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Textile Chemicals

Blue Magic: short, efficient and economic

All-in-one solution for discontinuous pretreatment with Imerol Blue liq

Blue Magic


Efcient, economic and sustainable

Our new Imerol Blue liq is a wizard with a hat full of fantastic magic tools. One single product delivers an efcient, economic and short discontinuous pretreatment. May you need a ready-for-dyeing grade or the brighter optical white, the Blue Magic process will deliver it. Without a separate rinsing, with less water, shorter time and reduced energy. It is so simple that it seems Magic!

Blue Magic

As a global leader in specialty chemicals and dyes, Clariant Textile Chemicals is committed to establishing long-lasting customer relationships based on our proven expertise, innovation and sustainability.

Customers prefer to work with us because we identify their needs early on and provide outstanding, customized products along the entire textile processing chain.

We boost our customers creativity and efciency with creative solutions that add value to their own products and services with a strong focus on sustainability combining protable growth with social responsibility and environmental protection.


Washing Sequestering

Wetting Stabilizer Activator Steering

Wherever you are and whatever you do, Clariant is always

Close to you!

The process

Short and simple

The benets

Minimum time for maximum results

Classical bleaching process
Temperature (C) 120 100 80 60 40 20 Wetting Agent/ detergent Stabilizer NaOH+H2O2 20 40 60 80 100 120 Time (min) Acid neutralization Catalase 30 min at 95 C max 10 Drain 10 15 Dyeing

Efciency Maximal absorbency High degree of whiteness No cellulose degradation Better uniformity Better dye afnity Better matching (body / collar)

Economy Less water (-50 %) Less time (-50 %) Less energy (-40 %) Shorter cycle time (-1h) Higher machine productivity Reduced labor costs Fewer products in stock (only one product is needed)

Blue Magic process

Temperature (C) 120 100 80 60 40 20

15 min at 110 C

Enormous savings

15 min Savings up to 1 hour Bactosol SAP liq c Sirrix NE liq



50% TIME


No rinsing needed No neutralization needed* Less waste water Minimal alkaline amount Bio-killing of residual peroxide with enzymes

Imerol Blue liq NaOH+H2O2 20 40 60 80 100 120 Time (min)


with optimal conditions

Imerol Blue liq

Imerol Blue liq


Proven features

Imerol Blue liq has more than one rabbit in its hat. The combination of its exceptional properties, based on the Singulet Bleaching Technology, opens new doors for the exhaust bleaching world.

pH 12 11 10 10.5 Blue Magic Classic

High penetration power (Tampex penetration test)

Key functions Oxygen-active donor Wetting-washing and dispersing agent Balance activation/stabilization Collapsor of pH Protector against cellulose degradation Removes fatty substances (high absorbency) Disperses oiling agents (no redeposition, no spots)

9 8 7






60 min


0 g/l

1 g/l

2 g/l

4 g/l

Strong detergency (wash test on standard soiled fabric)

No foaming
No foaming behavior

Alkali stable
Alkali stable up to 6B and biodegradable

With Imerol Blue liq the following features are granted: High wetting and penetration power (Tampex penetration test) to convey quickly the bleaching bath to the core of the ber. Strong detergency (wash test) and dispersing behavior to remove the contaminants and keep them away from the ber. No foaming behavior. Machine turbulences are never an issue. Stable up to 6 B NaOH, suitable for all exhaust bleaching applications.

Bactosol SAP liq c

Application range

Economic exibility

One for all

Bactosol SAP liq c is a hybrid catalase enzyme with a wide scope of application: exible pH (4 9), exible temperature (20 70 C) and exible application (discontinuous continuous). There is no more need of perfectly adjusted pH and temperature: the elimination of peroxide is total in every case!

% Enzyme-Activity


The new Blue Magic process can be used in all the different forms of discontinuous pretreatment. From yarn to cotton ocks, over terry towels, woven and knitwear, Imerol Blue liq delivers great results.




pH2 pH4 pH6 pH8 pH10 pH12 % Enzyme-Activity 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 30C 40C 50C 60C 70C

Yarn packages

Absorbent cotton

Woven fabrics
Bactosol SAP liq c Usual Catalase


Ready for dyeing

Whiten blue
All you need to be ready for dyeing. With the following parameters the Blue Magic process creates high absorbency as well as a good base whiteness while reducing costs and treatment time.

Blue Magic high temperature

Results Good degree of whiteness Excellent absorbency Fabric ready for dyeing

Recipe Imerol Blue liq NaOH 48B H2O2 50 % Liquor Ratio Important parameters Initial pH pH after relling*
* with optimal conditions

Blue Magic atmospheric

1.2 % 1.2 % 2.5 % 1:8 Results Good degree of whiteness Very good absorbency Fabric ready for dyeing

Recipe Imerol Blue liq NaOH 48B H2O2 50 % Liquor Ratio Important parameters 1.0% 2.2 % 2.5 % 1:8

10.5 7.5

Initial pH pH after relling

11.0 8.5

Imerol Blue liq High temperature

120C 100C 80C 60C 40C 20C 2.5 % H2O2 50 % 1.2 % Imerol Blue liq 1.2 % NaOH 48 B 10 20 30 40 0.35 % Bactosol SAP liq c Sirrix NE liq to pH 7.0 50 60 70 80 90 Time (min) 20C 110C 15 min max up to 5 C/min Drain 5 10 Dyeing max 120C 100C 80C 60C 40C

Imerol Blue liq Atmospheric

max up to 5 C/min

95 C 30 min


Drain 5 2.5 % H2O2 50 % 1.0 % Imerol Blue liq 2.2 % NaOH 48 B 10 20 30 40 50 10 Dyeing

0.35 % Bactosol SAP liq c Sirrix NE liq to pH 7.0 60 70 80 90 Time (min)



For brilliant white textiles

Brightn blue
The combination of Imerol Blue liq and optical brighteners makes you able to achieve highest degree of whiteness. Either in one step for high whiteness or in two steps for the brightest optical white, the Blue Magic process will always dazzle you.

Full white in one step

Full white in two steps

Peroxide bleaching at 110C for highest white ever

Recipe Imerol Blue liq NaOH 48 B H2O2 50 % Leucophor BSB liq Process Treatment: 20 min. at 110 C Rinsing: 10 min cold Neutralizing with Sirrix NE liq

Recipe 1,0 % 1,8 % 6,0 % 0,7 % Process Treatment: 15 min at 110 C Rinsing: hot Liquor ratio: 1 : 10 Imerol Blue liq NaOH 48 B H2O2 50 % 1,0 % 1,8 % 6,0 %

Liquor ratio: 1 : 10

Reductive bleaching at 70 C Recipe Arostit BLN Gran Leucophor BSB liq Process Treatment: 20 min at 70 C Rinsing: warm and cold Liquor ratio: 1 : 10 4,0 % 0,8 %



Optical brightening


Clariants wide range of optical brighteners for cellulosic bers and their blends is perfectly adapted to the one step Blue Magic bleaching and brightening (Brightn Blue). A separate brightening combined with a reductive bleaching is also possible with selected optical brighteners.

Product Leucophor BSB Leucophor BSBB 1)

Shade neutral bluish bluish neutral reddish neutral neutral bluish bluish violett neutral reddish bluish

Afnity xxx xxx xxx xxx xx xx xx xx

Reductive bath 2)

pH stability > 5.5 > 5.5 > 3.5 > 3.5 > 5.5 > 5.5 > 3.5 > 3.5

Reductive bleaching xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Light fastness 3 4 3 4 3 4 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4

Fastness to wash 60 / 95C 4/4 3 4 / 3 4 4/4 4/4 4 5 / 3 4 3 4 / 3 4 4 5 / 3 4 4 5 / 3 4

Leucophor PC Hostalux CPA01 1) Leucophor BMB 1) Leucophor BMBB Leucophor BMF.ID 1) Leucophor BMFV
1) 2)

The use of salt (3 g/l Sodium Sulfate) increases the degree of whiteness Suitable for 2-step bleaching (oxidative bleaching + reductive bleaching/brightening)


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