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Commentariusby B.CDaily. * Lily has always considered herself ordinary.

But as she enters her 7th year, things start changing and Lily starts going a bit mad. Suddenly, she’s Head Girl, her mates are acting strangely, and there’s a new James Potter she can’t seem to get rid of. TheLife and Timesby Jewels5. She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time. TheBoyfriendtrilogy(Boyfriend , FiancéeandPregnant ) by MollyRaesly. Potter was going to say that he wasn’t my boyfriend. I couldn’t let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn’t tell her the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him. BuriedTreasureand Transmogrifyby RiennaHawks.* Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn’t quite what they thought it was. Lettersby GhostOfBambi.* Abandoned by her best friend and suffering the torment of her hideous older sister - and her sister’s hideous boyfriend, Lily Evans thought she was in for a boring summer. James Potter had other ideas 100 storiesof Lily andJamesby Witblogi. 100 theme challenge. Each chapter is a new story revolving around James and Lily through their lives together. A Monthof Sundaysby Marzipan. * How exactly does Lily discover her buried feelings for James Potter? Picks up from James’s and Lily’s 5th year, shortly after Lily ends her friendship with Snape . Preludeto Destinyby brainchild. Lily’s goals were to get over her annoying crush on James Potter and avoid becoming Head Girl, but in 6th year after her ex boyfriend shows up, everything started spiralling out of control. ObsessiveLily Disorderby Procrastinatorstarting2morro. James worships the ground Lily, er, throws him on? Includes stalking, Polyjuice potion and James attempting many acts of suicide such as drowning his head in toilet bowls because Apple Of His Eye Evans hates his guts. Or does she?

Multi-chapter fics. A differentviewon Loveby Merlinhelz.* After a potions accident, James and Lily switch bodies. However, they need to keep it a secret:Brewing the potion wasn’t exactly in the school rules. Watch how they cope living inside each others skin. TheMugglebornProtectionAct by e.demitria.

Inability to Act by GhostOfBambi. I’ll fight for youby Hazelmist. He was handsome enough to make any girl swoon. Lily will do anything to be the best. but he was also funny. Includes Remus/OC and Sirius/OC. For the people who were too afraid to. Obviously there’s some animosity. There are many reasons why I won’t go out with him. For the person who took a giant risk. Never again. KissandTell by SunshineDaisiesWindmills.Voldemort is at large and new Ministry policy is enacted in light of increased Muggle killings: all Muggle-borns are assigned to a Pureblood family for protection. Can Lily learn how to be a Potter… without falling for her new brother? If I fell by anAnomaLy. Lily and James are happily married with a baby on the way. there’s a thin line between love and hate. Do this as frequently as possible. and secretly kind. Lily genuinely liked James Potter. but don’t ever. Scream at each other. 1 He’s a selfish git.” This’ll be interesting.* For anyone who ever wishes that they’d done something differently. This summer was supposed to be peaceful. Unfortunately. YouDon’t Say by UndercoverFabala. of course! AndThatsWhena BludgerCameThroughMy Windowby JenRiddle. Of course. James has never lost. Provoke each other. . and my school work… and thats when a bludger came through my window. HaggisfromAlgernonby RudeGus. the rivalry is upgraded from taunting to pure hatred. Lily James: Harry finds his parents’ old diaries and notes from school. ever kiss and tell. Halloween balls. A few weeks away at my Aunt Rose’s. looking down at me with blazing eyes. and cruel. secrets. Just minutes away from the beach. Seventh year wasn’t quite turning out as planned. Voldemort and true love. Oneof themby ScarlettSunshine. At all. But a visit to Diagon Alley makes them fondly recall their courtship. clever. I could catch up on my reading. you’re my girlfriend. he could also be rude. in her quiet cottage in the country. But trying to keep up with four seventeen year old boys isn’t that easy. "Then why won’t you go out with me?" James asks quietly. Finding the balance was the tricky part. nightmares. TheArt of SuccessfullyDatinga QuidditchPlayer by DisorderlyandPunk. For everyone who wishes that they’d said it when they had the chance. Lily’s hanging out with the Marauders. thoughtless.” “And if I win. spoiled. But when things get complicated. The rules were simple. Lily Evans had always hoped she’d be Head Girl someday. but she never thought she’d be working with James Potter. 2 He’s not my type and 3…"You would hurt me. “If I win you don’t ask me out. Ever. It’s a challenge. Scribblingsof a RedHeadanda QuidditchCaptainby CasablancaInTheTardis." Unrivaledby TheKat1. He reads them and discovers how the Head Girl and Boy finally got together. One week. and she certainly never thought she’d find herself falling for the mischievous young man. Snog each other.

It’s no longer 1967. Merlin. I had no clue who he was. After six years of James chasing Lily and failing. LJ. Potter. There were four things that I was incredibly certain of— 1. COMPLETE Crossroadsby emmyjean. the stupid sport should just be outlawed all together. TheAgeof Intertia by SevenPerseids. TheDevil WearsQuidditchGearby HeyLookTheSnitch. so should the game of Truth or Dare. Secretsin the Roomof Requirementby HeyLookTheSnitch. Sirius decides to take matters into his own hands… Oh. Quidditch could be chucked into the next century. Darn those bloody Quidditch robes. Potter are now randomly best friends. Lily and James find themselves twenty years into the future. James swears he’s been cloned. Joinedat the hip by Livelier. You mean to say that Potter’s family is coincidentally staying across the street from our beach house for the summer. A lot. Too bad.The fic about nothing. their pranks. Not good at all. In her seventh and final year at Hogwarts. James Potter had somehow weaseled his unwelcome buttocks into my life…as my summer date. Prongs was a troublemaker. and they expect me to hang out with that git for two months? You’ve got to be joking. For all Lily Evans cared. Lily Evans finds herself facing a tragedy that leaves her life in pieces. everything tumbles downhill from there or did it? PursuingLily Evansby ohsnapitspotter. and Sirius decides to play cupid. Summer of love? Ha. Due to a potions incident. Things could get crazy. What happens when Harry stumbles upon these old videos? COMPLETE Whatit’s Like by ohsnapitspotter. 73 daysof Summerby HeyLookTheSnitch. LJ 7th year. Sirius and Lily switch bodies. Blast it all. Penmanshipsmittenby HeyLookTheSnitch. He very well could be lying and really was a female. After a tedious fight. EveryOtherMidnightby Kathryn’sNomDePlume. The Marauders chose to video tape their days at Hogwarts. I one hundred percent fancied the pants off the bloke. Lily and James hate each other. Professor Potter and Head Girl Lily Evans… The Dark Decline. . Lightby AmeliaBedelia. A new side of James is revealed. In fact. SummerMagicby movinggirl. 3. and James’ desperate attempts at winning Lily’s heart. In one simple act of pure stupidity. I gaped at him in awe and terror. Come to think of it. 4. and Harry’s own life is put into jeopardy. Not good. She ultimately finds great strength both within herself and those she never would have expected. Lily is freaking out. 2. Mum and Mrs. But when a prank is taken too far and Lily makes a stupid mistake and shows off to her sister about a boyfriend she doesn’t have.

Resolutionby WeasleyWannabee. LE/JP. Meetingthe Maraudersby PoppyPotter. camaraderie. an unreadable expression in his hazel eyes. But when their new positions as Heads forces them into unwilling cooperation. Evans?by CokeBottleK. are things going to be any different in the following year when they are forced to work together? Of Rainbows. "I think you’re an arrogant. After a shocking goodbye at the end of their 6th year. His last thought. He could have thought of blood. old wounds reopen and new truths are brought to light. and how they and their friends found hope." The Head Boy answered thoughtfully. Can James Potter. had his life turned upside down and was forced to make his precious daughter go on a date. Loveand OtherTragediesby Fancyeyes.not stirred by Jewels5. that they were meant to be? TheFourthCrimsonSky by HoneyLake. Not even me. before uttering a single word: "Okay. I’ll take it shaken. and I think you’d be doing both of us a favor if you just left me alone!" Potter stared at me for a moment."You’re a pretty.~ . TearsOn The Balconyby ByeByeBirdie. set in 1979. was of Lily’s smile. James was vaguely aware that the sky outside his window produced a bright crimson. selfish pig. Through a series of vignettes describing experiences that are all tied to the dormitories." As an obituary writer and spy for the Order of the Phoenix. even though she is. Lily and James had made no secret of their mutual loathing. and love as the first shots of war rang in their ears and tore their world apart. ever convince Lily Evans. "None of us do. She’s not. at the end. Marauder and troublemaker extraordinaire. Sometimes I think she’s even more disastrously flawed than the rest of us combined.FlowersandWishingWellsby PottedLillies. Lily & James have hated each other ever since their initial meeting took a wrong turn. Prefect and good girl. DormRoomby Rabiscar.~ Or how Mr Evans was forced to spend Christmas with four raving lunatics.~ Part One of in-progress trilogy: The thing about being Lily Evans and James Potter was that you couldn’t do anything without everybody else saying something about it. Lily looks to her past to keep the part about innocence at least partly true.We don’t deserve her because she’s so much more than we’ll ever be" All OverAgainby LiliEvansdotcom. This is the story of how the famous couple came to be." Priori Incantatemby Fellytone. this JP/LE outlines the little events that brought James and Lily together. Lily and James. Certainly not for being lovely because she never was.~ Since the fateful night in sixth year. You could get away with anything. innocent-looking young witch. And not because she’s beautiful.~ "We don’t deserve her. He could have thought of the fate right before him. All right. Not because she’s perfect.

~ You mean to say that Potter’s family is coincidentally staying across the street from our beach house for the summer.C Daily. TheGirl or the Game?by Procrastinatorstarting2moro. To Catcha Snitchby FueledByGlitter. I’m throwing the lamp away. Hijacking by B.not for the first time . Funny how a letter from a Bulgarian boy can reveal a redhead’s true feelings… Scenesfroma HogsmeadPubby B. That’s why he reads one that is clearly addressed to him as ‘Lily Evans’. and I think you’d be doing both of us a favor if you just left me alone!" Potter stared at me for a moment.Mix: 1 portion each of mystery. Stir in: 1 tablespoon each of chaos and enmity. Lemon. so he quits it for a bet. while she attempts to not fall in love with him and prevent embarrassing situations like sniffing his boxers. selfish pig. TheIncidentin the Libraryby greenconverses.~ Lily won’t date James because of his Quidditch obsession.~ "I think you’re an arrogant. spies. Mum and Mrs.that he cannot possibly be Head Boy when it takes three attempts plus Remus’s interceding just to get Lily to agree to have lunch with him. Opening letters that don’t belong to you is wrong James knows this.Ivan by ProcrastinatorStarting2moro. James and Lily like to appreciate the little things in life. One-shots. and sarcasm. Blend using: sense of humor and ability to read. James. SummerMagicby movinggirl. because even when there’s a war going on you can still be in love. James realises .~ Before Voldemort and The Chosen One and that fateful night in Godric’s Hollow. This is their story. . before uttering a single word: "Okay. school. Lily’s POV. Oh. Serve: shaken. there was just a boy and the girl he loved. Potter are now randomly best friends.C Daily. Her name was Lily and his was James. What horror! What amazement! What chaos! What snogging! Who ever said destiny couldn’t be fulfilled by a lamp? Realisingby B. he struggles to cope with withdrawal symptoms. Recipiesof Disasterby robbstarks. In 7 days. * The Three Broomsticks is the setting for five significant scenes in Lily and James’s relationship. mayhem. GoldenDaysby WilhelminaWilloughby." J/L. James and Lily start hijacking one another’s rounds in order to sneak off to entirely inappropriate Hogwarts locales.CDaily.~ * L/J. Yours. Lily and James. and murder. Add: James. A series of short vignettes. and they expect me to hang out with that git for two months? You’ve got to be joking. not stirred… Resolutionby WeasleyWannabee. LJSmut. an unreadable expression in his hazel eyes. In IlluminatedSymbollicGloryby charminglyholly. Lily. what furor these words can cause.

Lily’s the only one around to save him . of friendship gone dry. Letting go of childhood dreams that are quickly becoming a reality is even harder. dark blue fluff. * Christmas tart making gets a bit out of hand when. This is the story of love returned and unreturned. Transfiguration Professor. To grow up. bouncers. I can’t stand the way it mocks me!" Peter looked confused.CDaily. Sad. and of the things people will do for love. but plenty of shirtless James for everybody. not many people remember enough to wait. I loveyouthis muchby by MagEd. Their final year. and he decides to throw it in the common room. *two-shot* Potter andthe Pillowby tweedledeela.the Fat Lady retells a story about overhearing James’ confession to Lily. Lily attempts to find him the ugliest gift. And a boy. He wasn’tall badby AmeliaBedelia. Haveyouhuggedyour JamesPottertoday?by Procrastinatorstarting2morro. Full detailed summary inside. "I’ve had enough Potter. East. This is the story of a boy and a girl. Minerva McGonagall is a woman of many talents. Fait Accompliby SarRansom. Hardly any fluff. "Mocks you? Evans. which further angers the already angry mob that attempts to get past Sirius and Peter. Deputy Headmistress. Seventh year fic. It’s James Potter’s birthday. When trying to decide who might be worse . who are in fact. ‘You must have loved her very much.Lily Evans has been distracted lately…and it’s all because of James Potter and his stupid. A hug a day keeps James Potter at bay. It’s never easy to let go of impossible childhood dreams.the Weasley twins or James and Sirius . . Head of House." ThePlatformby gpoy. "You know he was someone special because she never brought one of her boyfriends home before. CouplesTherapyby GhostOfBambi. Give me the pillow.and this Head Girl’s in danger of caving in herself. Meanwhile. ONESHOT Daughterby Pantz. James decides to boil his batch of dough in the fireplace. isn’t it just a pillow?" L/J Cavingin by Froody. the silkier kind. This is the story of James Potter and Lily Evans and Severus Snape.’ 1978by K. their final chance at finding each other. his final plan to call Lily Evans his. When a passage caves in on Potter. JP/LE alongside the ever wonderful Marauders. Boilingthe Tarts by B. Our Last Daysas Childrenby herbeautifullie. unbuttoned shirt. Love Guru. much to Lily’s dismay. Canon pairings/characters. L/J JamesPotter’sBirthdayby ohsnapitspotter.

and they don’t intend on stopping any time soon. Sirius’ brilliant plan isn’t so brilliant after all.~ Lily tells James that she’s pregnant in the midst of a deadly war. being God. Loveand Quidditchby Kerichi.” TheHogwartsSoft CoreEroticaBusinessby BadGirlwithsomeRetroSneakers. In which James finally lands a date with Evans.~ "Mum!" James snapped. Lily’s parents hear all about that Potter boy. threw him out of the figurative Eden.~ Lily and James: their epic as the fanfiction authors love to tell it. 7 questions asked and only 6 refusals? TheHistoryof a ShowerStall by QueenNightingale. *one-shot* That ElusiveAhaMomentby WhilhelminaWilloughby. He hated them. but I finally learnt to take no for an answer…. So Lily. HowTo Be Deadby MagEd. she tells him that’s not Quidditch! 19½First Datesby Xylodemon. Running his fingers through his hair he looked down at his smug mother with wide eyes. No doubt. to be his guide dog. One shot. PerfectMatchby Franklet.~ Vernon loved normalcy almost as much as you did and these people were not normal.~ Summary: James and Lily Potter have died.] Meetthe Motherby PenonPaperFingersonKeys. [One-shot.”’ 7 years at Hogwarts. Straightening his glasses to make sure he was seeing things correctly. That PotterBoyby BadgerInMySoup. In a nutshell by Jewels5. but then again. James bit the figurative apple. There was resent in his eyes and in hers. looking at each other. James was surprised to see that the shirtless picture of himself with very low trousers and eighteen abs was still staring back at him.~ Because dangerous things happen when we touch. you had to talk to Lily!" Love is Blind by Procrastinator-starting2moro. but that doesn’t mean Harry is alone. And then he said angrily.For a moment they only breathed. A Bloodbathby lyssdom. And when he leans. When James stops asking Lily out. Lily raked her eyes over him with marked disinterest and rolled her eyes. you hated them more. He’s thrilled. “No. oh God. ~ James Potter loses his glasses and seeks help from Head Girl. She’s scared. “I was in love with you and you know it. Lily Evans. I’m no Ravenclaw. and Remus thinks the lot of them are daft. apparently on the verge of hysteria. JamesLily Twiceas Brightby thirty2flowers. "Y-You…What did I tell you about talking to Hogwarts students? And. unintentional boob grabbing always occurs with temporary blindness. They’re still watching over him. Peter doesn’t really remember what he did. In a nutshell. Leaningby PenciledIn. Then comes the seventh.~ . 7 years of Quidditch. “Are you coming?” James demanded.~ For six summers.

TheFirst Hit by WhiihelminaWilloughby.until she finds the Marauders. Now. with one of the deadliest pirates after her. fatefully encountering London’s most eligible bachelor. The two strike up a contract and the next thing Lily knows. and things that Lily Evans hadn’t done.~ Snape’s worst memory isn’t exactly treasured by James either. and this house is supposed to be safe. Petal in the Rainby pratty-prongsprincesse. Year 7 was the best of James’ life . Quidditch Captain. A story of love.~* L/J. the girlfriend of his dreams . didn’t exactly help either. war. James was London street trash. though it takes some people longer than others. Lily is the daughter of a Duke. By society’s standards. James has always been a slow learner. covered in it from head to foot. Alternative universe. Everyone realizes that there’s something more between James and Lily. because he is so. and things that shouldn’t be happening right now. mostly because he was forced to shovel dragon dung fertiliser as punisment. This diary.Head Boy. so tiny. England’s top-selling band. Three years later. they could never be together . Didn’t anyone ever wonder what would have happened if Lily loved James…but James hated Lily? TheBewitchmentof JamesPotter by Luna_Elentari. hiding in her barn. she’s on a Pirate ship. . TheCurtainCall by AmeliaBedelia. magic and deception.Rated for language LJ ONESHOT All thosethingsby rushmore. Lily Evans mischievously escapes for one night. she’s still glad to see him. DungDetentionby Anaelaloveswho.The Aha Moment: a point in time when something finally clicks. opportunity knocks again. she has to deal with rockstar egos. an unwanted admirer. nothing can keep them apart…except maybe an iceberg. Running into Lily Evans. and finally. Set in 1940 during the Battle of Britain. and the dark force that sent them into hiding in the first place. Nothingon Earthby greenconverses. Windand Wavesby HeroOfTheCastleOfMarble. Lord James Potter. Lily Evans is looking forward to summer . Starstruckby SevenScribbles.Lily was wealthy and already engaged. turning down his marriage proposal. When they meet on board the RMS Titanic. the connection is instant and soon. It doesn’t surprise her at all that James Potter comes rushing into the Hospital Wing only an hour after she lands herself there. Entrapped in a snobbish boarding school.~ * James Potter makes a wishlist of things he wishes that he hadn’t done. James is the pirate Captain of The Marauder. And for someone she doesn’t even like all that much.until Lily leaves. describing Lily’s last three years of school is not the usual James-loves-Lily-but-Lily-hatesJames story. As Toldby Lily by avantika.

It was not bloody Shangri-la. BloodyShangriLaby jamesthestagwhore." AU. WhileYouTell Me Storiesby DawnieS. As their final year at Hogwarts ends and they are forced out of school. as the actress. and Lily. a pub.James and Lily spend their summers together producing plays. With James. both of them find out what it means to get burned. . GodsGraceby TheRookWhore.~ AU. What starts out as an innocent crush soon leads to a fiery affair between Lily and her new roommate James.~ Slightly AU. James and Lily find that the real world presents challenges they hadn’t been expecting and problems they don’t know how to overcome. but James knew full well that is was nothing of the sort. Playingwith fire by BlueJeanMistress.~ [AU] In which James Potter has a baby girl. Sowsworth was a wasteland that comprised of seven shops. As they try to hide their affair from Lily’s boyfriend. and the incredibly bored shadows of lonely people. though neither are happy about the presence of the other. as the set designer. tensions run high.~ "The way she babbled on about the place made it seem like some sort of promise land.