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Rotimi Sowunmi

Life Is Not A Prison: Elevation

Rotimi Sowunmi
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Khemet (Egypt) Everybody sees the pyramids in Khemet but ignores them. They ignore the writing on the walls and anything to do with it. The pyramids are seen but treated invisible like they have no RE-ligion whatsoever. The writings on the walls which contain spiritual applications, recordings and events; and basically teachings of the totality which is spirituality, are ignored due to the mental blocks the new mentality of religion creates. The way of life of the Khemites was spirituality and so it would have been logical to divide teachings, through stories, into schools of thought known as RE-ligion, for others to begin to understand concepts. Khemet is made to seem evil when this is where RE-ligion stems from. It starts off with Abraham which when split is Ab-Ra-Ham, giving Father-SunHam. Ab means father and Ra is the term given for the physical aspect of the sun (RE is the term given for the spiritual aspect or the life force of it). Ham means Khemet and Khemet, which is one of the names of ancient Egypt, means blackness. Ham the son of Utnafishtim, also known as Noah had four sons, Kush (also pronounced Cush), Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan.

In reverse Ab gives Ba and Ba is the word used for soul in ancient Khemet (Egypt). So above we have the Father which is a reflection of what is below, the soul. The physical realm is like a mirror, reflecting our desires or intent; as a projection of the hearts desire. Etheric Body is also known as Ba as it carries Ba (soul); so as stated before: You = BA (Soul) The reverse of Ab to Ba, expresses that the Fat-her (The Creator) is in all of us, all the time, and by the connection of the inner sun (RA) which is the soul. A Fat-her teaches (or fattens) a daughter, a he r and teaches a son, a he, which is found in he-r. A Father teaches them knowledge which is science. The sun (RA) expresses light as information and a source of consciousness and to gain knowledge requires information. The soul is an inner Sun and Suns are also known as Sol or Solar, both having the same tonation. The location of the Soul as the Solar Plexus which can be pronounced as Soul(ar) Plexus is determined. It is the Soul(ar) Plexus that is in charge of the energy in motion known as emotions with the heart pumping whatever the energy is. The choice of energy is dependent on the individual, the Soldier. The control of emotions enables Soldiers to achieve

a balanced state which can be seen as an Aum-ble state. Note, that the term ar in Sol(ar) or Soul(ar) when reversed gives RA, which is the seen aspect of the sun. It becomes Soul-RA or Soul-Sun emphasizing Sol-diers as Soul(ar) Beings which the devil or a devil would try to influence to gain souls. Soul-RA can also be written BA-RA which gives an A-RA-bic word meaning to create. The force of creative will or freewill to create is known as HU in ancient Khemet (Egypt). Hence BARA = HU, which makes Soldiers HU-man, also bringing focus to Hue, which in this case focuses on Khemet which means blackness. Another term for blackness is Darkness which as stated previously is continuously seen in forms of shadows, space and known during the shadow hours as night. Darkness is the state of Supreme Balance, the beginning, hence it is a state that both High Beings, Human Beings and Low Beings can use to function to enhance spiritual methods. Spiritual applications require balance first to be effective; one must RE-lax. A lot of rituals are done at night due to this acknowledgement. The beginning of Hue is Darkness or blackness which is the solid form of the sun. The ancient Greeks who were living with the ancient Khemites called it melanin meaning black substance. There are many hues of colour from the darkest to pale

with paleness expressing RE-cessitivity, meaning lacking in huge amount of the substance of the sun (RE). Lacking in huge amounts of black substance, does not mean not having but only having small amounts. Nevertheless, the devil still wants the soul; he wants You. The term You sounds a little like Hu and Hue, expressing force of creative will and the strength of it. This takes one into the study of semiconductors or super conductors in order to determine the different strength of conductivity of Hue. Also, when studying hue or melanin, one has to study consciousness, therefore projecting the notion that some Soldiers are prone to be more influenced by Low Beings than others. Everybody has melanin but it is more in others and the sun or rather light is easily absorbed by the skin which comes in different hue and is a conductor. Melanin allows the body to always stay partially charged therefore making it easier to increase charge and conductivity. Increase in conductivity increases the sensitivity of melanin hence when an individual prays, the power and the current of energy increases to strengthen connection to the spirit realms also known as Heavens (or Hells). RA, the sun, is in the word P-RA-Y which also expresses as P-RAY which has the same pronunciation as P-RE (Ray sounds like RE). Praying

increases the light inside You which the soul as the inner sun (RA) radiates. Light is Information and the light or information from inside which will contain intent and desires of the individual can be expressed out through prayer. Prayer was known by the ancient Khemites as Namus and chanting which is a form of repetitive prayer was known as raanum. Yashua known as Jesus taught individuals about a prayer which would balance their chakras, therefore strengthening spiritual connection during prayer. It is commonly known as the Lords Prayer:
Our Father who art in heaven, hallow be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trepasses, as we forgive those that trepass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, For thy is thy Kingdom, Thy power and thy glory, Forever and ever, Amen

He began with Our Father who art in Heaven, which seems to refer to the highest realm or Heaven; the sun. Also be reminded that Ab means Father. Raanum or chanting allows resonance of intent to amplify, therefore adding more energy and power to the intent or desire. When a Soldier sells their soul to the devil or a devil, they lose their light, which dims. RA (the sun) can also be found in the word praise. P-RA-ISE allows the connection to the spirit realms to strengthen and can also be written as PA-RISE. In ancient Khemite (Egypt) PA means The, therefore PA-RISE becomes The-Rise. To praise is to rise in energy and to increase the charge and power of the atmosphere as well as the body. In reference to melanin, it seems that the rise in energy will be faster in some Soldiers than others. The gathering also known as the church is created to help in the rise of energy or Self because it becomes a group effect. It would seem that the sun is a soul or tunnel or transistor connected to other realms been that the inner sun, the soul that is You is constantly connected to the spirit realms. It seems that the soul is an entrance where souls may return to be situated once again in a womb and incubated to be

born. Whatever happens on the inside is illustrated on the outside so just like the soul is an entrance for the process of incarnation to occur in the womb; going from gas (ether or spirit) to solid (having flesh), the sun or Sol or Soul outside would be an entrance to other realms. The ancients knew this and gave respect to the sun which made them look like they were sun-worshipping. But it seems that they were giving homage to Beings in and beyond or through the sun. The sun, just like planets are spheres and person, place and things can be contained within spheres. One only has to examine Earth which is a planet, a sphere, with us inside it to grasp this concept. The crown chakra is connected to the sun and though it is stated to be the seventh chakra, it is actually the ninth chakra. Chakras are connected to realms hence revealing the sun as the ninth realm which the ninth chakra is connected to. The sun, known as RA and RE is also known as the nine ball and beyond the nine ball emphasizes the sun as a portal, tunnel or transistor to other realms, through what is known as the ninth gate. The key to the gate is the Ankh, known as the Master Key along with prayer.

The ancient Khemites monitored the four positions of the sun, functioning in All Time (NABA-NUPU), All Matter (ASU-NUPU) and All Space (WU-NUPU), no matter what the calendar. The four positions are known as: Atum, Atun, Amun and Anun and are seen as the sun appears to move anticlockwise across the sky. Taking RE (the sun) into consideration, the four positions are specifically known as Atum-RE, AtunRE, Amun-RE, Anun-RE. See Diagram 22a.

Diagram 22a showing the four positions of the sun (RE) as it appears to move anticlockwise across the sky. The an cient Khemites (Egyptians) named the four positions as Atum-RE, Atun-RE, Amun-RE, Anun-RE.

There are 24 hours in the day which is split into two states, light and dark. Both occur because of the sun but during the dark, though the sun is still a monitoring factor, it does it through the moon. The moon has a different effect on Earth because it is a planet not a star which the sun is. As recorded, the moon, along with the asteroid belt, used to be part of Earth trillion of years ago. Therefore, the Earth, which is also known as Tiamat, meaning Maiden of life in Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian used to be much bigger than it is. Earth was also known by Qi by the Sumerians and was known as Gaia in ancient Greek. Atum-RE = Amun-RE = Noon, Midnight Atun-RE = High Noon, Breaking Dawn Amun-RE = Atum-RE = Evening, Twilight Anun-RE = Night (Shade), High Mid. See Diagram 22b.

Diagram 22b showing the sun and moon cycle in relation to the four position of the sun in the sky. The moon gets its light from the sun so the sun is the monito ring facto r. Each point is known as a certain time of the day. Fo r example noon and midnight and so on.

Darkness is also stated as the word NUN (or ANUN). The way of life of the ancient Khemite which was based on the totality that is spirituality got divided in what is known as the (B)asic (I)nstructions (B)efore (L)eaving (E)arth. The instructions were divided, put into metaphors, put into allegorical terms and shuffled so that it can be uncovered by those who are willing to decipher it

(like a parable) instead of simply accepting it. In a realm of illusion things need to be deciphered in order to see the truth. This is why it is great to seek knowledge, the kingdom, and a meaning of life therefore allowing deciphering to occur automatically. The spiritual instructions were separated into books and said to be Holy hence you have the term Holy BIBLE which is derive from the Greek term Helios and from the Khemite term Biblos, giving you Helios Biblos. Helios Biblos means Sun paper or Sun book or complied papers. Helios means Sun and Biblos is derived from the ancient Khemet word papyrus which means paper. From Helios comes the term Halo which seems to be an expression of mastery of thought, represented by the crown chakra which also represents the sun. The Halo is recorded as a depiction around the head area of Soldiers of Light (pitch forks are depicted on Soldiers of Darkness). The Holy BIBLE when written backwards gives the semetic term EL BIB YLOH. It refers to the A-RA-bic phrase Al Bab Ilah, meaning the door or gate of GOD. When the gate is allowed to be opened by the opener, whom is titled PTAH, it reveals a PATH

to more realms. Rearranging the word PTAH gives PATH. Spiritual instructions are all over pyramid walls and on stone tablets and are still there at the time of this recording. They were written long before the many said holy books were created. Yet from the notion of RE-ligion or Sun-ligion as schools of thoughts, the Sun books are accepted till this day but can only be ultimately accepted if all sun books are assessed. Focusing on one religion seems to create mental blocks hence allowing the devil and other Low Beings to manipulate one form of thinking against another. Wars are created for the benefit of creating an atmosphere for Low Beings to thrive. The fact is that all holy books are sun books and there is only one sun therefore by this notion, only one RE-ligion. All Soldiers can relate to this notion as the RE inside them, known as the soul, also radiates. From RE, all other concepts or ligion was created. See Diagram 23.

Diagram 23 sho wing that RE-ligions are schools of thought. It seems that the original purpose of the ancients was to make learning and spiritual development much easier by dividing lessons into what became kno wn as RE-ligion. It seems that the purpose was to exercise the mind as it attempts to decipher and obtain spiritual awareness and ascen sion. All RE-

ligions or school of thought was to brought back to o neness which is RE, the centre, having no ligion.

RE-ligion is now like Legions against RE, which means against the notion of spirituality on a whole, lacking a Holistic way of life. Many religions see chakras, chanting, notions of portals and even science (Knowledge) as things not from the Creator. It would make sense for the devil and other Low Beings to stop Soldiers from deciphering or seeking from each school of thought and simply focusing on faith and belief, this way it stunts the scientific side of things, hence stopping the use of science which is knowledge and facts. Now, many of you would by now state that the Egyptians are not the Israelites and therefore the Egyptians were or are evil and should have no significance. This is understandable, for I too tried to go against Khemet (Egypt). I too, had mental blocks due to faith and belief without any investigation. One must first realize that books can be altered and used to influence minds. For example, as it is recorded, Josephs wife was a Khemite (Egyptian) woman called Asenath. Asenath gave birth to Manasseh and Ephraim whom the Creator blessed. Mental blocks will make individuals overlook that the Creator wasnt against Asenath the evil or her children Manasseh and

Ephraim. Manasseh and Ephraim were accepted as part of the 12 tribes of IS-RA-El. A lot of Soldiers do need to destroy a lot of mental blocks and allow thinking to process. Nevertheless, as recorded, a Sun or Solar Being or Son, was assigned and sent to humanity to be a path that could be followed. He was to be a Saviour and was called the Saviour, meaning Yashua in Hebrew.

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