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Internet Marketing
Consumer Education
'How To Make An InIormed, Intelligent Decision
When Hunting For Fast Internet ProIits
By Andre Nurmik
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people or organizations are unintentional. II advice concerning legal
or related matters is needed, the services oI a qualiIied proIessional
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concerning marketing, product sales or reIerral Iees etc. may have
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Any reIerences to any persons or businesses, whether living or dead,
excisting or deIunct, is purely coincidental.
Hi! This is Andre Nurmik. Thanks very much Ior investing the time to become a
better biz opp consumer. I`m grateIul Ior the opportunity to provide you with
inIormation and education about online income opportunities and help you
choose the best business opportunity to work with.
I`ve been working Irom home Ior over 4 years. And in that time, I`ve learned
that internet income opportunities are the subject oI much conIusion. In Iact,
people have so many misconceptions about how money is really being made
online, that I have decided to oIIer this biz opp consumer education message so
when you select a home based business opporunity, you can make an inIormed
intelligent decision.
In just a moment, I will share with you 5 costly misconceptions about choosing
an online business. Plus Ill oIIer 4 recommendations. And I will give you 7
questions you should ask a home based business rep beIore signing with him or
II you`d like to skip over this business opportunities consumer education
message and ask a speciIic question or iI you want to speak to me personally,
simply click here to fill out a free consultation Iorm and I will get in touch
with you by phone or email within 24-48 hours.
Now here`s
Misconception #1: You should be able to make money without spending
No. UnIortunately that`s not true. Most beginners believe they should start
seeing money coming in beIore having to invest in their own success. In Iact,
those who Iail to shiIt their mindset away Irom this limiting belieI oIten Iind
themselves back on their dreaded day job or worse dead broke.
Making money online is no diIIerent than starting a brick and mortar business.
An initial investment is required. Luckily, it`s a small investment. Nothing
compared to the tens oI thousands oI dollars needed to start a traditional
You can get started with less than $100 (oIten with as little as $25-$50) and
work your way up by reinvesting your proIits back into the business.
Misconception #2: You'll get really rich, really Iast
Nope, you won`t. Many opportunities will try and sell you on the overnight rags-
to-riches success stories, but there`s no successIul business that`s been built
And iI you`re promised to become outrageously rich within a very short period
oI time with virtually no eIIort or very little oI it my recommendation is to run
in the opposite direction.
A legit home-based income opportunity will always be truthIul about their
successIul case study portIolio with realistic results.
Misconception #3: You can make it big without a mentor.
No. Trying to build a proIitable internet business without a mentor or guide, is
like driving an 18-wheeler at 120pm/h on a soaking wet highway in January.
You`ll crash, Iast.
On the other hand, having a street-savvy ally on your team guarantees you`ll
save thousands oI dollars and shave months iI not years oII your learning curve.
Also, consider this.
Without having a mentor to get a second opinion about your marketing, you
become an easy target to the online con men, who`s out there to get your hard-
earned dollars with their scams and cons.
With a mentor, you`re saIe Irom making bad Iinancial moves and getting burned
with online scams.
Misconception #4: The home based business opportunity with the lowest
entry fee, is the business opportunity you should work with.
Maybe - but not always. Here are two important points to consider.
Point #1: The entry Iees you see advertised may not be Ior the income level you
really want to achieve.
BeIore you select a business opportunity to make money with, decide what you
want to accomplish. II you want to generate an extra Iew hundred dollars per
month, you can choose Irom hundreds oI dirt-cheap mediocre biz opps.
On the other hand, iI you want to generate a Iull-time income (with a part-time
eIIort) by being a part oI a legitimate & ethical online movement iI you want
to make money while making a positive contribution to other people`s lives
than you need to get involved with an ethical income opportunity with a proven
track record oI results Ior it`s members.
This is the only way to assure that your income has a legitimate potential to
grow quickly and eIIiciently.
So remember, the entry Iees you see advertised may not always be Ior the
monthly income you are looking to achieve.
Point #2: The price you see advertised may not be the price you pay.
Many marketers have learned that the low price they saw advertised was not the
amount they ended up paying Ior starting an online business.
In addition to the obvious costs oI domain, hosting, mailing list hosting soItware
(autorespodner) and a Iew other tools, you may discover many hidden costs such
as advertising & marketing.
And iI you`ve ever invested in a home based business opportunity, you too may
have Iell a victim to Ialse or misleading advertising. You probably learned the
hard way that some business opportunity reps get access to your wallet usually
by collecting a low entry Iee and then pressure you into paying a lot more once
you get started. Some oI them may even break the law by using illegal bait and
switch tactics.
As in all businesses and proIession, home based business industry has its share
oI bad apples. I take no pleasure in telling you this, but some are unethical
and, sadly, Iew are dishonest. By their misleading inIormation and their Ialse
promises, they cast a dark shadow on our entire industry.
Then you`ll Iind other home based business owners and proIessionals - like
myselI - who work hard to be able to earn your trust and respect.
As a way improving our proIession, I`ve dedicated my business to educating the
public. The only way you can make an intelligent decision is to have all the Iacts
you need. This is why I`ve recorded this message.
Misconception #5: II you don`t get in early, you missed the boat.
Not true. In Iact, it`s smart to get in with the 2
, 3
& even 4
wave into a brand
new biz opp. Why? Because you want others test how eIIective it is with their
blood, sweat, tears and cash.
Unless you got tons oI money lying on the table you can`t Iind a better use Ior.
By the time you get in, you`ll already know what works & what doesn`t as well
as what`s the Iastest way to monetize this new opportunity Ior quick Iinancial
return. How? Because you`ll see other people successIully advertising it & all
you have to do is just copy-paste what their doing!
II you`re considering which home-based business opportunity to work with &
proIit Irom, I oIIer these recommendations:
Recommendation #1: Make a commitment to yourselI to treat your home-based
business as a real business, not a hobby, not matter the opportunity you choose
to work with. Failing to approach this with a business-like work ethics and
commitment guarantees hobby-like results, which may be Iine iI you`re looking
to make a Iew hundred dollars per month. But not iI you`re looking to achieve a
higher level oI Iinancial success and live the liIe on your own terms.
Recommendation #2: List your objectives. Do you only want to make a Iew
hundred bucks a month or are you looking to quit your day job and become
Iinancially independent, working Irom anywhere in the world? Do you want to
work with a reputable opportunity or are you willing to work with the home-
based business company that oIIers the lowest price - knowing that company
may not be in business tomorrow.
Recommendation #3. Ask questions. The way you learn about a company is to
ask speciIic questions and listen careIully to the answers. Here are the questions
I suggest you ask:
1. Are vou able to present me with case studies/testimonies from vour
previous clients? Are vour members actuallv making monev?
2. What tools & training do vou provide me with when getting started?
3. Can I earn while I learn the ropes of this business?
4. What kind of initial investments am I looking at getting started besides the
companv entrv fee.
5. Do vou alreadv have a proven plan of getting leads & sales vou can
successfullv share with me when I foin vour team?
6. How did vou arrive at the conclusion that this is the best opportunitv for
vou & whv should I choose to work with vou?
Recommendation #4: Once you are satisIied that you`re working with an
honest, competent home-based business mentor, initiate contact with them and
ask them to conIirm their details in writing. A written conIirmation gives you the
assurance that you know exactly what you`re signing up Ior, what it will cost
you getting started and the guarantees you are getting - no surprises.
By Iollowing these Iour recommendations, you'll gain all the inIormation you
need to make an inIormed, intelligent decision. II you want a short-term &
cheap home-based business opportunity, many online con-men can help you. Or
you can just randomly pick one by sticking a Iinger in your spam box.
But iI you want a clear, step-by-step handholding to starting a proIitable home-
based business oI your own I invite you to get in touch with me.
I`ll be happy to answer your questions guide you to choosing a proIitable
home based income opportunity to get started with that Iits your needs and your
budget. Also, I`ll thoroughly examine your current liIe situation and make
suggestions on the Iastest way to advance your success without an obligation
oI any kind.
To schedule your Iree strategy session with me click here (Iirst come, Iirst
Thank you very much Ior listening. I hope you have Iound this consumer
message helpIul. II you have any questions or iI you`d like me to review your
business opportunity Ior Iree, please submit a Iree consultation request by
clicking here.
I thank you Ior your kind attention.
This is Andre Nurmik