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1.Vision Of Steve Jobs ( ) 1 .

. Steve Jobs deserved, respect clarity of the statement and non-standard approach to the decision .1. Jobs didn't think "in a different way", than other people, he simply refused to place barriers and restrictions on ways of achievement of the objectives. Some told that Jobs "is obsessed the distorted reality", but this obsession was based on feeling of clarity, so strong that usual barriers simply disappeared before .1. Obstacles - everything that breaks on a way of introduction of the best decision. Attempts to make a product ideal an obstacle for introduction of long-term decisions. Continuous attempts to improve a complete set interfere with successful marketing progress in the market. Whether it is necessary to tell that it is simpler to lose the center of exact vision at the beginning of a way. Many leaders rush about between several decisions and as a result lose the planned way. Jobs was another. It had a mad aspiration to the purpose, and someone, even buyers, couldn't reduce it from this way. He never made a compromise and gave us which he wanted, he adhered to vision and gave us which was necessary for us. He remembered that it is necessary to pay for success in efforts, time, disappointment. But he also knew that the success is worth it, and the achieved objectives pay all failures and the constancy attached to their success. Vision of that it is today. There are 7 ways which having vision as Steve Jobs will help us to bring teams and himself. 1 . Leadership. When workplaces make products, he eventually to create, he couldn't make it from itself. It needed team. Vacancies vision of these products was inspiring. Its team went to victims to create vision. If your command not to follow you, maybe, it because you didn't give them accurate vision where you go. 2 . Madness. Too often we agree on a dream or vision which is accepted. We can not admit it, but we will bridle ourselves for fear. Vision helps us to make something mad. To present, and then and desires something so big that we can't help, but aspire to it. 3 . Clarities. Clear vision helps you to make the right decisions. We constantly distracting on decisions which us to concentrate on something, but our work. If sight is clear, decisions become clearer. Each step which will be filled the purposes. 4 . Motivation. Dream of creation on Mac was not only it is clear, it was improbable. All members of team knew that it costed. What is the vision will help us motivated. Engineers were motivated to work long hours and designers to stretch own limits, all because scale of vision. 5 . Culture. Everyone in Apple knew that they were there to change the world. Vision was revolutionary and therefore everyone who worked over the project considered itself as revolutionaries. 5 . Creativity. Vision I demanded creativity. It was the new technology. It seemed impossible, but workplaces trusted, and the same made also its team. Their belief in, apparently, it is impossible to lead to technology creation.

7 . Excellence. Its vision was are so specific that it led to products which were most close to ideal, as well as any product can be. It began with vision to perfection, instead of good vision is simple enough. Perfection begins in the first day, it not that we can add simply later. If you don't have enough skill in the organization, it can be connected with absence fine vision. The majority of us is loved by strategy. We want to know, the following step because it gives us self-confidence. It forces us to feel well that we do. Strategy without vision is possible. We have to know that we want. We have to know where we go. We have to a dream vision that incredibly big, but also will change the world. 2.Strengths and weaknesses of Steve Jobs ( ) Today isn't present in the world of the civilized person who wouldn't hear about "Apple" production: modern personal computers and tablet PCs, portable phones and multimedia players, the software and smartphones the list can be continued very long. And, in spite of the fact that Steve Jobs's activity was connected and with other known companies, contemporaries remembered him, first of all, thanks to "Apple". Stephen's life ended on the fifth of October 2011-gogoda he died after a long and incurable illness (a cancer of a pancreas) with which struggled for eight years. But Steve Jobs's biography continues to excite people and after his death, and the identity of the great computer genius remains in memory of many generations, looking all ambiguity and odium of his figure. weaknesses:He could turn away quietly from close people. To leave them in trouble. If in business there is no it better, it badly understands the human relations. He understood all this when lost the project of Apple. After that it got a family, understood the mistake and only after that it back could return apple and anew gave it life. strengths: Its pluses are that he could see the big future in work of the friend, forced it to believe in itself and to complete begun, could collect team inspired them. I found the investor and I convinced to support them. Its persistence and obstinacy, ability from usual to make unusual the best and a product which will have a demand. His foresight, quality of the leader, the leader who could inspire team. 3. Steve Jobs as a leader ( ) Steve Jobs was the real, in my opinion, unsurpassed leader of innovations who managed to expect the future, to insist on the and to realize the vision even then when very few people considered its inventions successful and necessary to the consumer. Today each person knows the Apple company, practically each person uses products of the Apple company and we don't think of the life without personal computer. It is quite often possible to hear the phrase that "The Apple is a style, philosophy of life of people, instead of simply technologies and products". And after all the few companies achieve such recognition from the public! Also Steve Jobs possessed surprising oratorical abilities that can be convinced, having simply seen records of presentations of new products of the company: as it contacted from audiences and what impact on it had. Also one of Jobs's most striking traits are his will power, his passion to the business and ability to inspire all round themselves, ability not to lose courage, to fall, safely to rise and move further that it didn't happen. Despite that dismissed him from own corporation, despite problems with health, he managed to stand, collect the strength and to move further, on what, you see, not each person is capable. I

consider what exactly such qualities the modern leader has to possess to give the team, the company to success and to come to the first, leader positions in the market. 4.Steve Jobs and his family ( ) Stephen Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in the small town Mauntin-Vyyu, the State of California. Its childhood and youth passed in the same place, in a foster home of Paul and Clara Jobs to whom it was given on education by native mother. Some historians and close friends of the magnate consider that adoption has heavy impact on its character Steve Jobs's biography is filled with the facts of uncontrollable reflexive cruelty in relation to other people. They suggested that, since the childhood feeling thrown and destitute, Stephen showed reciprocal aggression and to people around. But the inventor completely denied these statements, speaking what exactly reception parents taught him to feel special and necessary. Still before Steve Jobs met love of all his life, and subsequently the faithful beautiful wife, he was completely in work captivity. At home I appeared to eat quickly and a little to have a sleep. In total in a hurry, all run. On March 18, 1991 Steve Jobs and Lauryn Powell's wedding took place. In 20 years of joint life couple had three children: son Read and two daughters Erin and Yves. Steve never ceased to say that they with Lauren had a fine family which supported him even in the heaviest moments of life. Family life cardinally changed Steve. It was noticed by all without exception. He managed to devote amazingly much time to the spouse, and especially children. It is possible this results from the fact that Steve grew in a foster home and to the own children I wanted to give everything what I didn't receive. Though (not biological) he loved parents, as native. Steve Jobs madly loved the native. "He died silently, in an environment of the family", such was Lauryn's statements after death of the husband. Steve Jobs carefully preserved and protected the family life from invasion of foreign curious eyes and lenses of cameras. Having learned the scary diagnosis and having realized, it was necessary what to live not so long, he tried to spend all the time in the bosom of the family. Even for dinner I escaped from the company and I went home to the wife and children. 5.Experience of Steve Jobs ( ) Best of all people who were familiar with him in real life can tell about Jobs. The period of formation of the identity of Steve his youth and youth is especially interesting, after all then in the person the foundation of his character is laid. Chris Brennan for the first time I met Jobs when both of them were students. The relations between Jobs and Brennan stopped after Chris became pregnant from Jobs. In a consequence, she gave birth to the daughter Lisa and to make ends meet it had to work as the waitress. At the same time, Steve long denied that was Lisa's biological father in spite of the fact that passed a special test which confirmed its paternity. Then Jobs after all started paying the alimony of $500 a month. Lauren Powell became Steve Jobs's only wife and, by his recognition, the second woman whom he "really loved". Lauren was younger than Steve for eight years, worked in bank and too was from a difficult family in which was four children. Jobs made Powell the proposal, and in two months they went to travel to Hawaii. Upon return it appeared that Lauren is pregnant. At couple the son Read, then daughters Erin and Yves was born. Jobs devoted to children not a lot of time, especially to daughters. He liked to communicate with the son, but spoke what exactly younger Eve, fearless, strong-willed and very active girl, will sometime head Apple if doesn't become the U.S. President. Read became externally very similar to the father, but thus differs from it good manners and gentle disposition.