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Music Notes as Dynamic Time using Equidistant Lines.

By Robert Rundle 13Feb13 Firstly, a big thank you to Sergey for implementing this modification to E uidistant !ines model, and as promised heres my class"#rite up on its properties. $o# #e can measure dynamic proportion%s& bet#een important points in the market. Such as the ' $ote (usic Scale bet#een any gi)en cycle period. *n +,stro Based -harting .ools select +E uidistant !ines

/pen e0isting model 1see attachments2, or create your o#n model using format 3 4alue5-olour5%6&-omment 4alue as a percentage 7,

-olors 8 RED GREEN BLUE MAROON YELLOW PURPLE BLACK WHITE AQUA OLIVE SILVER DARKRED DARKBLUE DARKGREEN TEAL NAVY DARKOLIVE DARKGRAY DARKPURPLE FUCHSIA MAGENTA LIGHTGREEN LIGHTRED LIGHTBLUE LIGHTGRAY LIGHTPURPLE LIGHTYELLOW LIGHTOLIVE LIME and double light !ight!ight%color&, and double dark 9ark9ark%color&. But $/ /range for S/: ;6< aligns comment .op of chart " ;< blank aligns comment Bottom of chart, -omment as one #ord or connect #ith underscore to =oin #ords. (ost of these e0ample models * made on a spreadsheet i.e. ;>?)alue"cycle total length@A1BB< and calculated as a summation series. ,nd use something like this >CCD(*9?4alue,1,E@DC5CD(*9?-olour,1,1F@DC5CD(*9?-omment ,lignment .op%6&"Bottom,,1,1@DCCD(*9?-omment,1,13@DCC to propagate the resulting line for the E uidistant !ines panel input. Glease note the attached ; .harmonics< files li)e in directory path -5".iming Solutions" 1as default at the moment 8 that may change2 /ne of the most important +9ynamic -ycle Groportion is for the 7 Note Music Scale 8 although there are many better models, but * use this as my +9efault +E uidistant !ines model. E ual 9istant -ycle inputs for ' $otes 3 1H.I7 HI7 33.337 IB7 JJ.JJ7 K'.I7 and their middle points 3 J.HI7 1K.'I7 HF7 E1.I7 IK7 'J.'I7 F3.'I7 1$E4ER forget the (id Goints of anything 8 you may think you)e found a cycle, but if it doesnt di)ide nicely by H its probably not a true cycle2
DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO 1 1.1HI 1.HI 1.33 1.I 1.JJ 1.K'I H

Gictured e0ample starts B,ries, cycle length 3JI.HE days for simplicity only, but as you can see the )ibrations are significant 8 di)iding the year into music.

$o# #hat * do need to #ork out in E0cel ho# to anchor H other points 1especially midpoints of notes2 of the octa)e to specified points as a 7 for E uidistant !ines panel inputs. *.e. anchor the H Retard Goints to highs. ,nother important point is to anchor start + DO to one s#ing and stretch out Right Land ,nchor until the + RE is on the ne0t s#ing 8 this is one #ay to determine an /cta)e 1DO to RE > 1"Kth of an /cta)e, and from there you can mathematically determine all other notes #ithin an octa)e2.

,lso bet#een Glanetary E)ents 8 Gictured here bet#een H Eclipses of 1FH days 1one of M9Ns fa)orite numbers2

12 yt!ago"ean Notes 1 HOn"1H 2 3 K.337 1J.J'7 HI.BB7 33.337 E1.J'7 IB.BB7 IK.337 JJ.J'7 'I.BB7 K3.337 F1.J'7. Gictured the pythag %!n?1HthR@P!n?H@& )ersion #hich seems =ust a little tighter in results.

For a .*(E1>"12, .*(ES1AH2 and L,!F 1AB.I2

.he ' .hunders, 1 /cta)e

Lere #e ha)e the 12 T"i#es o$ Is"ael aligned to their respecti)e Qodiac association and their number of tribesmen counts 1as per Bible $umbers HJ2 i.e. ?number of tribesman"total of tribesmen for all 1H Rodiacs@A1BB and calculated as a summation series. .here are many )ariations of +Mho belongs to #hat .ribe, but after many years of researching this problem, * like the follo#ing 1although other )ariations being deri)ed from the Bible ha)e some merit2. *n this e0ample start is at B,ries and cycle is 3JI.HEdays. ,ttached file li)es in directory path -5".iming Solutions"Fundamentals.

Nanns Emblem 1Far from M9Ns best #orks no matter ho# you manipulate the numbers2 8 Ligh T E1K 1..., pages2

Sol$eggio F"equencies"E1K

.hese are =ust a fe# e0amples of (athematical occurrences that can be collated to form a summation series that can be used as a dynamic

di)ision of time. * hope you en=oy using these models, and please if you can keep this #ithin the .iming Solutions group it #ould be appreciated. .o make your o#n models look to e0amples of +$atural !a# 8 i.e. the properties of .he .able of Elements properties 1,tomic Meights2, !ight reflection through a prism, etc. !ook to Books like .he Bible, Nann, Bayer, Sepharial etc. for numerical se uences 8 they are full of them 1and they dont read so a#k#ardly due to bad #riting, as e)ery #ord placement counts2. .he modern #riters like Nann #ere great copiers of the Bibles secrets and emulate these hidden throughout their #orks.
Robert Rundle 13 Feb HB13 ,delaide ,ustralia