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Automobile Engineering 1. Which one of the following suspension geometries induces positive camber under bump ?

A) Trailing arm Suspension B) Macpherson strut C) Independent leaf spring D) None of these Ans: B 2. When a car moves over a speed breaker, there is frequency difference between front and rear part of the vehicle. What is the result due to this phase difference ? A) Pitch B) Yaw C) Roll D) None of these Ans: A 3. Which of the following shock absorber designs allow for the hydraulic oil and gas to be present in the same chamber ? A) Twin tube B) Monotube C) Adjustable type D) None of these Ans: Twin tube 4. Which of the following are problems are more likely to occur in a twin tube shock absorber? A) Foaming B) Damper fade C) Over-heating D) All of the above Ans: D 5. Which of these tyres will provide a more comfortable ride under identical conditions and if they are made using the same compound rubber? A) 255/30 R21 B) 255/50 R19 C) Both will have same comfort level D) Data insufficient Also calculate the outer diameter of these tyres in millimeter. Ans: B, 737.6 mm

6. If you compare the stopping distance of two vehicles one with ABS and one without ABS, but are identical with maximum braking force applied under dry and snowy conditions, what will be the results. (more than one answer may be right) A) ABS equipped vehicle will have greater stopping distance under dry conditions. B) Non-ABS vehicle will have greater stopping distance under snowy conditions. C) ABS Equipped vehicle will have greater stopping distance under snowy conditions. D) Non ABS vehicle will have greater stopping distance under dry conditions. Ans: A, C 7. In a helical drive in an automotive gearbox, a pinion has a module of 3 mm, 30 number of teeth, 15 degree helix angle and the driven gear of module 3.5 mm, 40 number of teeth, 30 degree helix angle. Calculate the transmission ratio. A) 1.33 B) 0.75 C) 3 D) None of the above. Ans : D) 8. The variable ratio transmission system using multiple sprockets used in a bicycle is known as A) Derailleur Gear B) Hub Gear C) Noviklov gear D) None of these Ans: A) 9. As a rule when comparing the front and rear wheel cylinder pistons, it will be found that the pistons in the front wheel cylinders are a. The same size b. Larger in diameter c. Smaller in diameter Ans : B 10. The radiator tubes are manufactured by using a. Cast iron tubes b. Aluminium tubes c. Brass tubes d. Steel tubes Ans : C

11. The condition that causes vapour locking in a brake system is

A) overheating of the fluid due to frequent brake application B) overcooling of the brakes during high speed driving C) keeping the vehicle without use for an extended period D) an excessively high engine speed on a downhill road

Ans: A 12. Which of the following symptom is caused as a result of brake disc run out ? A) Ineffectiveness of the brakes B) Judder during braking C) Localized wearing of the brake pads D) Rapid wearing of the brake pads Ans : B 13. Engine coolant entering into engine oil, then engine oil appears A) Appears Milky B) becomes foamy C) turns black D) none of these Ans : A 14. Incorrect steering axis inclination causes A) tendency to assume toe-out orientation B) generation of a braking effect at tight corners C) poor recovery of the steering wheel after making a turn D) the vehicle to pull to the side of lesser inclination Ans : C 15. In radial tyres A) one ply layer runs diagonally one way and another layer runs diagonally the other way B) all plies run parallel to one another and vertical to tyre bead C) inner tubes are always used D) none of these Ans : B 16. The oil pump is driven by A) Camshaft B) Alternator shaft C) Crankshaft via drive belt D) Crankshaft directly Ans: D

17. In a spark plug, when the temperature of the central electrode exceeds a certain temperature, any carbon that has adhered will be burnt off, and the temperature at which this burning off carbon starts is referred to as the self cleaning temperature A) Correct B) Incorrect Ans: A 18. The vehicle ride will be comfortable if A) Unsprung mass is kept minimum B) Sprung mass is kept minimum C) Vehicle mass is kept minimum D) All of these Ans: A 19. Valve overlap in 4 stroke petrol engines is approximately A) 30 degrees B) 60 degrees C) 90 degrees D) 120 degrees Ans: A 20. The fuel pump in the programmed fuel injection (PFI) system is located A) between the fuel-filler pipe and fuel tank B) in the fuel tank C) on the distributor mounting in the engine compartment D) on the engine compartment bulkhead Ans:B