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Hello my name is jesus toscano del rio, ill talk about my childhood: When i was a child, me and my brother

used to spend our vacations in lazaro cardenas with our aunt, we used to go to swim in the pool every day, we also used to ride horses in her ranch, i liked a lot to help in the kitchen, i even cutted my wirst with the device to slice potatos and now i have a really weird scar. Now ill talk about my city and the problems we live everyday, my city has too many problems, there is too much crime and pollution in the streets, thats because too many people dont care about their enviroment or the world they are leaving to their childrens, there is too much corruption, its well known that the plice, politicians and many other governor workers are working with the mafia and recibe money as bride from anyone. We should have more education and a higer level of culture so the people could live in peace. Next ill describe my desktop pc, my desktop pc have 3 hard disks with 320 GB of capacity, it also has an athlon dual core processor that runs at 2.4 GHz, my desktop pc has 4 cards of RAM memory, 2 of them are 1GB and the other two are 512MB, for a total of 3 GB, thats not a very impresive hardware, but the impressive thing about my desktop pc is the video card, i have an nvidia gtx580 wich runs pretty heavy games. In comparison with my laptop, my desktop pc has a slower processor than my laptop, it has fewer RAM memory, my desktop pc has just as many storage capacity as my laptop, but the video card of my desktop pc is more powerful than my laptops video card. then ill talk about my wishes, some days ago there was a meteor shower, so i made a wish for every star i saw falling, i wish i could have more free time, i have such a busy day, i wish i have more income to pay my debts, i wish my city were more peaceful and the people more polite. After that im going to talk about food ive never liked, ive never liked food with too many vegetables, ive liked vegetebles soup, or brocolli, i know boiled vegetables are greaf to be healty but ive always prefered cuts of juicy meat and pastas like spaguetti and lasagna. Next ill talk about thigs ill do, in a posible future ill make my profesional residences at the national polythecnicall institute, i just went to a trip were my classmates and i visit the inteligent building of the institute, i am amazed of all the technology they have, so im going to make a gerat effort to save some money so i can pay my rent and food for all the time i stay there, if i go there ill try to make my degree with an research Project, im sure ill have better chances to get a great job if i go there. After that im going to talk about the mess thats living in my room, i have things everywere, and my mom is always telling me to pick my things up, to clean up my mess, and order my things, im not a very neat person so i never listen to her, i know i have to but im always lazy to clean. Next im going to talk about a Project that my father and i have, its a Project about a new motor wich uses hydrogene as fuel instead of pure gasoline, it Works by separating the wter in two elemnts, oxygene wich helps the combustin, and hydrogene, wich is a highly flamable elemt, our device will separate the wter and mix the gas with gasoline to make a cleaner combustin and to

save gasoline, im very excited about this Project, maybe well present it in the innovation contest, if we can finish it on time. Finally i want to talk about christmas and happy new years eve, this date is a very special date when people from all around the world celebrate the born of jesus crist, and the beggining of a new year, people eats lots of food and sing and dance with their families, i want to say thanks for everything ive learned trough the course and wish you a very happy cristmas and the best of the best to this year we start.