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Colegio Gimnasio

Campestre San Sebastián

NAME: _______________________________________________ TENTH GRADE [10th]
DATE: ___________________________________________________________________
TEACHER: David D’ Avila Arce

1. Read the text and choose the best option to answer the questions.

Daniel McCarthy, his wife Claudia and his family are leaving tomorrow early in the morning.
They will take the plane to England t the airport. In London, they have to take the bus to
Victoria Terminal. There, they will take a taxi to the hotel. There, they will read a note to
remember them that a tourist travels for pleasure. He visits many interesting places. He
speaks with different people and learns a lot about them. But, be
careful. A tourist generally takes his camera and personal articles. Don’t
forget your passport and visa. Then, they will go to a theatre. Finally,
they will go to the hotel to rest and prepare for their vacation in the
country of William Shakespeare.

a. Who are going to travel?

-Claudia and Daniel -Claudia, David, Mr. McCarthy
-Mr. McCarthy and his family -Daniel and a tourist
b. Where are they going to travel?
-USA -Canada
-Colombia -England
c. How are they going to travel to the other country?
-by plane -by bus
-by taxi -by ship
d. Where are they going to sleep?
-in a friend’s house -in a hotel
-in their own house -in a small rent apartment
e. The note, the hotel will give to tourist is to
-advise about security -prevent some typical problems
-announce a bodyguard service -indicate different places to visit
f. Where was William Shakespeare from?
-he was from Spain -he was from England
-he was from Canada -he was from USA
2. Write the correct tense of each sentence (Present simple/ Present continuous)
a. This guy doesn’t look brave. ________________________
b. The soccer team players aren’t listening to the couch. _____________________
c. We are having a fantastic time in the school. __________________________
d. She opens the shop at 8 in the morning. ___________________________

3. Write these verbs in Past Participle form.

a. Break: _______________ b. Fall: _______________ c. show: _____________
d. hit: _______________ e. Speak: _______________ f. built: _______________
5. Write these verbs in Infinitive form.
a. chosen: _______________ b. eaten: _______________ c. fit: _______________
d. found: _______________ e. gone: _______________ f. lost: _______________

4. Write a sentence with each word.

a. Baywatch: _______________________________________________________________
b. Beach: _________________________________________________________________
c. Canadian: _______________________________________________________________
d. Marriage: ________________________________________________________________
5. Complete the text using the correct tense (Past simple/ Past continuous)
Last weekend Carmela _______________ (want) to the cinema
to see "The Others". Carmela _______________ (not like) it
because it _______________(be) about ghosts and she is afraid
of them. When she _______________ (be) home with her friend
Lola, she _______________ (feel) very strange.
There _______________ (be) a noise behind them, but they
could not see anyone. It _______________ (rain) a lot and there _______________ (not be)
any taxis on the street, so they _______________ (have) to go home walking. The noise
_______________ (be) still behind them and while they _______________ (try) to see what
or who it _______________ (be), the lights on the street _______________ (go) out and they
_______________ (cry) for five minutes. Do you know what happened next?

6. Write sentences in Past Perfect Tense using the information.

a. I/ eat/ Chinese restaurant I had eaten in the famous Chinese restaurant
b. we/ travel/ USA _________________________________________________________
c. they/ dance/ Andrew’ parties  _____________________________________________
d. she/ steal/ coins _______________________________________________________
e. it/ play/ park ___________________________________________________________

7. Complete the letter taking into account the Present Perfect Tense.
I _______________ never _______________ (feel) like this before. I
_______________ (be) in love with you since we met last summer. It
was a sunny day in August. I was on the beach with my friend Jessica
when I saw you. You and your friends talked to us and that evening we
went together to the disco. Since then you _______________ (be) in
my heart. We _______________ (talk) several times after that summer
day, we _______________ (dance) together a few times and you
_______________ (be) very friendly to me, too, but I think you _______________ (no
realize) that I am deeply in love with you. I _______________ (tell) my mother about you, but
she _______________ (no understand) my feelings. She thinks that I'm too young. My friend
Jessi _______________ (send) you some secret messages from her mobile phone, but you
_______________ (no reply). She _______________ (help) me a lot because sometimes I
feel miserable. I think that you don't like me, but I _______________ (decide) to write this
letter to tell you that I _______________ (love) you since the day we met and I
_______________ (think) of you every night and day. Please, tell me something, I need to

8. Complete the chart using these verbs in infinitive, simple past and past participle form
Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle
a. be
b. cleaned
c. cooked
d. feel
e. gave
f. had
g. know
h. left
i. put


How I did work? Yes No

I worked the quiz with order and respect?
I kept an excellent discipline developing the quiz
I studied for anyone of the topics assigned to this quiz