onitor fre$uently run reports in order to provide cac"ing for t"e reports and perfor database opti i3ation by analy3ing $uery perfor ance.


Docu ented t"e design for intuitive understanding and future reference. 1or*ed on repository and session variables. 1or*ed wit" various user groups to gat"er OBIEE #eporting% Das"board and G.I re$uire ents +for A.% A# Oracle Apps &odules,. 'onfigured 'usto Business odel to report on Sales #ep% Installer .ay Stubs and Daily 'o ission #eport. !"is involved creating di ensional "ierarc"ies% -evel based easures% Aggregations% and co plex /oins. Designed Intelligent Das"boards and created 0lobal )ilters li*e Hear% Buarter% &ont"% .roduct% and Distributor. 'reated Di ensional 2ierarc"y +0eo% 'alendar% .roduct% Distributor,% -evel based &easures suc" as 'ategory Sales% Hearly Sales% #egional Sales and Aggregate navigation in B&& layer. 'reated !i e Series easures Hear ago% &ont" Ago% Hear9to9date easures using A0O and !o Date functions. Involved in .erfor ance !uning of reports by identifying t"e indexes re$uired on t"e bac*end tables and also fro t"e data available in t"e 'ac"e Involved in setting up iBots to run reports at sc"eduled ti e for 'ac"e Seeding to I prove Buery .erfor ance using 'ac"ing. 'reated .resentation catalogs% and )olders in .resentation -ayer% and .erfor ed 0lobal 'onsistency '"ec* in Oracle BI Ad inistration !ool

1n#ir%n en!: OBIEE ;<.;.=.@% Oracle ;<g% 1indows @<<= Server% O-A.% Oracle E9Business Suite ;;i +;;.C.A,% SB-% .-(SB-% Infor atica >.?.<% SB-oader% #ed 2at -inux. =r%up +CA, 2< +ece )er, 566> O"I11 C%nsul!an! April, 566> 8

!"is pro/ect e p"asi3es on analy3ing various trends of A. Analytics. !"e pro/ect facilitates .urc"asing and Accounts .ayable divisions in creating t"eir future #oad &ap for t"eir strategy to ac"ieve Organi3ational 0oal of reac"ing t"eir yearly target. 1e wor*ed on odifying ( creating ore t"an @< co plex reports in A. Analytics. Resp%nsi)ili!ies: 1or*ed closely wit" Business Analyst and 0at"ered Analytics #e$uire ents fro different user groups Involved in 0A. Analysis between t"e current reports and t"e re$uire ents gat"ered. &odified t"e existing reports wit" necessary configuration c"anges in frond end as well as in t"e bac* end +.rpd,


'usto i3ed .rpd to extract ore business functionality fro t"e existing Out9of9box configurations in A. analytics. Built E!- interfaces to transfer data fro Source to !argets% appings% error "andling and auto ation. 1or*ing wit" Offs"ore and Onsite E!- !ea s. 0at"er re$uire ents ( c"anges fro Business 6sers incorporate t"ese c"anges in )unctional Design Docu ents% and wor* wit" delivery tea at offs"ore. Slowly '"anging Di ensions are i ple ented to trac* t"e entire activity of 5endors. Developed ore t"an "undred E!- Interfaces using Infor atica !ool. 6sed extensively Oracle Stored .rocedures% )unctions for interface Error "andling and auto ated notifications E!- !ransfor ations. Extensive E!- develop ent experience and Infor atica E!- tool utili3ation.

1n#ir%n en!: OBIEE ;<.;.=% Oracle Ai% 1indows @<<= Server% O-A.% Oracle E9Business Suite ;;i +;;.C.A,% SB-% .-(SB-% Infor atica >.?.<% SB- -oader% #ed 2at -inux. "MW, 2< March, 566> O"I11 +e#el%per <uly, 566? 8

B&1 International 'orporate Sales +I'S, offers international co panies global solutions for t"eir re$uire ents regarding auto obile fleets and co pany cars. !"e pro/ect deals wit" develop ent of a data art for t"e sales to analy3e t"e sales perfor ance across t"e globe. !"e present data is in ainfra es and E#. syste s. !"e data fro various divisions is collected in flat files and stored at central location in data ware"ouse. Infor atica was used as t"e E!- tool and OBIEE for reporting. Resp%nsi)ili!ies: 1or*ed wit" functional 7 tec"nical leads% ar*eting% sales% finance% and ot"er business groups to identify% analy3e% and docu ent re$uire ents. Analy3e% Design% and Develop O"I11(Sie)el Analy!ics Me!ada!a rep%si!%ry .RP+/ t"at consists of Physical Layer, "usiness Mapping and M%del Layer, and Presen!a!i%n Layer 'usto i3ed t"e O"I11 Rep%si!%ry .Physical, "MM, and Presen!a!i%n layers/. 'reated di ension "ierarc"ies% aggregates% and logical sources in t"e B&& layer. 'usto i3ed t"e repository and created new re@ues!s% developed cus!% rep%r!s(Ad9"oc $ueries% c"arts using Siebel Answers 'reated and configured t"e Sie)el +ash)%ards


Exposed custo attributes in Presen!a!i%n Layer Setting up +eli#ers to configure i"%!s based on user re$uire ents Splitting of repository pro/ects and a*e it available to developers. Effectively igrating $e)cas!, S0ins and S!yle shee!s fro one server to anot"er server by using catalog anager. &erging of repositories and igrating to ultiple servers. Installed OBIEE in windows server. 'reating production builds and getting approvals fro senior anage ent. 'usto i3ed and developed t"e O"I11 "usiness M%del and Mapping layer. 0ranting access to users and aintain security by using database aut"entication and aut"ori3ation. Organi3e .resentation -ayer in a for at t"at is easy for end9user to use as a basis for reporting 6tili3ed session variables% repository variables and initiali3ation bloc*s in t"e repository building and odification procedures. 'reated auto purge for repository pro/ects and sc"eduled as per t"e de and. !rouble s"ooting t"e issues related to repository odels and report develop ent. 6tili3ed Siebel Delivers for sending real9ti e% personali3ed alerts via intelligence agents +iBots, to intelligence das"boards for subscribed users.

1n#ir%n en!: OBIEE ;<.;.=.@% Siebel O-!. 7.7% Infor atica 7.?% SB-% .-(SB-% 1indows D.. Credi! Suisse, 2Y 566A 8 <une, 566? Oracle "I +e#el%per March,

'redit Suisse "as i ple ented Oracle )inancial Analytics and Oracle 2u an #esource Analytics for t"e develop ent of t"e )inancial Analytics Data ware"ouse for developing das"boards and reports for onitoring t"e fir :s financial condition t"roug" financial data transfor ation. Oracle 2u an #esources Analytics integrates data fro a wide array of functional areas in 2# and )inance. Assess 2#Is overall perfor ance and e ployee productivity using industry benc" ar*s suc" as revenue per e ployee% contribution per "eadcount% and return on "u an capital Resp%nsi)ili!ies: &odeled t"e -ogical -ayer based on t"e "usiness re@uire en!s in t"e "usiness Mapping and M%deling Layer and Developed t"e necessary S!ar Sche as.


Extensively wor*ed on Ans$ers, +ash)%ards and Securi!y for users and creating c% ple: rep%r!s. 1or*ed on Aggrega!es, Hierarchies, Calcula!i%n $i-ard in t"e L%gical Layer. 'reated various S!a!ic and +yna ic #aria)les for different rep%r! and Securi!y re$uire ents. Re&%rgani-ed pages B rep%r!s into new das"boards8 COR1 =L, AP, AR. Ad inistered 2;SCO2FI='I2I and Ins!ancec%n*ig': l configuration files. 'onfigured i plicit fact colu ns. Enabled and ad inistered 6sage !rac*ing by using direct insert et"od. 'onfigured +eli#ers& i"%!s to alert t"e users based on t"e re$uire ent. &onitored t"e daily Incre en!al L%ad in Pr%duc!i%n environ ent and fix any issues during t"e -oad. 'onfigured issues wit" Oracle HR Analy!ics 1or*ed on t"e Ti e Series Wi-ard and i ple ented !i e c% paris%n easures. 6sed C%lu n Fil!er Pr% p!s and provided +ash)%ard Pr% p!s appropriately to avoid excessive data s"owing up #eports. 6sed various transfor ations Source @uali*ier, Aggrega!%rs, C%nnec!ed B Unc%nnec!ed l%%0ups, Fil!ers B Se@uence for appings based upon t"e re$uire ent. 'reated Cus!% appings to update Fac!s and +i ensi%ns and wor*ed on per*%r ance !uning of various transfor ations.

1n#ir%n en!: Oracle Business Intelligence ;<.;.=.@% Oracle ware"ouse builder Oracle )inancial Analytics 7.A.C% Oracle 2# Analytics% Infor atica 7.?% 1indows @*% Oracle BI Apps 7.A.C% Oracle ;<g% SB- Server @<<=% !OAD. =eneral +yna ics In*%r a!i%n Techn%l%gy, CA 566D 8 Fe)ruary, 566A Sie)el Analy!ics +e#el%per Augus!,

Resp%nsi)ili!ies: Extensively used Sie)el Analy!ics Ad inis!ra!i%n T%%l for custo i3ing and odifying t"e Physical layer, "MM and Presen!a!i%n layers of t"e repository +.rpd,. 1or*ed extensively on Sie)el Ans$ers to create t"e reports as per t"e business re$uire ents. 'reated role based das"boards% pages% reports wit" various views i.e. table% pivot% c"arts% narrator% colu n selector etc. and various report pro pts



6sed Fil!ers +=l%)al and L%cal, and provided cus!% i-ed pr% p!s to avoid excessive data s"owing up in t"e reports. 'onfigured In!elligence dash)%ards by including e bedded content suc" as lin*s(i ages 7 2!&- ob/ects. 'reated i"%!s and +eli#ers to send alert essages to subscribed users. &anaged Securi!y pri#ileges for eac" Su)9ec! area and +ash)%ards according to user re$uire ents. Involved in t"e different stages of t"e design process starting for source definition to onitoring and verifying t"e W%r0*l%$s for extraction% transfor ation and loading data. Designed('reated(Installed Infor atica E!- to load Staging tables in custo i3ed Siebel O-A. SB- Server database. Extracted data fro &S Excel% SB- Server @<<< and flat files and loaded to Data ware"ouse 'reated t"e apping docu ents based on t"e data odel and t"e client re$uire ents. Designed appings by using t"e Source Analy3er% 1are"ouse Designer% &apping Designer% &applet Designer and !ransfor ations Developer.. 1or*ed on ost of t"e fre$uently transfor ations suc" as t"e Source $ualifier% Aggregator% -oo*up% )ilter% Se$uence% #outer% Expression and 6pdate strategy. 'reated and ran Sessions to load t"e data into t"e Data ware"ouse co ponents. &oved data to vanilla(custo fact and aggregate tables for prototype das"board reports 'reated custo er "ierarc"y di ension tables and Analytics etadata for drill down functionality for das"boards Debugged and tuned final released production das"boards Per*%r ance Tuning of database% sources% targets% apping and session was perfor ed. 'reated any Oracle &ateriali3ed 5iews to fasten slower $ueries wit" co plex /oins. 6sed !oad to debug t"e SB- $uery to identify duplicate rows in t"e ware"ouse tables% and to debug t"e SB- $uery issued during report execution

1n#ir%n en!: Siebel Analytics 7.C 7 7.7% Infor atica ?.@% 1indows 4!% Oracle Ai% SB- Server @<<<% !OAD% SB-E-oader% SB-% .-(SB-% 2!&-% 64ID. Ceri-%n C% unica!i%ns, T4 566E & <uly, 566D 1TL +e#el%per <anuary,


Resp%nsi)ili!ies: 1or*ed closely wit" t"e Business Analyst to for ulate Business #e$uire ents and assi ilating t"e re$uired docu entation 1or*ed extensively on Source Analy3er% &apping Designer% and 1are"ouse Designer Analy3ed t"e source data and decided on appropriate extraction% transfor ation and loading strategy Extensively wor*ed on all t"e transfor ations li*e )ilter% Aggregator% Expression% #outer% -oo*up% and 6pdate Strategy &ulti source Extraction !ransfor ation and loading into t"e #epository using Infor atica .arsed "ig"9level design specifications to si ple E!- coding and apping standards #esearc" Sources and identify necessary #eusable 'o ponents for &applets and #eusable !ransfor ations 'reated 1or*flows and session tas*s for t"e appings to load t"e data !"ere were two *inds of data loading processes +Daily and 1ee*ly, depending on t"e fre$uency of source data. I ported data fro various sources transfor ed and loaded into Data 1are"ouse !argets using In*%r a!ica' )ixing invalid &appings% testing of Stored .rocedures and )unctions% 6nit and Integration !esting of Infor atica Sessions% Batc"es and !arget Data' Designed and Developed E!- +Extract% !ransfor ation 7 -oad, strategy to populate t"e Data 1are"ouse fro t"e various source syste s feeds using Infor atica and .-(SB 6sed wor*flow anager to create% sc"edule% execute and onitor Sessions and Batc"es Extensively tested t"e appings by running t"e $ueries against Source and !arget tables and by using brea* points in t"e debugger 6sed .re9Session and .ost9Session procedures to Drop and #ecreate Indexes w"ile t"e session runs to i prove perfor ance .erfor ed unit testing on appings developed 'reated !ype I and !ype II custo i3ation by adding colu ns to existing tables and extending t"ose appings by adding additional tables and appings Gnowledge of slowly c"anging di ension tables and fact tables. Developed docu entation to describe progra develop ent% logic% coding% testing% c"anges and corrections. Opti i3ing t"e appings by c"anging t"e logic to reduce run ti e. 1n#ir%n en!: Oracle >i% 1indows @<<= Server% O-A.% Oracle E9Business Suite ;; +;;.<.=,% SB-% .-(SB-% Infor atica ?.@% SB- -oader% #ed 2at -inux.