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!()*+(* ,+- .//0)+12
34/5 6,78* .7)9)+* 8/ !/:8 ;,88*4 !()*+(*

1hls course wlll dlscuss concepLs from Lhe physlcal sclences LhaL underpln boLh everyday
cooklng and hauLe culslne. Lach week we wlll vlslL a world-famous chef, who wlll show us
Lhe secreLs of some of Lhelr remarkable creaLlons. We wlll use Lhese as lnsplraLlon Lo delve
lnLo Lhe baslc fundamenLal sclence behlnd food and cooklng. 1he chefs lnclude !oan 8oca
(!" $%""%& '% $() *+,(), 8lll ?osses (WhlLe Pouse asLry Chef), Lnrlc 8ovlra (MasLer
ChocolaLler), Carme 8uscalleda (-(). /(01, !ose Andres (234)56++'7&+089 :4)4;(&9 <("%+),
Wylle uufresne (='>?@)9 !oanne Chang (6"+0& A(5%&B9 :B%&C ()' $3()D), uavld Chang
(:+E+F050), Carles 1e[edor (*%C.(0&().% G4( G%)%.+), uan 8arber (A"0% Plll) and lerran
Adrla (!" A0""4). 1here wlll also be demos and lecLures by oLher leaders ln Lhe fleld, lncludlng
Amerlca's 1esL klLchen, auLhors Parold McCee (H) 6++' ()' $++54)D9 I%BC .+ 7++'
$++54)D1 and naLhan Myhrvold (:+'%&)4C. $04C4)%), and food sclenLlsL uave Arnold
($++54)D JCC0%C).

AL Lhe end of Lhe course, sLudenLs wlll be able Lo explaln how a range of cooklng Lechnlques
and reclpes work, ln Lerms of Lhe physlcal and chemlcal LransformaLlons of food.

Mlchael . 8renner
Clover rofessor of Applled MaLhemaLlcs
Parvard unlverslLy

la Srensen
recepLor ln Sclence and Cooklng
Parvard unlverslLy

uavld WelLz
MalllnckrodL rofessor of hyslcs and Applled hyslcs
Parvard unlverslLy

knowledge of hlgh school physlcs and chemlsLry wlll be useful, buL noL requlred. We wanL
everyone Lo be able Lo sLarL and successfully compleLe Lhls course wlLhouL prlor knowledge.
8ackground maLerlal wlll be supplled ln Lhe form of revlew vldeos and pracLlce problems-
Lhough Lhe course wlll be more challenglng wlLhouL a hlgh school level knowledge of

./749* >?*4?)*@
1he course ls dlvlded lnLo weeks-each of whlch focuses on a slngle sclenLlflc Loplc relaLed Lo
cooklng, and each of whlch lnvolves a vlslL Lo Lhe resLauranL of a greaL chef. Lvery week
lncludes lnLeracLlve vldeo sequences, as well as a problem seL, and a lab. 1o compleLe Lhe
course you have Lo compleLe Lhe problem seLs and labs by Lhe due daLes. ln addlLlon, you wlll
have Lo carry ouL a flnal pro[ecL ln whlch you conducL your own sclenLlflc sLudy of some reclpe
or aspecL of cooklng. ?ou wlll do boLh Lhe labs and flnal pro[ecL ln your own klLchen. AfLer
carrylng ouL Lhe requlred experlmenLs on a dlsh, you can eaL Lhe resulLs of your lab and share
Lhem wlLh your frlends and famlly. 1hls class has no exams.

<+8*4,(8)?* A*(874*9
Lach week we presenL Lwo lecLures as an lnLeracLlve vldeo sequence, lnLerspersed wlLh onllne
exerclses Lo help you LesL your learnlng as you waLch Lhe vldeos. arLlclpaLlon ln Lhese onllne
exerclses does noL conLrlbuLe Lo your grade.

1he LexLbook for Lhls course ls:

H) 6++' ()' $++54)D9 Parold McCee, Scrlbner, 2004 (2

Lach week, 4*(/55*+-*-D C78 +/8 4*=7)4*-, readlngs wlll be drawn from Lhls book-whlch
wlll slgnlflcanLly enhance your undersLandlng of Lhls sub[ecL and serve as a Lruly lnvaluable
resource and reference, boLh for Lhls class and beyond. Parold McCee wlll [oln us LhroughouL
Lhe class and glve hls lnslghL lnLo Lhe sub[ecLs LhaL we are sLudylng.

AnoLher book LhaL we wlll ofLen refer Lo ls:

23% -,4%),% +F 7++' $++54)D9 1he LdlLors of Amerlca's 1esL klLchen and Cuy Crosby, 2012

1hls class has 10 homeworks LhaL wlll be posLed every 1uesday over Lhe course of 10 weeks.
We encourage you Lo work Lhrough one homework every week slnce Lhls ls Lhe pace aL whlch
new lecLures are belng released. Powever, Lhe flrsL due daLe does noL occur unLll slx weeks
lnLo Lhe semesLer, le 1uesday nov 19
, Lo glve everyone a chance Lo submlL Lhelr work for
credlL desplLe busy schedules or havlng enrolled ln Lhe class laLe. SLarLlng nov 19
, Lhe
homeworks are Lhen due on 1uesdays every week. ?ou can drop your lowesL homework
when calculaLlng your flnal grade.

We wlll posL a new lab exerclse every 1uesday for Lhe flrsL 8 weeks of Lhe semesLer, allowlng
you Lo experlmenL wlLh Lhe sclenLlflc concepL of Lhe week ln your own klLchen. As parL of Lhe
lab you wlll make measuremenLs and observaLlons, and you wlll Lhen be asked Lo submlL
Lhese for credlL. We wlll ofLen also ask you Lo Lake a plcLure of your lab, submlL lL for credlL
and share lL wlLh your peers. Slmllarly Lo Lhe homeworks, Lhe labs wlll noL sLarL belng due
unLll nov 19
, slx weeks lnLo Lhe semesLer. Slnce Lhe labs are lllusLraLlng concepLs dlscussed
ln Lhe lecLure maLerlals of each week Lhough, we encourage you Lo work Lhrough Lhem ln
con[uncLlon wlLh waLchlng Lhe lecLures. lor more lnformaLlon abouL Lhe labs please see Lhe
rlghL panel on Lhe Course updaLes page.

3)+,E "4/F*(89
1he lasL Lwo weeks of Lhe course wlll have no labs, buL wlll lnsLead be devoLed Lo flnal
pro[ecLs. ?ou wlll carry ouL your own sclenLlflc sLudy of some reclpe or aspecL of cooklng ln
your own klLchen. ?ou wlll have unLll Lhe very end of Lhe course, March 13
, Lo compleLe
your flnal pro[ecL. Culdellnes and furLher lnformaLlon abouL Lhe flnal pro[ecLs wlll become
avallable on Lhe Course updaLes page a few weeks lnLo Lhe course.

G)9(799)/+ 3/475
We encourage sLudenLs Lo acLlvely parLlclpaLe ln Lhe dlscusslon forum offered on Lhe Su27x
webslLe. ?ou should use Lhe dlscusslon forum Lo ask quesLlons abouL concepLs from lecLures,
lecLure exerclses and labs-buL should noL dlrecLly dlscuss answers Lo homeworks. 1he course
sLaff moderaLes Lhe forum buL we encourage sLudenLs Lo answer each oLher's quesLlons and
upvoLe helpful answers. lor some useful Llps on how Lo navlgaLe Lhe dlscusslon forum, please
see Lhe lorum Culdellnes on Lhe Course updaLes page.

A passlng grade ln Lhls class corresponds Lo successful (/5IE*8)/+ /: JKL of Lhe maLerlal. 1he
grade break down ls as follows:

K+E%=+&5 LM@ .+.("9 '&+8 "+=%C. C,+&%1 33
N(; LM@ .+.("9 '&+8 "+=%C. C,+&%1 33
64)(" 8&+O%,. 30

Cnllne learners who demonsLraLe masLery of Su27x course maLerlals wlLh a passlng grade
may earn a cerLlflcaLe of compleLlon. Ldx wlll lssue Lhe cerLlflcaLe under Lhe name of
Parvardx for free. 1he cerLlflcaLes wlll noL lnclude a flnal grade.

>8M*4 C//09 ,+- 4*9/74(*9
1he followlng books cover varlous aspecLs of Lhe sclence conLalned ln Lhe course:
23% -,4%),% +F 7++' $++54)D9 Amerlca's 1esL klLchen
23% -,4%),% +F $++54)D, eLer 8arham
23% -,4%),% +F $3+,+"(.%, SLephen 1. 8eckeLL
23% -,4%),% +F J,% $&%(E, C. Clarke
$++5=4C%, Shlrley Corrlher
I%BC .+ 7++' $++54)D, Parold McCee
23% $0&4+0C $++5, Parold McCee
:+'%&)4C. $04C4)%9 naLhan Myhrvold, Chrls ?oung, and Maxlme 8llleL
*(.4+9 Mlchael 8uhlman

Several of Lhe guesL lecLurers have wrlLLen cookbooks, whlch may be of lnLeresL:
P Q(B (. !" A0""4, lerran Adrla
-+0C R4'% $04C4)%9 !oan 8oca
:('% 4) -8(4), !ose Andres
P /%&F%,. 64)4C3, 8lll ?osses
$*S@T S@ U%(&C +F -(). /(09 Carme 8uscalleda
6"+0&T -8%,.(,0"(& *%,48%C F&+E A+C.+)VC 6"+0& A(5%&B W $(FX, !oanne Chang
:+E+F050, uavld Chang

lor a more advanced dlscusslon of Lhe sclenLlflc Loplcs ln Lhe course:
/3BC4,(" $3%E4C.&B +F 6++'C9 leLer WalsLra

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