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1. Identification
Product identifier Other mean of identification SDS num!er Product code "ecommended u e "ecommended re triction %om$an& name Addre MAP-Pro Premium Hand Torch Fuel WC001 Varies Hand Torch Fuel None known. Wor&hin'&on C(linder Corpora&ion -00 ). 5reed %&. Chil&on4 W. /-01" $% Telephone Number: 1-9 0-!"9-1#"0 0nn.%&ie12a&er3wor&hin'&onindus& 0nn %&ie12a&er CH)*T+)C ,omes&ic 1-!00-" "-9-00 .n&erna&ional 1-#0--/ #--!!#

Manufacturer # Im$orter # Su$$lier # Di tri!utor information

Tele$hone E-mail %ontact $er on Emer'enc& $hone num!er

(. Ha)ard* + identification
Ph& ical ha)ard Health ha)ard Flammable 'ases 8ases under pressure %peci1ic &ar'e& or'an &o9ici&(4 sin'le e9posure Ca&e'or( 1 6i7ue1ied 'as Ca&e'or( - narco&ic e11ec&s

No& classi1ied. OSHA ha)ard* + :Ha;ards no& s&a&ed here are <No& classi1ied<4 <No& applicable< or <Classi1ica&ion no& possible<. ,a!el element Ha)ard &m!ol

Si'nal -ord Ha)ard tatement Precautionar& tatement Pre.ention "e $on e

,an'er )9&remel( 1lammable 'as. Con&ains 'as under pressure= ma( e9plode i1 hea&ed. *a( displace o9('en and cause rapid su11oca&ion. >eep awa( 1rom hea&?sparks?open 1lames?ho& sur1aces. - No smokin'. 02oid brea&hin' dus&?1ume?'as?mis&?2apors?spra(. $se onl( ou&doors or in a well-2en&ila&ed area. 6eakin' 'as 1ire: ,o no& e9&in'uish4 unless leak can be s&opped sa1el(. )limina&e all i'ni&ion sources i1 sa1e &o do so. .1 inhaled: +emo2e person &o 1resh air and keep com1or&able 1or brea&hin'. Call a poison cen&er?doc&or i1 (ou 1eel unwell. %&ore in a well-2en&ila&ed place. >eep con&ainer &i'h&l( closed. %&ore locked up. ,ispose o1 con&en&s?con&ainer in accordance wi&h local?re'ional?na&ional?in&erna&ional re'ula&ions. No& classi1ied.

Stora'e Di $o al Ha)ard* + not other-i e cla ified *H/O%+ Su$$lemental information Ha)ard tatement

*a( displace o9('en and cause rapid su11oca&ion.

0. %om$o ition#information on in'redient

Mi1ture Ha)ardou com$onent %hemical name @rop(lene %ommon name and &non&m %AS num!er 11/-0#-1 2 99./ - 100

*0@-@roA @remium Hand Torch Fuel 9090/0 Version B: 01 +e2ision da&e: -

%,% $% %,% $% .ssue da&e: 1 -0#- 01


/on-ha)ardou com$onent %hemical name @ropane

%ommon name and &non&m

%AS num!er #"-9!-C

2 0 - 0./

3. Fir t-aid mea ure

Inhalation S4in contact *o2e &o 1resh air. .1 brea&hin' is di11icul&4 'i2e o9('en. .1 no& brea&hin'4 'i2e ar&i1icial respira&ion. Call a ph(sician or poison con&rol cen&er immedia&el(. +emo2e con&amina&ed clo&hin' immedia&el( and wash skin wi&h soap and wa&er. 8e& medical a&&en&ion i1 irri&a&ion de2elops and persis&s. .1 1ros&bi&e occurs4 immerse in2ol2ed area in warm wa&er Dbe&ween 100 F?-! C and 110 F?"- C4 no& e9ceedin' 11 F?"" CE. >eep immersed 1or 0 &o "0 minu&es. %eek medical assis&ance. .mmedia&el( 1lush e(es wi&h plen&( o1 wa&er 1or a& leas& 1/ minu&es. +emo2e con&ac& lenses4 i1 presen& and eas( &o do. Con&inue rinsin'. 8e& medical a&&en&ion immedia&el(. .n'es&ion is no& a &(pical rou&e o1 e9posure 1or 'ases or li7ue1ied 'ases. No& a2ailable.

E&e contact In'e tion Mo t im$ortant &m$tom #effect 5 acute and dela&ed Indication of immediate medical attention and $ecial treatment needed

)9posure ma( a''ra2a&e pre-e9is&in' respira&or( disorders. Trea& s(mp&oma&icall(.

6. Fire-fi'htin' mea ure

Suita!le e1tin'ui hin' media 7n uita!le e1tin'ui hin' media S$ecific ha)ard ari in' from the chemical S$ecial $rotecti.e e8ui$ment and $recaution for firefi'hter Fire-fi'htin' e8ui$ment#in truction ,r( chemical4 CF 4 wa&er spra(4 1o'4 or 1oam. No& a2ailable. No& applicable. No& a2ailable. %el1-con&ained brea&hin' appara&us4 opera&ed in posi&i2e pressure mode and 1ull pro&ec&i2e clo&hin' mus& be worn in case o1 1ire. *o2e con&ainer 1rom 1ire area i1 i& can be done wi&hou& risk. ,o no& e9&in'uish 1ires unless 'as 1low can be s&opped sa1el(= e9plosi2e re-i'ni&ion ma( occur. @romp&l( isola&e &he scene b( remo2in' all persons 1rom &he 2icini&( o1 &he inciden&. No ac&ion shall be &aken in2ol2in' an( personal risk or wi&hou& sui&able &rainin'. For 1ires in2ol2in' &his ma&erial4 do no& en&er an( enclosed or con1ined 1ire space wi&hou& proper pro&ec&i2e e7uipmen&4 includin' sel1-con&ained brea&hin' appara&us. %&op 1low o1 ma&erial. $se wa&er &o keep 1ire e9posed con&ainers cool and &o pro&ec& personnel e11ec&in' shu&o11. .1 a leak or spill has no& i'ni&ed4 use wa&er spra( &o disperse &he 2apors and &o pro&ec& personnel a&&emp&in' &o s&op leak. @re2en& runo11 1rom 1ire con&rol or dilu&ion 1rom en&erin' s&reams4 sewers or drinkin' wa&er suppl(.

9. Accidental relea e mea ure

Per onal $recaution 5 $rotecti.e e8ui$ment and emer'enc& $rocedure )2acua&e &he area promp&l(. No ac&ion shall be &aken in2ol2in' an( personal risk or wi&hou& sui&able &rainin'. >eep unnecessar( personnel awa(. )nsure ade7ua&e 2en&ila&ion. .n case o1 inade7ua&e 2en&ila&ion4 use respira&or( pro&ec&ion. Wear appropria&e personal pro&ec&i2e e7uipmen& D%ee %ec&ion !E. Method and material for containment and cleanin' u$ En.ironmental $recaution Ven&ila&e well4 s&op 1low o1 'as or li7uid i1 possible. .mmedia&el( con&ac& emer'enc( personnel. %hould no& be released in&o &he en2ironmen&. @re2en& 1ur&her leaka'e or spilla'e i1 sa1e &o do so. @re2en& 1rom en&erin' in&o soil4 di&ches4 sani&ar( sewers4 wa&erwa(s and?or 'roundwa&er.

:. Handlin' and tora'e

Precaution for afe handlin' )limina&e sources o1 i'ni&ion. 02oid spark promo&ers. 8round?bond con&ainer and e7uipmen&. These alone ma( be insu11icien& &o remo2e s&a&ic elec&rici&(. Wear appropria&e personal pro&ec&i2e e7uipmen& D%ee %ec&ion !E. )a&in'4 drinkin'4 and smokin' should be prohibi&ed in areas where &his ma&erial is handled4 s&ored4 and processed. ,o no& brea&he 'as. ,o no& 'e& in e(es4 on skin4 on clo&hin'. $se onl( wi&h ade7ua&e 2en&ila&ion. %&ore in accordance wi&h local4 re'ional4 na&ional4 and in&erna&ional re'ula&ions. %ecure c(linders in an upri'h& posi&ion a& all &imes4 close all 2al2es when no& in use. %&ore in a cool4 dr(4 well-2en&ila&ed place. >eep con&ainer &i'h&l( closed and sealed un&il read( 1or use. @ro&ec& c(linders 1rom dama'e.

%ondition for afe tora'e5 includin' an& incom$ati!ilitie

*0@-@roA @remium Hand Torch Fuel 9090/0 Version B: 01 +e2ision da&e: -

%,% $% %,% $% .ssue da&e: 1 -0#- 01


;. E1$o ure control #$er onal $rotection

Occu$ational e1$o ure limit 7S. A%<IH Thre hold ,imit =alue %om$onent @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E >iolo'ical limit .alue A$$ro$riate en'ineerin' control T&$e TW0 =alue /00 ppm

No biolo'ical e9posure limi&s no&ed 1or &he in'redien&DsE. $se process enclosures4 local e9haus& 2en&ila&ion4 or o&her en'ineerin' con&rols &o con&rol airborne le2els below recommended e9posure limi&s. The en'ineerin' con&rols also need &o keep 'as4 2apor4 or dus& concen&ra&ions below an( lower e9plosi2e limi&s.

Indi.idual $rotection mea ure 5 uch a $er onal $rotecti.e e8ui$ment E&e#face $rotection Wear appro2ed sa1e&( 'lasses or 'o''les. S4in $rotection Hand $rotection Other "e $irator& $rotection Wear appropria&e chemical resis&an& 'lo2es. Wear pro&ec&i2e clo&hin' appropria&e 1or &he risk o1 e9posure. .1 en'ineerin' con&rols do no& main&ain airborne concen&ra&ions below recommended e9posure limi&s Dwhere applicableE or &o an accep&able le2el Din coun&ries where e9posure limi&s ha2e no& been es&ablishedE4 an appro2ed respira&or mus& be worn. No& a2ailable. ,o no& ea&4 drink or smoke when usin' &he produc&. Wash &horou'hl( a1&er handlin'. @ro2ide e(ewash s&a&ion and sa1e&( shower. Handle in accordance wi&h 'ood indus&rial h('iene and sa1e&( prac&ices.

Thermal ha)ard <eneral h&'iene con ideration

?. Ph& ical and chemical $ro$ertie

A$$earance Ph& ical tate Form %olor Odor Odor thre hold $H Meltin' $oint#free)in' $oint Initial !oilin' $oint and !oilin' ran'e Fla h $oint E.a$oration rate Flamma!ilit& * olid5 'a + Flamma!ilit& limit - lo-er *2+ Flamma!ilit& limit - u$$er *2+ E1$lo i.e limit - lo-er *2+ E1$lo i.e limit - u$$er *2+ =a$or $re ure =a$or den it& "elati.e den it& Solu!ilit&*ie + Partition coefficient *n-octanol#-ater+ Auto-i'nition tem$erature Decom$o ition tem$erature =i co it& Other information Molecular -ei'ht Percent .olatile =O% *@ei'ht 2+ " )ssen&iall( 100H 100 H
%,% $% %,% $% .ssue da&e: 1 -0#- 01

Colorless li7ue1ied 'as. 8as. Compressed li7ue1ied 'as. Colorless H(drocarbon or mercap&an i1 odori;ed No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. --01 GF D-1!/ GCE -/"." GF D-"! GCE -1C GF D-10#.! GCE No& a2ailable. No& applicable. H 11 H No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. 109.#- @%.8 D 1GCE 1./ a& 0GC No& a2ailable. %li'h& No& a2ailable. 9 # GF D"9#. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. GCE

7$$er#lo-er flamma!ilit& or e1$lo i.e limit

*0@-@roA @remium Hand Torch Fuel 9090/0 Version B: 01 +e2ision da&e: -


1A. Sta!ilit& and

" %hemical ta!ilit& Po i!ilit& of ha)ardou reaction %ondition to a.oid Incom$ati!le material Ha)ardou decom$o ition $roduct No& a2ailable. %&able under normal &empera&ure condi&ions and recommended use. @ol(meri;a&ion will no& occur. Hea&4 1lames and sparks. %&ron' o9idi;in' a'en&s. %&ron' acids. Halo'ens. None known.

11. To1icolo'ical information

Information on li4el& route of e1$o ure In'e tion Inhalation S4in contact E&e contact S&m$tom related to the $h& ical5 chemical and to1icolo'ical characteri tic Acute to1icit& No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable.

Information on to1icolo'ical effect %u11oca&ion Dasph(9ian&E ha;ard - i1 allowed &o accumula&e &o concen&ra&ions &ha& reduce o9('en below sa1e brea&hin' le2els. )9posure &o rapidl( e9pandin' 'as or 2apori;in' li7uid ma( cause 1ros&bi&e D<cold burn<E. S$ecie Te t "e ult

%om$onent @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E Acute Inhalation 6C/0

*ouse +a&

C!0 m'?l4


C/! m'?l4 " Hours

S4in corro ion#irritation Seriou e&e dama'e#e&e irritation "e $irator& en iti)ation S4in en iti)ation <erm cell muta'enicit& %arcino'enicit&

No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable.

IA"% Mono'ra$h . O.erall E.aluation of %arcino'enicit& @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E - No& classi1iable as &o carcino'enici&( &o humans. "e$roducti.e to1icit& S$ecific tar'et or'an to1icit& in'le e1$o ure S$ecific tar'et or'an to1icit& re$eated e1$o ure A $iration ha)ard %hronic effect No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. *a( cause cen&ral ner2ous s(s&em e11ec&s.

1(. Ecolo'ical information

Ecoto1icit& Per i tence and de'rada!ilit& >ioaccumulati.e $otential No& e9pec&ed &o be harm1ul &o a7ua&ic or'anisms. No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. 1.##

Partition coefficient n-octanol # -ater *lo' Bo-+ @rop(lene Mo!ilit& in oil Other e effect No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable.

*0@-@roA @remium Hand Torch Fuel 9090/0 Version B: 01 +e2ision da&e: -

%,% $% %,% $% .ssue da&e: 1 -0#- 01


10. Di $o al con ideration

Di $o al in truction $se &he con&ainer un&il emp&(. ,o no& dispose o1 an( non-emp&( con&ainer. )mp&( con&ainers ha2e residual 2apor &ha& is 1lammable and e9plosi2e. C(linders should be emp&ied and re&urned &o a ha;ardous was&e collec&ion poin&. ,o no& punc&ure or incinera&e e2en when emp&(. ,ispose in accordance wi&h all applicable re'ula&ions. No& a2ailable. No& re'ula&ed. No& a2ailable. %ince emp&ied con&ainers ma( re&ain produc& residue4 1ollow label warnin's e2en a1&er con&ainer is emp&ied.

,ocal di $o al re'ulation Ha)ardou -a te code @a te from re idue # unu ed $roduct %ontaminated $ac4a'in'

13. Tran $ort information

DOT 7/ num!er 7/ $ro$er hi$$in' name Tran $ort ha)ard cla *e + Su! idiar& cla *e + Pac4in' 'rou$ S$ecial $recaution for u er ,a!el re8uired S$ecial $ro.i ion Pac4a'in' e1ce$tion Pac4a'in' non !ul4 Pac4a'in' !ul4 IATA 7/ num!er 7/ $ro$er hi$$in' name Tran $ort ha)ard cla *e + Su! idiar& cla *e + Pac4a'in' 'rou$ ,a!el re8uired E"< %ode S$ecial $recaution for u er IMD< 7/ num!er 7/ $ro$er hi$$in' name Tran $ort ha)ard cla *e + Su! idiar& cla *e + Pac4a'in' 'rou$ ,a!el re8uired EmS S$ecial $recaution for u er Tran $ort in !ul4 accordin' to Anne1 II of MA"PO, :0#:; and the I>% %ode $N10## @rop(lene .1 No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. .1 194 T/0 -0C -0" -1"4 -1/ $N10## @rop(lene .1 No& a2ailable. .1 No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. $N10## @rop(lene .1 No& a2ailable. .1 No& a2ailable. No& a2ailable. No in1orma&ion a2ailable.

16. "e'ulator& information

7S federal re'ulation This produc& is a <Ha;ardous Chemical< as de1ined b( &he F%H0 Ha;ard Communica&ion %&andard4 9 CF+ 1910.1 00. 0ll componen&s are on &he $.%. )@0 T%C0 .n2en&or( 6is&.

TS%A Section 1(*!+ E1$ort /otification *3A %F" :A:5 Su!$t. D+ No& re'ula&ed. 7S. OSHA S$ecificall& "e'ulated Su! tance *(? %F" 1?1A.1AA1-1A6A+ No& on re'ula&or( lis&. %E"%,A Ha)ardou Su! tance ,i t *3A %F" 0A(.3+ @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E 6.%T), Su$erfund Amendment and "eauthori)ation Act of 1?;9 *SA"A+ Ha)ard cate'orie .mmedia&e Ha;ard - Ies ,ela(ed Ha;ard - No Fire Ha;ard - Ies @ressure Ha;ard - Ies +eac&i2i&( Ha;ard - No
*0@-@roA @remium Hand Torch Fuel 9090/0 Version B: 01 +e2ision da&e: %,% $% %,% $% .ssue da&e: 1 -0#- 01


SA"A 0A( E1tremel& ha)ardou u! tance SA"A 011#01( Ha)ardou chemical Other federal re'ulation

No Ies

%lean Air Act *%AA+ Section 11( Ha)ardou Air Pollutant *HAP + ,i t No& re'ula&ed. %lean Air Act *%AA+ Section 11(*r+ Accidental "elea e Pre.ention *3A %F" 9;.10A+ @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E %lean @ater Act *%@A+ Section 11(*r+ *3A %F" 9;.10A+ Safe Drin4in' @ater Act *SD@A+ Ha;ardous subs&ance

No& re'ula&ed.

Dru' Enforcement Admini tration *DEA+. ,i t (5 E ential %hemical *(1 %F" 101A.A(*!+ and 101A.A3*f+*(+ and %hemical %ode /um!er No& lis&ed. Dru' Enforcement Admini tration *DEA+. ,i t 1 C ( E1em$t %hemical Mi1ture *(1 %F" 101A.1(*c++ No& re'ula&ed. DEA E1em$t %hemical Mi1ture %ode /um!er No& re'ula&ed. Food and Dru' Admini tration *FDA+ 7S tate re'ulation 7S. Ma achu ett "TB - Su! tance ,i t @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E 7S. /e- Der e& @or4er and %ommunit& "i'ht-to-Bno- Act @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E /00 65% 7S. Penn &l.ania "TB - Ha)ardou Su! tance @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E 7S. "hode I land "TB @rop(lene DC0% 11/-0#-1E 7S. %alifornia Pro$o ition 96 7S - %alifornia Pro$o ition 96 - %arcino'en C "e$roducti.e To1icit& *%"T+E ,i ted u! tance No& lis&ed. International In.entorie %ountr&* + or re'ion 0us&ralia Canada Canada China )urope )urope Japan >orea New Kealand @hilippines $ni&ed %&a&es L @uer&o +ico In.entor& name 0us&ralian .n2en&or( o1 Chemical %ubs&ances D0.C%E ,omes&ic %ubs&ances 6is& D,%6E Non-,omes&ic %ubs&ances 6is& DN,%6E .n2en&or( o1 )9is&in' Chemical %ubs&ances in China D.)C%CE )uropean .n2en&or( o1 )9is&in' Commercial Chemical %ubs&ances D).N)C%E )uropean 6is& o1 No&i1ied Chemical %ubs&ances D)6.NC%E .n2en&or( o1 )9is&in' and New Chemical %ubs&ances D)NC%E )9is&in' Chemicals 6is& D)C6E New Kealand .n2en&or( @hilippine .n2en&or( o1 Chemicals and Chemical %ubs&ances D@.CC%E To9ic %ubs&ances Con&rol 0c& DT%C0E .n2en&or( On in.entor& *&e #no+F Ies Ies No Ies Ies No Ies Ies Ies Ies Ies No& re'ula&ed.

:0 <Ies< indica&es &his produc& complies wi&h &he in2en&or( re7uiremen&s adminis&ered b( &he 'o2ernin' coun&r(DsE

19. Other information5 includin' date of $re$aration or la t .er ion

I ue date 1 -0#- 01 01 No& a2ailable. "e.i ion date =er ion G Further information

*0@-@roA @remium Hand Torch Fuel 9090/0 Version B: 01 +e2ision da&e: -

%,% $% %,% $% .ssue da&e: 1 -0#- 01


Di claimer

0ll in1orma&ion in &his *a&erial %a1e&( ,a&a %hee& is belie2ed &o be accura&e and reliable. Howe2er4 no 'uaran&ee or warran&( o1 an( kind is made wi&h re'ard &o &he accurac( o1 in1orma&ion or &he sui&abili&( o1 &he recommenda&ions con&ained herein. .& is &he userMs responsibili&( &o assess &he sa1e&( and &o9ici&( o1 &his produc& under &heir own condi&ions o1 use and &o compl( wi&h all applicable laws and re'ula&ions.

*0@-@roA @remium Hand Torch Fuel 9090/0 Version B: 01 +e2ision da&e: -

%,% $% %,% $% .ssue da&e: 1 -0#- 01