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A Shamanic Way

Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Extraction and Cord Cutting

The shamanic process is an ancient method of honoring the energy of Spirit within us and
around us. Shamanic healing works on the energetic body, which affects the physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Shamanic healing includes extraction and cord
cutting, chakra balancing and opening energy channels, energy grid realignment and
activation, and Reiki.

There is a time and a place for the many and varied healing arts available. Often times
the healing of the energetic body is required to finally heal that old injury, to lift the
weight of the world off our shoulders or to validate our worthiness.

What if dedicated effort has not seemed to manifest the life changes you desire?

What if you feel blocked each time you attempt to move forward or change direction in
your life?

What if despite a sense of overall happiness and contentment there is still something not
quite right?

Assisting people in their individual journey back to a whole, healthy, happy life is the
core of Shamanic healing. Helping people heal themselves often includes the
performance of the ritual known as Soul Retrieval.

Soul retrieval is one component is one of many facets of care of the soul. .

Soul Retrieval
The Soul Retrieval ritual is an integral part of Shamanic healing. Through trauma,
illness, or injury a person may lose a piece of that vital life force we call the soul. This
loss is a defense mechanism of the soul. The pain would be even greater if the person
stayed whole during the trauma. In Shamanic belief this part goes into another reality or
the Spirit world, often waiting for the call to come back. In modern psychology this
fragmentation is known as disassociation, there is acceptance and an acknowledgment of
the loss, but there is no effort made to bring the pieces back. The ritual the Shamanic
healer performs to bring these pieces back and restore them to the person is known as
Soul Retrieval.

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A Shamanic Way
Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Extraction and Cord Cutting –
Through the ritual of Soul Retrieval a person will experience a sense of wholeness and
integration of self. Remembering the trauma associated with the original soul loss is not
required in Shamanic healing. Only the reintegration and the honoring of the returning
soul pieces is necessary for the healing process.

The Soul Retrieval process includes a Shamanic journey into non-ordinary reality. The
Shamanic healer “journeys” and lost soul pieces that want to come back and be helpful
are invited to “return home” to the person being healed. Upon return to ordinary reality
the Shaman blows the returning soul pieces back into the person’s heart and into the top
of their head.

When the ritual is completed the recipient’s work begins. Integrating, processing and
welcoming back those returned soul pieces facilitates healing into the whole, healthy and
happy person we were created to be.

Extraction and Cord Cutting

An extraction is done to remove any unhelpful energy that enters the emptiness resulting
from soul loss. This unhelpful or negative energy can create an environment that leads to
disease: physical, emotional, and/or mental. The negativity of anger, fear, fragmentation,
anxiety, hatred, and chronic levels of unhappiness are the result of exposure to our society
and daily life. Extracting this negative energy restores the soul to its original divinity
bringing us to a healthy, happy, and whole state of being.

As we go through our life and our experiences we become connected to people, places,
and things. In Shamanic belief this connection extends to people, places, and things in
non-ordinary reality as well as the here and now. During a Shamanic state of
consciousness the practitioner can see the cords and webs making the connections.
Cutting and clearing away the cords that are unhelpful and binding in detrimental ways
allows the person to change patterns and move forward in life.

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