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Vision Statement

To be a leading power generation company, driven to exceed our shareholders' expectations and meet our customers requirements.

Mission Statement
To be a responsible corporate citizen To maximise shareholders' return To provide reliable and economical power for our customer To excel in all aspects relating to safety, quality and environment To create a work environment which fosters pride, ob satisfaction and equal opportunity for career growth for the employees

!"#$% is #akistan's largest &ndependent #ower #roducer '&##( with a name plate capacity of )*++ ,-. The #ower #lant comprises of )+ multi fuel fired gas turbines and . steam turbines installed in . phases between )/0. and )//*. These turbines are divided into 1 energy 2locks with each 2lock having a combination of gas and steam turbines. The #ower #lant's combined cycle technology enables !"#$% to use the waste heat from the gas turbine exhaust to produce steam in the 3eat 4ecovery 5team 6enerator, which in turn is used to run the steam turbines thereby resulting in fuel cost efficiency and minimum wastage. The #ower #lant is a multi7fuel gas7turbine power plant with the capability of using 1 different fuels to generate electricity, namely8 9atural 6as, :ow 5ulphur ;urnace %il and 3igh 5peed <iesel to generate electricity. The #ower #lant is also the only ma or plant in #akistan with the ability to self start in case of a country wide blackout.

!"#$% is managed through a suite of agreements signed between it and its customer '-"#<"(, 6overnment of #akistan, and fuel suppliers. These include8 Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA") The ##" is between -"#<" and !"#$%. &nter alia, the ##" determines the tariff structure and principles of operating the #ower #lant. The ##" includes an implicit return built into the tariff provided. !"#$% maintains its available capacity at the contractual level identified in the ##". !"#$% has robust and effective engineering, financial, procurement and 34 strategies in place to ensure that contractual capacity levels are maintained. %ver the last two years, dependable capacity levels have been significantly above the contracted levels. Gas Supply Agreement ("GSA") The 65" is between 5ui 9orthern 6as #ipelines :imited '=596#:=( and !"#$%. &nter alia, the 65" guarantees a certain quantity of gas deliveries during off peak months from 596#:. Oil Supply Agreement ("OSA") The %5" is between !"#$% and #akistan 5tate %il $ompany :imited '=#5%=(. #5% is the largest oil marketing company in #akistan and is engaged in the nationwide storage, distribution and marketing of various petroleum, oil and lubricant products. &nter alia, the %5" covers the supply to !"#$% of fuel, diesel, oil, greases, lubricants and additives for the requirement of the #ower #lant.

Integrated Management System (IMS)

!"#$% is the first company in #akistan to be awarded three simultaneously accreditations under the title of the &ntegrated ,anagement 5ystem. ;or its achievements in areas of quality, environment and safety, !"#$% was awarded in >uly ?++@ certificates of &5% )/++) 7 ?+++ Auality ,anagement 5ystemB &5% )@++) 7 )//*, Cnvironment ,anagementB and %35"5 )0++) 7 )/// %ccupational 3ealth D 5afety ,anagement.

Quality Management System

!"#$% Auality ,anagement 5ystem ensures that processes of the organisation are defined in accordance with recognised international standards. This system serves as a tool for providing confidence to management '&nternal Auality "ssurance( and to customers D shareholders 'Cxternal Auality "ssurance(.

n!ironment Management System

Cnvironment ,anagement 5ystem provides a systematic approach to comply with 9ational Cnvironmental Auality 5tandards '9CAs(. #lans have been established for monitoring and continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

Occupational "ealth and Sa#ety Management System

2eing a 5afety conscious company, !"#$% has implemented an %ccupational 3ealth and 5afety ,anagement '%3D5( 5ystem. This system has enabled the %rganisation to control %3D5 risks and improve health and safety performance. The 5ystem has been planned on the basis of %3D5 hazards D risk assessment and relevant legal requirements of the $ountry. ;or operation of the 5ystem, responsibilities, awareness D training, documentation operational control, departmental ob ectives and emergency preparednessE response have been implemented at all levels in the company. #erformance of the 5ystem is monitored, measured and recorded and actions are planned accordingly. $onsistent adherence with the 5ystem and continual improvement is ensured by periodic management reviews and internalEexternal audits.

!"#$% with its broad vision of 3uman 4esource ,anagement provides life7 long career development opportunities for qualified, competent and hard7 working professionals. $urrently the employee strength is approximately .00. "ll of the employees are well7trained and committed to their obs. !"#$% endeavours to create a conducive work environment which fosters pride, ob satisfaction and equal opportunity for career growth of the employees.

!"#$% owns and maintains housing facilities for its employees and their families. The residential colony is spread over )F+ acres and comprises over /++ houses, a ten bed hospital, staff and officers' recreation facilities, two shopping centres, a bachelors hostel, a guest house, secondary schools for boys and girls and three mosques. The employees and their dependants are provided with full medical cover. -ell7being of the employees families along with ample recreational activities is essential for employees in order to deliver optimum capabilities with complete peace of mind. ;ully understanding this importance, !"#$% promotes sports and recreation activities amongst employees and their families. !"#$% is an equal opportunity employer. !"#$% maintains a strict induction standard and uses a merit base when hiring new employees to ensure the concept of the =4ight #erson for the 4ight >ob=.

"uman $esource %e!elopment

!"#$% greatly values its employees and therefore 3uman 4esource <evelopment '=34<=( is a high priority in !"#$%'s corporate ob ectives. 34< programmes are developed, from time to time, with a view not only to enhance essential business and professional skills but also to focus on the personal development of employees. " long7term view has been established to address personal development and succession planning through effective training programmes.

!"#$% as a responsible $orporate $itizen not only generates electricity, but is also dedicated to improve the well7being of the community it operates in. 5ince its inception in >une )//*, !"#$% has initiated a comprehensive 5ocial "ction #rogramme with special emphasis on basic health and education facilities in order to improve the quality of life of the local people. !"#$%'s primary ob ectives are as follows8 "ealth &are #rovision of health care equipment, infrastructure facilities to up7grade the standard of local government hospitals, primary and preventative medical care including free consultation, medicines, vaccinations, eye operations, surgeries and complete treatment of diseases like Tuberculosis for deserving patients. Cnhance awareness among the local community in preventative health care. ducation #rovision of infrastructure facilities such as construction of class rooms, toilets, furniture, electric water coolers, scholarships, books, uniforms and bags to deserving students. 6old ,edals to the top achievers of !ot "ddu in 55$ and 355$ examinations. In#rastructure &mprovement of infrastructure facilities in surrounding areas such as provision of street lights, construction of public waiting rooms at bus stands, electric water coolers, fans, benches, and improved sewerage systems. 'raining and %e!elopment #rovide technical training opportunities to local students through "pprenticeship Training 5chemes and internships. Sponsorships #rovision of financial assistance and prizes to local sports events.

!ot "ddu #ower $ompany :imited '=!"#$%=( was incorporated in )//* with the purpose to contribute economical power to the national grid. !"#$% has shown exceptional results in the area of plant maintenance, availability, quality standards and financial performance. &n "pril ?++. !"#$% was formally listed on all the three 5tock Cxchanges of #akistan. !"#$% is committed to contributing to #akistan's economy by powering the lives of its people by continuously improving its performance through efficient systems, capable workforce and good governance