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August 20, 2009

Basilan war probe urged

(Left photo Charlie Saceda/Reuters) Wounded soldiers were treated in a military hospital in Zamboanga on Thursday after a battle with Abu Sayyaf rebels on Basilan island in the southern Philippines.
(Middle photo) A priest blesses the bodies of the soldiers who died in the battle between the rebels. (Right photo) US soldiers pay their respects to the 23 soldiers killed in Wednesday’s battle with
the Abu Sayyaf. — Photo By Jonathan L. Cellona

BASILAN - War has erupted The ASG is believed to be affili- to have participated in an AFP op- fighting.
again in the tiny island of Basilan. ated with the Jemaa Islamiya, an Al- eration was the killing of ASG chief- Rear Admiral Alexander Pama,
Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) bandits Qaeda organization. tain Abu Sabaya in 2002. Task Force Trillium commander,

killed 23 soldiers – one of the big- US Special Operations troops are The US was able to intercept said the captured camp was were
gest single-day loses in the mili- currently helping the Armed Forces Sabaya’s cellphone conversations the ASG terrorists brought their kid-
tary’s campaign against terror in of the Philippines (AFP) campaign which helped Philippine Navy com- nap victims.
mandoes hone in on his location off

Fuel Furor
Mindanao. to eradicate the ASG threat, sharing The task force was responsible
Army officials said as many as intelligence gathered by unmanned the Zamboanga Peninsula . for coordinating the various units
40 ASG members were killed in the drones and sophisticated equip- TROOPS WALKED mobilized for last week’s Basilan of-
day-long battle in Brgy. Silangkom, ment that listen in on wireless com- INTO TRAP? fensive.
Tipo-Tipo municipality, although munications. The Basilan battle started at 3:47 Pama said the renewed cam-
they have recovered only 21 bodies. However, it’s not clear if the US in the morning of August 12 when paign is the military’s response to By Rodney J. Jaleco
It was the military’s heaviest was involved in the latest military Philippine Marines soldiers at- the spate of terror attacks following
loss since 14 Marines were killed offensive in Basilan. tacked an ASG mountain fortress the release of kidnapped Red Cross President Arroyo’s historic
while trying to rescue Italian priest It’s possible their attention was where they reportedly manufac- workers – Swiss national Andreas meeting with President Obama
Giancarlo Bossi, also in Basilan, in focused elsewhere because the tured bombs for terror attacks all Notter, Filipino Mary Jean Lacaba has been overshadowed by two
2007. nuclear aircraft carrier USS George over Mindanao. and Italian Eugenio Vagni – in Sulu controversial dinners in Washing-
The United States has classified Washington was anchored off Ma- When reinforcements from the last April. ton DC and New York .
the ASG as a terrorist organization nila Bay, and terrorists are known 67th Marine Raider Company tried President Arroyo, visiting the She never got a chance to crow
after the spate of kidnappings that to operate even in the Metro Manila to join the battle, they were report- “front” in the war on terror, again about her most recent US visit,
has resulted in the murders of two region. edly ambushed by members of ordered the military to wipe out the cut short by the passing of the be-
Americans. The last time the US was known the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. ASG. loved former President Corazon
Eighteen of the soldiers killed be- “The President directed the AFP Aquino.
longed to this group. that the war on terror in Basilan The New York Post’s tabloid Among the fatalities were two should be rapidly concluded and all gossip column drew first blood,

First Year, No.19 And I love you so young officers – 1st Lt. Chester Bare- efforts should be focused on annihi- reporting President Arroyo’s din-
ner at the swanky Le Cirque res-
la who graduated from the Philip- lating terrorism not only in Basilan
August 20, 2009 PAGE 13
pine Military Academy (PMA) only but all parts of the country,” said taurant in New York on August 2.
in 2004, and 1st Lt. Del John Evan- Press Secretary Cerge Remonde. The President’s party reportedly
INSIDE gelista, who graduated from the It wasn’t the first time President racked up a $20,000 bill, drawing
PMA only in 2006. Arroyo has given that order to the immediate condemnation back
home. Critics said it was scandal-
Tita Cory, Three of the slain soldiers be- military.
longed to the Philippine Army, EMPTY ORDERS ous for Mrs. Arroyo to spend the
equivalent of almost P1 million
National Hero? which fielded the US-trained and
equipped Light Reaction Company.
To many, it was another instance for a single dinner, when over a
PAGE 2 On the other hand, two rank- when Mrs. Arroyo was trying to third of Filipinos miss at least one
ing ASG commanders, identified play general without recognizing meal a day because of extreme
Nurses seeking US jobs as Muttong Indama and Asid Sali, the complexity of the conflict in
Not to be outdone, the Wash-
were killed in the clash. Basilan.
on the decline Surviving soldiers evacuated For one, the government will ington Post own gossip section
PAGE 3 to Zamboanga City, suspected the need to resolve its relationship with revealed another dinner that cost
ASG was tipped off. the Moro Islamic Liberation Front $15,000. This time in downtown
DC Bobby Vans Steakhouse res-
Moro rebels violated “I was really wondering why (MILF) which has camps in Basi-
taurant, where the President and
they knew about our movements,” lan, Sulu and many parts of Central
ceasefire, ambushed Guimaras PFC Randy Liboon, one of the Mindanao . a party of over 65 dined hours
after her meeting with President
Marines PAGE 20 wounded soldiers, reported.
Military intelligence had also se-
At least eight of the supposed
ASG fatalities turned out to be MILF Obama last July 30.
PAGE 9 riously underestimated the number guerillas. Asked about the report, a floor
of ASG bandits in the area. They ex- The Arroyo administration is try- manager at Bobby Vans confirmed
the report, even pointing to the
As RP gets poorer, pected 50 but some of the soldiers
said, there could have been as many
ing to restart peace talks with the
MILF after it collapsed when the corner where President Arroyo

PGMA gets richer as 200 fighting them.

Soldiers’ accounts said what
government backed out abruptly,
only hours before a scheduled sign-
Unlike Le Cirque, a favorite
PAGE 11 started off as running skirmishes
deteriorated into “face-to-face” continued on page 23 continued on page 21
August 20, 2009

Tita Cory for National hero?

After the overwhelming showers of love According to Chato, declaring Aquino a
and support, the honors are now starting to national hero is vital in instilling national-
pour in for the late former President Cora- ism and pride of country.
zon Cojuangco Aquino. “A people needs to be aware of their his-
Just a couple of weeks after the democ- tory in order to understand their present,”
racy icon’s tragic death, a number of law- she said in pushing for her resolution.
makers have been working double-time to The Camarines Norte representative
hasten the passing of laws that would give also hailed the late President for continu-
due recognition to Tita Cory’s sacrifices ing to battle corruption, injustice and po-
and honor her incalculable contribution to litical tyranny even in her last days, and
the country. praised her for bringing honor to the
Camarines Norte Rep. Liwayway country.
Vinzons Chato recently filed House Joint “With an unwavering faith in God, she
Resolution No. 42, which called on Con- left a legacy that transcended the many
gress to declare Aquino a national hero failings of her administration. The consoli-
and urged the National Historical Institute dation of democracy through the peaceful
(NHI) to designate, build and declare his- hand-over of power in a country where no
toric structures, edifices and monuments president had stepped down voluntarily
commemorating her heroism. since 1964 was perhaps her greatest,” Cha-
In a related move, Agusan del Sur Rep. to added.
Rodolfo Plaza filed House Joint Resolution In his resolution, Plaza noted the many
No. 41, which seeks to make the late for- accolades and words of love for the former
mer President a “hero of the Republic of President and her accomplishments, even
the Philippines,” in order to ensure “the Tita Cory Aquino in death.
continuity of her legacy of democracy and plenary. legislative chambers, also bestowed the “After her term ended, President Aqui-
love of country and as a way of instilling In similar moves honoring the late wid- “highest congressional honor” on the late no remained an indefatigable force and
patriotism and nationalism in the minds of ow of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, President. a unifying force by leading the people in
Filipinos of future generations.” Senators also filed 12 resolutions honoring It should also be recalled that The House campaigns to fight government abuses
Both resolutions were immediately re- Aquino and expressing “deepest condo- of Representatives suspended sessions for and whenever democracy and the coun-
ferred to the rules committee and are cur- lences” to her family. the week in deference to the nationwide try’s democratic gains and institutions are
rently subjects of discussion in the House A joint resolution, approved by both mourning of Aquino’s death. threatened,” Plaza said.

FilAms decry Obama-Arroyo meet as one of ‘missed opportunity’

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Filipino Ameri- voice in the South East Asian region. she was cutting short her visit so she could dinand Marcos in a People Power revolu-
cans expressed disappointment that the re- “We are very grateful for the strong join the country in mourning the loss of the tion. PN
cent meeting between U.S. President Barack voice that the Philippines has provided in historic president that ousted dictator Fer-
Obama and Philippine President Gloria Ma- dealing with issues in Asia ranging from
capagal Arroyo did not discuss issues close the human rights violations that have for
to their hearts, such as immigration, veter- too long existed in Burma to the problems
ans pension, and graft and corruption in that we’re seeing with respect to nuclear
Manila. proliferation in North Korea.
“It’s a useless meeting. The Philippines is ”For her part, Arroyo thanked Obama
not going to benefit from this meeting, just for the invitation to the White House, and
expenses for the country,” said Tess Alarcon, also the U.S. for “being such a good ally.”
who works for a nonprofit organization. “The U.S. is very essential to the eco-
“I would have liked for them to talk about nomic, diplomatic, and national security
immigration,” said community activist Ben of our country. We are very thankful for
de Guzman. the U.S. as an important ally in helping to
“I would have liked to see discussions professionalize our military and making it
about not only Filipinos in the Philippines more effective.” Arroyo said.
but how our kababayans here are affected “Just as important, we are thankful
by the issues here.” He was referring to the to the U.S. for being such a good ally in
gripping recession that is forcing some Fili- our -- working on soft power by helping
pinos to lose their jobs and foreclose on their us build bridges, roads, schools, not only
homes. in Mindanao but across the nation. And
“I was disappointed that there wasn’t a this assistance of the U.S. has gone a long
broader effort to have more public meetings way in helping us to achieve what we have
with people here and the community. I just been able to achieve in the peace process
didn’t get a sense of interest working with in Mindanao in southern Philippines, and
the organizations here on more than a social also in our fight against terrorism.”
level,” De Guzman added. Arroyo, touted as the first Southeast
Disappointment was also the mood of Asian leader invited by Obama to the
85-year-old veteran Guillermo Rumingan. White House, was accompanied to the
He said the veterans issue was hardly dis- meeting by Ambassador Willy Gaa, For-
cussed. eign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo,
Arroyo’s eight-day working visit to the Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, House
United States that brought her to Washing- Speaker Prospero Nograles, presidential
ton has elicited praise from Obama and oth- adviser on climate change Heherson Al-
er government leaders. varez, and Executive Secretary Eduardo
He said, “I am very pleased that Presi- Ermita.
dent Arroyo has made such good progress This is her fourth visit to the United
on dealing with counterterrorism issues. She States as president. From Washington, she
has initiated a peace process in Mindanao would have proceeded to New York, Chi-
that we think has the potential to bring peace cago and Guam before flying home. While
and stability to a part of the Philippines that she was in New York, however, former
has been wracked by unrest for too long.” President Corazon Aquino died. Arroyo
Obama also noted the Philippines’ strong issued a statement from New York that

August 20, 2009

Pinoy Miami Heat coach is first Asian in NBA

WITH the advent of global- current coach of the Heat team first local player in the NBA is a *Coach Riley is phenomenal.
ization, Miami Heat coach Eric that features star players Dwayne big man, a guard or a PBA super- The first time I started working
Spoelstra wouldn’t be surprised Wayde and Jermaine O’Neal. star. for him, he’s like an icon for me. I
if one day a breakthrough Filipino Spoelstra went back to his roots “It will just take the right tim- remembered him from the Laker
player would finally make it to for a week-long coaching clinic ing, the right player and the right days. I have his books. And the
the NBA. as part of the US Department of mentality,” he pointed out. The first time I’ve met him I was really
“Why not? Think big. It’s gon- States’ Sports Envoy Program. 38-year-old Heat coach, who was nervous.
na happen at some point,” said Along with Heat assistant Da- barely three years old when he The first year I worked with
the soft-spoken mentor. He didn’t vid Fizdale and St. Francis Col- last visited the country, even men- him, he says I’ve been working
even go far and cited his case as lege assistant coach and former tioned the case of retired NBA for him for over a year and yet he
the first Asian-American coach in WNBA All-Star Sue Wick, Spoels- superstar Damon Stoudamire. “I didn’t know my name.
the world’s premiere basketball tra had been busy going from one don’t know whether it would be I’m honored that he trusts me
league. clinic to another the past few days, a point guard, shooting guard, enough. But he’s phenomenal as a
In case you don’t know, Spoels- but was generous enough to ac- small forward. I don’t know. But boss, more so now as a mentor.”
tra is half Filipino, his mother, the commodate the special luncheon there are small players in the NBA *On his probable role to further de-
former Elisa Celino is from San hosted by the PBA and Powerade who made a big impact. velop basketball in the country.
Pablo, Laguna, while his father, Thursday at Kamayan-Edsa. “I grew up with one of them. “Hopefully... just to help in any
Joe worked as an NBA executive PBA commissioner Sonny Bar- In Portland, he’s an older player way possible because it’s the no.
for teams such as Portland Trail- rios and Powerade-Team Pilipi- who just retired last year. He’s 1 sport in the Philippines
blazers, Denver Nuggets, Buffalo nas manager Jose Bayani Baylon Damon Stoudamire and he had * On whether he speaks any Tagalog
Braves and New Jersey Nets. were present during the quick, a heck of a career in the league. word/s
“I don’t think anybody would but very entertaining affair also He’s only 5-9,” said Spoelstra of “I can’t. But I’m trying to learn
have thought five years ago that attended by league Board of Gov- the pint-sized guard who was the some words. I think the kids are
there would ever be an Asian- ernors Robert Non, Rene Pardo, 1996 NBA Rookie of the Year. trying to teach me some foul
American head coach in any ma- and Atty. Memerto Mondragon of “He just came up around my words. I’ll try my best the rest of
jor league in America. Rain or Shine and coaches Yeng shoulder and we grew up togeth- the week to learn.
“Things can happen. I think the Guiao, Jong Uichico of Ginebra, er. But he kicked my butt all the *On Filipino food
world is changing. It’s becoming Tim Cone of Alaska, Barako Bull’s time every which way it possibly “My cousin makes great
more global,” said the former Uni- Leo Isaac and Boyet Fernandez could,” he said, eliciting a good lumpia.
versity of Portland stalwart, who Eric Spoelstra Sta. Lucia. laugh from his curious audience. *On ex-PBA import and one-time
worked his way up to become the Reminded that a Filipino play- Spoelstra also delved into other NBA player Billy Ray Bates.
er by the name of Johnny Abar- interesting subjects, including his “I grew up watching him since

Nurses seeking U.S.

rientos was once considered by work as Miami Heat coach. he’s also from Portland. I’m a big
an NBA team, Spoelstra said it On his working relationship with fan of him. Until now, he’s a leg-
doesn’t really matter whether the great NBA coach Pat Riley. end in Portland. -- PNS

jobs on the decline

MANILA -- The number of Fili- development.
pino nurses wanting to work in He also said a growing number
America dropped 16 percent in of Filipino nurses now prefer en-
the first semester, as the world’s tering other foreign labor markets
largest economy sank deeper into outside America, particularly the
recession, the Trade Union Con- United Kingdom and the Middle
gress of the Philippines (TUCP) East.
reported Friday. “Actually, fewer nurses from
TUCP secretary-general and India, Korea, Canada and Cuba
former Senator Ernesto Herrera are seeking US jobs as well,” Her-
said a total of 8,272 Filipino nurses rera said.
sought to practice their profession Nurses from India who took the
in America by taking the US Nclex Nclex for the first time in the first
for the first time from January to semester were down 56 percent (to
June. This was 1,565 fewer com- 750 from 1,715). Those from South
pared to the 9,837 that took the Korea were down 35 percent (to
test in the same six-month period 613 from 934); from Canada down
in 2008. The Nclex refers to US Na- 36 percent (to 314 from 494); and
tional Council (of State Boards of from Cuba down 38 percent (to
Nursing) Licensure Examinations 192 from 309).
for registered and practical nurs- The four countries are the other
es. top suppliers of foreign nurses to
In the whole of 2008, a total of America.
20,746 Filipino nurses took the The Philippines now has some
Nclex for the first time. This was 600,000 nurses actively looking for
down 3.5 percent compared to the jobs here and abroad, or forced to
21,299 Filipino nurses that took perform work outside their profes-
the test for the first time in 2007. sion. They include the 99,837 who
Filipino accounted for 37 percent passed the local nursing licensure
of the 22,500 foreign-educated examinations from July 2008 to
nurses who took the Nclex for the July 2009.
first time (that is, non-repeaters) To help address the problem,
in the first semester, according to the government has engaged
Herrera. 10,000 of them under the Nurses
“The deepening recession in Assigned in Rural Service (Nars).
America has clearly diminished The project allows nurses to serve
the desire of some Filipino nurses in the country’s depressed munic-
to seek employment there,” said ipalities for six months in return
Herrera, former chairman of the for a monthly allowance of P8,000.
Senate committee on labor, em- (PN)
ployment and human resources

August 20, 2009

Confusion mars appointment of new Veterans envoy

Pilar armory in Baguio City and de- growing agitation by loyal followers which contained provisions for a the Civil Relations Service (CRS), in
By Rodney J. Jaleco fected to the fledgling New People’s of Joseph Estrada, who was ousted lump sum payment for Filipino vet- 2003.
Army (NPA). He worked his way by Mrs. Arroyo in another People erans here and in the Philippines. But Corpus would prefer to be
The country’s former top spy will up, joining the Communist Party of Power revolt. Despite the significantly reduced recognized for his environmental
take over the Philippine veterans the Philippines (CPP) ruling central When hundreds of thousands of amount, it was considered a victory work, especially in the protection
lobby on Capitol Hill, but Mala- committee five years later. Estrada loyalists swooped down on because the Filipino lobby success- of forest resources. He developed a
canang apparently forgot to tell the He was captured in 1976 and Malacanang after a two-day vigil at fully fended off efforts by the bill’s system of forest stewardship in Pan-
special envoy he was going to re- spent the next decade behind bars. the EDSA Shrine, Lorenzana’s “fly- opponents to omit veterans in the ay Island.
place about the change. He was among those released un- ing column” – tanks and armored Philippines. He has Masters in Public Admin-
Retired Maj. Gen. Delfin Lorenza- der the general amnesty declared by vehicles rushing to President Ar- Lorenzana wrote appeals on be- istration from Harvard.
na carries the rank of ambassador, President Corazon Aquino, after the royo’s aid – proved pivotal in crush- half of the aging veterans to the bill’s He’s lived in Maryland for about
and heads the Office of Veterans Af- People Power revolt. ing the Estrada-inspired uprising. chief opponents, Republican Sena- three years and only recently went
fairs at the Philippine Embassy in If Corpus was the man outside The support of the Light Armor tors Larry Craig and Richard Burr. back to Manila.
Washington DC. looking in during the 1986 EDSA Brigade is always crucial because CHANGING IN MIDSTREAM Corpus’ appointment raises con-
He found out he was going to be uprising, Lorenzana was the man most troops do not have adequate Confusion marred Corpus’ ap- cerns about the implementation of
jobless through news reports on the inside. anti-tank weapons. pointment almost immediately. Ini- the veterans lump sum.
internet. A Mindanao native, he was one President Arroyo was clearly in- tial reports said he was appointed as It’s meeting many problems in the
He immediately called officials at of the key officers belonging to the debted to the general. special adviser to the President on processing and payment of benefits,
the Department of National Defense Reform the AFP Movement (RAM), Just a few weeks before Al-qaeda veterans matters. due partly to the slow pace of work-
and Philippine Veterans Affairs Of- who withdrew support from strong- launched its most infamous attack Corpus is close both to the Presi- ing the veterans papers through the
fice (PVAO), who told him he’s been man President Ferdinand Marcos on the United States, Lorenzana dent and the First Gentleman, Mike bureaucratic mill.
sacked. that sparked People Power. took over the post of defense attaché Arroyo. Although the lump sum provi-
As of Friday, Lorenzana still had He was then an army Major who in Washington DC. He is considered a counter-in- sions set a deadline of February
to get any formal notification of his manned the mutineers’ battle com- Suddenly, that assignment gained surgency warfare expert. His book 2010, this governs only the receipt of
relief. mand post in Camp Crame (they added value and relevance in the “Silent War” explains how the NPAs application for benefits. There is no
He will be replaced by retired were originally at Camp Aguinaldo post 9-11 environment, especially infiltrate barangays and use them deadline to the processing and pay-
Brig. Gen. Victor Corpus, army de- but moved to the national police when the Philippines was elevated later for ambuscades and attacks on ment of benefits.
fector, communist insurgent com- headquarters at the urging of then to the status of a major non-NATO soldiers. An average of 10 veterans die ev-
mander and military intelligence PC-INP chief Fidel V. Ramos). ally in 2003. After his release, he was rein- ery day from age-related conditions.
chief. His last government job was ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN Lorenzana was named head of stated with the Armed Forces of the At that rate, experts say, all of the Fil-
leading the illegal logging campaign Both officers have close ties to the newly established Office of Vet- Philippines in 1987, with the rank of ipino World War II veterans would
following the deadly 2004 landslides President Arroyo. erans Affairs at the Philippine Em- Lieutenant-Colonel. He was named be dead in two to three years.
in Quezon Province. Lorenzana was commander of bassy. The government and Fil-Am Chief of the AFP Intelligence Service Corpus will be the new kid on the
Both men are graduates of the the Light Armor Brigade based in organizations had decided to inten- (ISAFP) just as the Arroyo govern- block, at a time when haste is obvi-
Philippine Military Academy – Cor- Tarlac in March 2001. Weeks later, sify efforts to win equity benefits for ment was teetering from the threat ously needed. He will have to meet
pus in 1967 and Lorenzana in 1973. he was also named commander of about 18,000 remaining Filipino vet- of Estrada loyalists in 2001. American Veterans Administration
After graduation, Corpus opted Task Group “Palace Shield” – the erans of World War II. He retired a one-star general after officials, as well as contacts on Capi-
to teach at his alma mater where in principal strike force of Joint Task That culminated with the passage heading the AFP’s principal psy- tol Hill – people who are already fa-
1970, he led a raid on the Fort del Force “Libra” established amid the last February of the stimulus bill, chological warfare operating unit, miliar with Lorenzana.


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Benguet Bergonia said the search focused tion of the lot was submerged in cation and Skills Development evacuation of residents from a town
BAGUIO CITY, Benguet- Three on the creeks and river path be- water or filled with mangroves. Authority (TESDA), vehemently that has suffered from massive soil
brothers were killed when a land- cause at least four of the 10 miners “So I say I am sorry. As your denied claims of corruption and erosion.
slide hit their house on Kennon killed by the slide were found in governor I continue to believe in bribery allegations over a P 5-mil- The Mines and Geosciences
Road at the height of Typhoon sections of the waterways. the Cebuanos and I’ll be careful lion education program here, say- Bureau (MGB) in Western Visayas
Kiko’s landfall in the province, ac- One of the bodies was found from now on,” the Governor said. ing he wasn’t taking his accuser made the recommendation follow-
cording to reports from the Office
of Civil Defense (OCD) in the Cor-
downstream of the Bued River in
Barangay Camp 1 in Tuba, Ben-
Davao Del Sur seriously.
In a telephone interview, Syjuco
ing the destruction of several hous-
es when cracks swallowed them in
STA. CRUZ, Davao Del Sur-
dillera. guet, near the province’s border accused Manuel Mejorada, who Quintin Remo, a village in Moises
President Gloria Macapagal-Ar-
OCD Cordillera operations co- with Rosario, La Union. sued Syjuco and Mayor Arcadio Padilla, Negros Occidental.
royo has ordered the police to con-
ordinator Alex Uy said brothers Bergonia said rescue teams were Gorriceta of Pavia town, of seeking At least seven sitios were listed
duct a massive search in villages
Eduardo, Michael and Chris Piska, still looking for Joel Caligtan, Gar- revenge and of using the issue for as high risk areas as the ground
for illegal firearms starting in No-
aged 13, 12 and 7, respectively, ciano Langtiwan, Cipriano Millet personal gain. kept moving every 15 minutes and
vember, Interior Secretary Ronaldo
were killed when their house in Ba- and John Guinoban. Syjuco said Mejorada was angry the cracks kept growing bigger each
Puno said here.
rangay Camp 8 collapsed. “The whole stretch of Bued River at him after Mejorada was fired as day, according to an MGB report.
Puno, who attended the South-
Another brother, Benro, 14, was is being searched,” Bergonia said. Syjuco’s chief of staff years ago. The MGB recommended that at
ern Mindanao peace and order
injured. Their parents were able to
get out of the house before it col- Cebu council meeting, said he also or- “I’m sorry to say this, but I can-
not take Mejorada seriously,” Syju-
least one sitio, Manaol, be declared
no man’s land and its residents
CEBU CITY, Cebu- Governor dered volunteers in various villag-
lapsed, Uy said. co said. be barred from returning, even to
Gwendolyn Garcia apologized to es to help the police in conducting
Portions of the Halsema High- Mejorada filed criminal and ad- work in farms, especially during
the people of the province for what the massive search, which will start
way, which links Baguio to the ministrative charges at the Office rains.
she said were lapses in the pur- as soon as the amnesty for illegal
Mountain Province and the interior of the Ombudsman against Syjuco MGB also warned that the con-
chase of a coastal property that was firearms holders expires on Octo-
Cordillera provinces, and Kennon for alleged bribery and padding of tinuous rains might bring mudflow
partly submerged in seawater and ber 31.
Road, a major route to and from a project that provided free school and floods.
filled with mangroves. “All persons carrying unlicensed
Baguio, were ordered closed by of- uniforms to elementary and high The main crack in the ground
Garcia made the public apology firearms will be arrested and pros-
ficials of the Department of Public school students. The project was was now estimated to be six km
after a survey by the provincial ecuted after October 31,” he said.
Works and Highways due to land- implemented in 2004 near the end long, and the number of families in
government showed that 9.3-ha He said the campaign was
slides. of Syjuco’s term as representative danger was 91, according to town
of the 25-ha property the province aimed at making the 2010 elections
In a related report, rescue efforts of Iloilo’s second district. Mayor Francisco Nazareno.
bought in Naga town in 2008 was violence-free.
for the last four missing pocket Mejorada alleged that the costs Leo Juguan, MGB regional di-
underwater. The Philippine National Police
miners buried by a landslide in of school uniforms were padded rector in Western Visayas, said the
The property, owned by the (PNP) had attributed election vio-
Barangay Kias here have reached by nearly P1 million. He also ac- danger zone should be cleared of
Balili family, was acquired by the lence to the proliferation of loose
Benguet and Pangasinan. cused Syjuco of offering and giving houses and a permanent relocation
province for P98 million. firearms.
At least 13 rescue teams, com- a bribe to Mayor Gorriceta. site should be found for residents.
However, self-proclaimed anti- “This is not martial law but we
posed of about 200 members, have However, Syjuco denied that He said the ground would re-
graft crusader Crisologo Saavedra have to search the villages because
started scouring the Liwliw and there were irregularities and add- main unstable even after the rains.
claimed that while P98.9 million this will help [maintain] peace and
Emerald creeks that flow into to the ed that the Commission on Audit Seized from the suspect were
was paid by the government for the order, especially during the coming
Bued River to look for the miners, (COA) did not find any violations. a variety of firearms, including a
property, Amparo Balili, the widow elections,” Puno said.
said Supt. Nestor Bergonia, Baguio Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)
police director. of Luis Balili, said that she only re-
Iloilo Negros Occidental launcher, a M79 grenade launcher,
The Bued River drains out to ceived P65 million. BACOLOD CITY, Negros Oc-
ILOILO CITY, Iloilo- Augusto one cal.30 carbine, and a hand gre-
San Fabian, Pangasinan. In a public statement, Governor cidental- The local government
Syjuco, head of the Technical Edu- nade.
Garcia admitted that, indeed, por- has recommended the permanent

COMMUNITY NEWS August 20, 2009

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo posed with the Philippine Embassy officers and
staff during a photo-op on July 31st at Willard Hotel. Flanking PGMA were (L-R) Police Atta-
che Renato Heredia, Minister Maria Andrelita Austria, Mrs. Linda Gaa, Ambassador Willy Gaa, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - A trio of musicians in traditional Filipiniana attire entertain visi-
Deputy Chief of Mission Minister Carlos Sorreta, Consul General Domingo Nolasco, Minister tors to the Filipino Festival here. Dominic Martinez, Veronica Kennedy and Paul Jany are
Ariel Penaranda, and Vice Consuls Robert Borje and Angelito Nayan. Standing were (L-R) Abra- parishioners of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, venue of the Filipino Festival.
ham Agustin, Carolyn Chrans, Leary Fulgencio, Yoly Recana, Jose Edgardo Ledonio, Emma The trio played popular folk melodies and kundimans. The festival, now on its 4th year,
Colobong, Maya Cruz, Rachelle Vega, Maria Aurora Real, Lyda Paguital, Leo Logarta, Angelita was described as an “opportunity for cultural exchange” by the Richmond Times Dispatch.
Foster, Hermie Climaco, Janeth Falsis, Eden Regalario, Loy Cortel, Cecil Tomas, Ging Omaga Filipino-American children “get the opportunity to take pride in their parents’ culture, their
Diaz and Tina Santos. On the floor were Joey Macatula (left) and Rene Tomas (right). heritage,” reported the Richmond Times Dispatch. With 40 children of non-Filipino de-
scent participating in the dances, the event also taught “respect for cultural diversity in
our young parishioners, said Festival Chair Rosario Igharas. The Festival is undertaken by
the Filipino parishioners of the Our Lady of Lourdes and supported by the Church. Photo
courtesy of Filipino Festival Committee.

The Washington DC group joins the New Jersey Philippine Fiesta . L-R: Lito Serrano, Ric Si-
son, Grace Valera And Jesse Gatchalian

Richmond Virginia locals join a performance of the traditional Canao by Filipinos of Bon-
toc, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Abra and Kalinga-Apayao (BIMAAK) descent. Performers
came from Maryland, Northern VA, and the Hampton Roads area and the BIMAAK As-
sociation in DC and Baguio FilAm of Tidewater. The canao was a highlight in the Filipino
Festival at the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Henrico County here.

Philippine Embassy’s new Cultural Officer/Consul Robert Borje visits the MHC Cultural In-
teractive Area. L-R: PAFAI President Carl Abella, MHC Co-Executive Director Arnedo Valera,
Cultural Officer Robert Borje and volunteer jade Estrada
This little girl stole the show with her skill-
ful hopping in between the fast clicking of the
bamboos....(of course, the clickers will not dare
Delegates of PNA-New England during the PNAA Convention in Baltimore, MD: (L-R)
close the bamboos for her !)
Rose Candaza; Jennifer N. Aying, recipient of 2009 PNAA National Excellence Award as
Clinical Nurse of the Year; Leila Amarra and Gina Muyuela.

Erik Baisas (left), originally from Paete, Rizal, demonstrates his fruit carving talent to
visitors of the Philippine Exhibit at the Reston Asian Festival’s Destination Asia. Baisas
and two others carved traditional Philippine scenes on fruits. Paete, known as the wood
carving capital of the Philippines, was among the featured sites in the Philippine Exhibit
which won the Best Over-All Exhibit award from the Festival. The Philippines earned
Endless crowd until closing time as MHC volun-
high marks from the judges for its integrated showcase of culture, history and heritage
teers demonstrated the Tinikling” and other per-
through creative, colorful, informative and innovative displays. Photo courtesy of Bing Bra-
forming arts. . . nigin

August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

Endless stream of crowd at the MHC’s Cultural

Interactive Area: 2009 ASIAN FESTIVAL Pres. Arroyo signs
Magna Carta of
By the MHC News Team area of almost non-stop 2 full days Ministry and Mother Butler’s Guild
of cultural demonstration of the of St. Michael in Silver Spring, MD,
The Migrant Heritage Commis- popular bamboo dance attracting a MHC Youth USA, Ultimate Eskrima

women into law

sion, partner organizations, cultural seemingly endless stream of curious International, the children of the
groups, institutions and Embassies crowd at the Asian Festival. El Shaddai Catholic Charismatic
showcased once again the best of Upon the organizers’ request, Group of St. Stephen in Washing-
Asian cultures at the 6th Annual the MHC Cultural Interactive Area ton D.C., the Filipino Community
Asian Festival organized by the Thai offered once again the famous Phil- of the Shrine of the Most Blessed tal increase in the recruitment and
After seven long years of waiting,
Tennis Organization in America ippine “Halo-halo” or mix mix”, a Sacrament in DC, the Filipino Com- training of women in the police
a landmark legislation on women’s
(TTOA) with SINGHA Beer as the popular Filipino dessert which is munity of St. Rose of Lima in MD force, forensics and medico-legal,
Presenting Sponsor. The organiz- rights has finally been enacted.
a mixture of shaved ice and milk the Philippine-American Commu- legal services and social work ser-
ers under George Duangmanee’s President Gloria Macapagal-Ar-
to which are added various boiled nity Partnership Foundation and vices in the next five years until they
helm, annually assigns the Cultural sweet beans and fruits, and served
royo recently signed Republic Act
ISA’s 2007 Miss Teenage Philippines made up half the number of the per-
Interactive Tent to the Migrant Heri- cold in a tall glass or bowl. The des- 9710, or the Magna Carta of Women
USAThere were also volunteers sonnel.
tage Commission (MHC), being one sert exemplifies the “east-meets- in a ceremony held at the Rizal Hall
from the Filipino Teachers’ group, So as in third-level government
of the Festival’s Corporate Sponsors west” culture of the Filipinos, with in Malacanang.
APODCAA and some individuals positions, the Magna Carta aims to
and who has been proven to be a the ingredients used coming from who are not affiliated with any Fil- RA 9710 recognizes and protects
achieve a “50-50 gender balance” in
valuable mobilizer partner of the a wide variety of influences (eg.: Am group but who simply loved women’s rights at home, at work
the next five years.
Fil-Am community for high profile Chinese red mung beans, Indian promoting Asian culture. and in all spheres of society toward
RA 9710 also clearly states that
events like the Asian Festival. This garbanzos, Spanish leche flan and To the delight of the audience, developing all aspects of their well-
the State should amend or repeal
year’s featured country for the 2009 the American shaved ice. The Halo- the children (4 to 7 yrs old) of the being. The most salient features of
within three years any law that is
Asian Festival is INDIA. Halo and other delectable Filipino El Shaddai Catholic Charismatic which include increasing the num- deemed to be discriminatory to
As one of the seven (7) designat- foods were provided by volunteer Group combined with the MHC ber of women personnel until they women.
ed major attractions of the festival, Filipino caterers Ligaya H. and Youth Group performed on the fill half of third-level positions in The Magna Carta grants women
the Migrant Heritage Commission Lourdes C. main stage of the Festival, the chil- the government, setting up of a vio- the right to security in armed con-
(MHC) Cultural Interactive Area Adding interest to the MHC dren’s version of SUBLI, SAYAW lence against women desk in every flict, as well as protection from all
demonstrated the bamboo dance, Cultural Interactive Area were the SA BANGKO and TINIKLING. This barangay, providing incentives to forms of gender-based violence
popularized by the Philippines all traditional Philippine products, bar- was followed by the performance of parties with women’s agenda and such as rape and prohibits the State
over the world. Although the bam- ong tagalog, bags, crafts, accessories the MHC’s Fil-Am Heritage Dance barring the derogatory portrayal of from forcing women, especially in-
boo dance or TINIKLING is widely and the popular MAMA SITA’s mix- Ensemble, a Grantee of the DC Com- women in both media and film. digenous women, to abandon their
known as a Philippine national es which were placed by volunteer mission on the Arts. The Dance En- The new law’s most “empower- land or relocating them is special
dance, it is a dance common to vendors (like Alpha Travel/Tixxi & semble did a condensed version of ing provision,” however, is its rec- centers for military purposes under
many Asian countries varying only Co.) on display and on sale. Filipino the PANGALAY, a Southern Philip- ognition that “women’s rights are any “discriminatory” condition.
in music and tempo. MHC’s Cul- cuisine books were also available pine Classical dance of the Tausug human rights,” said Commission The new law also ensures wom-
tural Interactive also allowed guests for sale courtesy of the Mama Sita people of Jolo, Southern Mindanao, on Human Rights (CHR) Chair Lei- en’s equal access to education and
to try the indigenous Southern Phil- Foundation. Philippines. The Tausug imitated sports, and bars the discriminatory
la de Lima.
ippines’ musical instruments of Ag- Zealously demonstrating the Ti- the movements of the sea, birds and portrayal of women in any form of
Women’s groups lobbied intense-
ong and kulintang gongs, which are nikling were MHC volunteers and trees. The dance resembles those of media or film.
ly for the approval of the measure
also used by many Asian countries volunteers from different Fil-Am “Kontaw Silat”, a martial art com- It likewise ensures women’s
in both the Senate and the House
in some of their respective tradition- organizations who encouraged visi- mon in Southeast Asia as it links rights to health, food security, hous-
of Representatives, but it was fast-
al and classic dances. tors to test their skills gracefully hop- closely to the Indian, Javanese, Thai, ing, decent work, livelihood, social
The MHC Cultural Interactive tracked after Mrs. Arroyo identified
ping in between the bamboos. In- Burmese and Cambodian styles of protection and preservation of cul-
Area was situated in a spacious it as one of her priority bills.
terspersed with the Tinikling dance classical dancing. Philippine cul- tural identity, among others.
area transforming ZONE E into a RA 9710 mandates an incremen-
were some special perfomances tural participation was through
mini festive Asian village of color- (Muslim Fan Dance-APIR and lyri- Migrant Heritage Commission’s
ful bantings with background color- cal dance “Ako’y Pilipino) by the (MHC) Cultural Resource and ficer/Attache’, and the creative cho- Sorority, PAMWE and Travel Outlet.
ful cloths of vinta, the sambulayan MHC’s Fil-Am Heritage Dance En- Support Program under the artistic reography of Nolly Ceballos, a top- The Migrant Heritage Commission’s
and other colorful ati-atihan/ mardi semble, composed of many talents coordination of Ms. Grace Valera, caliber choreographer of the leading, Fil-Am Heritage Dance Ensemble
gras props. It was an interesting from organizations like the Fil-Am former Phil.Embassy’s Cultural Of- multi-awarded and world class and 2007 ISA’s Miss Teenage Philip-
Filipino dance theater company, the pines USA Tracy Perez also proudly
Integrated Performing Arts Guild performed the “APIR” fan dance
(IPAG). Ultimate Eskrima’s Senior of Southern Philippines and a lyri-
Master Instructors Walter and Wes- cal dance interpretation of “Ako’y
ley Crisostomo shared their eskrima Pilipino” in front of the Philippine
techniques with the performers. Embassy tent. A sincere congratula-
The Destination Asia in Zone G tions to the Philippine Embassy for
also featured another Philippine giving their best in showcasing Fili-
Tent. It was an area for tourism and pino culture once again to win the
heritage displays of different Em- best in over-all exhibit in the Desti-
bassies where they were expected nation Asia.
to compete in different categories. An interesting commercial booth
Philippines won the best in over- of Philippine products “My BAY-
all exhibit vesting four (4) other ONG”, which displayed and sold
Embassies in the Destination Asia native bags and hats made of tradi-
Zone. Thailand received the “Most tional mats, was also worth visiting .
Colorful” award, Republic of Ko- Making also a lasting impression on
rea received the “Most Innovative” stage was the popular Raf Toledo’s
award and Tibet received the “Most Drama KING’s performance. Raf
Informative” award. Runners up and his group captured the audi-
awards were given to Cambodia ence hearts with their pulsating mu-
and Laos. The Philippine Embassy sic beat.
tourism and heritage display tent To mark a Kick-Off of next year’s
was spearheaded by Vice-Consul Asian Festival featuring the Phil-
Robert Borje, current Cultural Of- ippines, MHC’s Cultural Officer
ficer of the Embassy, with support Sylvia Nera, a world-class Soprano
volunteers from organizations/ and soloist of the famous Bayani-
businesses like the PAFC, Bicol As- han Dance Company and of the UP
sociation of Metropolitan Washing- Madrigal Singers, presented the
ton DC (BAMWDC), Tau Gamma finale number on the main stage of
Phi Fraternity, Tau Gamma Sigma the Asian Festival.
August 20, 2009

Moro rebels violated ceasefire, ambushed Marines

Military officials blasted the Moro Sayyaf camp, but they were am- noted that operation was intelli- Eid Kabalu, confirmed that 10 MILF Presidential Adviser on the Peace
Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for bushed by members of the MILF,” gence-driven and target-specific to fighters were killed in the said gun Process Avelino Razon, Jr. said the
an inglorious breaking of ceasefire said military spokesperson Lt. Col. reduce the number of collateral ca- battle and accused the military of involvement of some MILF fighters
and a deadly ambush against Phil- Romeo Brawner, Jr. sualties. triggering the fight the fight by en- in the gun battle was an “isolated
ippine Marines engaged in deep According to Brawner, the MILF It should be recalled that since tering into MILF territory without case” and would not in anyway af-
fighting against the notorious Abu fighters still proceeded with their July 24, upon orders of Malacanang, seeking permission. fect the upcoming peace talks.
Sayyaf group, leaving government disgraceful attack, even if they fully- the military has suspended combat However, such claim was vehe- Sen. Rodolfo Biazon, a former
troops suffering massive casualties. knew that they were not the target operations against the MILF and mently denied by Brig. Gen. Ben Armed Forces Chief of Staff, called
The military confirmed that eigh- of the operation and that a suspen- placed its troops in Mindanao on an Dolorfino, Western Command chief, for a “recalculation” of the govern-
teen of the 23 soldiers who died in sion of military operations had been “active defense mode” to pave the who said that the military had sent ment’s position on peace talks with
the day-long gun battle were not agreed upon between them and the way for the resumption of stalled prior notice to the MILF. the MILF.
operating against the MILF, but military. peace talks. As a result of the fighting, the “The government should also
were on their way to reinforce fel- “The Armed Forces is set to file a After the government halted its military has ordered pursuit opera- study what went wrong in Basilan,”
low soldiers caught in fighting with formal protest with the Coordinat- operations, MILF chairman Mu- tions against the Abu Sayyaf and a said Biazon.
the Abu Sayyaf in Tipo-Tipo, Basi- ing Committee on Cessation of Hos- rad Ebrahim returned the gesture naval blockade or naval barrier pa- Elite troops of the Philippine Na-
lan. tilities against the MILF’s 114th base and also ordered the suspension of trol in the seas surrounding Basilan tional Police have been called in to
“The Marines were going to command for violating the cease- military actions (Soma) in all areas to prevent the bandit group from reinforce the military in its pursuit
rescue their comrades who were fire,” Brawner said. where the MILF has fighters. escaping to other islands, Brawner of the Abu Sayyaf.
already being attacked in the Abu The military spokesman further A spokesperson for the MILF, said.

Fil-Ams offer memorial

mass for ‘Tita Cory’
By Rodney J. Jaleco dialects, but for China and Far Eastern Muslim
and Buddhist countries also,” Paglinawan re-
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Hundreds came to vealed.
remember, and to honor former President Cora- The couple was instrumental for the rapid
zon Aquino at the historic St. Matthews Cathe- spread of the Couples for Christ network in the
dral. US. In a “very mysterious and unique way”,
Her portrait welcomed churchgoers. she said Pres. Aquino was key to their unex-
Fil-Ams joined friends and family of Mrs. Fil-Ams form a queue to sign the condolence book at the Philippine Embassy which was festooned
pected foray into America.
Aquino who attended the memorial mass. in yellow and opened its gates to everyone .
“Living our faith wherever we may be, to its socially-relevant songs.
Three cousins of her husband, former Sen. Be- bring about peace, to bring about justice, to for Pres. Aquino.
nigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., live in the area. He would often go with the Himig Jesuita
bring about a world of love and joy – that is One of Ninoy’s cousin, Di Aquino, recalled to Arlegui to help celebrate Christmas Eve
The mass was officiated by Msgr. Ronald Cory’s legacy and what we are asked to do,” how he would fetch Ninoy and Cory whenev- mass with Pres. Aquino and her family.
Jameson and Filipino priest Jose Opalda. Msgr. Jameson reminded the crowd. er they came visiting from Boston in the early
It was the second time mass was being cel- Lambino revealed he was a scholar of
Among the churchgoers was lawyer Diana 1980s. the Benigno Aquino Jr. Foundation in col-
ebrated for a Philippine president in St. Mat- Negroponte, wife of the former US ambassador After more than seven years as Pres. Ferdi- lege. When he wanted to shift from his psy-
thews, the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of to the Philippines. In Manila, she was a familiar nand Marcos’ prisoner, Ninoy Aquino was al- chology major to communication arts, Mrs.
Washington DC. face in the social circuit where she occasionally lowed to get heart surgery in the United States Aquino summoned him to ask why.
Interestingly, on the day Pres. Aquino suc- bumped into Mrs. Aquino. in 1980.
cumbed to colon cancer – exactly 65 years ago – “I told her that where before the battle
She recounts Pope John Paul II’s visit to Ma- American officials arranged for him to get a for the souls of men and women was the
the remains of President Manuel L. Quezon was nila in January 1995, nearly three years since fellowship in Harvard. Mrs. Aquino described school or the home, Fr. Reuters said that to-
brought to the Cathedral for a funeral mass. Pres. Aquino vacated Malacanang Palace. their years in Boston as her happiest.
He too fought a losing battle with disease and day it is in the mass media. President Aqui-
“I and my son, who was then 7 years old, Di called Mrs. Aquino “Achi Cory”, which no turned to Ambassador (Howard) Dee,
died from tuberculosis in New York . Quezon’s were with Mrs. Aquino who then was just he explained was a sign of respect for Kapam- then said ‘Well, Ninoy was a journalist be-
body was interred at Arlington Cemetery in Vir- member of the public, not asking for privilege, pangans.
ginia , but returned to the Philippines at In last fore he became a politician.’ She said, ‘okay
simply sitting in the stands, just asking to be “Low profile is Achi Cory lagi. In our gath- this is a good plan.’ And I was able to fin-
Friday’s mass, however, the underlying theme close to the Holy Father,” she remembers. erings, reunions, medyo tahimik siya kasi si ish my communications degree at Ateneo,”
was Pres. Aquino’s deep religiosity, as well as “Her simplicity came through everything Ninoy lagi ang bibo at bumabangka lagi. Siya Lambino recounted. He now works for the
dedication to her country and people. she did,” Mrs. Negroponte averred. yung maingay lagi so si Cory hindi masyado World Bank but often blogs about political
“Tita Cory was a woman of faith and selfless- “A great leader in such a simple way,” she nagsasalita,” he explained.
ness,” declared Fr. Opalda in his homily. and social ills back home.
added. Some people still recognize Tony Lambino as “She had a deep sense of integrity and
“In her simple ways, she always put God Asked what she thought was Mrs. Aquino’s a member of “ Smokey Mountain ”, a singing sincerity. She left me inspired. Totoong Fili-
first, and considered the Filipino people and the most striking traits, she replied without hesita- group that became famous in the late 1980s for pino, totoong Kristiyano,” he mused.
country as her priorities in whatever decision tion, “her love of the Philippine people.
she makes,” he added. Even in death, Mrs. Aquino seemed to
After the mass, churchgoers walked with
When former Vice Pres. Emmanuel Pelaez lighted candles to the Philippine Embassy,
was appointed Philippine ambassador to Wash- about a block away.
ington in 1986, he recruited Adolfo Paglinawan The Philippine’s premier diplomatic post in
as press attaché. America was festooned with yellow ribbons
Margi Paglinawan, Ado ’s wife, said her hus- and portraits of Mrs. Aquino – the 11th presi-
band mirrored Pelaez’s own reluctance to ac- dent of the Republic, her first female president
cept the assignment; the envoy felt he was too and Asia ’s icon of democracy.
old for the post. The Philippine flag was at half staff, barely
“Tito Maning fetched Ado from our home in moving in the breezeless twilight air. But a
Mandaluyong and took him to Cojuangco build- bright yellow ribbon wrapped around the pole
ing where Tita Cory temporarily transferred the below it, seemed to keep the spirit light.
Office of the President, pending renovation of The gates were thrown wide open and cock-
the Malacanang Guest House,” she recalled. tail tables were strewn around the grounds for
“He noticed that the tone of the discus- the open-air reception.
sion changed from international politics and A long queue formed for the condolence
evangelization. The idea of the US assignment book.
shifted to becoming missionaries to spread the In the years covering events at the Philippine
gospel and soliciting for paper for Bibles to be Embassy, none appeared as warm and welcom-
translated not only in the different Philippine ing or well-attended as last Friday’s memorial

August 20, 2009

MILF won’t go after

Abu Sayyaf, for now
Until peace talks are restarted, the Moro na nag-uusap (The only way to revive it
Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has no ob- is if the two panels assert their authority
ligation to help government go after the through the talks),” he added.
al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf, the spokes- Peace talks between government and
person for the MILF said Wednesday. the MILF were suspended in August 2008,
In a radio interview, Eid Kabalu said the after a series of attacks staged by “rogue”
MILF and the government have an Ad Hoc MILF units in Mindanao.
Joint Action Group (AHJAG) to go after The attacks stemmed from the Supreme
criminals, but this has been inactive since Court’s junking of a memorandum of
peace talks were suspended last year. agreement on ancestral domain (MOA-
Kabalu’s statement came after the AD) for the Bangsamoro people.
bloody clash on August 12 in Basilan prov- Recruitment
ince between government troops and Abu Government troops are now pursuing
Sayyaf bandits, who were allegedly backed Abu Sayyaf bandits following a deadly
up by MILF fighters. clash in Basilan, where several soldiers
“Sa panig ng MILF kasi, binubuweltah- were killed along with Abu Sayyaf and
an tayo na hindi tumutulong sa awtoridad. MILF members.
Meron tayong effort diyan. May built-in Kabalu said the MILF members who
na paraan ng pagtulong sa gobyerno ang “helped” the Abu Sayyaf were likely rela-
MILF... yan ay sa pamamagitan ng AHJAG. tives of the bandits.
May mga experience tayo na maganda ang “Ang mandate ng [joint action group]
resulta. Yun nga lang, hindi ito gumagana ay nasa panel. Both the panels can do the
sapagka’t hindi pa fully operational ang initiative para ma-revive ang AHJAG.
resumption ng talks,” Kabalu told dzXL At ang naumpisahang trabaho can now
radio in an interview. continue (The mandate of the joint action
(The MILF has been accused of not group comes from the peace panels. Both
helping authorities. We have our efforts panels can take the initiative to revive it),”
through a built-in mechanism called the he said.
AHJAG. But the group is not active now Meanwhile, Kabalu downplayed al-
because the peace talks are stalled). leged continued recruitment of new mem-
When asked if [it’s correct to say that] bers by the Abu Sayyaf, saying the num-
the MILF is not exerting efforts to go af- ber is “not substantial.”
ter the Abu Sayyaf for now, Kabalu said: “Base na rin sa mga report na galing
“That’s correct.” mismo sa mga awtoridad, at apparently
He said that the only way to revive the yung nakaraang mga araw may kaunting
mechanism is through the resumption of na dagdag sa grupo pero di naman very
talks between the government of the Re- substantial (Based on reports from author-
public of the Philippines (GRP) panel and ities, there had been recruitment activities
the MILF. by the Abu Sayyaf but these were not very
“[That’s] the only way to revive that substantial),” he said, but did not elabo-
sapagka’t ang ugnayan ng GRP at MILF rate. - GMANews.TV
can only be asserted ng dalawang panel

August 20, 2009

As RP gets poorer,
PGMA gets richer
The President’s net worth may have tion,” Escudero said.
risen substantially since she became the “This amount would have doubled
country’s top executive, but the country the budget for education,” the youthful
racked up more foreign debts than usual Senator said, pertaining to the revenue
in the same period. allegedly lost from inefficient tax collec-
Such information was disclosed to the tion.
public by Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, “The next President should insist on
who said that the net worth of President lowering debt payments and review our
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo increased by debt policy so it can focus more on do-
114 percent from P66.8 million to a mas- mestic spending,” Escudero added.
sive P143.54 million yet the country’s for- On the other hand, the Makati Busi-
eign debt ballooned this year to a gigan- ness Club (MBC) is challenging the
tic figure of P 4.8 trillion, from around P President “to personally respond” to the
2.8 trillion in 2001. issues raised by the controversial PCIJ
Reports on the President’s assets, article.
outlined in a recent article by the Philip- The group said that the growth of Mrs.
pine Center for Investigative Journalism Arroyo’s assets and net worth was “dif-
(PCIJ) revealed that Mrs. Arroyo’s and ficult to fathom,” considering the state of
the first family’s assets had increased sig- the economy and the stock market when
nificantly since the President’s assump- she acquired her additional wealth.
tion to power after the historic People “Like Caesar’s wife, the President
Power II in EDSA. must be over and above suspicion,” the
“In other words, the country grows MBC added.
poorer as she (Pres. Arroyo) gets richer,” “As the highest public servant in our
said Escudero in a statement that seemed country and in the interest of good gov-
to add more fuel to public uproar over ernance, she must set an example by
reports of Mrs. Arroyo’s lavish dinners making a full and transparent account-
during her contingent’s recent trip to the ing of her and her family’s wealth. She
United States. owes the Filipino people an explana-
Escudero further noted that P630 bil- tion.”
lion, or nearly half of this year’s national The MBC also chastised Mrs. Arroyo’s
budget of P1.4 trillion, went to debt pay- legal advisers for attacking the press,
ments. since it (the Press) must be allowed
“Nothing has been done to address to perform its function as the public’s
the P300 million lost annually by the Bu- “watchdog,” without any form of coer-
reau of Customs and the Bureau of Inter- cion or threats from anyone.
nal Revenue due to inefficient tax collec-

August 20, 2009

Artist: Agustin Jakosalem, OAR

Title: Cory Inangbayan
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 18 x 24 inches

TSIKAHAN Ni Rica Machika
August 20, 2009

Bea and Sam bring the best out of Honor guards ni Cory, mistulang
each other in “And I Love You So” celebrities kay Kris
Sa kahabaan ng intimate dinner kasama
Falling in love was not part of Lara’s (Bea
ang mga honor guards ni Dating Pangu-
Alonzo) plans until she meets Oliver (Derek
long Cory Aquino, mistulang nasa set pa
Ramsay) who sweeps her off her feet. Oliver
rin ng SNN ang notable showbiz talk show
and Lara was the picture of a happy couple
host na si Kris Aquino. Habang kumakain
in love until tragedy strikes. Lara suddenly
silang lahat, patuloy ang pag-interview
finds herself all alone with no reason to move
ni Kris sa tinaguriang Fantastic 4, public-
on. Then, she meets Cris (Sam Milby), a man
servant-turned-instant-celebrities na sina
who’s set on breaking down her walls and
PO1 Danilo Malab, Pfc. Antonio Cadiente,
forcing her to face life without Oliver. To-
Airman 2nd Class Gener Laguindan at
gether they will begin a one of a kind journey
Navy Petty Officer 3 Edgardo Rodriguez.
that will ultimately heal both their broken
Gawa na rin ng di umano’y kadakilaan ng
hearts. But will Lara cling to her memories of
apat kaugnay ng katapatan nila sa serbi-
the past or learn to love again?
Photo source: syo, tinataya ni Kris na hindi nalalayong
“Gusto ko magmahal ulit pero paano ko
gagawin yun kung sa puso ko buhay na bu- maaring one of these days ay ma-feature ang kwento ng mga buhay nila sa telebisyon, like
hay ka pa,” as said by Bea’s character Lara, Maalaala Mo Kaya perhaps; at dahil na rin dito, sinubukang usisain ng party-host-turned-
is just one of the memorable lines from the talk-show-host ang bawat isa sa kanila kung sino ang napupusuan nilang gumanap sa role
movie And I Love You So. Other lines like nila kung saka-sakali. Si Piolo Pascual ang napili nina PO1 Malab at Pfc. Cadiente, habang
Sam’s character Cris’s “I don’t want to be si Jericho Rosales naman ang napusuan ni Airman 2nd Class Laguindan. Liban raw kasi sa
second place in your heart Lara because good looks, sadyang di raw matatawaran ang galing sa pag-arte ng mga ito na siya namang
you’re first in mine” are sure to strike audi- ikararangal din daw nila kung sakaling mangyari man ang ipinagpapalagay ni Kris. Para
ences to the core. Star Cinema’s scriptwriters naman kay Navy Petty Officer 3 Rodriguez, tila gusto raw niyang gampanan ni Gerald
have come up with another winner for hope- Anderson ang character niya matapos di umano siyang pahangain nito sa pagganap rin ng
less romantics. role ng isang sundalo sa teleserye nito sa primetime na Tayong Dalawa.
True to director Laurenti Dyogi’s words, Matapos ang kanilang munting salu-salo, isang regalo rin ang inihandog para sa kanila
And I Love You So is the perfect vehicle for ng anak ni Ballsy Aquino-Cruz na si Jiggy Cruz. Sadyang hindi maitanggi ng pamilya Aqui-
Bea and Sam to showcase their onscreen no ang saya sa kanilang mga mukha dulot ng pribilehiyong makasalo sa hapag-kainan ang
chemistry. After their first team up years ago ani mo’y mga dakilang ehemplo ng kadakilaan sa larangan ng serbisyo. Pagbibigay diin pa
in Close To You, Bea and Sam have developed a rapport that translates well onscreen. Derek’s role nga dito ni Pinky Aquino-Abellada,
further underscored heartbreaking twists that people should watch out for. “Nakakatuwa talaga sila... I think they are projecting a good image for the military.”

Cherrie Gil heaps praise on Erich

Lloydy reacts to possibility Katorse will be taking over the Boys Over Flowers slot
when the Koreanovela ends its local run. At the grand

of hosting “Wowowee”
Despite the controversies sur-
presscon for the show last August 13, the cast expressed
their relief that the show was finally premiering on August
24 after bad weather conditions caused production delays.
rounding his love life recently, a Lead actress Erich Gonzales was asked if she had a hard
more vibrant John Lloyd Cruz time getting intimate with leading men Ejay Falcon, Xian
arrived at the launch of his prod- Lim, and Enchong Dee since she has never had a boyfriend
uct endorsement at Greenwich in real life.
Megamall last August 14. In his “I come sa set on time and prepared talaga. I know my
latest commercial for the pizza lines and kapag nandun na ako kakalimutan ko muna na
chain, Lloydy rolls in the grass ako si Erich. Ako si Nene, 14 years old, innocent at naive sa
and holds hands with model madaming bagay tapos biglang maiinlove. So nilalagay ko
Lloyd Zaragoza who plays his yung sarili ko sa situation na yun. Kung ano man ang kai-
Nanay Dionisia
friend in the TV commercial. langan sa eksena kasama na dun yung kiss, as Nene talaga
John Lloyd also opened up yun,” she explained to As a matter of fact, co-star Cherie Gil attested to the
about the clamor for him to guest young star’s dedication to her craft when asked about her working experience with her.
host Wowowee while Willie “In all honesty, I’ve worked with her already in Pieta and there I saw her humility and
Revillame is on leave. The mul- her patience. There were times na ang haba-haba ng hinihintay niya kami lagi nakasalang ni
titalented actor has previously Ryan Agoncillo. And she would be there until the wee hours, walang reklamo, she’s always
subbed for Willie whenever the smiling and such a very sweet girl,” she began.
latter was sick or out of town. But now that Erich has her very own show, the beautiful vet-
“Yun na nga, narinig ko nga eran actress wasn’t ashamed to admit that she’s now the one
‘yan. Alam ko na si Kuya Willie who has to wait for her turn on camera. “Ako na yung naghi-
medyo hindi pa lumalabas sa hintay ng part ko kasi ako na yung nakatengga palagi at siya
Wowowee. Well, nakakalungkot yung nakasalang,” she laughed. “I saw a lot of her sensitivity
ano kasi kapag tanghalian na, and the potential of Erich. I truly believe that she’ll go places.
sanay tayo na si Kuya Willie ang She’s very easy to work with and she’s focused.”
kasabay kumain sa hapagkainan.
Pero talagang gustuhin ko man,
my schedule won’t allow me to
host Wowowee at this point. Af-
ter kasi ipalabas yung movie And R

I Love You So, kasunod agad

yung In My Life so medyo gahol John Lloyd Cruz
din kami sa oras,” he explained.
John Lloyd further shared that being part of the network’s flagship variety show would have
been a great opportunity for him to make more of our Kapamilyas happy via TFC. But as for specu-
lations that he is being eyed to replace Willie for good, he stressed that it’s something that never
crossed his mind or considered.
“Naku imposible po! Dahil ang Wowowee e kumbaga nasa katauhan na ni Willie, sa kanya yung
show na yun. Humahalili ako kay Kuya Willie ‘pag may sakit siya. Honestly sobra kong naeenjoy
yung show kasi medyo pareho kami ng intensyon sa audience e, gusto namin magpasaya. Yung
mga hinanakit nila sa buhay gusto ko din ishare para maging inspirasyon sa iba. So in that sense,
oo gusto ko maghost ng Wowowee. Pero para ako ang pumalit kay Kuya Willie ng permanente,
imposible mangyari yun. Malaki po ang respeto ko kay Kuya Willie.”
for more tsika visit:
EDITORIAL August 20, 2009

Splashing the cash

After the public outrage surrounding her two lavish dinners in the
United States, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has again risked the
wrath of an increasingly annoyed and frustrated public after print adver-
tisements came out in a well-known local broadsheet announcing that the
Arroyo administration is shopping around for a P1.2 billion-worth presi-
dential fixed wing executive jet.
To say that the current administration has come under fire would be
a massive understatement but amid the countless controversies that the
President has faced before, her recent actions have truly been both shock-
ing and surprisingly irresponsible.
Being the leader of a nation grieving the loss of a national icon, in late
former President Corazon Aquino, Mrs. Arroyo should have gone through
her business in her final state visit to the US cleanly and honorably. How-
ever, coming into the homestretch of her decade-long stay in office, she
seems intent on hogging the limelight and keeping the spotlight, as her
latest misadventures gave her critics the perfect opportunity to hurl bombs
towards her already tainted office.
With millions of Filipinos suffering from hunger and the ill-effects of
poverty, the Presidential entourage’s extravagant dinners, at Le Cirque in
New York and Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in Washington D.C., which alleg-
edly had a combined cost of around $35,000, would prove to be a crush-
ing hammer-blow to any hopes of a gracious exit from power. To say the
least, all the glory that PGMA enjoyed during her historic meeting with
US President Barack Obama has proven to be short-lived, and her latest
roundm of misjudgements has once again put her into the back foot.
The allegations and controversies surrounding the President have been
growing at an alarming rate for the past week, and her so-called defense
panel is starting to look beleaguered and clueless in the face of an impend-
ing storm. The opening salvo in this backbreaking character assassination
of Mrs. Arroyo was fired by the Philippine Center for Investigative Jour-
nalism (PCIJ), which released a report accusing PGMA of enriching herself
while in office. This massive allegation was followed by reports of the lav-
tor Benigno characterized by a fourteen-hour
ish US dinners and finally, by reports of the billion-peso jet procurement.
The pressure is mounting swiftly on the President and the opposition is INTO REALITY “Ninoy”
Aquino, Jr.,
funeral march. Similarly, Mrs.
Aquino’s funeral cortege took
truly gaining precious ground against the administration in the ongoing
she rose to nine hours to reach Manila Memo-
race to the 2010 National Elections. By Cecile V. Malabanan power, did rial Park. An estimated three hun-
Mrs. Arroyo’s cause was further dented by her naïve spokesmen in the
Farewell and till
her utmost dred thousand people joined the
Palace, who angrily hit back at all the President’s critics, unwittingly put-
best in ruling procession, wearing the iconic yel-
ting their boss into further trouble. In defense of the embattled Chief Exec-
the country low t-shirts, holding yellow leaf-
utive, election lawyer Romulo Macalintal issued a fuming rant at the local
media, and questioned the “morality” of even questioning the President’s we meet again and restored
democracy for all of us. If I could
lets and balloons and flashing the
famous “Laban” sign. Very much
lavish dinners. Macalintal then went on a counter-offensive, as he oblivi-
August 5, 2009 was a very remember, I was only a fresh- reflective of the EDSA spirit, the
ously attacked the media for making millions out of “premature” political
“gloomy” day for us Filipinos, as a man college student at that time. Cory “magic,” so to speak. Songs
advertisements, a reckless attack that exploded back into the President’s
whole nation paid its last respects But since I studied in an exclu- such as “Magkaisa” and “Handog
and bid farewell to former Presi- sive girls’ school just adjacent to ng Pilipino sa Mundo” were re-
Veering away from the big issue in defending the President, these
dent Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, Malacañang, I had vivid memo- lentlessly played in the air, giving
spokesmen made the administration look desperate and stupid, giving the
who was laid to her final resting ries of the historic EDSA People us Filipinos a hair-raising feeling.
President’s so-called “assassins” more ammunition to complete their task.
place. Power Revolution, an event which But what happens after Tita
In stirring counterstatements, opposition lawmakers destroyed Macalintal
From the time of her death four indeed showcased the unity of Fil- Cory’s burial? I hope everything
and completely obliterated an integral part of the President’s famed de-
days before the historic burial, ipinos and the tremendous power doesn’t end there and be put to
fense system.
the Filipino nation unendingly of prayers. I was truly convinced waste. May it be a constant re-
Once again, Mrs. Arroyo’s back is against the wall, and while she man-
mourned her passing. Hundreds that miracles do happen and I can minder for all of us to join hands
aged to escape unscathed from such a precarious situation before, none of
of thousands of our fellow Filipi- honestly say that I was very proud and unite as we strive hard to bring
us really knows when one’s luck finally runs out.
nos braved the scorching heat of to be a Filipino. about changes and build about a
the sun and the torrential rains in Tita Cory’s necrological service better Philippines. It isn’t easy I
lining up both at La Salle Green- was very remarkable. Filled with know, but, nothing is impossible
hills and the Manila Cathedral moving songs, truthful testimo- with hardwork and sheer determi-
Rene R. Calandria
Editor-in-chief just to have a final glimpse of the nies and lots of tears, you cannot nation, coupled with prayers.
Cecile V. Malabanan Rodney Jaleco icon of modern-day democracy. help but feel sorry that such a We will truly miss President
Associate Editor News Editor
Buckets of tears were shed by both good person like her had to die. Aquino, a heaven-sent gift to us
Angelo Miguel Calabio Ramon Zerrudo
Sports and Campus Editor Managing Editor the rich and the poor as they paid More importantly, her burial was Filipinos yet her legacy continues
COLUMNISTS their final respects to Tita Cory. Ev- one for the books. It brought back to live on.
Melodie Alejandro (Maryland) Mars Rivera (Seattle, Wa) eryone had nothing but praise and to mind memories of the funeral To Tita Cory, a real icon of de-
E.P. Dakanay (Manila) Agapito Sta romana (Florida)
Hermie L. Climaco (WA, DC) Fernando Tonolete Esq. (Virginia)
good words for the late president, procession of her late husband, mocracy and a modern-day na-
Atty. Dominic Pami (Manila) Rudy Viernes (California) as politicians buried their hatchets which Filipinos, in a time of au- tional hero, a whole-hearted fare-
Nesthel Flores (Webmaster) for at least a few days in honor of thoritarian rule, fearlessly joined, well and till we meet again.
Marione Luis C. Garcia (Cartoonist)
Marlyn Hall Myrna V. Riel
the late Pres. Aquino. What was
Advertising Director Marketing Director really striking were the numerous
Michelle Buencamino stories of how simple and humble
Art Director
Mrs. Aquino was. Even the littlest
Pinoy Herald inc.
publisher person could attest to this.
Editorial Marlyn -703 436 2745 As I patiently followed the cov-
P.O. Box 4972
Falls Curch, VA 22044 erage of her wake and funeral on
email: /
television without fail, I could not
Myrna - 301 728 6063 help but cry. I came to realize how
fortunate we were as a people to
have had the chance to have her as
Pinoy Herald is a Bi-monthly newspaper in the Metro Washington DC and Mid-Atlantic area and
is licensed in the State of Virginia. Pinoy Herald accepts contributions from anyone who may
the leader of our nation. She came
want to share their opinions, stories and news articles. All articles submitted to Pinoy Herald at a time when we were experi-
are that of the author’s opinion and do not constitute our endorsement nor reflect the views of
encing a more than twenty-year
the editorial staff. Pinoy Herald does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility
for the content and opinions expressed therein by the authors/writers. All articles are subject to taste of dictatorship. From being a
editing to comply with the editorial policies of the paper.
simple housewife of the late Sena-
KURO-KURO August 20, 2009


have a niece

(we call her

By Rene R. Calandria Jona) who was
By Rudy M. Viernes a school ma’am
Paging Dr. Obamacare Our Heroes in the elemen-
tary in the Phil-
The honeymoon is well and truly L. Cardin The Philippine government can- the provincial landscape had ippines for 13
over for President Barack Obama. (D-MD) not provide employment oppor- morphed into a once languor- years and whose
His media charisma (as it turns conducted tunities to its teeming employable ous landform of nipa huts into last salary was
out) was just a fairy tale and both his congressional town hall meeting citizens, sad to say..So, many Filipi- gleaming homes with TV antennae P15,000. She now works as receiv-
journalists and political commen- on health care reform speak the sen- nos go abroad where employment soaring into the sky, while in their ing clerk in a tire company in Yu-
tators are now pounding him with timents of the middle class perfectly abounds. Thus, the template OFW garage are parked trappings of af- kon Territory in Canada. What she
negative criticisms, which a couple well? It is not and will never be, un- was coined for Overseas Filipino fluence like a late model car, a pas- receives, though paltry, is CA$1400
of months ago would have been al- less we engage ourselves in a civil Worker (which used to be OCW for senger jeep with a sign “Katas ng a month. But that’s no paltry sum if
most impossible for fear that the mi- discussion of the facts rather than Overseas Contract Worker) and has Qatar.” converted into the current exchange
norities might crucify them for be- listen to the “scare tactics” of Rush become commonplace, a phenom- That scenery was absolutely rate. That’s four times bigger than
ing “racists”. Now that Mr. Obama Limbaugh and the death panel rhet- enon nevertheless, and it’s here amazing, vibrant, albeit startling her Philippine salary as Teacher III.
has been elected President, all the oric of former Alaska Gov. Sarah to stay ingrained in the national metamorphosis. And she has already fully paid the
brouhaha and pseudo-praises are Palin. psyche. “Global Filipino” was an- Another OFW vignette. My late loan and other expenses she had in-
gone and everyone is on board for Although some of the questions other term but rarely used. Time wife and I were in the shopping curred in going to Canada and has
an open debate about the Presi- are legitimate and truly need some was when one was tagged as OCW mall one December day. We were started sending money back home
dent’s domestic and foreign policies serious specifics from the President the term had a rather abject, sad- behind a young family with two to an expectant family in only her
for this country. himself, some of them are misin- sack connotation. No longer be- carts loaded with goodies and the first six months of work.
After the controversial and much- formed and scared about the idea cause our government has dubbed queues were unsually long. I fig- Jona is one of 11 million OFWs
publicized Gates-Crowley saga, the of socialist medicine. For some Re- them national “heroes.” ured to my wife it may take about worldwide. and the exodus goes
airwaves are literally saturated with publican members of the Senate, Hero, in mythology and legend, 10-15 minutes to check those good- on with about a million leaving the
the debate on health care reform. to echo the ignominious rhetoric of is an honor given to someone with ies in the counter so why don’t we country each year. This includes an
When the President declared that Ms. Palin is an “added insult to in- great courage and strength, cel- transfer? Besides our small bas- increasing number of skilled pro-
reforms will be done before the jury”. It is despicable and a blatant ebrated for his bold exploits, espe- ket was totally paled by the two fessionals and workers taking on
August recess of Congress, nobody disregard to the intelligence of the cially one who risked or sacrificed cartfulls in front of us pushed by unskilled jobs resulting in brain
really listened and believed in him, ordinary American. his life for a cause, or has saved a shopper who ostensibly was on drain. This is particularly true in
not even the White House puppet Cheri Heiland asked during somebody from the pangs of death. vacation from Dubai, said so by his healthcare and education, like our
and liberal Speaker of the House, the town hall meeting conducted Our OFWs are called heroes by T-shirt. Jona.
her majesty Nancy Pelosi, because by Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck a grateful government because Thanks to our heroes in the con- There are medical practitioners
to do so is almost a fantasy. There Grassley to “denounce the tactics” their dollar earnings have saved struction sites in the Middle East, the in the Phililippines, especially those
are more than a thousand pages of because “there is nothing in the the country from economic demise. healthcare professionals in hospitals working in government hospitals in
this proposed bill released last mid- House Bill that will require any el- Because of them we rarely now in the US and Canada, the IT engi- the provinces who undergo retrain-
July 2009. The President himself derly person to stand before a com- hear anymore the abashing moni- neers in Silicon Valley and accoun- ing to become RNs or LVNs whose
may not have had the chance to go mittee and decide whether or not ker “sick man of Asia” labeled to tants and brokers in Wall Street, the services are very much in demand
through all the pages so why rush they are going to live or die”. But, the Filipino. They are also heroes to nannies, tutors and governesses of abroad, as are PTs, OTs, STs. Their
with the bill. instead of some intelligent answers their families who are the ultimate rich families in Europe, the waiters annual salaries can easily exceed
Health care is a very personal and wisdom, the honorable Sena- beneficiaries of their extended stay and entertainers in cruise ships, the US$70,000.;
issue among Americans, so I could tor refused to enlighten the crowd. abroad. They don’t mind the loneli- mariners plying the high seas, the Filipinos in America today find
understand why there is so much Rather, he “ignited the fire” to the ness and depraved life where they Japayukis in Japan, and the maids it easy to integrate themselves in
buzz and town hall uprising in some rumor by saying, “With all the other are as long as they can achieve their or amahs (or feiyungs) in Singapore mainstream American society be-
parts of the country. But are the boos fears people have and what they do dreams of putting body and soul to- and Hongkong. Their dollar remit- cause of their high education and
and jeers during the town hall meet- in England then you get the idea gether, sending their kids to school, tances have become a major factor speaking skills with a majority
ing in Lebanon, Pennsylvania con- that somebody is going to decide enjoying little luxuries, if not opu- that propped-up the Central Bank belonging to the middle or upper
ducted by Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) grandma lived too long”. lence, especially professionals who reserves that prevent it short of in- middle class. Filipino-Americans
representative of what the majority While I don’t completely agree are mega-buck earners. solvency. According to reports the have the second highest median
wants in this country? Is the bois- In our recent visit to the Phil- dollars remitted by OFWs in 2008 household income ($65,000) exceed-
terous crowd at Towson University continued on page 23 ippines, we traveled north of the was estimated to be US$15.9 bil- continued on page 23
in Maryland, when Sen. Benjamin country. We were amazed at how lion!
imprisoned again and probably as- no turning back. of the Marcos dictatorship.
Cory’s role in sassinated. But he was determined The political turmoil that fol- On February 22, 1986, Marcos’
life was to be a to go back home to meet his fate lowed the assassination of Ninoy key allies, Defense Secretary Juan
“plain house- saying that “the Filipino is worth became the turning point of the Ponce Enrile and Armed Forces
By Perry Diaz wife.” And she dying for.” Marcos dictatorship. Under pres- Vice Chief of Staff Fidel V. Ramos
played that role On that fateful day of August 21, sure from US President Ron- staged a revolt which mushroomed
Cory’s Legacy perfectly until
her husband,
1983, when Ninoy’s plane landed at
the international airport in Manila,
ald Reagan, Marcos called for a
“snap election” in February 1986.
into a popular uprising -- “people
power” -- against the Marcos re-
the late Sena- several soldiers in uniform board- Anti-Marcos leaders immediately gime.
In the wee hours of August 1, tor Benigno ed the plane to take Ninoy into formed the Cory Aquino for Presi- On February 25, 1986, Cory
2009, former President Maria Cora- “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., was incarcer- custody. As Ninoy was stepping dent Movement and, within a week, Aquino was sworn in as president
zon “Cory” Sumulong Cojuangco ated by the late dictator Ferdinand out of the plane, he was fatally shot one million signatures were collect- by Supreme Court Associate Justice
Aquino -- “Tita Cory” to millions of Marcos. Ninoy’s only crime was his at the back of his head and rolled ed. Reluctantly, after meditating for Claudio Teehankee at the Club Fili-
Filipinos -- passed away. Her death opposition to Marcos. When Mar- down the staircase onto the tarmac. 10 hours at a convent, Cory agreed pino in San Juan. On that same day,
was caused by cardio-respiratory cos declared martial law in 1972, Someone in the plane took a video to run. Little did she realize that she Marcos was also sworn in as presi-
arrest, the result of colon cancer she Ninoy was one of the first to be ar- as soldiers dragged Ninoy’s dead was about to change the history of dent at the Malacanang Palace.
was battling since March 2008. rested and detained. Cory became body to a waiting vehicle. Shown the Philippines. However, by nightfall, Marcos fled
In the wake of her death, the Fili- the sole provider to her young chil- on television, the gruesome scene The Marcos-controlled Com- to exile in Hawaii in a US military
pino people mourned her passing dren, playing the role of father and shocked the world. mission on Elections showed plane.
in a way no other leader in recent “plain housewife.” That moment changed Cory’s Marcos leading in the “snap elec- I saw Cory when she visited San
history was accorded with. It was When Marcos allowed Ninoy to life forever. It was the moment for tion.” However, the unofficial Francisco in September 1986 on her
a testament to what Cory had lived go to exile in the US at the behest of her to step up to the plate to contin- tally showed Cory leading. Conse- way to address the US Congress.
for... and fought for. President Jimmy Carter, Cory and ue Ninoy’s unfinished mission. It quently, on February 15, 1986, the The Fil-Am community of the Bay
Some say that Cory’s presidency the children went with him. They was the moment for her to go back Batasang Pambansa (Legislature) Area held a reception for Cory at
was accidental. Some say it was stayed in the US for several years home not only to bury her husband proclaimed Marcos as the winner. the cavernous Moscone Center
transformational. But many believe until Ninoy decided that it was time but to lead the Filipinos for their Civil unrest ensued and spread in San Francisco. It was an emo-
that it was divine providence that to go back home. However, he was fight for freedom. It was the mo- throughout the country like wild tional visit for Cory because it was
brought her power. I believe in all aware that by doing so he would be ment of her calling. And there was fire. It was the beginning of the end
continued on page 23
August 20, 2009


By Rodney J. Jaleco I thought it was such a Hercu- The Willard crowd came com-
lean task, it couldn’t be possible. plete with banners, extolling Presi- First: Unmarried sons/daughters
Democrats have accused their That is, until President Arroyo dent Arroyo’s meeting with Presi- of US citizens Sept. 15, 1993
Republican rivals of belonging and her official and unofficial party dent Obama as the height of RP-US Second:
to “the party of no”. They say the breezed into town. relations. The signs were carried by
A: Spouses/minor children of permanent
GOP’s job is to say no to everything Her plane arrived late at An- a group that seemed to follow Pres-
residents: Jan 15, 2005
President Obama proposes. In a drews Air Base. The crowd at the ident Arroyo around in her public
engagements (still carrying their B: Unmarried sons/daughters 21 years
way, that reminds me of the Gloria historic Willard Hotel (that’s where
Macapagal-Arroyo administration. the word “lobbyist” was coined, banners of course). of age or older of permanent residents May. 1, 1998
When accused of entering a referring to people currying favors I believe they were the Presi- Third: Married sons/daughters of citizens Aug 8, 1991
shady deal in China, the President’s from the White House and Con- dent’s “pala”, as in “taga-palak- Fourth: Brothers/sisters of citizens Sept 8, 1986
spokesmen quickly declared, “Nev- gress), were told the welcome party pak”...who are very close cousins
er happened!” would start at 8. of the “hakot”.
First: Priority workers Current
When militant groups accused Guests came resplendent in Actually, their presence may
have saved Filipino taxpayers un- Second: Professionals holding advanced de- Current
the President of building a “culture barong tagalogs and gowns. They
of impunity” in the unsolved mur- reportedly belonged to PHILUSA. told dollars. grees or persons of exceptional ability
ders of churchmen, union leaders, First time I heard about this group, The appointment with Obama Third: Skilled workers, professionals Unavailable Now*
peasant organizers, journalists, her and I’ve been reporting from here was a working visit, so the US was Other workers Unavailable Now*
defenders snapped back, “never for over three years. But I guess not picking any of the tab for the Current
Fourth: Certain special immigrants/
happened!” there’s always a first time. visit.
And now that a New York gos- Someone told me the Arroyo par- religious workers/ministers
I could understand why many
sip column suggested our President ty tried to book rooms at the plush Fifth: Employment creation/ Current
Fil-Am leaders, pillars of the com-
blew almost a million pesos to wine munity – people everyone counted Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown (Million or half-million dollar investor)
and dine her entourage, I hear that to get important Fil-Am projects but they didn’t have enough rooms, Targeted employment Areas/Regional Current
familiar refrain again, “never hap- going – were not invited. They’ve so they settled for less pricey Wil- Centers
pened!” been talking against President Ar- lard and adjacent hotels (possibly *The cut-off dates for the Employment Third and Third preference “Other Worker” categories were
held and then retrogressed in an effort to bring demand within the average monthly usage targets
I’ve often heard about how the royo for what seemed forever. saving Juan dela Cruz as much as
and the overall annual numerical limits. Despite these efforts, the amount of demand received
Arroyo administration seemed to That’s alright, they told me. The $200 a night per room), to house from Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices for adjustment of status cases with priority
be operating in a state of denial. I President didn’t like to hear criti- some members of the Gloria Maca- dates that were significantly earlier than the established cut-off dates remained extremely high. As
didn’t believe it, because how can cism; she was in DC for a photo-op pagal Arroyo Fans Club USA. a result, these annual limits have been reached and both categories have become “Unavailable.”
Visa availability in these categories will resume in October, 2009, the first month of the new fiscal
an entire government not see, not with President Obama at the White year. Visa availability in these categories will resume in October, 2009, the first month of the
hear or not feel the reality around House. We can always just stay in continued on page 23 new fiscal year.
them? the streets, they added.
CAMPUS JOURNAL the sudden passing of former Pres.
Aquino may have drilled the final
nail into the coffin of Pres. Arroyo’s By E.P. Dakanay, Jr.
Cory and Gloria’s
dreams of extending her tenure in
By Angelo Miguel M. Calabio power through a Constituent As-

Down and out sembly (Con-ass). The revival of

the historic “Cory magic” has seen Contrasting Legacies
When President Gloria Maca- Center the opposition rejuvenated with
After a seven-day absence for a was laid in
pagal-Arroyo and her trusted staff hit the much vigor and renewed public
45-five minute audience with U.S. state, and
first mapped out the designs of her airwaves support, assuring that the popu-
President Obama, Gloria Macapa- shared mo-
historic meeting with new United of national radio and television, lation would be united more than
gal-Arroyo (GMA) returned with ments of pained cordiality with the
States President Barack Obama, the President’s state visit to the US ever in opposing any move to ex-
the dubious honor of having been latter’s son, Senator Noynoy Aqui-
the least they expected to get out was dominating the headlines. Af- tend PGMA’s term in office. In fact,
appointed the U.S. president’s co- no. Cory most probably did not
of it was a triumphant return for ter all, Arroyo was the first leader with the 2010 national elections
ordinator for something in South entertain personal enmity against
an embattled Chief Executive. from a South East Asian country to looming in the horizon, the affec-
East Asia. This must be Pres. her, but GMA’s problem is their
However, much like most of her be invited by Obama to the White tion and support that the nation
Obama’s affirmation that GMA is personae are perceived to clash vio-
plans nowadays, events just seem House. For a couple of days, Pres. showed for the late Mrs. Aquino
on the “right side of history” and lently in many important areas of
to turn against the President and Arroyo basked in the glory as may well have inspired the oppo-
the historic 45-five minute encoun- leadership. Where when Pres. Cory
to say the least, she was once again Obama heaped praise on her Fili- sition to have a real go at the for-
ter reaffirms the two nations’ cher- exuded sincerity and forthrightness
the biggest loser in the latest turn pina counterpart, that is of course, midable political machinery of the
ished century-old fraternal bonds. in her every pronouncement, GMA
of events. until news of a national tragedy incumbent administration. Add to
Her meeting occurring on the same talks with a forked tongue or makes
Earning a lot of praise from Pres- stole the headlines. that, with the government coming
day as Pres. Obama’s hosting of a guarded statements (via a variety of
ident Obama, and even having the On a soggy and wet Saturday under fire for its poor handling of
beer session between Harvard pro- spokesmen) that may be twisted in
honor of being named the United morning, the Filipino nation woke the Cory affairs before and after
fessor Gates and Cambridge police many deceptive ways. Cory placed
States’ special envoy in Asia, Mrs. up to the sad news of Mrs. Aquino’s her death, it is without a doubt that
sergeant Crowley—to calm emo- a high premium on the public’s
Arroyo must have expected at least death and the tears of a mourning public sympathy has shifted to the
tions over an incident with racial understanding of her initiatives,
a happy return to the country af- people poured for a fallen hero. side of the Aquinos, a known sup-
undertones that preoccupied me- while GMA shuns public opinion if
ter clocking in thousands of miles Attention immediately switched porter of the opposition.
dia—GMA’s presence in the U.S. it runs counter her views (or inter-
in a taxing round-trip away from and the limelight quickly shifted To say the least, the administra-
capital was hardly noticed by the est?). Where Cory’s administration
home. However, what she came from Washington to the grieving tion is facing anxious months in the
public except for her statement was never accused of clandestine
home to was a nation grieving the streets here at home. Distraught countdown to election day. Now
relating to former president Cory negotiations that undermined the
death of iconic former President and clearly demoralized, a visibly more than ever, the wheels on the
Aquino whose passing during her nation’s interest, the hallmark of
Corazon Aquino, and a people drained Mrs. Arroyo appeared on controversial Con-ass seem to have
absence was substantially reported GMA’s rule is covert deals shielded
too preoccupied with grief to even national television and declared finally come off and both sides are
in the U.S. press. GMA came home no less by executive prerogatives to
take a quick glimpse at the fruits of ten days of national mourning and preparing for a long-drawn battle
to a mourning nation on the day of consummate plunder.
her labor from far away. A mourn- declared August 5, the day of Mrs. in the May 2010 polls.
the former president’s interment. The unquestioned legacy of
ful people and a grieving nation, Aquino’s burial, a national holi- As for Mrs. Arroyo, the only op-
It must have been uneasy mo- Cory Aquino is the restoration of
the sight that Mrs. Arroyo endured day. The President also extended tion seems to be making the most
ments of dilemma for GMA’s pro- democratic processes and the rule
on a truly nightmare return. her deepest condolences to the out of her remaining months in
pagandists to decide on how she of law which the Marcos dictator-
Of course, the events that un- Aquino family and promised to be office. Although she remains ada-
may extend condolences consider- ship stifled to lay the country open
folded during that interlude were one with the nation in honoring a mant that she won’t be a “lame-
ing ex-president Cory Aquino had to plunder and his perpetual rule.
uncontrollable. Although Mrs. modern-day freedom fighter. duck” President, all signs are
harsh words of rebuke for her abuse Cory refused to run for a second
Aquino was suffering from colon But beneath the mournful pointing to her going out quietly,
of her power and the excesses of presidential term to honor the spirit
cancer for months, nobody really face of the President laid a vision truly, after a hard-fought battle to
her administration. GMA finally of the new Constitution that limited
expected her passing on that fate- shattered by the stunning turn of save her legacy or to even extend
her term, it now seems that PGMA made a 10-minute call at the Ma-
ful date of August 1st. Before the events. Having the US trip as her
sad news from the Makati Medical final ace to save her tainted legacy, is finally down and out. nila Cathedral where Mrs. Aquino continued on page 21
August 20, 2009

todate that ampalaya tea and pills
are effective and safe, alone and in
themselves, for the treatment of di-
abetes, much less, provide a cure.
By Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS The Philippine Department of
Health circular 168-A in 1995 was,
The bitter controversy thank God, finally reversed 8 years
later, following some catastrophes
What is Ampalaya? The me- involving diabetic patients who
Commonly called Bitter Melon dia blitz of had abandoned their prescription
or Bitter Gourd and known scien- infomer- drugs and relied only on the am-
tifically as Momordica charantia, cials by the makers of these “food palaya “food supplements.” This
ampalaya is a very popular veg- supplements,” which includes sad situation could have been pre-
etable in Asia. This vegetable is anecdotal testimonials of appar- vented had the DOH been more
green, tubular in shape, has a char- ently paid “users” (all of which proactive and aggressive in its ac-
acteristic deep tortuous wrinkles are medically unacceptable, and tions against all these scams.
or ruffles all over its skin, and has invalid as reliable scientific data), “ not intended
a distinctively “addicting” bitter has resulted in what literally is a to treat, prevent, mitigate, cure
taste. massive financial fraud, but one or diagnose (diabetes) disease,”
Ampalaya has been known to which a segment of the ignorant said Leticia B. Gutierrez, Director
lower blood sugar to a degree, but public takes as gospels of truth. of the Philippine Bureau of Food
not enough to be effective alone as Modern Therapy is Safest and Drugs (BPAD) in her position
a treatment for diabetes. In spite Today, thanks to advances in paper released August 29, 2003.
of this, however, some apparently modern therapeutics and technol- Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit
unscrupulous companies have ogy, there are proven, effective on June 23rd issued Circular 196-A
been marketing ampalaya tea and and safe treatment regimens for series of 2003 where he “strongly
capsules, etc., and selling them to diabetes. This evidence- and out- advised all concerned to cease, de-
the unsuspecting public as “food come-based therapy has allowed sist and discontinue any endorse-
supplements good for diabetics.” diabetics around the world to live ment ampalaya an alternative
This claim is very dangerous and healthier, more comfortable, hap- treatment for diabetes mellitus.” I
could be deadly for the some dia- pier, and more productive lives. could not agree more with those
betics. Unless a scientifically proven su- two pronouncements, albeit their
There are more than 300,000 perior alternative form of treat- release was much delayed than
Filipinos who suffer from Diabe- ment comes along, herbal or oth- what could be anticipated.
tes Mellitus. In the United States, erwise, our current conventional We must always remember that
there are about 16 million diabetics management for diabetes mellitus anecdotes and paid testimonials
and about 1800 new cases are diag- is still the best, the safest. are worthless. Just about anybody
nosed each year. The Danger will be willing to say just about
Circumventing the Law Some patients have abandoned anything for a fee. Valid scientific
To be within the law, or to navi- the conventional medications pre- studies and clinical confirmations
gate within its boundary, these scribed by their physicians and are needed before any substance
clever firms who want to make big have opted to take the ampalaya should be allowed to be sold to
bucks in this multi-billion dollar preparations instead. The Philip- the public, if we are to protect the
industry, label their products as pine Diabetic Association, the Phil- health, safety and welfare of the
“food supplements.” The reason ippine Society of Endocrinology people.
for this is because, for a substance and Metabolism, the Institute for I am not averse to diabetics eat-
to be approved as a drug, it has Studies on Diabetes Foundation ing ampalaya, since this is a com-
to go through a most stringent and the Philippine Center for Dia- mon household food item proven
investigation and meet very strict betes Education have reported that to be safe to eat, anyway. Eating
criteria enforced by the US-FDA or patients who totally relied on these ampalaya on top of taking pre-
BFAD. It is a lot easier to hide be- ampalaya tea and pills alone have scription drug(s) for diabetes may
hind the classification “food sup- developed serious complications, even be beneficial to the patient.
plements” and market the various like chronic renal failure, disori- But certainly, ampalaya alone and
herbals as “good for” certain dis- entation, hypertension, severe in itself (as food item, or as potion
eases, like diabetes, heart attack, or dehydration, edema (swelling), or capsule being sold today) is not
even cancer. In general, the claims elevated blood sugar and conges- adequate as a treatment for diabe-
are medically false, unfounded, tive heart failure, even coma and tes. In fact, this would be down-
and ludicrous, not to mention dan- death. right dangerous.
gerous to health. There is no convincing evidence Email:

9 8 3 5 4 6 7 1 2 Z W Y E Q O A I P O E U R H B
4 5 2 1 7 3 9 6 8 G S S T J G G K O S L D T C N
6 1 7 2 9 8 4 5 3 L O L E D R B C U M D S I M W
3 7 8 6 2 1 5 9 4 T E B K A N I P P A A R Q W X
2 9 4 3 5 7 6 8 1 A S I N A G G N O L N A G I V
1 6 5 9 8 4 3 2 7 K H Q H L G C I U K D A L I D
7 4 1 8 6 5 2 3 9 Y X F J L N A T I A P A N I P
8 2 6 4 3 9 1 7 5 D U B I D I R U B D W B N Z Y
5 3 9 7 1 2 8 4 6 N A A R A D R A N I D U W Z P
73 72 71
70 69 68
9 7
67 66 65 64 63 62 61
2 6 4 8
60 59 58 57
56 55 54 53 52
4 9 7
51 50 49
48 47 46 45 44 43
5 9 8 4 3 1
5 2 42 41 40 39 38
37 36 35 34
33 32 31 30 29
7 8 2 4
2 8 5 28 27 26 25 24
23 22 21 20
19 18 17
2 9 6
3 5 1 2 9 16 15 14
13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
August 20, 2009 LIBANGAN
August 20, 2009

life, we’ll usually find it difficult

managers to submit to the will of God in our
and super- lives, too. Rebellion is reflected
By Mya Talavera CBR GRI in our unwillingness to live un-
By Hermie Climaco visors, God
der the authority placed over us.
The Filipino Dream
is telling

God and those us that He We may not have respect for the
wants us person who is President of the

in Authority
“I was so glad I came to the fo- served as to respect United States, but we are still to
rum. Many of Gawad Kalinga’s the program and honor honor and respect the position the
objectives were exactly the same emcee and them. presidency represents and we are
As I was groping around - again
things I have been doing in my own modera- I have come across a website to recognize that God has placed
- for a topic to write about in this
silent way and out of my modest tor. I spoke about proclaiming the that openly attacks the President him in authority over us. As long
column, I turned my thoughts to
personal resources,” declares Atty. dream, “By declaring the vision to of the Philippines. Every word ut- as we are not asked to violate a
the two significant events that oc-
Ric Marasigan, one of the commu- the whole world, we set ourselves tered against the President was far biblical commandment, we must
curred recently: the visit of Philip-
nity’s most respected lawyers in an on a path to see it realized. Yes, it too below the belt. As said in the recognize those in authority as
pine President Gloria Macapagal
email to this author referring to the seems impossible. But if we are vernacular, “di makain ng aso.” In God-given and that He is going
Arroyo to Washington DC in view
first GK public open forum held on to stay in our faith, that faith will English, it means that “even the to work through them on our be-
of her July 30th meeting with US
July 26, 2009 in Oxon Hill . shower us with courage, boldness, dogs cannot swallow the words half.”
President Barack Obama and the
The first in the DC area, the persistence and patience. It’s a that came out from their mouths.” I would say the same for our
death of former Philippine Presi-
forum’s objective was to make the long and winding road to 2024.” I It really gives me a chill reading own President. We may dislike
dent Corazon Aquino on August
community aware of the GK 2024 said, feeling every word. their sharp words. President Gloria Macapagal-Ar-
Vision: a 21-year timeline to end Another speaker, Lina Neurick What has the Bible say about royo, but we are to honor and
What was so obvious in the
the poverty of five million Filipi- of Baltimore shared her own per- speaking? “. . . I say to you that respect the position that her presi-
above paragraph? Want to guess?
nos and build a First World Phil- sonal experience with GK., “ AN- for every idle word men may dency represents and we are to
Surely, you all guessed it right. All
ippines. The GK Vision 2024 was COP (Answering the Cry of the speak, they will give account of recognize that God has placed her
three names mentioned were lead-
unveiled at the First Global Sum- Poor) is an opportunity for the it on the day of judgment. For by in authority over us.
ers. Not just ordinary leaders. But
mit in Boston , Massachusetts last Filipinos to rebuild the Philippines your words, you will be justified Obviously, our rebelliousness
top leaders. Barack Obama. Gloria
month. back to where it was in the first and by your words you will be as human beings is reflected in
Macapagal Arroyo. Corazon Aqui-
In an interview published on place and where it should be. We condemned,” (Matthew 12:34b, our unwillingness to live under
no. All Presidents– of the United, Tony Meloto, GK already know that most of our pol- 36, 37). the authority placed over us. Up
States and of the Philippines.
founding father said “Our target iticians are corrupt and they are a Going back to dishonoring a to this day, man’s rebelliousness
So, this column is going to be
is to take the Philippines out of hopeless cause. That is why GK is President, people who cannot re- against God continues incessantly
about Leaders especially about
the third-world status by 2024. We the way. Building our nation from spect and honor a President of a as reflected in our greater ten-
submitting to our Leaders. The
want to share the GK way with the ground up. Whether you are country cannot surely respect and dency to disrespect and dishonor
Bible said, “Submit yourselves to
like-minded global citizens to help rich or poor, schooled or not, we honor God, too. To quote Os Hill- those who are in authority over
every ordinance of man for the
expand our work.” all need to do this to restore respect man, author of Today God Is First us, even those holding positions
Lord’s sake; whether it be the king
Indeed, like-minded Fil-Ams for ourselves. We have lost our na- (TGIF), “If we find it difficult to as high as President of a country.
as supreme or unto governors, as
under the leadership of GK Re- tional pride.” live under the authorities in our
unto them that are sent by him for
gional Director, Ben Dichoso, Jr. Neurick continued, “So let us
the punishment of evildoers . . .”
grouped together to proclaim and protect what GK stands for by not
(1 Peter 2:13, 14).
to bring to the Washington DC
area the GK Vision 2024. Panel-
letting anyone corrupt it due to
greed and power-hungry individ-
What God really is telling us to
do from the above Bible passage is
ists, Nap Curameng, Armand
Erpe, Rico Villaroman and Ben
Guest speaker, Philippine Em-
to honor our leaders. Perhaps, we 6 Months $20 / 1 Yr $40
do not like some of the leaders that
Dichoso, Jr. took turns in speaking bassy cultural attaché and vice-
consul, Robert Borje shared his
we have. Perhaps, we do not like Myrna Riel (301) 728 6063
about GK’s objectives, as well as
answering questions fielded in by GK volunteer days while still in
the President that we have. But no
matter how much we dislike our
some people in the audience. President or any other govern-
This author who is a GK100 continued on page 21 ment official for that matter, even

To say the least, Team Pilipinas looked the hoop, a ploy that was impossible against history, the Philippine team was massacred
BOX SCORE like a group of strangers, disjointed and
badly disorganized, obviously lacking
the gigantic big men of the other countries.
In addition, while the other teams’ shooters
twice in a single tournament, as Middle East
titans Jordan and Iran made the PBA su-
leadership and team chemistry. Quite liter- burned the Philippines from the three-point perstars look worse than college amateurs.
By Angelo Miguel Calabio ally, the Filipino superstars looked clueless line, the Filipino nationals shot bricks from In addition, traditional powers Korea and
downtown. Without inside presence and Lebanon proved to be a notch higher than

No excuses!
and helpless as they were destroyed by the
new powerhouse teams in the region, Jor- outside shooting, it is impossible to win any our current level and just to rub salt into the
dan, Iran, Lebanon and Korea. Even teams basketball game, and it was the exact case wound, the Taiwanese and Japanese joined
Having big smiles on their faces while that observers expected them to steamroll, for the clueless Filipinos.
being blown out of water by opponents Japan and Chinese Taipei-A, managed to For the first time in our proud basketball continued on page 21
they used to dominate and destroy, the di- squeeze their way past the Filipino nation-
sastrous performance of the highly-touted als. Kazakhstan and Chinese Taipei-B, the
Powerade Tem Pilipinas in the recently- two weakest teams in the tournament, fell
concluded William Jones Cup in Taiwan only awfully short of dealing the hapless
has truly baffled a lot of basketball analysts Filipinos further beatings. In truth, the Phil-
and more importantly, severely disap- ippine team should consider itself lucky to
pointed millions of Filipino hardcourt afi- finish the tournament with their 2 irrelevant
cionados both here and abroad. wins.
Earmarking the tournament as the final Through all the fiasco, national coach
tune-up for the real deal, the Philippines’ Yeng Guiao stood silently in the bench, ob-
latest attempt to make an impact in the viously running a lot of things in his mind
FIBA-Asia tournament, that will be held that very few of us understand. The flaws
in China this August, and qualify for the of the most recent national team were obvi-
upcoming World Basketball Champion- ously on display, and throughout the tour-
ships, the Philippine team hardly look like nament, the coaching staff did not seem to
a threat. Composed of a bunch of local bas- bother making adjustments.
ketball all-stars, including former MVP’s Quite evidently, the team lacked mobile
Asi Taulava, James Yap, Willie Miller and big men and shooters, perhaps the most
Jay-Jay Helterbrand, the highly-rated local important things you need to win games
team was nothing short of dismal during in the international stage. Throughout the
their 8-game set, finishing the tournament, tournament, the Philippine team was badly
which the country famously won in 1998, one-dimensional, always looking to attack
with a miserable 2-6 win-loss record. off the dribble and force its way through
TRAVEL & CULTURE August 20, 2009

Unlike most countries all over

Guimaras, as good as it gets
renowned islands of Boracay and To say the least, Guimaras is the
the globe, the Philippines is spoiled Puerto Galera, Guimaras provides perfect paradise island. An island
with an overwhelming number of tourists with a worthwhile alterna- that gives you a quiet tropical at-
uniquely beautiful tourist destina- tive to the heavily populated and mosphere, along with the roman-
tions. White sand beaches, mystic commercialized island paradises. tic south sea setting that very few
islands, perfectly-shaped moun- For one, this Visayan island has all spots in the world could give, truly
tains, you name them all and the the features that any visitor would an embodiment of a lovely and
Pearl of the Orient has them all. want in a place: white sand, trees, genuine Philippine island. Gui-
This is why tourism has been the clusters of rainforest, birds, beach, maras is the perfect place to fulfill
fastest growing industry here in corals, sea, underwater marine life, your wildest dreams, to play all
country. Around the archipelago, boating, island hopping, native the games you have ever wished,
tourists have been flocking to the sailing, abundant nature and but- to tirelessly relax, to swim in clean top-class tourist draw for the coun- ists to its pristine shores. For those
hotspots of world-class Filipino terflies. It may not have the glam- and placid waters, to taste the try. The La Puerta El Paraiso and seeking something new, this island
tourism, and the island of Guima- our and publicity of its more popu- good local cuisine, to simply walk Lombija Wildlife are just a couple paradise would surely have it all.
ras is no exception. lar counterparts but the priceless around the relatively unexplored of new additions to the island’s From adventure to relaxation, the
Situated prettily in the island feature that Guimaras could offer surroundings and to snorkel un- growing inventory of A-class little island of Guimaras would be
group of Visayas, Guimaras is is privacy, quiet peace while enjoy- derwater while observing the wide beach resorts and tourist destina- a perfect choice and a real bang for
truly one of the few paradise is- ing the luxuries of Filipino hospi- array of marine life living on its tions, and the influx of money into your buck.
lands here in the Philippines. Al- tality as well as world-class ameni- pristine waters. Guimaras is not showing any signs
though not as popular as the more ties and accommodations. These qualities are the exact of stopping.
reason why Guimaras has been Foreign tourists have particu-
attracting tourists from all over larly been receptive to the idea of
the globe, even after a disastrous spending their hard-earned cash in
oil spill several years back that a Guimaras vacation package. The
threatened to kill its marine life temperate climate of the island is an
and jeopardize the population’s added plus, as Americans and Eu-
major sources of livelihood. In fact, ropeans continually for the tropical
the island province has been post- sun in their vacation destinations.
ing record figures in terms of tour- Add to that, a potential visitor to
ist arrivals, proving that slowly this island should never miss the
but surely, Guimaras is starting to chance of tasting Guimaras’ world-
make a name for itself both locally famous mangoes, which are freely
and internationally. available around the little island
The island province’s province paradise.
has also caught the eyes of inves- Although not as famous as its
tors, as money starts to be poured renowned counterparts, the mystic
into Guimaras, with the aim of beauty of Guimaras would surely
photo source: www.islandparadisephilippines. maximizing its potential of being a continue to allure countless tour-

World-class Filipino furniture at BLIMS

When it comes to innovative, Being the furniture division of parts here in the Philippines.
stylistic and trendy fine furniture, Automatic Appliances Inc. (Auto- Being one of the frontrunners in
very few people would put Philip- matic Centre), one of the country’s the local furniture market, BLIMS
pine-made pieces into the top-class biggest companies and a well-re- has pioneered a number of inno-
category, given the fact that Ameri- spected local appliance authority vations in most of the industry’s
can and European-made pieces are since 1948, BLIMS Fine Furniture fronts to provide consumers with
the more renowned brands. How- prides itself as being the premiere products of the highest quality.
ever, taking this fact as a challenge, furniture retail chain in the coun- Automatic Centre’s furniture divi-
one local company ventured into try. With extensive experience in sion takes pride in revolutionizing
unchartered territory to tackle some furniture marketing, strict choice of the furniture industry by offering
formidable odds. Armed with bold merchandise, a good reputation for many firsts. One of BLIMS’ most
ideas and lofty ambitions, BLIMS quality products and services, and a important breakthroughs is launch-
Fine Furniture has gradually estab- customer-oriented philosophy that ing the concept of Ready-to-Use
lished itself in both the local and extends to every facet of company (RTU) and Ready-to-Deliver (RTD)
international markets, making a operations, BLIMS stands head and furniture, which is now an industry
name for itself with fine furniture shoulders above many of its local standard in convenience and prac-
of superior quality. and even international counter- ticality. They were also the first to anyone’s bedroom, Recliners and local furniture industry, BLIMS is
launch a series of annual exhibits Loungers for relaxation, Accesso- refusing to entertain any thought
supported by extensive advertising ries for highlighting the best pieces of complacency, as it continues to
campaigns, now one of the indus- in any room and the innovative Of- shop the world for the latest and
try’s most anticipated events, and fice World, which gives any office most elegant collections of furni-
truly set the bar for trend forecasts space that power look. ture. Truly, the long and hard years
and latest designs. The furniture line describes of striving hard to make an impact
With 13 luxurious showrooms their branches as “setting-friendly,” during its early days are long gone,
conveniently located in Metro Ma- meaning one can shop for furniture as the hardwork and perseverance
nila, Metro Cebu and other key cit- and furnishings that can comple- of the people behind BLIMS has
ies, BLIMS offers customers with a ment and fit any lifestyle environ- translated into credible, broad mar-
wide array of choices when it comes ment. Add to that, as a testament ket acceptance and customer loy-
to furniture pieces that would fit to BLIMS’ total commitment to its alty.
their respective budgets and pref- customers, complimentary design With uplifting the living stan-
erences. Each branch offers a com- assistance by in-house professional dard of Filipinos as its enduring
plete variety of reasonably priced designers is offered to all custom- philosophy, BLIMS Fine Furniture
furniture, categorized into distinct ers. Thus, customers would have has gone from strength to strength,
collections. Living Space for choices the best choices, as well as the best and the local furniture industry’s
in living and dining spaces, Leather people alongside to help them pioneer continues to press on as
Gallery for that elegant and sophis- make the perfect choice for their the market leader and trendsetter
ticated look, Sleepshop for comfort- furniture. in defining the lifestyles of Filipino
able and luxurious pieces fit for Although a clear leader in the homes and offices.
Francis M.
August 20, 2009
Box score... from p. 19 while flying the country’s colors. President’s dinner... from p. 1 came out - one reluctantly - to de- – who was part of the delegation
the Filipino butchering party. If this humiliation is some kind of clare they paid for the expensive that went to Washington DC but
The people behind the Pow- crazy tactic to deceive opponents among celebrities, Bobby Vans is dinners. did not join the expensive dinners,
erade Team Pilipinas could make in the upcoming FIBA-Asia, it bet- more egalitarian. Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said it was “outlandish that people
all the lame excuses in the book ter work. For if not, the said stars “She was the first president to outed Leyte Rep. Martin Romual- from a developing country should
but the bottom-line is this national should prepare themselves for a eat here,” the manager told this dez, a nephew of former First Lady rack up a bill for P1 million”.
team was nothing short of an utter grand public crucifixion on their reporter (the staff at Bobby Vans Imelda Marcos, who paid for the “They dined like kings, not once
disgrace. Never have we seen such return. Steakhouse agreed to answer our Le Cirque dinner. but twice,” Bayan Secretary-Gen-
a talented group play so gutlessly questions on condition their names However, Romualdez later clari- eral Renato Reyes declared.
are not published). fied it was his brother Daniel, said LASHING OUT VS
Ink spots... from p. 16 labored for their welfare. A few Not that they haven’t had any to be a well-placed and celebrated “IMMORAL MEDIA”
her to one, even as some of her sup- shedding genuine tears were work- president sample their well-known architect in New York, who foot the The frustration and exaspera-
porters would find technicalities to ers for government in modest roles steaks. If Mrs. Arroyo was the first bill. tion spread quickly in the halls of
circumvent this. She may have not or in exalted responsible positions, president to dine at their 15th St. Romualdez, who it turns out, Malacanang. Remonde declared he
been able to uproot the web of cor- in Cory’s time and now, who take NW restaurant, President Obama has been in almost all of President would stop answering questions
ruption entrenched in the bureau- pride in the knowledge they meet had taken lunch at another Bobby Arroyo’s foreign trips, had avoided about Le Cirque, even before the
cracy, but she has never been sus- her standard for public service. An- Vans restaurant along New York the press since. Bobby Vans story erupted.
pected of consenting to, much less other few shedding crocodile tears, Ave. Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez was President Arroyo’s election law-
being a part of shady arrangements again public servants in modest But their more frequent patrons at least more forthcoming. He ad- yer Romulo Macalintal delivered
that compromised the interest of roles or positions of responsibility are federal workers in nearby of- mitted paying for the tab at Bobby a bombshell, apparently to try to
the government. Serious steps to and power who have violated her fices, including the White House Vans, saying it was a wedding an- regain the initiative in the debate
stem corruption and prosecute code of dedicated public service, about half a block away. niversary gift for President Arroyo over his client’s apparent gastro-
malefactors (most prominent were mocked her memory by their mere The staff revealed that Mrs. Ar- and First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. nomic proclivities.
Marcos and cronies) were taken in presence. The late president Ferdi- royo had filet mignon, one of the Party list Reps. Walden Bello He said media should not be
her time. She cannot be faulted if nand Marcos’ family condoled with house specialties. She declined the and Riza Hontiveros were skepti- talking about morals because me-
this floundered upon her depar- Cory’s children, even as they have wine, but her companions – com- cal. They asked the Philippine Om- dia owners themselves should be
ture from office and a reinvigorated yet to make restitution and apology posed of Cabinet members and budsman to investigate whether questioned on the same issue.
strain of virulent social malaise for the harm he inflicted upon the several congressmen – reportedly taxpayers’ money was used for the Macalintal was referring to the
now confronts us. In recent years, Filipino nation. Three enlisted men took liberties with the restaurant’s expensive dinners. media outlets’ practice of accepting
mounting evidences of unbridled of the Armed Forces of the Philip- cellar. “Have they no shame? Mala- political advertisements which he
corruption and relentless assault pines and one of the Philippine Na- Critics again questioned why canang can not just dismiss these claimed circumvented the election
on the integrity of cherished demo- tional Police, posted honor guards there were so many people in the allegations as agitation propa- code. Political ads are only allowed
cratic institutions have constrained each at the four corners of Cory’s President’s entourage. ganda,” they said. “We’d hope during the prescribed campaign
Cory to come out more vocally on casket on the flatbed truck that took The staff said, however, the for some humility and honesty on period. He also challenged the ve-
the ills of GMA’s governance that her from the Manila Cathedral to number could have been closer the part of the President and her racity of the reports that appeared
imperil her precious legacy. Until the Memorial Park in Parañaque, to a hundred with the President’s spokespersons. We detest the arro- in the New York Post.
recently she has been dismissed in stood ramrod straight and immo- Secret Service contingent and own gance and utter lack of remorse be- Center for Media Freedom and
GMA’s circles as a spent political bile in the nine-hour slow journey, personal bodyguards, who passed ing shown by this administration,” Responsibility Board trustee Vergel
force not to be heeded. The passion unflinching under the alternating on the dinner because they were on they averred. Santos said Macalintal was try-
and fervor in their expression of es- rain and sunshine, consuming nei- duty. Catholic Bishop Deogracias In- ing to divert the issue away from
teem and affection for Cory by the ther food nor drink, nor leaving The Bobby Vans staff remember iquez, a long-time critic of the Pres- the original furor over President
multitudes that attended the prayer post for call of nature. This display the Philippine president very well ident, said he was outraged that Arroyo’s expenses. “This govern-
gatherings and finally her funeral of discipline and stamina has put because they said she left a very public funds were used. He said ment should be sensitive enough
march may now have shaken GMA the public in awe of the rank and handsome tip. the lavish dinners was a “brazen and prudent enough to know what
and her lackeys to their senses that file soldiers of our armed services, Another source said the presi- disregard of what we are experi- they are getting into,” he averred.
they may not trifle with Cory’s raising several notches the esteem dent’s party was so full after the encing during this crisis”. Malacanang then tried another
enduring legacy. We can look for- of our people for their organiza- dinner, they decided to walk back Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay tack. Deputy presidential spokes-
ward to her parting gift to the na- tions that have been debased by to their rooms at the Willard Hotel, said the money spent at Le Cirque man Anthony Golez declared, “In
tion: clean election in 2010, and the GMA’s “Garci” and “Euro” gener- two blocks away. could have fed 3,000 Filipinos with their frenzy to score media points,
demise of that threat to the Consti- als. Understandably absent from “HAVE THEY NO SHAME?” three square meals. these critics will go so far as to de-
tution derisively called “cha-cha.” Cory’s funeral were the personali- After the storm broke, two con- Even the President’s ally, Sena- mean and debase the office of the
We might yet see the impeachment ties involved in the coup d’ etat at- gressmen in the President’s party tor Miriam Defensor-Santiago Presidency itself.”
of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutier- tempts that threatened the stability
rez if the tug of conscience will be of her administration and disrupt-
strong enough in a sufficient num- ed the country’s economic recov-
ber of congressmen, but that may be ery during her term. That experi-
asking too much. The vast major- ence of the nation (repeated during
ity of Cory’s mourners were simple GMA’s term in the Oakwood Hotel
folks who understand little of the incident) with adventurists in the
complexity of running the govern- armed services should be stern
ment, but they instinctively are of warning against involvement of
the conviction that she has done armed services personalities in our
her best to protect their interest and internal political turmoil.

American Dream.. from p. 19

the Philippines years ago. He also land in Pampanga through PABA
took the opportunity to thank ev- (Phil. American Bar Association),
eryone for helping our motherland GK’s newest partner.
through GK. “The mellow & sincere de-
Another guest speaker, Jon Me- meanor of GK people are positive
legrito, spoke on behalf of the Na- attributes that will go a long way
tional Federation of Filipino Amer- in gaining more adherents and ad-
ican Associations (NAFFAA). He vocates for GK. That is one of the
commended GK’s mission to build lasting impressions I readily got
70,000 villages in the Philippines at the seminar about the people
by 2024. “The “can do” spirit in the representing GK. I am now figur-
community hall was most inspir- ing out, without casting aside my
ing,” he said. ongoing scholarship and micro-
After the program, Nap Cura- finance projects for the poor back
meng was so delighted to add home, how I can add and contrib-
Karen Rogers to the GK100 roster. ute to GK,“ Atty Ric Marasigan
Of course, we all applauded the added.
patriotic gesture of Ed Atienza. He “Thank you for the chance to
donated his family owned 4-acre meet and hear more about GK.”
August 20, 2009

The Villars and Manuela Tek Tok ni Ka Tato

Corp’s P345-M debt Web-sites worth visitng don’t have an iPhone you can boo
By Aries Rufo local politics. Since 1988, most of the at
mayors of Las Piñas came from this For all Windows Users – Visit is, you get 25 GB of free online Picnik.Com. Photo editing made
How deep is the financial well of family. the Microsoft Security Bulletin storage. fun. Picnik makes your photos fab-
2010 presidential aspirant Senator Doña Manuela’s brother, Rosa- Website to learn the latest security For Savvy Young Men(Techy / ulous with easy to use, yet, pow-
Manuel Villar and his wife? lino Riguera, was the mayor of Las updates for your computer. The Gamerz) Channel Flip is for you. erful editing tools. Picnik works
While the P1.05 billion combined Piñas from 1988-1992. He is also the website is at ChannelFlip.Com is a UK based with almost all Web 2.0 social net-
net worth reported in their 2008 chairman of Manuela Corp. He has Bit.Ly, if you ever had a prob- video magazine site which covers working sites like facebook, flickr,
Statement of Assets, Liabilities and the single biggest stake (27%) in the lem with long URL’s, is the topics you won’t normally find picasa, myspace and a lot more..
Net Worth is an easy reference, a re- company, according to latest com- answer. What it does is it shortens on telly (vision): gadgets, video- If you want to put up your own
cent Supreme Court decision on the pany submissions to the Securities long URLs down significantly games, DVD reviews and more. online store, check out eCrater.
debts of a company they are associ- and Exchange Commission. store For iPhone user’s and bloggers, Com. It’s a free online marketplace
ated with can surely make a dent on Rep. Cynthia’s mother, Lydia and share your files and photos here’s something new that went where you can create your own
their wealth. Aguilar, holds another 18%. She is with almost anyone. The best part live recently, If you free online store in minutes.
A company owned by the fam- also the company treasurer. pany was restructured. It was C&P
but Manuela has not. race for the Speakership, accused
ily of Senator Villar’s wife—Las Pi- How the Villars are involved in Homes’ chairman and president
In 2007, a follow on offering of Villar of violating ethical standards
nas Rep. Cynthia Aguilar Villar—is the settlement of the P345 million who represented Manuela during
listed Vista Land and Lifescapes because of Manuela.
fending off a Supreme Court order obligations of Manuela Corp. may the the 5-year negotiations with a
Inc.—the new umbrella company Arroyo had said that a P1-bil-
to pay back rentals to a firm in the either reduce the financial well of consortium of banks for the restruc-
of Sen. Villar’s family—raised some lion loan by the Social Security
amount of P344.825 million. the richest and most liquid solons turing of Manuela’s loans. (Read:
P20 billion in fresh funds from the System (SSS) and a P2-billion loan
Manuela Corp. is contesting a in the country, or raise ethical ques- Bleeding in Debt)
stock market. Vista Land has been from Government Service Insur-
motion before a Las Pinas court tions again. Manuela’s obligations
reporting double-digit growth rates ance System were granted to the ail-
to execute the High Court’s order, In-laws’ business Manuela’s bank loans ballooned
in revenues every year. ing Manuela. To Arroyo, it was an
which was promulgated way back On paper, there is no link be- to over P3 billion in 2002 from the
Manuela, however, is still stuck indirect financial accommodation
in September 2007. It argued that tween Sen. Villar and Manuela original P1.3 billion. These have al-
in rehabilitation. The perception of to Villar by the two government fi-
the property company is still under- Corp., a mall developer and opera- ready been settled—not with cash
some is that Manuela was actually nancing institutions. He noted that
going rehabilitation, thus payment tor. but with properties and stakes in
Villar’s. The senator’s not-so-subtle Manuela paid P150 million of the P3
should be held in abeyance. Sen. Villar’s in-laws, the Aguilars, the malls.
promotional billboard with over- billion loan to Capitol Bank, which
In other words, the company is have been in the mall business for Some banks turned over their
seas Filipino workers is prominent- used to be the banking arm of Sen.
still financially bleeding. decades. Sen. Villar involved him- loan exposures to Special Purpose
ly displayed in Starmall (previously Villar’s property companies. (Read:
Doña Manuela Aguilar Riguera self in the same industry, too, after Asset Vehicles (SPAV), or firms that
named Manuela) along EDSA in Jamby dubs Villar as “grandfather
established Manuela Realty Devel- he married Rep. Cynthia. His C&P buy and sell distressed assets.
Mandaluyong City. of scam”)
opment Corp. in 1972. It was later Homes, which focused on afford- Creditors originally wanted to
Villar also holds Christmas par- Newsbreak previously learned
renamed as Manuela Corp. able homes, became more profitable foreclose on Starmall, which was
ties for the Senate press corps in from a former top SSS official that
Doña Manuela is the grandmoth- and high profile than Manuela. the most profitable in the pool of
Starmall. the loan proceeds were not released
er of Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia A. Vil- In the aftermath of the 1997 Asian properties Manuela has mortgaged
Senator Joker Arroyo previously after word about it leaked out.
lar, the wife of 2010 presidential as- financial crisis, which brought to the banks. But the court favored
highlighted the link between Villar Nonetheless, top officials of C&P
pirant Sen. Manuel Villar. many property companies to their Manuela, which was only willing to
and Manuela. When Villar was a re- Homes—Villar’s own companies—
Rep. Cynthia’s family—the Agu- knees, Sen. Villar’s own businesses offer as payment its 2 smaller malls
cently minted House Speaker, then were actively involved in how the
ilars and Rigueras—are not just en- have already recovered (Read: The in Las Pinas City—M Star One and
Makati Rep. Arroyo who lost the loans of his in-law’s bleeding com-
gaged in local business but also in Senator is also a big businessman) M Star.
Manuela availed of these loans in
1995 to finance its expansion plans.
That same year, it entered into a con-

August 20, 2009
Perry Scope...from p. 15 private residence. I understand that and gave the armed forces the su- Never Happened...from p. 16 top House and Senate members
in an apartment in suburban Daly she never set foot in Malacanang. It preme duty to defend the people I guess it was all worth it because and diplomats with a history of
City that Ninoy plotted his return is then understandable why Cory’s and the state. The 1987 constitution President Arroyo showed no signs involvement with Philippine con-
to the Philippines. At the packed children refused to have their is sometimes referred to as “Cory’s of jet lag, and seemed to be actually cerns, including former US Ambas-
Moscone Center, thousands came mother lie in state in Malacanang. constitution.” Yes, it was her baby enjoying herself. Good for her. sador and Director of National In-
to see Cory. She stirred up the audi- After all, it was the place where maturing into adulthood. But some We were actually expecting ev- telligence John Negroponte – they
ence when she said, “You can take Marcos stayed for 21 years. politicians want to change it for eryone to be in a good mood the didn’t know what they were talk-
the Filipino away from the Philip- Last July 19, 2009, when Cory reasons that a large majority of Fili- next morning. But a briefing for ing about.
pines but not the Philippines from was near death, I was interviewed pinos do not agree with. some of the 28 congressmen in the Abante insisted that the Philip-
the Filipino.” It was a call to all Fili- by Ging Reyes of ABS-CBN about It did not then come as sur- President’s entourage turned grey pine military had better records
pinos to be proud of their mother- my thoughts of Cory. After several prise that Cory made a wish not to when a panel of experts told them of the murders, torture and kid-
land once again. And they heeded minutes of talking about Cory’s change the 1987 constitution. With about US concerns over corruption nappings of the government’s po-
her call. legacy, Ging pointedly asked me, Cory’s passing, the move for char- and human rights violations in the litical opponents. Abante’s defense
I saw Cory for the second time “And what do you think was the ter change might eventually die. Philippines. sounded incriminatory to me...who
when I joined a group of about 12 difference between Cory Aquino And each time somebody would Perhaps they didn’t hear the else would have a better memory of
Fil-Am community and political and Gloria Arroyo?” “Day and attempt to change it in the future, panelists say, it was their way of things than the perpetrator?
leaders who accompanied then night,” I replied. Ging asked, I am pretty sure that the people helping the Filipino lawmakers After all, if you were on the re-
Gov. George Deukmejian of Cali- “Why?” And I said, “Cory brought would defend “Cory’s constitu- frame what they may want to tell ceiving end, chances are you’d
fornia on an official visit to the Phil- the brightest days in the lives of tion,” our constitution. And Cory their American counterparts when probably been slapped silly from
ippines in 1988. When we went to Filipinos while Gloria brought the lives in our constitution. they went to Capitol Hill later that remembering anything. That is, if
pay a courtesy call on Cory, I was darkest days in their lives.” As Ninoy proved that the Fili- day. you were still alive.
surprised that she was not staying Cory will be remembered for pino was worth dying for, Cory Speaker Prospero Nograles cer- Nograles said all the accusations
in the Malacanang Palace. She oc- generations to come. She changed proved that the Filipino was worth tainly earned his keep that day, against President Arroyo were
cupied a modest sized two-story the constitution in 1987 to make living for. And she left a lasting leg- energetically defending President baseless, and whatever evidence
building next to the palace as her sure that martial law will not hap- acy that freedom is worth fighting. Arroyo. Then, Manila Congress- was present could not stand up in
office. She chose not to live in Mala- pen again. “People power” was In her memory, let’s live up to that man Abante charged away, telling court. That’s why the impeachment
canang and commuted daily to her embodied into the constitution legacy. ( the panelists – composed of former against her never prospered, he ex-
Cogito...from p. 15 or conservative because it is “my Another issue that is being misrep-
with the proposed bill, I cannot
health care” and “your health care” resented on this bill is abortion. The Basilan...from p. 1 soldiers. He is calling for a Senate
and hence the arguments should provision is clear that no federal ing of a Memorandum of Agree- investigation that will look into,
swallow the “scare tactics” of the
not be marred by political ideolo- money will be spent for abortion re- ment (MOA) with the MILF in Kua- among others, the military’s intel-
old “Bush era”. Surely this is not the
gies and competing cultural values lated cases. This kind of strategy by la Lampur, Malaysia in August last ligence reports that apparently did
right way to get things done. Health
of the North and South. the members of the Southern bour- year. not see that the ASG was laying a
care reform is too personal for us to
Two controversial issues are geois is a deviation from the main Military officials say some MILF trap on the soldiers.
squander, which is why there is a
dominating the debate on health argument and is hereby misleading guerillas are also either members or Biazon said he will look into the
need for a thorough debate on the
care reform, i.e., the public option and exploitation of public trust. supporters of the ASG. There are military budget following President
issue for it is “my health care” and
and end of life provisions. The pub- Again, this is not a perfect bill, also family alliances that complicate Arroyo’s directive. “You cannot just
“your health care” that is in ques-
lic option should not be equated but this is much better than nothing. AFP efforts to finish off the ASG. give the order if you don’t give the
tion and not that of the President’s
with socialized medicine because Among the highlights of the bill are The ASG feeds off Muslim dis- means to fight,” he said.
or any other member of Congress.
the provision simply provides for prohibiting pre-existing condition content, especially the lack of ade- The AFP is hard pressed to carry
The President’s idea of universal
a choice that will compete with pri- exclusions; providing for guaran- quate educational and employment on a two-front counter-insurgency
health care is angelic and I salute
vate insurance companies. This is teed coverage to all individuals and opportunities as well as the growing war with dwindling resources that’s
him for his passion. However, we
not good for the private investors employers and automatic renewal Christian settlements in places they led to growing gaps in mobility,
cannot go from “one million insured
because it means less profit into of coverage; prohibiting premium consider was their Islamic home- communications, air support and
Americans today to 47 million to-
their pockets, but I think this is con- variances, except for reasons of age, land. even money to buy artillery shells.
morrow” because who will pay for
sumer friendly and will help mostly area or family enrollment; prohib- The AFP has its own headaches All these come at a time when
the coverage of the “big chunk of
the middle bracket of the economic iting rescission of health benefits as well. Senator Rodolfo Biazon, a President Arroyo is facing stiff
the pie.” The universal health care
pyramid. We cannot afford to worry coverage without clear and con- retired Marines general, said he was criticism for excesses in the face of
reform should go through a gradual
about the bottom bracket of the pyr- vincing evidence of fraud; prohibits disturbed that the attacking soldiers grinding poverty in the country-
transition rather than cover every-
amid for then we are no different to an essential benefits package from didn’t have artillery or air support, sides, which in the final analysis, is
one at the expense of “my wallet
Evita Peron. On the other hand, the imposing any annual or lifetime even when it became evident the the root why soldiers need to keep
and yours.” As the bill proposed
“end of life” provision should not coverage limits; expand Medicaid ASG was taking a heavy toll on the fighting – and dying.
to tax “individual without cover-
be interpreted according to the col- eligibility for low-income individu-
age under a health benefits plan
loquial mind of Sarah Palin because als and families and establish a
and impose a surtax on individual
it is something that everyone of us school-based health care program. I Tel: 703-263-2769 Fax: 703-263-2363
modified adjusted gross income ex-
should talk about even at the very cannot agree enough with the health
ceeding $350,000”.
young age of our existence. My aunt care reform bill, but weighing the
There is no perfect health care
did not have some counseling so it benefits it brings to the community
reform bill as what the President
was excruciatingly painful for me and the economy at large, then I can
recently declared in his town hall
to decide for someone else’s future only say, “Mr. President, this is the
session in Colorado, I cannot agree
on earth. Discussion about the “end best that we have today after more Balikbayan Box, Money Remittance
more and I commend him for his
of life” provision on this bill will than 60 years, ever since President CD’s, Gifts & Travel Service
transparency. However, there is
not only reduce the cost of health Harry S. Truman established the ba-
clearly an urgent need for reforms WE ACCEPT CATERING
care but will help us and save our sic health insurance as a right for all
and it should not be left to the next
loved ones with the burden of how Americans”. I can only be grateful Chantilly Park Shopping Center
generation to debate on it. Nobody
to determine the termination of life. for your passion and dedication. 14511-Q Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy. Mon-Sat. 10:am-8:00pm
cares about whether it is liberal
Chantilly, VA 20151 Sun. 10:00-6:30pm

Fast Food...from p. 15 food, or quartered in the doghouse. only to be deceived into sex work. like failure in school, a daughter out of love.” It could be a situation
They suffer these indignities just so OFWs need to be remembered running away, a son dropping out in reverse.
ing that of the US general popula- they could earn a mighty greenback more often as people with feelings of school and had taken into drugs. But by and large our OFWs have
tion. Asian Indians are a bit ahead to send home. These issues have and not just providers. They need Or worse when the kitty set aside become movers of our country’s
at $68,000. Filipinos are the second become major concerns of our at- appreciation and assurances of love for a rainy day is gambled or spent economy and have been honored
largest American group in the US taches in these countries. In many and should be sent letters bearing in drinking sprees by a husband, or by a grateful president who has set
and they live a life as sophisticated cases their pays are withheld and tonics of good news that can uplift for trivial unnecessary things. And aside a day in December each year
as educated Americans. passports confiscated for flimsy and revitalize them in their lonely the most devastating of all is when to welcome our Balikbayans at the
However, in other countries reasons. Some domestic helpers, and stressful environs. What is dev- a loved one is rumored to have be- airport in a perfunctory ceremony,
where Filipinos abound like those educated as they are as teachers, are asting to the OFW, after a long spell come unfaithful and had sought have photo-ops with her and pub-
in the Middle East, there are serious physically or sexually abused, even of non-communication, is when she happpiness elsewhere that could lished in the papers with the cap-
issues they have to contend with. murdered. There are sad stories of receives a letter with a list of things shatter his life, inflict him painful tion “OUR HEROES.” And our
OFWs both blue collar and white Filipino entertainers in countries that need money for -- a roof that heartburn, an emotional battle he reluctant heroes are grateful for the
collar face problems of illegal re- like Japan who become sex slaves. leaks, a drainage that clogs, a tuition has to endure for years or ever that attention and recognition,, if only as
cruitement, discrimination, exploi- They go abroad for a promise of fee to be paid, or someone is sick. Or may lead to serious consequences. a parody.
tation, long hours of work, limited domesic work or “social services” when things become dysfunctional, It’s a case of “out of sight (touch)
August 20, 2009