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Sew pockets in garments

Level Credits Purpose 3 3 People credited with this unit standard are able to: demonstrate knowledge of garment pocket types prepare garment pocket components and sew pockets in a garment! "lothing #anufacture $pparel "utting and %ewing &egistered 19 'une ())9 19 'une ())9 31 *ecember ()1+ ,pen! -valuation of documentation and visit by ./0$ and industry! "ompeten1 ))3)

Subfield Domain Status Status date Date version published Planned review date Entry information Accreditation

Standard setting body SS!"

Accreditation and #oderation Action Plan A#AP" reference

2his $#$P can be accessed at http:33www!n14a!govt!n13framework3search3inde5!do! Special notes 1 2his unit standard is primarily intended for people who are studying garment construction in a school or early tertiary learning environment! 6t may also be used by people in the workplace who are undertaking introductory level training in garment construction! 2his unit standard is not intended to include specialist materials such as leather! "orresponding skills and knowledge relating to leather garments are covered in 7nit (8()9 Sew pockets in a leather garment in a commercial manufacturing workplace ! Performance of the elements must comply with the :ealth and %afety in -mployment $ct 199(9 and its subse4uent amendments!

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17819 version 4 Page ( of 3 4 &ange any three of ; patch3flap9 welt9 <etted3flap9 fob9 slant side pockets9 crescent shaped9 side seam pockets! *efinitions Garment assembly instructions refer to the documentation that the training provider gives to each student at the start of each garment assembly assignment! 2his documentation sets out the fabric to be used for the garment9 the si1e range of the order9 the garment assembly se4uence9 garment finishing procedures9 and the garment component specifications! Workroom quality standards refer to the e5pected characteristics of a completed piece of sewn work in terms of the sewing details and overall finish and appearance! 0uality standards will include such things as seams being straight9 flat9 and the correct width!

Elements and performance criteria

Element $ *emonstrate knowledge of garment pocket types! Performance criteria 1!1 Element % Prepare garment pocket components! Performance criteria (!1 (!( (!3 Element 3 %ew pockets in a garment! Performance criteria 3!1 3!( Pocket location is marked on garment according to garment assembly instructions! >arment piece is cut to markings for pocket insertion! =inings are aligned and attached to pocket parts according to garment assembly instructions and workroom 4uality standards! Pocket pieces selected conform to garment assembly instructions! Pocket flaps and pieces have clean corners with no raw edges! Pocket types are identified and described in terms of their features and construction!

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17819 version 4 Page 3 of 3 3!3 Pocket is sewn into garment according to garment assembly instructions and workroom 4uality standards! &ange locator markings removed or obscured9 located according to garment assembly instructions9 pocket sits flat9 no puckers9 corners trimmed9 piping even!

Please note Providers must be accredited by ./0$9 or an inter?institutional body with delegated authority for 4uality assurance9 before they can report credits from assessment against unit standards or deliver courses of study leading to that assessment! 6ndustry 2raining ,rganisations must be accredited by ./0$ before they can register credits from assessment against unit standards! $ccredited providers and 6ndustry 2raining ,rganisations assessing against unit standards must engage with the moderation system that applies to those standards! $ccreditation re4uirements and an outline of the moderation system that applies to this standard are outlined in the $ccreditation and #oderation $ction Plan @$#$PA! 2he $#$P also includes useful information about special re4uirements for organisations wishing to develop education and training programmes9 such as minimum 4ualifications for tutors and assessors9 and special resource re4uirements! Comments on this unit standard Please contact "ompeten1 infoBcompeten1!org!n1 if you wish to suggest changes to the content of this unit standard!

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