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Sep - Oct 2009

Volume 1 - Issue 1

Living Life to the Fullest

More than just a
furnishing Store
Swine Flu
Flu facts and how to react

Sun Exposure The EDGE

Why and how to protect yourself Now open at Dubai

How to make Money make Money

Guide to investing in stocks and bonds

Swifter, Higher, Stronger ... Richer

Have your Say

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VIVALIFE 2 Sep - Oct 2009
Editorial 5

IKEA – More than just a furnishing store 6

The Scientific Centre – Kuwait 10

Swine Flu – Influenza A (H1N1) Virus 14

LiftActiv CxP – Vichy’s latest cream 18

Sun Exposure and its Effects 20

Olympics - Swifter, Higher, Stronger ... 22

Ramadan - the month of spirituality 24

Have your Say - Ramadan Survey 26

The EDGE - now open at Dubai 27

Samsung Jet - Smarter than a SmartPhone 28

Sony-Ericsson - New face of mobile ... 29

How to Make Money Make Money 30

Eggs - a perfect pack 32

Your Cosmic Calendar 36

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VIVALIFE 4 Sep - Oct 2009

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An Editorial Note ...

elcome to this first issue
of VivaLife, the country’s
premier online lifestyle
magazine that promotes living
life to the fullest. As the name
implies, at VivaLife we believe
in a life lived vivaciously. Learn-
ing from our past and planning
for our future, we live life whole-
heartedly in the present, see-
ing opportunities in life’s myriad television did not knock off radio,
challenges. We believe that re- online e-magazines, and their
alizing the full potential of life e-book counterparts on Kindle
comes primarily from accepting and other e-readers, will not
yourself for who you are and re- usurp printed books and maga-
specting others for who they are. zines. Online publications will co-
It is this live and let live attitude exist alongside other media out-
to life that we celebrate through lets, forming an integral part of
VivaLife our digital magazine. the pie and reinforcing publish-
ing as a whole.
People have often asked us why
VivaLife did not pursue the tra- But, if you are a die-hard fan of If you are new to e-magazines,
ditional print path of lifestyle printed lifestyle magazines, you allow me to take you through the
magazines. We believe that digi- will be happy to hear that as cutting-edge features of VivaLife
tal or e-magazines are the way the impact of traditional printed our premier e-magazine. You can
of future publications. All over media declines, print equipment flip pages back and forth, like in
the world, the prevailing sluggish manufacturers are looking at a print magazine by clicking your
economy and the accompanying alternate technologies to keep cursor on the let or right bottom
dramatic drop in advertisement abreast of demand. Among op- corner of the page.
revenue have led to many pub- tions on the anvil are street-cor-
lishers finding it economically ner print-on-demand kiosks that You can zoom in or out by click-
unfeasible to continue their op- will, at the push of a button, pro- ing anywhere on the page with
erations. duce glossy, bound magazines the magnifying glass icon, and,
which can rival any newsstand you can save it as a pdf docu-
Besides, the increasing propensi- publication. ment or print the page, by click-
ty, especially among the younger ing appropriate icons on top of
generation, to read and respond Currently, a similar service is the page.
with content online has led to available from some publish-
lower uptake for printed matter. ers who will print and ship, from Additionally you can email the
And finally, the inability of stodgy their list of publications, a sin- page to a friend or go to an adver-
print to compete with the instan- gle exclusive copy for you. The tiser’s homepage from hotlinks
taneity, interactivity, spontaneity, downside is that this service, at on their advertisements.
convenience and reach of digital least for the moment, is limited
publications, has led to a wane in to only a few countries and the We hope you enjoy reading our
popularity of print publications in shipping charges are still not first issue and be sure to send us
favor of the more sprightly online very cost-effective. your feedback to help make
versions. But, as the service becomes VivaLife a magazine that truly
more widely available in the fu- celebrates living life to the
So are we knelling the end of ture, prices are bound to come fullest.
P ’ v e e
print? Far from it, just as radio down making print-on-demand a
did not kill off newspapers and viable option. 5 Sep - Oct 2009

IKEA ... more than just a furnishing store
or many people a visit with pretty patterns printed on In the middle of these busy
to IKEA is a modern rite them, people realized that being celebrations, Adel Y. Al-Shamali,
of passage. A ritual per- organized, in an efficient and General Manager, IKEA-Kuwait,
formed just as assiduously by aesthetic manner, meant they graciously found time to talk
newly weds furnishing their first needed to replace their ordinary with VivaLife about his com-
apartment, as by young couples storage cartons with IKEA pat- pany, its plans for the future,
decorating their newborn’s room terned cardboard boxes — just his outlook on Kuwait’s business
or parents altering the cartoon- as they did earlier with IKEA’s climate and more importantly,
themed rooms of their grown-up Billy bookcases and Ivar storage why IKEA is such a quintessen-
children. systems and … tial global cult brand. We met up
at Mr Shamali’s office, at IKEA
IKEA creates a passion in people Founded in 1943, IKEA was head office in the Avenues mall.
that extends beyond buying an the brainchild of Ingvar Kam-
item of furniture or decorative prad. Born on a farm named As expected the room was an
Elmtaryd, in the small village of epitome of IKEA elegance — an
IKEA has grown from Agunnaryd, in the south of Swe- airy open plan office with clean
den, Ingvar coined the name lines and neutral palette with
a one-store Swedish IKEA by putting together the large well-upholstered white
outfit to an interna- initial letters of his name along sofas against dark paneling.
with that of his farm and village. A room you would expect to
tional super-brand see on the pages of, well, an
with 296 stores in 36 In the fifty years since Ingvar IKEA catalog. We started off by
countries, with over opened his first store in his na- asking what everyone asks of
tive country, IKEA has grown businesses these days, “How’s
120,000 employees from a one-store Swedish outfit business?”
worldwide and reve- to an international super-brand
with 296 stores in 36 countries, “In line with retail businesses
nue of US$28.8 billion with over 120,000 employ- around the world we too are
in 2008. ees worldwide and revenue of witnessing a downturn in con-
US$28.8 billion in 2008. Focus- sumer spending,” said Mr Sha-
accessory. It creates a fervor for ing on real people, real homes mali. “I won’t deny that this has
things we never knew we need- and real styles IKEA has grown had an impact on our budget.
ed, like sea-grass mats, billowed to become a household name But this is only to be expected
lamp shades or super-sized wine and the world’s favorite home in any recession and we remain
glasses. It takes things we al- furnishing brand. upbeat that in coming months,
ready knew we needed and puts business will pick up again.”
them in new perspectives. IKEA has been in Kuwait for a
quarter century. As part of their After recently being acklnowl-
Take for instance the ubiquitous year-long, silver jubilee celebra- edged as a Superbrand, what
tea-light; ten years ago they tion, IKEA-Kuwait hosted vari- exciting plans are in the pipeline
were known as nightlights and ous cultural exhibitions for the for IKEA — perhaps a branch in
we would probably use one to public and attractive promotions Fahaheel or other suburbs?
warm fondue at a party. Today, for their customers.
thanks to IKEA, tea-lights and “‘Superbrands is an impor-
an array of tea-light holders Among the exhibitions held at tant industry recognition as it
have become essential house- the IKEA store was a photogra- acknowledges the success of
hold accessories, used in a vari- phy exhibition which provided a IKEA Kuwait’s unique business
ety of artistic ways. panorama of the rich and color- philosophy and the value it has
ful history of IKEA in Kuwait — a been offering to the local home
Even more recently, when IKEA depiction of IKEA as a curator of furnishings retail market the
introduced cardboard boxes lifestyles in the country. past many years.

VIVALIFE 6 Sep - Oct 2009

Due to Kuwait’s geographical of IKEA furniture. So we spoke enter IKEA’s clearly recognizable
location, its size, population with IKEA people and convinced blue and yellow boxy buildings,
density and purchasing pat- them to adapt and customize pick up familiar tiny pencils and
terns, we are not aiming to open the size, style and color of fur- paper measuring tapes and
more stores in the country. Our niture and furnishing to match get to move down similar wide
21,000square meter store in the local preferences and larger aisles that allow you to conve-
Avenues mall can comfortably spaces. niently examine merchandize
cater to over 5 million custom- without impeding other custom-
ers annually. Over the years, simplicity, ers. As the Harvard Business
a tenet of Swedish design, study noted, IKEA have put in
However, we are looking to along with emphasis on blonde place a form of gentle coercion
opening stores in other Middle woods, untreated surfaces and aimed at encouraging customers
East countries like Jordan, clean lines, all characteristic of to stay longer and spend more.
Lebanon and Syria, where we IKEA furniture, has caught the
see a good potential for growth. imagination of people in Kuwait, Beginning with the kids’ play-
We have an IKEA coming up in especially the young generation, room amenity, located conve-
Amman, Jordan that is slated who prefer simple designs over niently at the entrance, where
for opening in late 2010 or ornate décor and styles; the customers can drop off their
early 2011, which will be wholly emphasis now is more on qual- children to continue shopping
owned and operated by IKEA- ity and fine workmanship.” leisurely; to furniture arranged
Kuwait.” in fully accessorized display
IKEA, which recently was the cubicles that inspire shoppers to
How do you cater to the varied source for two Harvard Busi- experiment with ideas; to well-
tastes of the large multi-ethnic, ness School case studies, is the sprung mattresses that can be
culturally distinct consumers in archetypal retailer. Incorporat- tested by lying on, everything
Kuwait? ing the best retailing practices at the store is geared towards
in its everyday operations, IKEA making shopping at IKEA a
“It was quite a problem in early makes a visit to its stores more pleasant experience — an expe-
days of IKEA - Kuwait. Earlier of an outing than a chore. And rience that many other retailers
the general preference in the the ability to faithfully replicate have tried, but failed to emulate
country was for elaborate Ot- this shopping experience all over successfully.
toman style furnishings, some- the world, leading to custom-
thing on the lines of traditional ers who have similar buying and What are some of the challenges
English country or Provencal spending patterns worldwide, to your business from local com-
furnishings. Getting people to is what makes IKEA petition, replicas from Asia and
make the transition to IKEA’s such a phenom- others?
minimalist Scandinavian style enally successful
furniture and furnishing was not global retailer. “Designing beautiful-but-
an easy process. expensive products is
Whether easy, designing beautiful
When we first entered the mar- you are in products that are inex-
ket there Oslo or pensive and function-
was Osaka al is the challenge.
a gen- you Local competition
eral feeling and replicas from
among local
populace that
IKEA furniture
was alright for
secondary homes
like chalets or
farmhouses. In
Kuwait, primary
homes tend to
be large spaces;
sometimes to
fill a living room
would require at
least two sets 7 Sep - Oct 2009

South Asia are not real chal- reaucratic approval for building pate in recycling of waste. For
lenges for us. IKEA is not just a simple warehouse? instance, we ensure our deliv-
about furniture or home furnish- ery people bring back cartons
ing, it is an experience that is If the government is serious and packing material after they
quite unique. You may be able about realizing its aim of turn- go for an installation. We then
to copy the furniture design, but ing Kuwait into a business and dispose of it in separate waste
you cannot replicate the ex- financial hub, it needs to do a recycling bins that we have for
perience. Having said that, we lot more than just have a vision. paper, wood and plastic. Also,
do face challenges, often from Along with a clear vision and as a policy, IKEA uses paper
staid government policies or a well thought out transparent bags as they are more environ-
stifling bureaucracy; the ability plan of action, we need the abil- mentally friendly than plastic.
to confront those challenges and ity to implement the plans. Lack We would even like to make
convert them into opportunities of forward thinking business do without paper bags, but we
for growth and development is policies and absence of a deter- have to draw a line between
what successful business is all mination to implement success- customer convenience and our
about.” ful strategies is what keeps our environment friendly policies.
country lagging behind others in Creating awareness among the
Are current business legisla- the region.” public is important because it
tions and political hurdles in the is key to getting them more
country conducive to transform- “How does IKEA view its obli- involved in environmentally
ing Kuwait into a business and gation to the environment and friendly practices.”
financial hub? society?”
“Also, as part of implement-
“Definitely not, policies should “Very seriously; we implement ing our Corporate Citizenship
be legislated with the aim of waste recycling as an integral Program, we plan to refurbish
promoting business in a coun- part of our business strategy reception areas in selected
try, not hindering it. Would you and we encourage everyone, our hospitals to make them more
believe, we have been waiting employees, suppliers and cus- attractive and comforting. As
nearly three years to get bu- tomers, to support and partici- a leading retail organization

VIVALIFE 8 Sep - Oct 2009

all their lives, the tendency to wait we have about 15 percent.
depend on their own abilities to But even this relatively higher
get things done, rather than de- market share belies the strong
pend on others to fix things for brand awareness and product
Over the coming years, them, is gaining momentum.” influence that we have in the
there is going to be a market. IKEA is seen as more
What is your take on Kuwaitiza- than a furniture merchant, we
huge need for retail tion in the private sector? are seen as purveyors of a life-
management and spe- style that labels our customers
Employing more Kuwaitis in the as people who have good taste
cialized retail personnel, private sector is important for and recognize value. IKEA’s 296
but unfortunately we the future of our economy and stores worldwide in Europe,
are not prepared for it — our country. But in order for it United States, Canada, Asia and
to succeed, young people should Australia, hosting nearly half a
look, even at the gradu- put in sincere effort and have billion shoppers a year, is a clear
ate level, there are very the desire and commitment to attestation of this unparalleled
few specialized retailing be a part of the private sector
emotional response.

courses on offer in the IKEA’s commitment to good de-

country. Every year we conduct an in- sign, what the company calls its
ternship program for young Ku- ‘democratic design’, is inspired
waitis, to teach them the ropes by their aim to offer the widest
of our business and give them range at the lowest price pos-
an induction into the field of sible. Taking this obligation a
we value our responsibility to retail. At that age they are very step further, we aim to create a
society and are committed to enthusiastic and participate in it better life for the many people,
encouraging social and cultural wholeheartedly. But a couple of while still remaining dynamic
activities that foster develop- years down the line when they in our outlook, inspiring in our
ment of society as a whole.” graduate, most prefer to work in design, authentic in our prod-
government sector where they ucts and an overall fun shopping
“How popular is Do-It-Yourself can enjoy many benefits and experience.
attitude in Kuwait or are you of- have to work only to 2pm.
ten called in to do the assembly On a personal note, how do you
of furniture?” It is sad that many young spend time outside the big blue
people do not grasp the con- and yellow box? Also, what is
“People in Kuwait, whether it is cept or realize the tremendous your personal furnishing style?
due to time constraints or a cul- potential in retailing. Just look
ture of dependency, are general- at all the malls and shopping I am interested in arts, espe-
ly less self-sufficient, they prefer centers sprouting all over the cially paintings. I love to travel
to have furniture delivered and country. Over the coming years, and experience new designs in
assembled for them. Also an- there is going to be a huge interiors and furnishing; to learn
other probable reason is that need for retail management and latest trends and techniques
we do not charge very much for specialized retail personnel, but that enhance customers’ shop-
this service — our charges have unfortunately we are not pre- ping experience.
remained the same for decades. pared for it — look, even at the
In many countries delivery and graduate level, there are very Coming to furnishing style, my
assembly by store personnel few specialized retailing courses preference is for modern; with
is an expensive affair. But, it is on offer in the country. In a few emphasis on sleek simplicity, on
encouraging to note that the years retailing is going to be a the same lines IKEA embodies.
younger generation seem to major employer and contributor
prefer being more self-reliant. to the country’s GDP, but no one Some closing words on IKEA?
seems to be even aware of it.
Many of these young people IKEA will continue to lead the
have traveled and lived outside What is IKEA’s share in the way in innovative furniture
Kuwait and have been exposed country’s furniture market? design and trends. Offering
to lifestyles that appreciate the well-designed, quality furniture
importance of doing things for In most countries that IKEA and furnishings at affordable
themselves. Even among young operates, they own 5 to 10 per- prices, we offer real value for
people who have lived in Kuwait cent of the market share; in Ku- the masses. 9 Sep - Oct 2009

The Scientific Center - Kuwait
f you have what it takes Advancement
to go eye-ball to eye-ball of Sciences) to
against a pod of sharks come up with
some as large as 2 meters, plans for such
confront the powerful snapping a Center, KFAS
jaws of a ferocious crocodile, turned to Dr.
even meet with a python on Mijbil Al Mu-
its own turf, then all you got to tawa. Currently
do is drive on over to the Sci- chairman and
entific Center in Salmiya. And director, Dr. Mi-
remember, take along plenty of jbil was instru-
imagination — the fact that you mental in all the
would be separated from those planning and
dangerous species by thick development
plate-glass walls should in no stages before
way dampen your enthusiasm the eventual
for adventure. opening of the
Center in 1997.
Located in Ras al Ardh, Salmiya,
the Scientific Center is the large Explaining the
building with huge sails strung- layout of the Dr. Mijbil Al-Mutawa
up that you notice on your left, 80,000 square meter Center, Dr.
as you drive down Arabian Gulf Mijbil pointed out the four units Though called the Aquarium,
Road from Kuwait City. The that together constitute Kuwait it is not your run-of-the-mill,
other day, we drove over there Scientific Center. The Aquarium, dark and damp place with tanks
to learn more about the Center the largest in the Middle East, is of fishes lining the walls. Visi-
and what it offers for those not without doubt the Center’s main tors to the Aquarium are taken
lucky enough to take a break draw. This is followed closely by through three habitats that
from the country’s sweltering the completely revamped 254- echo the natural environment of
heat and its less than occasional seat IMAX theatre, the first and the Arabian Peninsula - desert,
dust storms. In 1993, when the only one of its kind in the Middle coastline and the sea. Scamper-
late amir Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed East and the Discovery Place, an ing foxes, fluttering birds and
Al Jaber Al Sabah mandated interactive hands-on experience slithering snakes in a bright
KFAS (Kuwait Foundation for the that demonstrates major scien- airy area leads to the aquarium
tific facts in a fun way. proper. Inside the Aquarium,
large sharks, majestic sting-rays
Rounding up attractions at the shoals of rainbow colored fishes
Center is the Dhow Harbor. swim around in their natural
Set along a wide promenade, habitat behind floor to ceiling
with two 70 meters long piers plate-glass walls. Over 85 per-
that jut into the sea, the dhow cent of the 50 or more marine
Harbor hosts traditional wooden species at the Aquarium come
sailing dhows that reflect Ku- from local waters the rest are
wait’s glorious culture and sea- from overseas.
faring history. The four areas
are spread out around the cen- On specific days, you can catch
tral administration and reception an exciting live demonstration
area, with its large Gift shop, of divers feeding the denizens
where you can buy mementos of of the deep. The Aquarium’s
your visit to the Center. latest attraction is a huddle of

VIVALIFE 10 Sep - Oct 2009

penguins that are here as part Mid-Ocean
of an exchange program with an Ridge, a sub-
aquarium in the United King- merged chain
dom, which in turn got a croco- of mountains
dile from Kuwait. that stretch
for nearly
We also got to see an aspect of 75,000 ki-
the Center that visitors normally lometers
do not get to see — the people around the
who work behind the scenes to Globe.
make it all possible. Technicians
at the laboratory monitor wa- This is a specially commissioned and
ter, air and temperature qual- movie that, though circa 2005, built for the Scientific Center,
ity daily, to ensure conditions you definitely wouldn’t want to recreates the rich culture and
replicate the fish or animals’ miss seeing on IMAX’s super sea-faring history of Kuwait.
natural environment. Divers sized 15 x 20 meter screen with Among the boats on display at
clean and maintain a hygienic its revolutionary new cutting- the Harbor is Fateh el-Khair, the
environment for the fishes and edge DMR (Digital Re-Mastering) only surviving sail-ship from
keep the plate-glass walls of the technology. DMR recreates the Kuwait’s pre-oil era, when boats
Aquarium clean from the inside film’s original soundtrack tak- from Kuwait traded down the
so people can enjoy a clear view ing full advantage of IMAX’s six Gulf coast and along ports on
of the fishes. channel sound system with its the Arabian sea.
12,000 watts of pure digital sur-
All fishes and animals when they round sound. “Normal run for an Giving us a brief history on the
first arrive at the Center also IMAX film at the Scien- Fateh el Khair, Dr. Mijbil said,
spend some time in a quaran- tific Center is “Following the liberation of
tine area to ascertain that they about 6 Kuwait in 1991, the late amir,
do not carry any harmful para- to Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber,
sites or diseases that could ordered KFAS to search for a
be transmitted and endanger Kuwaiti dhow that would sym-
other inhabitants of the Aquar- bolize Kuwait’s past. Eventu-
ium. At the Kashtah or rooftop ally, after months of search,
there is a large outdoor space to the Fateh el Khair was traced
train birds and other animals in to Dubai. The boat was acquired
a natural ambience with plenty from its then owners and towed
of fresh air and sunshine. Also, 12months back to Kuwait. The Fateh el
a large food preparation area depending on the film’s popu- Khair, which was originally built
caters to the different dietary larity among the audience. The by Kuwaiti shipwrights in 1938,
requirements of the various ani- most popular film to date has was restored to its former glory
mals and fishes. been ‘T-Rex’ followed closely by a a team of boat-builders su-
by ‘Into the Deep’ and ‘Cyber- pervised by the same shipwright
The highlight of this summer’s world’,” said Dr. Mijbil. who had worked on the origi-
attraction at the Scientific Cen- nal. The dhow now stands tall
ter’s IMAX theatre has to be The Discovery Place provides
Academy Award winning direc- visitors with interactive experi-
tor James Cameron’s 3D movie ence on the exhibits that dem-
Aliens of the Deep. Cameron, a onstrate major scientific facts.
deep ocean adventur- er Scientific theories are explained
and space explora- in practical ways that are en-
tion enthusiast, has tertaining and exciting.This is
teamed with NASA a popular spot with children
scientists to explore from schools because they get
the astonishing life- to have hands on experience of
forms frequent- things they learn from books in
ing the their classrooms.

The Dhow Harbor, which

hosts traditional wooden
sailing dhows that were 11 Sep - Oct 2009

as a testimony to a pre-oil era The beaches and seas of our
when Kuwait was renowned for country are our treasure and
its shipwrights and sea-faring its protection is the responsibil-
merchants. ity of everyone. Diving down to
the coral reefs around some of
Another feature that the Center Kuwait’s islands one can see the
has launched since last summer, damage caused by man – the
is a revival of their Riksa Club. natural enemy of the marine en-
With different rates for adults vironment. Irresponsible fishing,
and children, membership ben- uncaring tourism and the dump-
efits include unlimited free visits ing of trash into our waters have
to the Aquarium and Discovery all taken a toll on our marine
Place. Club members also enjoy environment. We aim to bring
special discounts on tickets to public awareness to such wan-
the IMAX theatre and Gift Shop tom destruction of our natural
in addition to discounts for ac- to handle within a limited time environment.”
companying guests. frame of 9am to noon, our high-
Since it opened its doors to the ly trained staff members man- Speaking about the Center’s
public 7 years ago, well over 3 age to take the entire batch of popularity and future plans,
million people have visited the students through all the
interactive sections in
a smooth and efficient
manner. We also have
similar arrangements
with other institutions
and co-operative so-
cieties to handle their
special requirements
in addition to provid-
ing the facilities for the
organization of special

Commenting on the Center’s Dr.Mijbil said, “We have always

social responsibility, Dr. Mijbil attempted to provide visitors
Center. With regard to visitors explained, “The Scientific Cen- with high quality entertain-
from abroad, Dr. Mijbil explained ter is also engaged in environ- ment that is interesting, enjoy-
that though they did not keep mental awareness programs able and at the same time very
any record on the nationality where we have conducted informative. Though we have no
of visitors, it was fair to as- several beach clean-ups and plans to branch out into other
sume that around 10 percent of other environmental enrichment areas of the country we are
visitors are from outside Kuwait programs in association with the planning on a large enlargement
while the remaining 90 percent Ministry of Education and other to the present facilities here. We
are made up of locals and expa- environment protection groups. have already acquired the adja-
triates. cent 4,500 square
meters of land and
Elaborating on the intend to design
number of visitors, and construct an
Dr. Mijbil added, expanded Explor-
“Thanks to our special atorium — a larger
understanding and Dar al Alastkashaf
agreement with the or Discovery place.
Ministry of Education, The new expansion
during every academ- project will enclose
ic year we average different science
over 1,000 student and technology
visitors each day. themes aimed at
Though this is a large making science fun
number of visitors for everyone.

VIVALIFE 12 Sep - Oct 2009 13 Sep - Oct 2009
Swine Flu - influenza A(H1N1) virus

edia have been giv-
ing daily updates on it,
health authorities are
warning of its dire consequences
and people everywhere are talk-
ing about it — we are of course,
referring to Swine Flu or, to be
more scientifically appropriate,
novel influenza A(H1N1) flu pan-
demic that is making headlines
around the world. Despite its
publicity, the lack of clear un-
derstanding among the public
led us to talk to doctors, special-
ists and other health authorities
to bring you the latest relevant
information needed to meet any
emergencies. So, without much
ado, let’s jump right in.

What is H1N1 flu virus?

First, the name, though officially
called novel influenza A(H1N1)
flu virus, it has at times been
variously called, H1N1 virus,
swine influenza A (H1N1),
influenza A – H1N1, Mexican
Swine Flu, Human Swine Flu and
simply swine flu. To elaborate on
the influenza virus: Influenza A
is a species of virus with many
subtypes that have mutated into

Symptoms of swine flu include fever, cough,

body aches, dry and sore throat, fever, chills,
diarrhea, vomiting and general fatigue.
Symptoms are generally seen 3 to 5 days
after you are exposed to the virus and
continue for a week or more. The virus can
be passed to another person 1 day before
you get sick and continue to be virulent until
you recover.
Magnified images of the H1N1

VIVALIFE 14 Sep - Oct 2009

What are recommended
treatments and preventive
The best approach is to
try and avoid infection by stay-
ing away from infected people
and areas known to be contami-
Do not rub your eyes,
ears and mouth with contami-
nated hands; wash hands thor-
oughly and frequently with soap
and water as the flu viruses can
survive on contaminated surfac-
es like door knobs, hand railings
and table tops for 2 hours or
various strains with differing Symptoms of swine flu include
pathogenic effects. cough, body aches, dry and sore
If you know that you
throat, chills, diarrhea, vomit-
have come in contact with in-
The virus subtypes are labeled, ing general fatigue and possibly
fected persons or places, and
based on their antigen with an H fever. Symptoms are generally
develop symptoms of swine flu,
number (for hemagluttinin) and seen 3 to 5 days after you are
seek immediate medical atten-
an N number (for neuramini- exposed to the virus and con-
tion so that prescribed antiviral
dase). Examples include the tinue for a week or more. The
drugs can provide you the best
H1N1 virus responsible for the virus can be passed to another
chance of successful treatment.
Spanish Flu of 1918 and the person 1 day before you get sick
To prevent spreading the
current Swine Flu; H2N2 virus and continue to be virulent until
disease, remain at home if you
that caused the Asian Flu of you recover.
are sick and designate only one
1950’s; the H3N2 or Hong Kong
member of the household to be
Flu virus of 1960’s and the H5N1 Complications that could arise
in contact with you. If you feel
or Avian (Bird) Flu of the early from swine flu include worsen-
sick, avoid going out to crowded
to mid 2000’s. The virus behind ing of chronic conditions, such
places including schools, offices,
the current outbreak of swine flu as heart disease, diabetes and
malls and places of worship.
is identified as a new strain of respiratory illnesses like asthma
Most cases of flu, includ-
the H1N1 type A influenza virus and pneumonia. Severe compli-
ing the current human swine
that has the genetic combina- cations, which seem to develop
flu, need no specific treatment
tion of swine, bird and human and progress rapidly, could lead
other than those that decrease
influenza viruses and is capable to fatal respiratory condition.
inflammation and relieve other
of being spread from human to

What are the causes and

symptoms of flu?
Despite its name, swine flu is
not spread from eating cooked
pork products. You can be
exposed to the influenza virus
if you have direct contact with
infected pigs, humans or con-
taminated surfaces. The virus
enters your body when you
inhale contaminated droplets or
transfer live virus from a con-
taminated surface to your eyes,
nose or mouth or your hand.
The influenza virus infects re-
spiratory cells lining your nose,
throat and lungs causing charac-
teristic symptoms of the normal
influenza virus. 15 Sep - Oct 2009

methods, along with rapid isola- Which population group is
tion and treatment, only makes seen as being more vulner-
sense at the very earliest stage able?
of an outbreak and becomes While anyone at high risk of
relatively irrelevant once the complications from seasonal flu
virus is spreading widely within is thought to be at high risk of
the community. Also the lack complications from H1N1 flu,
of fever in a significant number pregnant women, with their
of infected cases calls in ques- weakened immune system,
tion the use of thermal scans at seem to be especially suscep-
flu symptoms. Branded antiviral airports and other border cross- tible to the H1N1 virus.
drugs like Tamiflu, which can be ings.
taken in pill or liquid form, and The Center for Disease Preven-
Relenza, which must be inhaled, However, WHO warns that the tion (CDC) in the United States
are prescribed to reduce sever- rate of illness and death are has recommended the follow-
ity of symptoms and duration of likely to increase with onset of ing groups to be prioritized for
the flu. However, it is important cold season in Northern hemi- receiving the H1N1 flu vaccine
to start treatment immediately sphere, because people gener- when it becomes available:
as antiviral drugs are most ef- ally become more vulnerable to
fective if treatment begins flu in winter. WHO is especially Pregnant women
within 48 hours of developing worried about the developing Care givers to infants below 6
symptoms. world, where, due to poverty months of age (because infants
and pre-existence of chronic dis- in this age group cannot be vac-
Other home remedies that you eases, susceptibility to swine flu cinated)
can employ to ease symptoms could increase. The good news Healthcare and emergency
of the flu include drinking plenty is that virologists have identified medical personnel
of liquids to prevent dehydra- and isolated viral material that All people in the age groups
tion, resting to aid the immune are now being used to develop from 6 months to 18 years
system and, if you feel the vaccines. The vaccines are Young adults in the age group
need, using over-the-counter expected to be available by the from 18 to 24 years
pain relievers. Remember, pain time of the annual flu season in Then people aged 25 to 64,
relievers may make you feel the Northern hemisphere. who have health conditions
more comfortable but they do associated with higher risk of
not make the flu symptoms go medical complications from
away any faster and also carry influenza.
risk of side-effects. Once vaccines are available in
plenty, the rest of the popula-
How scared should one be? tion could be vaccinated for
To put a number on it, well, the virus.
on a scale of 1 to 10 we figure Current studies indicate that
swine flu currently deserves unlike other influenza viruses,
a scare figure of 5. It is im- the risk for infection among
portant to keep in mind that people over the age 64 is less
the World Health Organization than the risk for younger age
(WHO), which raised a level-6 groups.
influenza pandemic alert, their
highest level, did so not on ac- In closing it is perhaps perti-
count of the severity of swine nent to note that every year
flu, but because of the rapid the annual seasonal influenza
and globally widespread rate of epidemics are estimated to
infection. affect 5-15 percent of the
global population. Although
WHO has now said that be- most cases are mild, this still
cause the chain of person- causes severe illness in 3-5
to-person transmission is no million people, and around
longer evident in some coun- 250,000-500,000 deaths occur
tries, it is prudent to stop the worldwide. The swine flu has
expensive and time-consuming so far come nowhere near this
process of testing all suspected number, and this fact is not
cases. Besides, surveillance something to be sneezed at.

VIVALIFE 16 Sep - Oct 2009

Available at leading pharmacies throughout the region 17 Sep - Oct 2009

Liftactiv CxP
Vichy’s latest wrinkle and firming treatments

kin is the largest of our
five organs and the only
organ that we can see,
touch and rebalance. Skin is
also amongst our fastest aging
body part, and while many age-
related changes to the skin are
inevitable, some can be reduced
with healthy lifestyle choices
and good skin care. Many peo-
ple seek to fortify their skin’s
natural defense and transform
its appearance, some even go-
ing to the extent of surgical lift-
ing procedures to maintain their
skin’s suppleness and youthful-

Liftactiv CxP, the latest product

from Vichy Laboratories is being tautened while wrinkles retract their naturally enriched minerals
touted as a biological alterna- progressively. and trace elements, have been
tive to lifting procedures. With known to the Roman settlers as
Liftactiv CxP, the challenge of Applying the principles of medi- far back as 50BC.
Vichy Laboratories was to create cal science to skin care, with a
more than just an anti-wrinkle view to improving the quality of By early 17th century the spring
and firmness product. Through skin appearance and the qual- waters had attained quasi-
this product, Vichy has launched ity of life that comes with it, Dr. miraculous curing powers and
a brand new generation of skin- Haller started Vichy Laborato- attracted the wealthy and noble
care that will revolutionize tradi- ries in 1931. Dr Haller oriented classes. Today, the Vichy waters
tional cosmetics. Through their Vichy towards scientific study have been recognized by the
long-term research in fighting of the skin’s physiology. For the French Academy of Medicine as
wrinkles and loss of firmness, first time, a segmented cosmetic being rich in anti-oxidants that
Vichy has created Liftactiv CxP range was designed accord- soothe and comfort sensitive
as a biological alternative to ing to skin type: dry, normal or skin and help maintain the skin’s
lifting procedures. The new oily, with dual demands — per- pH balance while reinforcing its
biological lifting range creates formance and tolerance. With natural protection.
visible skin transformation, with Vichy, the fundamental cosme-
the skin becoming amazingly tology started to emerge. In Vichy’s Liftactiv CxP is a new
the 1930s, in addition to facialscientific advance in the fight
Since its creation in 1996, skin care treatments, Vichy against wrinkles and loss of
Liftactiv has become the also developed a hygiene line, firmness with a direct action on
lipsticks, and lip pencils. the fiber-creating cells called the
pharmacy reference for fibroblasts. This product range
anti-wrinkle and firm- At the core of every Vichy from Vichy targets fibroblasts
product is Vichy thermal spa deep within the dermis in or-
ing products for women water, which is obtained from der to more effectively combat
in search of a pro-health waters that percolate and filter wrinkles and loss of firmness.
product that is both effec- through layers of volcanic rock Liftactiv CxP offers the Arab
in the Massif Central mountain woman a new range of anti-
tive and gentle on skin. range in France. The fortifying wrinkle and firmness skincare
properties of these waters, with that incorporates for the first

VIVALIFE 18 Sep - Oct 2009

time the ingredient Aminokine
which visibly re-tightens skin on
the outside while wrinkles are
smoothed from within. Acting as
a filter for skin’s support mat-
tress, it is also the first pro-fiber
skincare to fill out deep-set
wrinkles using Fibrocyclamide
that helps renew and protect
collagen fibers. Liftactiv CxP is
also rich in Pepide and Vitamin
C that multiply the cells respon-
sible for creating new fibers.
Breakthrough technology, which
contains keratolytic ingredients,
boosts cellular multiplication
during the night while continu-
ously releasing pure vitamin C
into the skin for 24 hours.

Since its creation in 1996, Lift-

activ has become the pharmacy
reference for anti-wrinkle and
firming products for women in
search of a pro-health product
that is both effective and gentle
on skin. The last 12 years have
been marked by major tech-
nological innovations, each of

which has consolidated Lift-

activ’s position as a pioneer-
ing pharmacy franchise. Vichy
Laboratories is committed to
giving everyone a means to un-
derstand their skin, so that they
can take care of it and make it
more beautiful - every single

Vichy Laboratories, owned by

L’Oréal, the world’s largest cos-
metics and beauty company, is
a premium dermatologic cos-
metic brand that prides itself on
creating new concepts in hy-
giene products and dermatolog-
ical skin care treatments while
making sure their knowledge
extends beyond products to an
in-depth understanding of the
skin. A lot of this knowledge on
understanding how to achieve
and maintain healthy-looking
beautiful skin is available
through their online website
where professional skin check-
up advice and recommendations
are offered free of charge. 19 Sep - Oct 2009

Sun Exposure and its Effects

n recent decades doctors So, what has UV wavelength got indirectly affects the skin cells
have become increasingly to do with sunburn? The shorter by generating reactive chemi-
aware of the health risks the UV wavelength the higher cals that damage the cell’s DNA
associated with overexposure its frequency and the greater structure. However, on a posi-
to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation its potential to harm the human tive note, UVB also induces pro-
(UV). Some long-term harm- body. The major natural source duction of vitamin D in the body,
ful effects linked to UV over- of ultraviolet radiation on Earth a deficiency of which could lead
exposure include skin cancers, is from the Sun. Luckily for us, to poor absorption of calcium
permanent damage to the eyes the Earth’s atmosphere filters and associated bone diseases.
and premature aging signs like the entire harmful shorter wave-
wrinkles and age spots. lengths of UVC, and much of Current scientific thinking with
the medium wavelengths of UVB regard to the effects of UV ra-
With the view that education is radiation from the sun. Nearly diation on the skin is that direct
critical to preventing sun-related 95 percent of all UV radiation damage to DNA causes sunburn
diseases from taking on epi- reaching the Earth’s surface is as well as the two most common
demic proportions, we provide UVA along with some UVB. forms of skin cancer — basal cell
information on UV radiation, carcinoma and squamous cell
sunburns, suntans and the pro- When UV radiation from sun- carcinoma. Indirect DNA dam-
tections you can take to prevent light hits the skin some of it age by UVA and penetration into
being burnt by the sun. is reflected, but much of it is the skin of sunscreens causes
absorbed by the skin which the more lethal form of skin
Visible light, the light we see causes erythema (reddening) of cancer — malignant melanoma.
around us, occupies only a small the skin and possibly keratitis Though this form of skin cancer
fraction of the wider electro- or inflammation of the cornea of is rare it is responsible for 75
magnetic (EM) spectrum that the eye, in some people. Both, percent of all skin cancer related
surrounds us. EM radiation UVA and UVB, also damage col- deaths.
ranges from the extremely high lagen fibers and destroy vitamin
wavelength (low frequency) A thereby accelerating aging of The use of some antibiotics,
radio waves at one end, through the skin. contraceptives and tranquilizers
microwaves, ultraviolet, visible, are also known to increase the
infrared and x-rays, to the very Though it cannot penetrate skin’s sensitivity to UV radiation.
low wavelength (high frequency) beyond the superficial layers of Individuals who have developed
gamma waves at the other end. the skin, UVB is biologically very skin cancer or who have an
reactive and directly damages increased risk of developing skin
The visible light spectrum, which the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) cancer need sun protection to
we perceive as white light, is structure of the skin’s cells. UVB minimize UV exposure.
actually made of wavelengths of also triggers the production of a
color that extend from violet to brown pigment called melanin in Sunscreen prevents direct DNA
red. On either end of the visible the skin’s upper layer, producing damage by blocking UVB radia-
spectrum are invisible wave- the characterestic suntan that tion, whihc is the main cause of
lengths of radiation called infra- then acts as defense against sunburn. Most sunscreens are
red (IR) and ultraviolet (UV). further skin damage. now rated according to their Sun
Protection Factor (SPF) number.
Based on wavelengths, UV ra- The relatively longer wavelength SPF is a rating system devel-
diation is further classified into UVA is capable of penetrating oped to describe the level of sun
Ultraviolet A (UVA), with wave- deeper into the skin and is also protection provided by sun-
lengths between 400-315 nano- responsible for the immediate screens. For instance, applying a
meter (nm), Ultraviolet B (UVB) tanning effects seen from using sunscreen with an SPF rating of
of 315-290 nm and Ultraviolet C artificial tanning beds. UVA was 15 will protect the body against
(UVC) with 290-100 nm wave- once thought to be harmless, 15 times the solar energy that
lengths. but now it is known that UVA would normally cause it to burn.

VIVALIFE 20 Sep - Oct 2009

If you would normally get sun significantly damage cell struc-
burned within 10 minutes of re- tures. In a 2006 study, which It should be pointed out
maining out in the sun, an SPF measured the amount of ROS that the amount of solar
15 sunscreen allows you to re- in untreated and in sunscreen
main 10 x 15 minutes out in the treated skin, it was found that in energy you are exposed to
sun without getting sun burnt. the first 20 minutes the film of depends not only on the
sunscreen had a protective ef-
It should be pointed out that the fect and the number of ROS was
amount of time you spend
amount of solar energy you are limited. However, after 60 min- in the sun, but also on
exposed to depends not only on utes, the amount of absorbed other factors like the time
the amount of time you spend sunscreen was so high that the
in the sun, but also on other amount of ROS was higher in of the day, the amount of
factors like the time of the day, sunscreen treated skin than in sunscreen used, whether
the amount of sunscreen used, the untreated skin.
whether you were out in the
you were out in the water,
water, sweated a lot, as well as While it would be best if people sweated a lot, as well as
whether the body was covered changed their attitudes about whether the body was cov-
with sun protective clothing. tans, if you still believe that get-
Also the SPF number is only ting a tan makes you look good, ered with sun protective
indicative of protection against then experts recommend using clothing.
UVB radiation, they do not offer sunless tanning lotions. There
any data on UVA protection. are a variety of sunless tanning with how to use each product
products available in the market effectively so that they provide
Many sunscreens now available in the form of lotions, creams, maximum protection. For in-
in the market are called broad- gels, sprays or powders. These stance, sun protective clothing
spectrum because they contain can be acquired in most phar- should offer a UPF (Ultrviolet
filters for UVA radiation as well macies or places where cosmet- Protective Factor) of 30+ to pro-
as UVB. But for sunscreens to ics are sold. vide adequate protection.
be effective, experts recom-
mend using at least 30ml of Sunless tans are relatively safe UPF is a rating system for sun
sunscreen to cover the whole as there is no UV exposure. protective clothing similar to
body. Sunscreens should also be However, since sunless tanning SPF. UPF rates the UV protec-
applied 20 minutes before being products do not have any sun- tion of fabrics. A garmet with a
exposed to the sun and should screen ingredients, you would 50+ number allows only 1/50th
be reapplied 30 minutes or so still need to apply sunscreen, or of the UV radiation falling on
after being exposed to sunlight. use other sun protections meth- the garment to pass through, in
Newer generations of photo- ods to avoid UV radiation and other words it blocks 49/50th or
stable sunscreens that maintain sunburns. However, one has to 98 percent of radiation. Similar-
their UV protective properties keep in mind that using sun- ly hats with wider brim provide
even after several hours of solar screens is not enough. Good sun better protection, as do sun-
exposure are now being recom- habits play an important role glasses which protect the eyes
mended. in protecting against sun expo- from the front and the sides.
sure related conditions. Some
Although skin specialists recom- of these include avoiding sun It is expected that the health
mend sunscreens as a protec- exposure between 10am and problems associated with
tion against sunburns, latest 3pm, when solar radiation is at overexposure to the sun will
research has revealed several its peak, protecting babies and continue to escalate over the
risks associated with absorption young children from direct sun- coming years. A coordinated,
of sunscreens into underlying light and seeking medical advice well funded, long-term effort,
tissue as well as the potential if you have sun intolerance con- supported at multiple levels of
harmful effects of some chemi- ditions or pigment disorders. government, is needed to raise
cals in sunscreens on living awareness of the problem. Pro-
cells. Reactive oxygen species Other UV protection methods in- grams on the harmful effects of
(ROS), — substances that are clude using sun protective cloth- UV radiation along with a broad
naturally formed in the cells ing, wide brimmed hats, wrap range of resources and support
and play an important role in around sunglasses, umbrellas, for its success are needed to
cell metabolism — under condi- sun shades, awnings, UV film on bring the message to schools,
tions of environmental stress, windows and others. However, workplace and the community at
increase dramatically and you need to familiarize yourself large. 21 Sep - Oct 2009

Swifter, Higher, Stronger ... Richer
dvocacy groups and other mercialism is felt on everyone terests and sports in these times
detractors of commercial- associated with the Games — of lucrative sponsorships and
izing Olympic Games who the officials, athletes, spectators billion-dollar television broad-
lament about ‘undermining the as well as citizens of the hosting casting rights is proving more
professed ideals of the Games’ country. The pervasive com- than difficult, as the following
would probably be mortified to mercial messaging and branding three recent news items evince.
learn that ancient Olympics was have eroded, and in some cases
not as ‘pure’ a sport, or devoid subverted, the very principles of #1 Top insurer heads Chicago’s
of any ‘lure of lucre’. Olympic Games, which aims to 2016 Olympic bid
foster a blend of sport, culture Patrick Ryan, the 70-year-old
As far back as Fifth century BC, and education. chief of Chicago’s bid to host
the philosopher Xenophanes the 2016 Olympics said that
spoke out against prize money Advocacy groups point to the trying to win the right to host
which alters the true goal of last Olympic Games held in the Olympics was very differ-
sports, namely, the training of Beijing. A record 63 companies ent from running a business.
youth. Despite such public ad- were accorded sponsorship or In business you can control the
monitions, the Olympic arena in were partners to the Games results, he recently told AFP
Ancient Greece was often sur- and spent between $4-6 billion (Agence France-Presse), but in
rounded by concession stands for that honor. The 12 TOP (The the bid to host the Olympics it
selling foods, drinks and souve- Olympic Partners) tier compa- was exactly the opposite. “With
nirs, and with poets, artists and nies alone are reported to have regard to the bid you can con-
sculptors hawking their ware. paid around $866 million to the trol the activities but not the
Market commissioners and International Olympic Com- result. Unlike business, there
mastigophorai (whip bearers) mittee. Not withstanding the are a lot of variables over which
went around deciding what was, principles of Olympism, which you have very little control.
and was not, permitted at the celebrate healthful living, two
venue, and imposing on-the- of the primary Olympic spon- Ryan, part-owner of the Chi-
spot fines or lashes for shoddy sors, McDonald’s and Coco-Cola cago Bears NFL team, said that
products or price gouging. enjoyed artificial monopolies in two major problems which have
their respective sponsorship cat- been concerning the 100-odd
If we take the International egories, selling their unhealthy IOC members ahead of the vote
Olympic Committee (IOC) as products at the Beijing Games. in Copenhagen on October 2
modern-day market commis- were being addressed.First, the
sioners (bereft of their mastigo- In addition, corporate sponsors worries about whether Chicago
phorai) then it is to their credit are showering money on each could really finance the Games
that they have prohibited the organizational tier of the Olym- and then the fact that they had
display of commercial adver- pic Games, from various Olym- taken out insurance against suf-
tisements from Olympic venues pic committees to International fering losses.
and on uniforms of participating Federations governing each
athletes. But everywhere else sport to National sporting bodies But Ryan, who created AON, the
seems fair game for corporate in each country. More than 100 world’s leading provider of risk
sponsors and partners to purvey corporations contributed unde- management services, insurance
their products and services. termined amounts of cash to and reinsurance brokerage, was
the U.S. Olympic committee and adamant that the insurance was
Today, the debate is no longer U.S. National teams, during the only a precautionary measure.
on whether or not commercial period leading up to the Beijing “The city has a very strong cred-
interests should be allowed to Olympics, questioning the non- it rating,” said Ryan. “The city
invade the Games, but rather professional nature of Olympics is more than capable of fund-
the extent to which it has and ing the hosting of the Games.
the egregious nature of it. The Finding an acceptable balance The reason for purchasing an
ramifications of rampant com- between vested commercial in- amount of insurance is to cover

VIVALIFE 22 Sep - Oct 2009

unexpected developments. It is contract to be signed before the IOC’s biggest source of
also to assure the IOC that the IOC session in Copenhagen. It
three main strands surrounding is that the economic market has revenue is broadcasting
the Games are covered. Firstly not revived enough, especially rights which are expected
delivering the Games, secondly the market of advertising on
delivering the Village and finallywhich the American broadcast- to bring in close to $4
it indemnifies the IOC from any ers are living. It is still slumping billion for the 2010-2012
financial fallout. The city or at and we prefer to wait for a bet- Olympics alone. Some
least the taxpayers also wants ter period to negotiate.”
the protection that offers.” The IOC’s biggest source of $2.2 billion of that comes
revenue is broadcasting rights from North American deal
Ryan also believes that the which are expected to bring in
strained relations between close to $4 billion for the 2010- with broadcaster NBC.
the IOC and the United States 2012 Olympics alone. Some
Olympic Committee (USOC) $2.2 billion of that comes from #3 Fiji eyes gold medals if golf,
were on the mend follow- North American deal with broad- rugby get Olympic nod
ing a row over money and the caster NBC. The tiny Pacific nation of Fiji
USOC’s move to set up a sepa- could have its first swing at gold
rate Olympic television channel. While the credit crunch may medals if golf and rugby sevens
Ryan, who took up the post at have delayed sponsorship and become Olympic sports in 2016.
the request of Chicago Mayor broadcasting deals it has had The full IOC meeting at Copen-
Richar M Daley and by enthu- little impact on IOC finances and hagen on October 2 is likely to
siastic support from President assets, said Rogge. “The IOC approve the 15-member IOC
Barrack Obama, a former Chi- revenues are stable. We have executive boards’ recommenda-
cago resident, said that come felt a little bit the bite of the cri- tion to include the two sports.
what may in the vote there sis but this is unavoidable,” said
would be a real legacy for the Rogge. “Today, the total loss Obviously, the tentative approv-
residents of Chicago. “Our of assets (of the IOC) is under al of golf and sevens rugby had
Urban Sports Initiative (USI), one percent. There is nothing to nothing to do with the fact that
which has touched 30,000 kids worry about.” IOC President Jacques Rogge
recently raised five million dol- is an ardent advocate of rugby
lars at a Hall of Fame gathering Rogge also said preparations having played for Belgium’s na-
in Chicago.” for future Games were on track, tional rugby team in the Sixties
sounding optimistic for the 2014 or that golf brings with it covet-
#2 TV deal expected only after winter Games in the Russian city ous corporate sponsorship.
2016 host selection of Sochi, whose budget has felt
Speaking on the sidelines of the the effects of the credit crisis What is not so obvious is that
World Athletics Championship more severely as it rushes to both rugby, which last appeared
in Berlin, Jacques Rogge, the build most of the venues from in an Olympics in 1924 as a
International Olympic Commit- scratch. 15-a-side competition, and golf,
tee chief said that the signing which was in the 1900 and 1904
of the lucrative US broadcasting On another note, Rogge urged Summer Games, offered to
deal for the two-game period of five sports that failed to make adjust their pro tours to ensure
2014-2016 Olympics will prob- an IOC short-list for inclusion in that the best players — read:
ably take place only after the the 2016 Games not to give up. professional players — could
host city for the 2016 bid is While golf and rugby will be put take part in the Olympics.
decided in Copenhagen on to the vote at the IOC session
October 2. Madrid, Tokyo, Rio de in the Danish capital, squash, Also rugby sevens is barely
Janeiro and Chicago are the four baseball, softball, roller sports played by women and golf’s long
countries vying for the 2016 and karate were to be dropped history of exclusivity and elitism
Olympics. Until now broadcast- from the list. “I understand their does not mesh well with Olym-
ers were usually picked prior to disappointment but in sport pics’ tenet of inclusion.
the host city announcement. there are winners and runners-
up,” he said, adding they should “In the end, the decision came
The reason for the delay is very “think quietly and analyze why down to which two would add
simple, the 67-year-old told they were not selected and have the most value,” IOC President
Reuters. “Current financial con- another go. The essence of a Jacques Rogge told reporters.
ditions and a slump in advertis- competitor is to fall, get up and “Golf and rugby scored high on
ing market did not allow for the have another go.” all 33 criteria . . .” 23 Sep - Oct 2009

Ramadan – the month of spirituality
By Rita Alshoaibi

of gratitude and generosity col-

oring festivities on the occasion.

Fasting during Ramadan is an

opportunity for Muslims to prac-
tice self-control, humility, char-
ity, kinship with fellow believers
as well as seek forgiveness and
spiritual devotion.

Below are some practices that

you could perform to boost your
spirituality during the month of

1. Dua
Ask Allah to make this the most
spiritually uplifting Ramadan
you have ever had. Only He can
make it happen and relying on
Him completely is one step in

amadan is the ninth ing, smoking, sex or anything boosting our spirits.
month of the Islamic that is not of a good nature or in
calendar when Muslims excess. 2. Quieten your mind
around the world undertake Turn off the TV, internet, radio,
a month-long religious obser- Muslims consider Ramadan to mobile phone, mp3, iPod and
vance. The Islamic calendar, be the most revered month as other distractions if not all day
which is based on the lunar cal- it was during this month that then at least for 30 minutes a
endar, moves forward by around the revelation of the Holy Quran day. Find a quiet place, close
11 days each year against the took place. Laylat al Qadr or the your eyes and connect with Al-
Gregorian calendar. Thus Rama- Night of the Power, which occurs mighty Allah. At first, your mind
dan, which comes from the Ara- on one of the nights of the last will swirl with the useless and
bic root ‘rmdh’, as in ‘ar-ramadh’ ten days of Ramadan, is the ac- not-so-useless info in your head.
meaning scorched land, dry tual night when the Holy Quran But force it to think of three
intense heat, is not confined to was revealed to the Prophet things in this half-an-hour:
solar season, but moves through Muhammad (PBUH). 1. Allah
all of them in the course of 2. Your purpose in life
about 33 years. During Ramadan people get up 3. Are you living your life in line
before dawn to eat the ‘suhoor’ with this purpose?
Ramadan is the Islamic month meal and then begin their fast,
of spiritual purification and fast- which continues till breaking of
ing (sawm) — one of the five the fast at sunset with the ‘iftar’ Fasting during Ramadan
pillars of Islam. The Holy Quran meal. is an opportunity for Mus-
proclaims, “fasting has been
written down (as obligatory) The end of Ramadan is marked
lims to practice self-con-
upon you, as it was upon those by Eid-ul-Fitr, the festival of trol, humility, charity, kin-
before you.” breaking the Fast, on the first ship with fellow believers
day of the following month of
During this month Muslims are Sha’waal. as well as seek forgiveness
ordained to abstain, from dawn Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated with and spiritual devotion.
to sunset, from eating, drink- much joy with an added sense

VIVALIFE 24 Sep - Oct 2009

Do this every day of Ramadan If you do not read Quran regu- of bag lunches to give to the
if you can. If that is not pos- larly, maybe you can read just hungry you meet on your way to
sible, try it at least three times fifteen minutes of Quran a day, school or work. Contribute foods
a week. reading only from the first page to organizations that send food
you encounter when you open to survivors of natural calami-
3. Learn about great Muslims up the Book. ties, as well as those suffering
Even if you have read it before, In addition, try to keep a journal from hunger and poverty around
read or listen to Abdul Wahid to record your reflections, ques- the world.
Hamid’s ‘Companions of the tions or thoughts about what 7. End one lifelong bad habit
Prophet’ again this Ramadan. you have read in the Quran. Ask yourself what some of your
Read about or listen to the story defining traits are. Then decide
of a Companion daily. Well-writ- 5. Take care of others which one is the worst. Is it a
ten and short, this is a wonder- Whether it is someone who is hot temper, apathy, laziness,
ful way to see how other Mus- away from their family, a per- impatience? Whatever it is, use
lims retained their strength of son who is having problems this Ramadan to put an end
faith against incredible odds — it with a spouse or their kids, or to it. Practice the opposite of
is a sure-fire spirituality booster. a student struggling with their your bad habit every day of this
grades, make an extra effort month By then, Insha’Allah, you
4. Connect to the Quran this Ramadan to help others will be amazed at the change
The Quran is God’s way of talk- out. The spiritual boost you get you have made for the better.
ing to us. It is one of the most in return is well worth it.
important keys for spiritual 8. Use those Nights of Power
uplift. This Ramadan, connect to 6. Feed the hungry The last ten nights of Ramadan
the Quran in a new way. If you While your stomach shrieks in are called the Nights of Power
already read Quran regularly, protest, give that panhandler for a good reason; use those
perhaps you can choose a new some change, volunteer at a precious nights for deep, heart-
theme to focus on, or select a community kitchen, get involved felt Dua (supplication), self-
Surah you have not read in a with a local food distribution to analysis, reflection and serious
while. the poor group or make a couple thought.


Rules of Engagement

There are in total 9 rows and

9 columns in a Suduko game.
The columns and rows intersect
to form 3 x 3 squares, each
made up of 9 cells. You have to
fill each empty cell in a square
with the numbers 1 to 9 without
repeating any number. To make
it more interesting, each of the
9 rows and columns should in
turn contain the numbers 1 to 9
only once. Good luck.

The correct answers are

on Page 35 25 Sep - Oct 2009

Have your Say

recent region-wide survey 61 percent of respondents were
conducted by Maktoob
Here are some highlights of the view that non-Muslims
Research on the attitudes from the second annual living in Arab countries should
and perceptions of the faithful regional survey on not eat or drink in public dur-
vis-à-vis Ramadan traditions ing Ramadan, while 53 percent
and practices revealed that an Ramadan traditions and held that all restaurants should
overwhelming 98 percent of practices. We would like be closed during the day - even
Muslim Arabs are observing the to non-Muslims - to respect the
Ramadan fast this year. The
to hear your views on this observance of Ramadan.
survey, conducted during the topic. 77 percent of respondents
month of August, intend to do some-
just prior to the be- thing special for
ginning of the Holy their loved ones
Month, canvassed during Ramadan or
the opinions of Eid al-Fitr, compared
4,335 adult Mus- to 83 percent of last
lims from across the year’s respondents
Arab world. who responded in
the affirmative.
“The survey’s find- A majority of re-
ings have clearly spondents said the
displayed that the gesture would likely
Arab world retains involve giving away
a strong bond with of money (Eidyeh)
the rich traditions and sending greet-
and practices asso- ings by sms and
ciated with the Holy phone calls.
Month. Respondents
also look forward to In regards to the
this special time of during Ramadan this year, while methodology em-
the year to forge stronger ties 99 percent of Muslims in Qatar, ployed to determine the com-
with loved ones and share in the Kuwait, Egypt and 97 percent of mencement of the Holy Month,
spirit of Ramadan with fellow Muslims in Jordan and UAE said 57 percent favored the time-
Muslims,” said Tamara Deprez, they would take to fasting dur- honored tradition of moon-sight-
General Manager of Maktoob ing the Holy Month. ing by the naked eye, while 54
Research. percent approved of declaration
A majority (52%) of respon- by scholars.
The survey also revealed that: dents relied on mosques for the
89 percent of this year’s respon- Imsak (fasting) timings. Other Interestingly, 73 percent of
dents, as against 44 percent sources of this information were respondents (down from 79%
last year, prefer to celebrate television, newspapers, internet of respondents from the 2008
Iftar with their families at home. and radio. survey) said they are keen to
Others preferred to break fast receive Islamic content on their
alongside friends or by attend- Of the respondents, 63 percent mobile phones during the month
ing a religious ceremony. feel that Ramadan is becom- of Ramadan, with Duas, Hadith,
ing a bit too commercial while prayer timings and Quran verses
All respondents from Saudi Ara- majority of the respondents be- emerging as the most preferred
bia (782), Morocco (443), Oman lieve that the spirit of Ramadan content choices.
(257) and Bahrain (231) replied should be shared by people all
in the affirmative when asked if over the world and not restrict- Send your responses to
they intend to observe fasting ed to the Arab region alone.

VIVALIFE 26 Sep - Oct 2009

The EDGE opens in Dubai
ood aficiona-
dos across
Dubai will
now be able to
treat themselves
to a truly unique
meal prepared by
the critically-ac-
claimed Executive
Chef Juraj Kalna at
The Edge Dining
and Lounge. The
restaurant, located
at the Dubai Inter-
national Financial
Centre (DIFC) is
open for reserva-

Chef Kalna, who

the New York
Times has de-
scribed as a “ge-
nius”, serves a
daily gastronomic is freshly available in the mar- Global Chefs Challenge.
fare that has been ranked as ket. Guests can choose from Kalna will join six other inter-
Dubai’s finest dining experi- either six or eight courses or the
national chefs in Johannesburg
ence. chef’s special menu. With his incredible talent and
his vast experience in creating
Abdulla Bin Sougat, CEO of Backed by an 18-strong culi- outstanding dishes, he is one of
the DIFC Lifestyle Group said: nary team, Executive Chef Kalna the favourites for the prestigious
“The Edge represents the spirit is committed to the highest world title.
of the lifestyle offerings at standards. A distinctive feature
the DIFC – high quality and Kalna said, “Creating unique and
of The Edge’s offerings is the
distinctive experiences. The high-quality food has always
impeccable service, which has
restaurant’s culinary delights been my passion. I wish to give
been described as ‘being accus-
considerably enrich the var- guests at The Edge the best
tomed to royalty.’ The restau-
ied fine dining offerings within culinary experiences they have
rant’s classy décor, soft brown
the financial district. Over the ever had.” Competing on behalf
furnishing, and elegant tables
last year, with more than 25 of the region at the Global Chef
embellished with red roses,
specialty restaurants, DIFC Challenge final is an honor and
create a beautiful ambience
has emerged as one of Dubai’s I aim to bring home the title of
for enjoying Kalna’s innovative
most sought-after destinations World’s Best Chef.”
gourmet creations.
for fine dining.” The Edge Dining & Lounge is
The international profile of The located in Building 6, The Gate
Instead of having a regular Edge, rose recently when chef Precinct, Dubai International
menu, The Edge creates cus- Kalna became the official rep- Financial Centre. Opening hours
tomized menus for each in- resentative for Africa and the are 12.00 noon to 14.00 hours,
dividual guest on arrival. The Middle East at the Continental and 19.00 hours to 22.00 hours,
restaurant’s offerings change Semi-Finals of the World Asso- Sunday through Thursday, or by
every day depending on what ciation of Chefs Society (WACS) appointment. 27 Sep - Oct 2009

Samsung Jet – Smarter than a SmartPhone

espite the ongoing slow- including a 5 mega pixel cam-
down in global retail era, built-in GPS, DNSe & SRS
sales, mobile phone and Sound Effect technology for su-
accessories sales were up in perior sound quality, and DivX
many countries. And, in line and XviD video support for
with demand, manufacturers are hassle-free video download-
churning out new mobiles with ing and viewing.
even more tantilizing features,
but mainly targeting the mid- Samsung Jet boasts world
market segment. Here, we re- firsts in both display
view the Samsung’s latest offer technology and speed
the Samsung Jet. of performance; its
pioneering 16M
Samsung Electronics recently WVGA AMOLED dis- further
unveiled their latest mobile play (3.1”) offers en-
handset innovation, the Sam- a resolution that hance
sung Jet. The Jet, which enjoys is four times the expe-
the benefits of both advanced higher than rience while
features of a smartphone and a WQVGA Dolfin’s
easy-to-use user interface of a screen. Its unique one
conventional mobile phone, is 800MHZ finger zoom
being touted by the company as applica- enables users to
‘Smarter than a Smartphone’. tion processor zoom in and out
delivers breathtak- of web pages us-
Samsung Jet is not simply an- ing speed and stunning ing only one hand.
other full touch mobile phone it performance, making Jet the
supports the latest smartphone fastest full touch handset on the The Jet embodies
features and user-friendly menu market today. Samsung’s accumu-
navigations in a sleek and com- lated technology leadership and
pact design. Unlike many smart- While the Jet’s latest TouchWiz pursuit of perfect craftsman-
phones that sacrifice features 2.0 user interface gives an un- ship as well as their customer-
for form factor, Samsung Jet rivalled user experience and in- oriented strategy that answers
packs into a super sleek body cludes iconic new features such the calls of today’s mobile users
and super cool frame a user- as motion UI, smart unlock, who want smart features and
friendly menu navigation as well customizable widget screen, its easy-to-use user interface that
as a host of multimedia features Dolfin Internet browser is de- results in a seamless and unri-
signed to let users surf the net valled mobile experience.
In less than a month and access popular websites,
especially social networking In less than a month after its
after its launch, sites, with ease and speed. launch, Samsung’s Jet achieved
Samsung’s Jet achieved the fastest ever market ex-
the fastest ever market Dolfin enhances the mobile pansion in Samsung mobile’s
internet experience by allow- history by achieving a record-
expansion in Samsung ing users to view up to five breaking pre-order of more than
mobile’s history by web pages simultaneously and 2 million units. Employing ap-
bookmark their favorite web- proximately 164,600 people in
achieving a record- sites as widgets on the phone’s 179 offices across 61 countries,
breaking pre-order of homepage. A built in ad-blocker, Samsung had consolidated sales
more than 2 million multiple downloading and back- of $96 billion in 2008, and is
ground downloading feature, recognized as one of the fastest
units. and multi-purpose address field, growing global brands.

VIVALIFE 28 Sep - Oct 2009

Sony-Ericsson’s Satio
- New face of Mobile Entertainment

ony Ericsson recently into your favourite videos and To make your listening experi-
announced their latest music with the unique full touch ence even better team pair Sa-
mobile phone cum enter- media menu, standby panels tio with the smallest headset on
tainment centre named Satio and music player. Snapping the market, the Wireless Stereo
which provides you access to all perfect pictures also just got so Headphones HBH-IS800 to lis-
your media in one place – just simple thanks to the 12.1 mega- ten in crystal clear sound. Alter-
tap directly into your favourite pixel camera, intuitive touch natively maximise your mobile
features with the five standby focus and Xenon flash. Share video experience with the Video
panels and you are ready to go. them with your nearest and Viewing Stand IM920. Transfer
First introduced in Barcelona as dearest via your social network- video files with a microSD card
the ‘Idou’, Satio puts the future ing site, produce huge prints via a USB cable, just fold out
of mobile entertain- hook to view the
ment in the palm of videos!
your hand. You can
watch your favou- Satio supports
rite movies on the GSM/GPRS/EDGE
bus or catch up with 850/900/1800/1900
your TV shows while and UMTS/HSDPA
on your lunch break 850/900/2100. Vi-
thanks to Satio. sual communication
like never before
“With Satio you True 16:9, 3.5 inch
can enjoy any form widescreen – feast
of entertainment your eyes on movies
anytime, anywhere. Express yourself
Whether its mu- through images
sic or movies you – 12.1 megapixel
will never be more camera, intuitive
than a tap away touch focus, Xenon
from your favourite flash and face and
tracks or shows.” smile detection
said Mohammed Web albums with
Salama, Head of Marketing at and you can even comment messages – talk through pic-
Sony Ericsson-Middle East & directly to your images.” tures and share your experi-
North Africa. “Just tap directly ences.
Download exciting music, mov-
ies and games from PlayNow Other features of Satio include:
Visual communication like arena to personalise your en- * Intuitive full touch media
never before, get the ulti- tertainment experience on Satio menu – tap directly into your
mate multimedia experi- and enjoy them in crystal clear favourites, from web pages to
16:9 widescreen format. pictures and media files
ence with Satio. Feast your * Symbian Foundation operating
eyes on movies, TV-series’ PlayNow arena provides a full system – thousands of applica-
range of mobile entertainment tions available online
and video clips thanks to available by dual download to * Music player – play your tunes
the 3.5 inch screen and both your PC and mobile phone loud and proud.
crystal clear 16:9 wide- with specially developed ring
tones and music tones and Satio will be available in se-
screen format – just like DRM-free music tracks and lected markets from early Q4 in
watching them live. TrackID charts from around the the colours; Black, Silver and
world. Bordeaux. 29 Sep - Oct 2009

How to Make Money Make Money
By Yacoub Omar

n this issue, and in upcom- four decades later, in 2009, the Another reason why people are
ing issues, our resident stock Dow opened on August 15, at afraid to invest in stocks is be-
analyst Yacoub Omar wil 9398.04, a value addition of cause they think that investing
explain in simplistic language over 1060 percent. And during is a complicated business. If it
the field of investing and how a 52-week period, before mid- were really complicated, mil-
you can make your money make August, 2009, the Dow Jones lions of people around the world
more money. However, this Industrial Average had gone would not own stocks today. In
series of articles is not about from a high of 11,790.17 points reality, investing only sounds
making a million in a month; it to a low of 6,469.95! complicated, and that is because
is about investing your money it uses plenty of unfamiliar
in stocks and bonds so that in The basic premise of investment words. In the coming months
the long term it will earn you is that over any long period of we will explain investment
a good return. The returns, time – a decade or two – stocks jargon in a simple manner with
whether they come in as a regu- will go up. Why? because stock appropriate examples. So, come
lar income from dividends, or as markets are a measure and join us, as we examine this fas-
profit resulting from growth in reflection of the robustness of cinating world of investment.
value, or a combination of both, a country’s business economy.
will ensure financial security for And, unless something drastic Most people, if they have any-
you and your family. happens to the country or its thing left after paying their
surroundings, business is going monthly bills and necessities,
Just a couple of months ago it to keep on growing. Again why? will think of putting the extra
was culling time at stock mar- because the prices of food and money they have into a savings
kets around the world; from clothing and rents and almost bank or into life insurance. No-
Toronto to Tokyo stocked stum- everything else in the country – body disagrees with that pru-
bled and shares evaporated as including stocks – have histori- dent approach, because these
uncertainty wielded its scythe cally steadily gone up, while the forms of saving or investments
on the economy. Today, bruised buying power of the currency are essential if a you are going
and bleeding but still standing, has gone down. This is a trend to protect against the always
stock exchanges have pulled that is not likely to be reversed unpredictable vagaries of life.
themselves up and are once any time in the near or distant But today, millions of people
again rearing to go. future. have come to regard securities
— stocks and bonds in all their
This remarkable turnaround What is it that stops people from varied forms — as another good
should essentially tell you two investing their money in stocks form of investment. Of course,
things — one that a resilient and bonds? One of the most there is a risk in buying stocks
stock exchange is a crucial ele- common reasons is the miscon- and bonds and for most people
ment of modern global econ- ception that you have to be rich it is a far bigger risk than it
mies; and two, price vacillations to buy shares. This is simply not needs to be, because they have
in stocks and shares are not true. There was a time when never taken the time to study
wobbles of a weakened econ- world’s business capital came securities or find out how to
omy, rather they are its innate from a few hundred investors invest in them wisely.
characteristics. with millions of dollars. Today,
more and more investment Before we begin let us state
To prove the point, just take a capital is coming from millions upfront two caveats to invest-
look at the Dow-Jones indus- of investors with a few hundred ing: the first is that in most
trial average – the most widely dollars. However, investing in forms of investment the return
accepted measure of the stock stocks is not a Midas touch. It is you hope to realize depends on
market in the United States. not a way of getting rich quick. the risk you are willing to take.
On October 27, 1966, the It is a way of using your money Generally, the higher the return
Dow-Jones industrial average to earn a reasonable return over the greater the risk. The second
closed at 809.57 points. Over a period of time. caveat is that risk is an innate

VIVALIFE 30 Sep - Oct 2009

element in any investment. But to buy a standard life insurance An alternative to all the above
then, you will agree, there is policy as a protection for your investing scenarios is to in-
risk in just having money. In family rather than as an invest- vest your money in stocks and
fact, having money creates a ment. Because, over long period bonds. Today, the largest buy-
two-fold risk, an obvious one of years, the usual life insurance ers of stocks and bonds are not
and an obscure one. policy may yield a return only individuals, but your banks and
slightly better than a savings insurance companies — this
The obvious risk is that you account, again without any should set lights flashing in your
might lose some of your money protection against the unseen mind. Banks and other financial
regardless of what you do with risk. The money you get on life institutions take the money you
it. The more obscure risk is that insurance policies after 20 or 30 deposited with them and invest
the money you save today may years is not going to buy you as them in securities so that they
not buy as much at some future much as you could have bought then have the money to pay
time, because prices of almost with all the money you paid out you interest on your deposit and
everything will continue to go on premiums throughout the pocket a nice profit for them-
up as they have done ever since years. selves.
money was invented. The man,
who places his money in a bank So what do you do with your But why do such respected,
vault, or stuffs it under his mat- money? trustworthy organizations, like
tress, may possibly avoid the You could invest in real estate; banks, trusts and insurance
first ‘obvious’ risk, but he can- currently real estate investment companies, consistently place
not escape the second, ‘obscure’ seems to be booming, with all their funds in stocks and bonds?
risk — the risk of inflation. the high-rise buildings you see Because, over the years, re-
sprouting over the country. cords prove that the average
If you put your money in a bank Generally real estate prices rise stock has paid a better return
savings account, it is almost in line with other price increases and provided a better balance of
impossible to lose money be- thereby insulating you against protection against the evident
cause most of your savings will inflation. But thi is true only if and unseen risks than any other
be insured by the government. you bought the right piece of form of investment.
But then, you must be willing to property at the right time and
accept an annual return of 3 or for the right amount, and, you As businesses in a country con-
4 percent. Also, savings account are equally lucky when it comes tinue to prosper, the stock hold-
does not provide any protec- to selling it. Also, provided that ers will also prosper. However,
tion against the unseen risk of land, property taxes and annual you need to keep in mind that
inflation. Your money, or capi- maintenance do not eat into not all business will prosper;
tal, will not grow except by the your potential profit; and, pro- over time some of them might
redeposit (or compounding) of vided that in the meantime the decline or even go bankrupt.
interest that you get, and even government does not bring in But generally, most businesses
then only slowly. any new zoning or assessment have prospered over the years
laws that reduce your property and this has earned the aver-
Depositing your money in a value. age stock holder on an average
life insurance scheme is also in anything from 3 to 7 percent
most cases safe because of gov- Generally in real estate invest- annually on his money. And,
ernmental laws and safeguards. ment the ‘obscure’ risks of infla- even more importantly, stock-
However, it makes more sense tion are less, but the ‘obvious’ holders have seen their stocks
risks are so large that many go up in value as prices gener-
There was a time when investors believe real estate ally have risen, thus protecting
world’s business capital should be classified as a specu-
lation rather than an invest-
them against the ‘obscure’ risk
of inflation.
came from a few hundred ment. To sum up so far - you
investors with millions of can either invest your money In the next issue, we will look
without ‘obvious’ risks but with at some of common invest-
dollars. Today, more and the ‘obscure’ risk of losing its ing jargon, including terms like
more investment capital value to inflation, or you could venture capital, common stocks,
is coming from millions of invest your money in schemes
that provide protection against
dividends, earnings, assets and
liabilities and book value. We
investors with a few the ‘obscure’ risk of inflation will explain those terms using
hundred dollars. but with large ‘obvious’ risks of stocks we will float for a hypo-
losing your money. thetical company called VivaLife. 31 Sep - Oct 2009

Eggs - a perfect pack By Ken Rubin

ew foods are as undeniably be permitted. In ice cream, the eggs, so in order to become fa-
perfect as the humble egg. eggs carry flavor and make the miliar we must first take a close
A complete package, eggs entire concoction creamy and look inside the egg.
contain significant amounts of mouth-filling. Custards (such as
protein, vitamins, and minerals crème caramel or flan) simply Anatomy of the Egg
with trace amounts of fat. For couldn’t exist without eggs—as 1. The Shell
millennia, they have served as a these are the binding force that the shell is the hard outer cov-
powerful symbol for life itself. holds the cream and sugar to- ering of egg made mostly of
gether in a velvety mass. Cakes calcium carbonate. The color of
In the culinary world, eggs are and cookies get their texture the shell bears no indication of
a staple for breakfast, an es- and their crumb from eggs the quality or nutritional value
sential binding agent in sauces, while sabayon (or zabaglione) is of the egg. The shell protects
and they give rise and shine to bound with egg yolks. the delicate interior of the egg.
countless baked goods. Eggs
add body, flavor, and depth to The same can be said for savory 2. Shell Membranes (Inner
every dish they grace. Without applications. Whole cooked eggs and Outer)
them, our culinary landscape are a wonderful treat served Two membranes – the outer and
would be flat, bleak, and matte. as is, in egg salad, or devilled. inner – rest just inside the shell
In sauces and dressings, eggs and serve to protect the white.
In sweet applications, eggs take are the ideal binding agent that This protects the egg form
center stage in ice cream, cus- keeps the oil suspended in a bacteria (as the shell is porous)
tards, cakes, meringue, and sa- perfect (i.e. stable) emulsion. and also allows for the air cell to
bayon. Eggs can be used either When mixed with other ingredi- stay intact.
whole or separated, since each ents, eggs come together in the
part has unique qualities and form of quiche, strata, frittata, 3. Air Cell
characteristics. In some applica- and savory bread puddings. The air cell is a small space
tions the yolks are needed while There are few categories of found at large end of the egg
in others only the whites can foods that don’t benefit from between the inner and outer

VIVALIFE 32 Sep - Oct 2009

shell membranes. As the egg Eggs cooked in the shell or cream) are cooked over low
gets older, evaporation causes • The term “hard boiled heat until the eggs come to-
the air cell to get larger. egg” is a bit of a misnomer. In gether into a soft mass. Add
reality, it should be referred herbs, cheese, and vegetables
4. Outer Thin Albumen (egg to as a hard cooked egg, since as you wish.
white) the edible part of the egg itself
The outer white is the part of is really cooked via the heat The Omelet
the egg white that sits closest transferred by water and is not The omelet is perhaps the most
to the shell. It is less substan- dependant on the moist heat of beloved of all egg prepara-
tial and thinner than the inner boiling. tions. They are almost always
white. When cooking eggs in boiling prepared as an individual serv-
water just be sure not to over ing of 2 or 3 eggs and are filled
5. Inner Thick Albumen cook them—or you will bear with cooked vegetables, meats,
(White) witness to the green band en- cheese, or herbs. A French
In grade AA and grade A eggs, circling the crumbly yolk. This omelet is folded into thirds with
this egg white stands higher and malady is the result of a chemi- a minimal amount of filling
spreads less than thin white. In cal reaction between the sulfur while the western style omelet
low-quality eggs or older eggs it in the white and the iron in the is folded in half and is typically
is thin and runny. yolk. filled more generously.

6. Chalazae • Hard cooked eggs take The Venerable Soufflé

This is the twisted strings of egg 7-8 minutes in boiling water, The soufflé as we know it was
white that serve to anchor and while soft-cooked eggs take 3-4 the culinary creation of early
protect the yolk. minutes—these cooking times and mid nineteenth century
depend on the size of the egg chefs who wanted to create
7. Yolk a light, airy and (hopefully)
The yolk is the yellow portion
of egg with most of the flavor.
Eggs add body, flavor, and structurally intact creation that
could carry a variety of flavors.
The yolk is the primary source depth to every dish they The very definition of soufflé—
of vitamins, minerals, almost grace. Without them, our “to puff up” or “to blow up”—is
half of the protein, and all of at the core of the technique
the fat and cholesterol. culinary landscape would involved in creating this dish.
be flat, bleak, and matte. Despite the great variety of
Grades of Eggs variation that exists within
Grade AA: Have the thickest soufflé recipes, all share cer-
whites and firm yolks that stand and the its temperature before it tain commonalities. For ex-
high and tall. This grade of eggs is submerged. ample, all contain eggs, milk or
boasts uniform shells that are cream, flour, butter, and some
clean, uniform, and intact. • To cool the eggs, place flavoring agent. In many cases,
them into a cold water bath for a roux (cooked paste of flour
Grade A: The most common 5 minutes. and butter) is the preferred
grade of eggs available to con- thickening agent that gives the
sumers, these eggs have firm, Egg Preparations soufflé the ability to maintain its
thick whites and round yolks Sunny-Side and Over-easy shape and height.
that are free from defects. These terms refer to eggs that Whether sweet or savory, souf-
are cooked on a hot cook- flés have an air of superiority
Grade B: These eggs are best ing surface (such as a skillet). over other egg dishes—partly
suited for baking, as they have These preparations are com- because they are short lived and
thinner whites and less uniform monly eaten for breakfast and must be consumed right out of
yolks. Grade B eggs are primar- are marked by runny yolks and the oven.
ily used in some foodservice just set whites. Fresh eggs will Besides this, the soufflé requires
production and commercial bak- ensure that these preparations more labor than other prepara-
ing processes. have a tall yolk and firm whites. tions as the egg whites should
be gently folded into the eggy
When are eggs cooked? Scrambled mixture to keep the soufflé light
Whole eggs: 156°F Simple and timeless, scrambled and fluffy. Without this step, the
Whites only: 140°F to 149°F eggs are an old standby for soufflé is rendered dense and
Yolks only: 144°F to 158°F most egg-lovers. Beaten eggs thick—not the characteristics of
(oftentimes mixed with milk a proper, airy soufflé. 33 Sep - Oct 2009

Devilled Eggs Instructions Eggs Florentine
6 hard-boiled eggs, cut into Remove and sieve the egg yolks 9 oz. frozen chopped spinach,
halves into a bowl; keep the whites thawed
1/4 cup mayonnaise on one side. Add the remain- salt and pepper
1 tsp. curry powder ing ingredients and mix well to 4 eggs, soft-boiled
1/2 tsp. English mustard a smooth, soft paste. Pipe or 1 oz. butter
1/2 tsp. tomato purée spoon the mixture into the egg 1 oz. plain flour
1 sprig fresh watercress (option- whites and arrange on a serving 1-1/4 cups milk or cream
al), to garnish dish. Garnish with cress, chives 6 oz. cheddar cheese, grated
1/4 tsp. fresh chives, chopped, and a sprinkling of paprika or Instructions
to garnish cayenne. Line a shallow ovenproof dish
1/8 tsp. paprika or cayenne, to with the spinach. Season well
garnish with salt and pepper. Place the

VIVALIFE 34 Sep - Oct 2009

eggs on top. To make the sauce, rooms are lightly browned and Cheddar Soufflé
melt the butter in a nonstick tender. Remove from heat and 3 T. flour
pan and stir in the flour. Gradu-transfer to a small bowl. Making 2 T. unsalted butter
ally stir in the milk or cream 1 omelet at a time, beat 2 eggs 1 cup milk
and cook, stirring, until thick- in a mixing bowl with salt and 1 t. salt
ened. Lower the heat, add two pepper to taste. 1/8 t. cayenne
thirds of the cheese and stir Melt 1 Tbs. butter in a 7 inch or 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated
until melted, then pour over the 8 inch nonstick skillet over me- 4 egg yolks
eggs. Sprinkle with remaining dium heat. When butter sizzles, 4 egg whites, beaten to stiff
cheese. Bake on the top shelf quickly pour in eggs and shake peaks
of a preheated 375°F oven for skillet with a short back and Instructions
15 to 20 minutes, until golden forth motion. Using a fork, pull Melt the butter over a medium
brown. Serve immediately. back the edge of the cooked egg flame and stir in flour with a
and tip the skillet to allow liquid wooden spoon. Add milk and
Herbed Mushroom Omelet egg to run over. Repeat this heat while stirring until thick-
1/4 cup plus 2 Tbsps. unsalted process. ened. Next, add salt, cayenne,
butter After 15-20 seconds add 3 and cheese heat and stir until
1 cup mushrooms\cooked, sliced Tbs. herbed mushrooms to the cheese melts. Remove from
1/4 cup parsley, chopped center of the omelet. Using a heat and stir until the mixture is
1 Tbsp. plus 1 tsp. chives, spatula or fork, roll 1/3 of the somewhat cooled.
chopped omelet over onto itself, then out Next, stir yolks into cheese mix-
8 large eggs onto a plate, making the omelet ture. Then gently fold in whites.
Instructions create a second fold as it falls. Pour the blended mixture into
Melt 2 Tbs. butter in a heavy The center of the omelet should a greased souffle pan run your
nonstick skillet over medium be moist and runny before this thumb around the inside of the
high heat. Sauté next 3 ingredi- last fold. Repeat process for top rim to clean. Bake at 375°F
ents 4-5 minutes or until mush- remaining omelets.. for 30-35 minutes.
The Solution 35 Sep - Oct 2009

Your Cosmic Calendar
You have the Is it your own It’s all about you
gambling spirit innate rest- and your part-
and you may lessness that ner this month,
call upon that is provoking whether it is a
spirit in mak- you to make a romantic partner
ing a decision change possi- or a business
this month. You bly concerning partner. Is there
have been deal- your own four a financial issue that has been
ing with restrictive Saturn in walls? You can’t actually change causing friction? If funds have
your work life for the past two your residence whenever you been limited for the past year
years and it may not have been feel that familiar restlessness, or two, that situation is about to
easy. As Jupiter, often called but you can take off to a far- turn around. The Lunar Eclipse
the cosmic Santa Claus, formed away spot and lessen the impa- in August hitched to the cos-
what is thought of as an aspect tience. With recent Lunar Eclipse mic Santa Claus Jupiter, along
of fate to the planet Saturn. If falling into the house of those with Neptune and Chiron is a
that isn’t enough incentive to faraway places and trailed by a decisive time in this particular
think about making a change, trio of positive planets, it’s hard partnership. With Jupiter making
then the New Moon in Leo falls to stay put. An inner tug of war a fated aspect to Saturn, you
into the house of chance or risk between what is and what could could end up on the upside of a
taking. It could be a friend or be occurs as the gentle forces of financial or romantic situation.
an organization you belong to the universe guide you, though Besides the Sun, in Leo is set
aids and abets your desire for you may not make a firm deci- to shine on your corner of the
change. sion or changes until February. world.


With a trio of Verbal com- Being a crea-
healing planets munication ture of habit,
also hitched is not your Virgo, it could
onto that star, forte and with be that you are
there could be Saturn in the in for a much
career action house of small welcomed
that although talk it has been shake-up. The
you are dubious difficult for some time now to last Lunar Eclipse instills a need
about at the time, works out in express your true feelings. With to at least rattle routine, if not
your favor. You’ve had Saturn the last Lunar Eclipse accompa- in fact pick the lock and make
in the house of taking a risk for nied by the healing trio of Jupi- an escape. In September, Ju-
the past two years but in August ter, Neptune, and Chiron in the piter, forms an aspect of fate
it formed an aspect of fate with house of other people’s money, with Saturn the planet of every
the bountiful Jupiter. It could be it could be there is a financial or restriction. Your aim this month
that there is a sudden opportu- emotional bonus coming your is to be unfettered and free from
nity or turn in your career path way, and either way, you are any unnecessary constraints. If
and in how the public views you. delighted by the outcome. In there isn’t enough temptation
You would rather avoid the road September, you’ll be offered a to change your day-to-day life,
less taken, but give it a chance, choice between love or money the New Moon in Leo allows you
Taurus. The New Moon in the and you’ll make an attempt to to make the change in such a
house of communication will grab both, but it could be that subtle way that you may even
help project positive and opti- you end up only getting half of wake up pleasantly surprised at
mistic energy. the prospective bounty. its outcome.

VIVALIFE 36 Sep - Oct 2009

With the New Moon in September celestial signs are pointing to
definite changes in
finances, romance and host of other attributes that contribute to
ones’ well-being. See what your star foretells this month ...


As well as be- The Lunar The Lunar
ing the ro- Eclipse in Au- Eclipse in your
mantic of the gust took place own offbeat
zodiac Libra, in the house of sign of Aquarius
you make one everyday com- could signal a
of the best munication (as change in the
financial part- it did in August way you present
ners. With the last Lunar Eclipse 2008) and you yourself. This is a
in one of the houses of taking a might feel a touch of déjà vu. If situation that has been brewing
chance or a risk, and aided and you are with your same partner, since the last Eclipse in Aquarius
abetted by a cluster of pow- whether financial or romantic, approximately one year ago and
erhouse planets, you have a the conversation could be much could concern a partner of a
strong feeling of confidence this the same as it was a year ago, romantic or business nature. In
month. The happy-go-lucky Ju- but this year there is a deci- September, when Jupiter forms
piter, the far-out magic of Nep- sion. In September, with Jupiter an aspect of fate with Saturn
tune, and the stability of Chiron forming a quincunx with Saturn, in the house of other people’s
bring a very strong feeling of communication with an author- money and desire there could
confidence to the month of Sep- ity figure could bring rewards be finality to a long-debated
tember. During this month, Ju- your way. The New Moon is in issue. Also this month, the New
piter forms an aspect to Saturn the area of legal contracts and Moon is in the house of Leo in
that feels like it was fated and whatever new agreement is the house of partnership where
you could make a behind-the- reached, it is going to be fully it meets the Sun and a new
scenes deal with a pal. binding. bonding could be sealed.


In our orga- The effects The Lunar
nized solar of last Lu- Eclipse of last
system, once nar Eclipse in month is about
a year the Sun Aquarius brings behind-the-
lands in the with it finances scenes action
house of recog- or that which and meets up
nition from the you own or with a healing
outer world and wish to own. With the Eclipse trio of planets of which Jupiter
it looks as though this month signaling a change of direction is part of the team and acts as
you are being talked about in and in the company of optimistic an angel on your shoulder. In
higher circles. The Tenth House and positive energy of Jupiter, September, that same Jupiter
is an umbrella covering various Neptune, and Chiron, this could forms an aspect of fate with the
goodies in your career: promo- mean an improvement in finan- restrictive Saturn, a long-time
tions, new jobs, and even an cial matters. In September, the resident of the house of the
unexpected fistful of dollars pragmatic Capricorn could feel partner. It could be the angel
in your paycheck. The Lunar as though fate has a hand in an whispering in your ear is also
Eclipse that occurred recently offbeat financial deal. The New guiding the two of you to a long-
signals a new direction in your Moon plants new seeds in the awaited happy ending. With the
residence, and this could be a house of investments, continu- New Moon in Leo a spotlight is
move or upgrade. It could also ing the emphasis on financial turned on your romantic life.
indicate assistance coming your or ownership concerns that had You have been waiting for this
way from an organization that been on your mind for awhile month for a long time Pisces, so
you belong to. now. enjoy its bounty. 37 Sep - Oct 2009

VIVALIFE 38 Sep - Oct 2009