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(pollution, such a common word to be herd but is really important to be understand now the question arises what is pollution,it is the introduction of contaminants into natural environment that causes adverse chan e !respected principle mam, worthy teachers and all my dear friends ood mornin to one and all!today me and my team is oin to perfom a play to ma"e u all awa"e up that this is not a ri ht time to i nore the prolem of pollution if we will not be serious amon that then the day is not far when each and every person will b sufferin from one and other disease!now lets procede with the play!one mornin meena and shruti were wal"in in the round when they meet li#a$ %i#a& hey irls meena&hlo li#a&its too hot today isn't it shruti&ya its really warm li#a&you "now sometime i am so fri htened about the day when o#one layer will b completely depleted scorchin heat of the sun will reach the earth surface and earth will b destroyed! Shruti&yes, even the people who are well educated are not ta"in it seriously (eena& dont u thin" bein a youn sters we should ta"e certain actions to ma"e our environment pollution free! %i#a&yes,by hoo" or croo" we

will ma"e our environment clean and free from pollution! Shruti&but don)t u thin" *ust a response from our side cannot chan e the whole world! (eena& come on shruti if we will also decide to be tension free then our earth will not b safe at all %i#a&yes, if we are responsible for causin pollution then we should also be responsible for controllin it!if u don)t mind can + "now in which school u both are studyin ! (eena&ya sure we both are studyin in ,!+!-!S li#a& really even + am studyin in that school shruti&+ am havin a reat idea if u li"e to listen that (eena&we are really ee er to "now that shruti& we three are usin our personal vehicles to o school if instead of that we prefer to o by wal"in in this way no air pollution would be increased by us! (eena&ya that)s a ood idea and we will et a ood accompany too! %i#a& ood, we will also notice the people who are causin pollution and tell them the importance of our natural resources! (the very ne.t day the three of the irls left for

school !they saw a school student who was throwin a bottle half full of water and choclate wrappers on the road!$ Shruti&what are u doin throwin waste on road without any care School student&but + am not the only one to this almost everyone use to do li"e this!and + am *ust throwin a wrapper whats so bi in that/ (eena&for u its *ust a small thin but in actual it is resultin in land and water pollution too! %i#a& these small types of mista"es are bein so heavy on earth that it is spoilin human and its health School boy& sorry + will never do this a ain + will pic" up the bottle and wrapper and throw it in dustbin (in this way the three irls tau ht a lesson to many people!we should also prefer to b a citi#ens li"e them!our earth has iven us so many thin s so it is time to pay for it by savin our earth from pollution! THA012 A03 HAVE A 4503ER62% 3A7

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