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MITSOB Summer Placement Notice

Sr+ No + *ompan$ Name Pro,il e Spec+ Pac!a"e &ocatio n

Date 17th December

&ast Date ,or *- Submission .eb Site

#errochem NDT S$stems P%t+ &t'+

B) Mechanic al/ *hemical 0 Mar!etin "

+s.,--- . 1er )onth Stipend 0 1etrol Traveling 2llowance, 1lus 3onus if their leads are converted into orders later.


89th 'ecember (-87 8-.-- a.m.

111+,errochemn't s$stems+com

Interested & Eligible students need to send their CV on

You can contact Prof. Supriya Paigude for any query related to this company.

Summer Internship - Sales

(oles (esponsibilities

Mar!etin" at #errochem NDT S$stems P%t &t'

Generate leads by researching for companies that use Nondestructive Testing products for their use. Sources for searching clients
are industry directories, internet and any other sources. We will provide guidance for the same. Cold call and or email leads to describe !errochem products to them and setup technical demo or meetings with decision ma"ers. #isit target customers $details will be provided by us% to understand their re&uirements and provide demos and or relevant !errochem product samples.


The 'uration of the internship shall be ( )onths* Stipend* +s.,--- ../ per month 0 1etrol Travel 2llowance, 0 3onus if their leads are converted into orders later 4ffice 5ours* )onday to !riday, 6*-- 2) to ,*7-1)
)li"ibilit$ *riteria

Current )32 students or recent )32 graduates

Good communica9on s"ills $written and spo"en% in :nglish The candidates should either possess their own vehicle, or ma"e arrangements of traveling on their own. The company shall not
provide any means of travel.

2bout #errochem NDT S$stems P%t &t'3 Pune4 :stablished in 86;;, !errochem is a manufacturer of consumables,
e&uipment and accessories for two N'T $Nondestructive Testing% methods* )agnetic 1article <nspection $)1<% and =i&uid 1enetrant <nspection $=1<%. 2n <S4 6--8*(--- certified organi>ation? !errochem has over 8, distributors all over <ndia. Some of !errochem@s customers include reputed companies such as 3harat !orge =td., ThermaA =td., 1raB =td., Tata )otors =td., 35:= and +ailways. !errochem also eAports to countries such CD, C2:, Singapore, Germany, <taly, )alaysia, Duwait, <ran, Syria, )yanmar, 2ngola and 3hutan.

Note4 - It is man'ator$ ,or all the can'i'ates to %isit .ebsite o, the respecti%e compan$ be,ore appl$in" ,or the 5ob+

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Pro,+ Mano5 Mehrotra 5ead 1lacement