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Ayurveda and Immortality: Treadways: Chapter 8. 1. The Charaka Samhita says that all diseases are caused by at least one of three separate factors: 1. Intellectual pride or blasphemy that results in illness . Seein!" hearin!" touchin!" smellin!" and tastin! that which is disease producin!. #. Stress due to climate" environment" or season $Ayurveda advises that diet and habits be ad%usted at the %uncture point of each season" for it is at the %uncture of the seasons that diseases are thou!ht to ori!inate& . In the e'ecution of therapy" Charaka says that four thin!s are re(uired for a successful cure" of which one is absolutely essential. The first three are: 1. The proper attitude on the part of the patient $a sincere desire to become well& . The proper attendant or health professional to provide care and support durin! the healin! process #. The proper medicine prepared and administered in the proper manner $This is the )edic discipline of upashaya" the beneficial administration of medicine" diet" and health practices in order to effect a complete balancin! of the doshas& *. The last and essential re(uirement is the healin! awareness of an Ayurvedist or health practitioner. #. The Ayurvedist is trained to see the disease and the patient as separate entities and to treat the immortal self and the body it inhabits with !reat !entleness" but to be merciless toward the ne!ative ener!y that is the disease. *. +eat and oil always subside vata dosha Cold and moisture always subside pitta dosha +eat and dryin! or friction always subside kapha dosha Chapter ,: Ayurveda" -nli!htenment and Immortality 1. Ayurveda recommends deep meditation as the primary techni(ue for attainin! ma'imum health and lon!evity. After this fundamental contact with the self is established throu!h meditation on a re!ular basis" the Ayurvedic literature recommends first the panchakarma therapies and then the herbal rasayanas" which may be incorporated into daily" monthly" and seasonal routines. . If for some reason we had to choose only one principle of Ayurveda" it is recommended we chose the priority of deep meditation. #. .estoration of balance of the doshas throu!h deep meditation is the Ayurvedic approach to health throu!h the an!le of consciousness" the self. Throu!h the an!le of education and behavior" by utili/in! the a!ency of the mind" Ayurveda promotes balance throu!h proper diet" and hy!iene" in daily" monthly" and seasonal routines. A third Ayurvedic an!le to promote balance is re%uvenation throu!h Ayurvedic treatment pro!rams. *. Ayurveda defines health as the lively presence of the self in the body" mind and consciousness" and declares that it is this which establishes balance of the doshas and prevents disease from developin!. Absence of contact with the self will allow imbalances to occur in mind and body and subse(uently allow disease to develop.