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XAT 2014: 30 Minutes practice different types of RC

XAT 2013 had 18 questions on Reading comprehension passages out of 30 in Verbal Ability section. This part in Verbal Ability is capable enough to get you through the written one in Verbal. XAT 2013 had 18 questions on Reading comprehension passages out of 30 in Verbal Ability section. This part in Verbal Ability is capable enough to get you through the written one in Verbal. Since you never know the level of difficulty it will not be a wise decision not to be prepared for other questions as well. in the series of cracking the Reading comprehension questions brings before you the learning tips from Prof. S.K. Agarwal an expert and mentor in Verbal Ability, on how to solve different types of RC passages in XAT. Four passages of Reading Comprehension in XAT are of four types. You may have Scientific, technical, biological, abstract idea based, economics or any other type of passage that you may or may not imagine. The common aspect among all the passages is that all the passages are rich in vocabulary and literary language. They are inclined more toward philosophical thought, even if the contents were based on business and economy. Answers to the questions are little direct than in CAT which has more indirect questions and can be understood by close reading of the passages. How to improve reading practice and solve the tricky questions Whatever may be the contents of the passage, you are supposed to go for a close reading of the same in order to get the general idea. Read again, a little slowly so as to understand the details. Now write down a summary in your own words. Try to be as precise as you can. The length of summary shouldnt be more than one third of the original passage. Please remember if you can prepare the summary, you can crack the questions with lesser difficulty. When you write the summary use complete sentences and make a chart on time consumed in reading and writing the summary of the passage. Find out whether the time is getting reduced day by day. Words as used in the passage may be unfamiliar, but are the parts of the sentence and paragraph which can be understood in general, so nothing to worry. The options and the reference that you have made would, in all probability, be correct, if the general meaning is understood.

You may keep a paper and pen while reading the passage and go on writing difficult and important words. By the time you finish reading it, general understanding of the passage will be clear to you and you will be ready to answer the question. Q.1. According to the writer, the top managers send for the outside experts to put things right asA. They do not believe in the capability level of their company staff. B. It appears to them, as the waste of time to get their own company staff involved. C. They do not wish to get themselves shouldered with such involvements and personal responsibilities in such situations. D. They think that outside companies/firms have better skilled expertise in the area. 1. A 2.B 3.C 4.D Q.2. As per the passage, it would be better in the interest of the company A. If the top managers are not involved in such situations of putting the right, as it might distract them from their other important role. B. If the job of correction and putting the things right is handled by the staff of the host company, with an active involvement of top managers, to enable them to have proper knowledge & skills. It will gear them up to face the problems which might arise later on. C. If the job of putting things right is given to outside companies, within the fixed time frame since they have better expertise. D. To award the jobs of putting things right to outside companies as the charges paid to the outside companies are much less than those that might be incurred on own experts. 1. A 2.B 3.C 4.D

Important tip: Time Management is must. Not more than ten-twelve minutes should be given to thoroughly read and understand the passages besides marking the answers. If you are unable to understand the passage, dont waste time on it as you have two more passages to solve. Devoting more time on one passage will deprive you of the opportunity to answer other questions which are equally important.